A Surreal Descent into Madness: Reviewing Children's TV


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  • Blondie Wise
    Blondie Wise 8 days ago

    Fun fact, in the 20,000 under the sea ride at Disney, the riders/explorers were called octonughts + there logo is baby hydra

  • elsie
    elsie 28 days ago

    love a good 2012 vlogbrothers video

  • Mary Bell
    Mary Bell Month ago

    I would give more credit to Little Einsteins because it exposes children to famous art and musical compositions. (I realize this video came out 6 years ago, but I feel this is worth mentioning.)

  • 213 Octopi
    213 Octopi Month ago

    You should watch Adventure Time

  • Aashirya Chougule
    Aashirya Chougule Month ago

    0:40 modern day Dora is misleading. Old Dora was amazing😭

  • animanya
    animanya Month ago

    Oh, what an innocent era that was if these cartoons were madness...

  • Andrew Robertson
    Andrew Robertson Month ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Phineas and Ferb didn't involve hallucinations. All of that stuff really happened.

  • Nicole Leung
    Nicole Leung Month ago

    well steven universe is out now and that is by far a much superior cartoon television show than many of the tv shows listed

  • SweetAndFullOfGrace
    SweetAndFullOfGrace 2 months ago

    Don't tell him about The Misadventures of Flapjack

  • Martijn Vos
    Martijn Vos 2 months ago

    Phineas and Ferb is fantastic, but somehow not that popular with my kids.
    Bubbleguppies is usually pretty good and occasionally brilliant. One thing I appreciate about it is that it has an equal number of boys and girls, rather than the all boys, all boys and one token girl (Paw Patrol), or smart boys and annoying girl (Phineas and Ferb). And they sing about planets and science and history. Or sometimes colours or cars, but that's fine too.
    I also like how the Wonder Pets subtly introduce kids to classical music.

  • Genesis taylor
    Genesis taylor 2 months ago


  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith 2 months ago

    Do you reckon Hank and John watch each others videos

  • Lady Alfhildr of the Forest of Violet Mists

    John Green: "Phineas and Ferb... is the best television program I have ever seen for children or adults"
    Me: I like you now :)
    Although I might put Doctor Who in contention with it, but I have been obsessed with both for quite some time... Actually, I wrote this crossover fanfic once, because of course Ferb knows the Doctor...
    Although, wait, wait one second... Did you just categorize it in with "shows about kids who go into their backyards and have really compelling hallucinations"?? Are you trying to tell me that Phineas and Ferb *aren't* actually master engineers, architects, construction workers, fashion designers, inventors, restaurant connoisseurs... pffffft.
    Of course they are.

  • Kokosnuss Baum
    Kokosnuss Baum 3 months ago

    I would argue against the fact that the fish must automatically be biologly male because it's voice is deep.

  • Raina Morse
    Raina Morse 3 months ago

    There is an incredible show on Netflix called Sarah and Duck about a girl Sarah and, you guessed it, her friend Duck going on adventures together. It has a narrator to whom Sarah talks (instead of the audience) great lessons, and is wonderfully calm which makes it a winner for me!

  • Maddi
    Maddi 3 months ago

    i love this i have a four year old niece and every time we watch tv together or i think about my childhood i think of this video and it makes me laugh so hard lol

  • Mapster 1002
    Mapster 1002 4 months ago

    just why?

  • zachanikwano
    zachanikwano 4 months ago

    But what about Avatar the Last Airbender? I'd say that was the best television program for all ages, imo.

  • FlushingRailfanner
    FlushingRailfanner 4 months ago

    I think my heart is melting faster than ice-cream on a summer morning.

  • InDemigodsWeTrust
    InDemigodsWeTrust 4 months ago

    I LOVE Phineas and Ferb and Oswald!

  • Renaissance Girl
    Renaissance Girl 5 months ago +1

    "No wonder our science scores are so low!" *hair grip* 😂😂😂

  • Hailey Oliveira
    Hailey Oliveira 5 months ago

    You forgot to mention that in spongebob, they go to the beach but c a n t s w i m

  • Luv AI
    Luv AI 5 months ago

    Who *doesn't* love Phineas and Ferb, though?

  • IceNixie0102
    IceNixie0102 5 months ago

    Watch Floogals. It is fantastic!

  • trash can
    trash can 5 months ago

    Yo Gabba Gabba is definitely the brainchild of someone with access to the following
    -hallucinogenic drugs
    -lots of foam and costume materials AND
    -phone numbers of, inexplicably, a lot of completely unfitting bands

  • Nick Cameron
    Nick Cameron 6 months ago

    I love that you mention music right after the show that has music written by They Might Be Giants in it (and was the best part of the show from my perspective)

  • Alice Liu
    Alice Liu 6 months ago

    I still stand by arthur as best children's show

  • Name Here
    Name Here 6 months ago

    2:40 Or just shooting it.

  • elise banks
    elise banks 6 months ago

    Ok, so the octopus in octonauts is not the leader, the polar bear is

  • gacygirl 24
    gacygirl 24 6 months ago

    Niho kilan phinus and ferb and yo gabby gabby are the best

  • Mareike Nienhaus
    Mareike Nienhaus 7 months ago

    I LOVED little einsteins!

  • Venus Gillespie
    Venus Gillespie 7 months ago

    Did anybody else watch Sagwa as a little kid? Bc I remember that show but none of my friends do and I’m not sure if it was a weird feverdream or not

  • N. D.
    N. D. 9 months ago

    Please do more child stuff rievews

  • a s h ?
    a s h ? 9 months ago


  • Cailey Dillard
    Cailey Dillard 9 months ago

    When he started talking about yo gabba gabba it reminded me of that time that my chemical romance was in it and I just- "EVERY SNOWFLAKES DIFFERENT JUST LIKE YOU"

  • Qwertyuoip 123
    Qwertyuoip 123 10 months ago

    I think that Dragons: Race to the Edge is significantly better than many adult programming. It covers many current issues and is "dark", but still not excessively violent or 'scary'. Even though it's categorized under "children's" in Netflix, I think it is surprisingly mature and in-depth.

  • Troy Bolton
    Troy Bolton 10 months ago


  • Bitty Bailey
    Bitty Bailey 11 months ago

    3:29 I was in year seven (sixth grade) when I marked a test and there was a question stating : ' what makes the earth go around the sun?' It ,by the way, was submitted by a girl I hate.(Her little brother attempts to bully me but fails badly) She answered MAGNETISM.

  • Cameron Tierney
    Cameron Tierney 11 months ago

    The author of The Fault in Our Stars, everyone👏👏👏

  • Conner Jessop
    Conner Jessop 11 months ago

    What about adventure time??

  • BloodRider 14
    BloodRider 14 11 months ago

    The backyardagans is the best little kids show to ever have aired

  • Fraser O'Rourke
    Fraser O'Rourke 11 months ago

    John why do you assume gender based purely on voice? And if you say the voice actor is male then I'd point out alot of popular male cartoon children are voiced by women

  • Henry Holden
    Henry Holden 11 months ago

    On the subject of the Octonauts, at first glance the octopus symbol on their little sailor caps reminded me of the Hydra insignia from all the Marvel movies. The "cult" observation was astute as well. DFTBA and keep up the good work.

  • Madison Martinez
    Madison Martinez 11 months ago

    Octonots is amazing, fight me

  • Sad Cat 360
    Sad Cat 360 11 months ago

    Once John mentioned Yo Gaba Gaba all I could think about was Every snowflakes Different by My Chemical Romance and if you don't know what that is look it up because it's hilarious

  • molly sandweiss
    molly sandweiss 11 months ago +1

    We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship...

  • sambowman91
    sambowman91 Year ago

    5 years later, I don't know how many times I've listened to this video, and I just now heard him say that Hank was a fan of Blues' Clues "in college" and laughed. Cheers, John.

  • Sugar thekitty
    Sugar thekitty Year ago

    do this again please!

  • Alexa Gomez
    Alexa Gomez Year ago

    Yo Gaba Gaba believe DOES play better music than MTV....

  • Evan Pitkin
    Evan Pitkin Year ago

    Watch The Wire. It's great for kids.

  • Cass Thompson
    Cass Thompson Year ago


  • Casey Hamm
    Casey Hamm Year ago

    Octonauts is the best fucking show that ever was or will be. I've learned more watching that show than I did in all of high school biology.

  • Amber Nelson
    Amber Nelson Year ago

    This was by far one of your funniest videos!! Loved it!

  • Brittany Bertolin

    Have you seen gravity falls? Top notch children's tv.

  • Iustinian Constantinescu

    2:35 Best catchphrase ever.

  • Ionlymadethistoleavecoments

    I know all of these.

  • Casandra
    Casandra Year ago


  • Sean P
    Sean P Year ago

    I love phineas and fern. It's beautiful.

  • Alexia McCulloch
    Alexia McCulloch Year ago


    GUMMRUCHK Year ago

    Just have kids watch Rick and Morty

  • Jaxon Duin
    Jaxon Duin Year ago

    Spongebob: "Hey, if we're underwater how can there be a... fire...?"
    Bubble Guppies: *looking around nervously*

  • Invisible Light
    Invisible Light Year ago

    I watched all of these shows until I was like 8 because of my brothers... I still slightly like some of them...

  • AsheleyG
    AsheleyG Year ago

    We love the Octonauts!

  • Vanessa Cosner
    Vanessa Cosner Year ago

    I'm still genuinely upset that he doesn't like Octonauts because it's one of my favorite kid's programs

  • Brandi Sorrell
    Brandi Sorrell Year ago +1

    I loved Phineas and Ferb and Yo Gabba Gabba. They were the only shows I could tolerate when I was raising kids. And early SpongeBob was good stuff.

  • Squawk TV
    Squawk TV Year ago

    It's adorable that Henry loves Hank's science videos.

  • TheBonny720
    TheBonny720 Year ago

    Can you please do a review of some 90s kids programing? I mean, that was the GOLDEN AGE of TV! Shows like Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Tiny Toons, Anamaniacs, Doug, Recess, The Wild Thornberrys and the obscure but totally underrated Hysteria?! Please please please! If any of my fellow 90s kid-nerdfighters have any suggestions, that would be awesome

  • Rebekah Castro
    Rebekah Castro Year ago

    @vlogbrothers I'm 24, I'm a mom, and I've seen every episode of Octonauts. Ask me anything.

  • Jessica Dineen
    Jessica Dineen Year ago

    My brain, it burns!!! Can I have more Ni Hao Kai Lan?

  • Natalia Kurz
    Natalia Kurz Year ago

    Lol 😂

  • Olivia Kaiser
    Olivia Kaiser Year ago

    I heard him mentioning "The Charming Oswald" and I flipped out. I smacked my bed and then proceeded to howl and scream. This is my life. Getting excited over kids shows.

  • Sihi Nagathihalli

    "Hank I remembered how you were a fan of the show Blue's Clues IN COLLEGE" LMAO Hank is us

  • Synchronizor
    Synchronizor Year ago

    When I have kids, they're getting re-runs of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

  • SpeckOfDignity
    SpeckOfDignity Year ago

    2:13 um John what about us special snowflakes?

  • Trisha Haugen
    Trisha Haugen Year ago +1

    I watched this after pulling an all nighter and not sleeping for over 24 hours. I think I'm broken.

  • Dreya Hedges
    Dreya Hedges Year ago

    You should do a new one of these as a suggestion guide for Hank now that he has a baby. Also, you should include Puffin Rock, which is weird and mesmerizing.

  • Kara Hill
    Kara Hill Year ago +3

    John, I'm disappointed in you.

    • Kara Hill
      Kara Hill Year ago

      +Christopher McKee Didn't realize those were acronyms. That's pretty cool!

    • Christopher McKee
      Christopher McKee Year ago

      Given that words like scuba and laser were originally acronyms, it wouldn't surprise me if that happened to lol.

    • Kara Hill
      Kara Hill Year ago

      I don't think that's a bad thing. Language adapts to how we use it, not the other way around. As an example- although it pains me to think that something like "lol" could eventually become an actual word instead of an acronym (*shudder*), if enough people use it like one, it could become a part of the English language, and we have to accept that.

    • Christopher McKee
      Christopher McKee Year ago +1

      Yeah, Octopi Is technically incorrect, but as with most things in English, if enough people say the wrong thing enough times, it becomes accepted and they put it in the dictionary.

    • Kara Hill
      Kara Hill Year ago

      +Christopher McKee Huh. I looked it up, and apparently both spellings are correct. You learn a new thing every day, I guess.

  • T Eszter
    T Eszter Year ago

    Hail Hydra!

  • Liam Twomey
    Liam Twomey Year ago +14

    Doll? I think you mean "inaction figure".

  • Letho Kunene
    Letho Kunene Year ago +1

    OMG i uese too/still love phineas and ferb

  • KSA
    KSA Year ago +2

    I'm glad John shares my opinion about Phineas and Ferb.

    • KSA
      KSA Year ago

      Also, I know most of these shows because I grew up with them. My sister, who is a little younger than me, watched those shows, and I watched them with her.
      I just got reminded of my general youngness. Never again.

  • Siddhant Parekh
    Siddhant Parekh Year ago +2

    Phineas and Ferb is the best TV show ever!
    I'm still sad it was cancelled.

  • Aeon Maujean
    Aeon Maujean Year ago +27

    Phineas and Ferb is awesome.

  • TheWolfOfTheStars
    TheWolfOfTheStars Year ago +3


  • Amy McKinley
    Amy McKinley Year ago

    You should do another one of these.

  • Netser Ivry
    Netser Ivry Year ago +5

    about Ni Hau Cailan - I would have thought it would be hated by the left for "culturally appropriating" Chinese culture.

  • Y H
    Y H Year ago +21

    Mermaids.and Merdudes

    • Neala Ernswa
      Neala Ernswa 5 months ago +1

      Yoppy Halilintar shouldn't it be like mermaids and merbutlers

  • Iykury
    Iykury Year ago +7

    The dodecahedron thing is my favorite part of the video.

  • Priyadarshan Pandey


  • Easy Mode Eden
    Easy Mode Eden Year ago

    How did you miss Nanalan!?

  • Aadarsh Balireddy
    Aadarsh Balireddy Year ago +2

    Holy crap this video made me remember loving Oswald and playing all of the Oswald flash games way way back. The memories...

  • Natalie V.
    Natalie V. Year ago

    Omg! I love blues clues, oso, umizoomi, and pretty much all of these shows except for the really weird ones like dora and yo gabba gabba

  • Asgrahim
    Asgrahim Year ago

    Huh... Sure seems like a lot of children's shows are from the sunken city of R'Lyeh.

  • Dániel Lónyai
    Dániel Lónyai Year ago

    2:39 : "Stan, cue the Libertage!!!"

  • Socks, shoes, and hats

    Oh my god, Octonauts is actually my favorite show and I watch it... A lot.

  • A Sodium Duck
    A Sodium Duck Year ago

    Im part of an underwater cult as a hint it belongs to my close chum cthulu

  • isabelleisabelle
    isabelleisabelle 2 years ago


  • isabelleisabelle
    isabelleisabelle 2 years ago

    Phineas and Ferb. I agree, it is the best.

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 2 years ago

    Can't beat popping a valium, smoking a bowl, taking a shot and then watching kids shows; the world just disappears

  • CookieKing1990
    CookieKing1990 2 years ago +52

    I love how John bashes all of the other kids tv shows except for Phineas and Ferb. ( where their pet platypus, perry, is a undercover agent of a secret animal organization fighting an evil genius while Phineas and Ferb make ridiculous contraptions without getting punished or stopped by adults. ) Yea that's a totally normal thing compared to all of the other shows.

    • Robert Jarman
      Robert Jarman 6 months ago

      At least as far as I remember from the time when I was a child, they threw in some concepts that even some adults don't know, like whatever Baljeet was saying.

    • Prateek Wadhavkar
      Prateek Wadhavkar Year ago +3

      CookieKing1990 well. you're not wrong... but... but...

    • Aditya Khanna
      Aditya Khanna Year ago +3

      it isn't accuracy