LIKE FATHER Official Trailer (2018) Seth Rogen, Kristen Bell Netflix Movie HD

  • Published on Jun 18, 2018
  • LIKE FATHER Official Trailer (2018) Seth Rogen, Kristen Bell Netflix Movie HD
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Comments • 227

  • filip
    filip 7 days ago

    Watched the movie. It's alright. Give it a watch if you want to.

  • bobby cole
    bobby cole 12 days ago

    I got scared for a minute, I thought she bumped bed sheets with her father..🙄 close one

  • Justin Thyme
    Justin Thyme 2 months ago

    a very good movie! and oh yeas I love that lady..her hubby is a lucky basterd :D

  • Ivana Panteličová
    Ivana Panteličová 2 months ago

    Frasier I like you

  • JL
    JL 3 months ago

    Any movie with Seth Rogan is predictable.😩

  • Tauri Landess
    Tauri Landess 4 months ago

    Such a good movie. I cried

  • So Ni
    So Ni 4 months ago +1

    Kelsey Grammar!!!!😍

    AMM MAA 5 months ago +1

    This movie takes a real life trauma and reduces it to a single conversation with a good cry. It does a dis-service to all children who have been abandoned and emotionally abused by their parents. The viewer, along with the daughter, is encouraged to forgive the offending parent (forgiveness is great) but is then asked to take pity on the offender and to give up positive life events for the offender. It is basically encouraging and continuing the emotional abuse the child has been caught up in all along. No child who has been abandoned by a parent has the power to deny that parent when the parent gets lonely, is sad, and needs company. It takes advantage of a traumatized and wounded individual rather than empowering them to care for themselves while being forgiving. To reduce the experience of heartache and forgiveness (which in reality would take a life-time) down to a single conversation plays on the un-realistic dreams and scenarios all abandoned children play through their minds daily for years and continue to wound themselves with into adulthood. This film also makes no mention of how the trauma of abandonment has devastating affects on the child's ability to relate to others, maintain relationships, and enjoy long-term commitments for the rest of their lives. This is a story written by people who have observed abandonment and trauma and not by those who have lived it. A complete miss in understanding the complexities of the experience. Lastly, a true work of cinematic art would not try to resolve such a difficult story in an hour and a half. Find ways to respect the story and those who have experienced it without reducing it to an easy resolution and feel-good comedy. The final product has the effect of telling those struggling with this experience to "get over it." Oh my God, the most insensitive thing you could communicate to such individuals.

  • medalla light
    medalla light 5 months ago

    Yeah, like someone's gonna live that piece of ass alone in the altar.

  • desiree lockett
    desiree lockett 5 months ago +1

    I was on the Harmony Of The Seas when this movie was being filmed 9/27/17, and my cousin ran into Kelsey Grammer in the elevator.

  • Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth


  • laa nasron
    laa nasron 5 months ago

    what a f@(kin' boring movie

  • laa nasron
    laa nasron 5 months ago

    what a f@(kin' boring movie

  • PlaguedSoldier
    PlaguedSoldier 5 months ago

    Someone please help me, whats the song that starts at the 0:07 mark? ive been trying to think of it for months and cant!

    • PlaguedSoldier
      PlaguedSoldier 5 months ago

      Irma Thomas - Anyone Who Knows What Love Is..... finally!

  • Daniel Fountain
    Daniel Fountain 5 months ago

    A plug for Royal Caribbean

  • Mohd Shah
    Mohd Shah 5 months ago

    king and queen of moonlight bay

  • Frédéric BellHan
    Frédéric BellHan 5 months ago

    Who knows the first piece of music (piano) at the beginning of the trailer?

  • oligi3008
    oligi3008 5 months ago

    Would have watched this in cinema, oh well...

  • puddlemini
    puddlemini 5 months ago

    Does he have a pacemaker? 1:05

  • Rivers Bliss
    Rivers Bliss 5 months ago

    Like Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, Rachel True (The Craft) she seems to not age at all.

  • David James
    David James 5 months ago

    Cool how you can watch a whole movie in 1:40

  • Angie K
    Angie K 5 months ago

    No way in hell would she ever lower herself to sleep with a Seth Rogan

  • Apollo James
    Apollo James 5 months ago

    Kristen Bell just loves working with old Cheers actors apparently.

  • Hannah Vaidyan
    Hannah Vaidyan 5 months ago

    Does anyone know the rating

  • The Ukulele Boy
    The Ukulele Boy 5 months ago

    hey its frasier!!!

  • Law's Other Stuff of Interest

    Season 3 of the Good Place looks pretty cool

  • Wanderer
    Wanderer 6 months ago

    Anyone else get immediate Black Mirror flashbacks from the music?

    • Wanderer
      Wanderer 5 months ago

      finnerty90 Anyone who knows what love is

    • finnerty90
      finnerty90 5 months ago

      What is the name of that song

  • eRay
    eRay 6 months ago

    what's the name of trailer song?

  • Lilly
    Lilly 6 months ago

    How I wish to bond with my father one day...I know this will never happen but watching this made me smile and she's great so I'll go watch this movie for sure ^^

  • AA Productions
    AA Productions 6 months ago

    "I want to give you my professional opinion for free........ it's all your fault" - LOL!

  • Max Blade
    Max Blade 6 months ago

    wow what a shock Seth is the SAME in every movie... ouch

  • Lunique Henley
    Lunique Henley 6 months ago

    When you realize that her dad is Fraiser

  • Daniel Copsey
    Daniel Copsey 6 months ago

    1:48 WHERE'S RACHEL!?

  • DanDann
    DanDann 6 months ago

    Cute short film.

  • Garland5
    Garland5 6 months ago

    Looks great, pleasant and heartfelt.

  • jazminestryder
    jazminestryder 6 months ago

    Lol.... omg. "My professional opinion for free... it's all your fault!" Thanks captain obvious!

  • JessT2K7
    JessT2K7 6 months ago

    Why is no one talking about the fact that Kirk Steele is on the cruise!

  • szs voc
    szs voc 6 months ago


  • mrmcclear
    mrmcclear 6 months ago

    Yes! More like this please Netflix.

  • lumberluc
    lumberluc 7 months ago

    A doting father whose shunned by a unstable daughter. Great drama material.

  • Owen Ltd
    Owen Ltd 7 months ago

    I'd rather dip my balls in salt

  • Angelena Pulis
    Angelena Pulis 7 months ago

    Laughed out loud twice during the trailer. I'm sold.

  • elisabeth grill
    elisabeth grill 7 months ago

    I know her from a movie 🎥!

  • Pesi Belau
    Pesi Belau 7 months ago +1


  • c h l o é n ý n n
    c h l o é n ý n n 7 months ago +13

    Netflix: "Let's include Seth Rogen's name in the title-even tho he's only a supporting role-and put it before the female lead AND let's leave out the real male lead altogether."

  • Brittney Langdon
    Brittney Langdon 7 months ago

    This looks good!

  • Desiree Garcia
    Desiree Garcia 7 months ago

    Can't wait to watch this movie, three amazing actors!!

  • Savannah Mayor
    Savannah Mayor 7 months ago

    merely un.watchable.

    • ric7044
      ric7044 7 months ago

      You mean "unwatched", since it's not even out yet. You're welcome.

  • Daiana Sahadeo
    Daiana Sahadeo 7 months ago +5

    It’s like an ad for royal Caribbean

  • Afra Almazrouei
    Afra Almazrouei 7 months ago

    Does anyone know the movie location? seems like a great getaway from the city

  • Amit chohan
    Amit chohan 7 months ago


  • miat789
    miat789 7 months ago

    This movie has Bell in it sooo of course it’s going to be good.

  • fayezfaye
    fayezfaye 7 months ago


  • snowballair
    snowballair 7 months ago

    You know what would make this movie amazing...not ever having to see that POS Seth Rogen in it. I’m sure Kristen Bell vomited in her mouth a little bit each scene she was forced to share with that no talent pothead.

    • ric7044
      ric7044 7 months ago

      Really? I have 2 words for you. Dax Shepard. And now I vomited in my mouth a little.

  • sfer1
    sfer1 7 months ago +15

    Wait! After being left at the altar, she slept with Seth Rogen? I don't know what's sadder.

  • Moonlit
    Moonlit 7 months ago

    I'm tired of people being afraid of being alone. What are you supposed to do? Settle for crap??? I'd rather die alone, no relationship- nothing rather than settle for something less than genuine love and respect. Honestly. How damned hard is it?

  • Sara McDaniel
    Sara McDaniel 7 months ago +3

    Seth is disgusting

  • Bobby Priel
    Bobby Priel 7 months ago

    " Knocking Up Sarah Marshall "

  • Jareth The Goblin King
    Jareth The Goblin King 7 months ago

    1:10 Is that a gay couple? I smell a gay couple

  • •Antoniø Brah•
    •Antoniø Brah• 7 months ago +1

    Like father, like daughter

  • swolelel
    swolelel 7 months ago +5

    he's probably dying

  • xMooshy
    xMooshy 7 months ago

    the music just reminds me of black mirror

    • finnerty90
      finnerty90 5 months ago

      What is the name of this song

  • Jacqueline Reece
    Jacqueline Reece 7 months ago

    Can’t wait for this!

  • Kirsten Reddoch
    Kirsten Reddoch 7 months ago

    the opposite of Veronica who had THE BEST Dad

  • HarmlessWeirdo
    HarmlessWeirdo 7 months ago +2

    Charlie Brooker needs to sue somebody. He's the only one allowed to use "Anyone Who Knows What Love is" on Netflix!

  • Jonathan Jacobson
    Jonathan Jacobson 7 months ago

    He's dying, obviously. But I'll probably still watch.

  • Brent Dreher
    Brent Dreher 7 months ago +4

    Kelsey Grammar? Nice!

  • sakuramari
    sakuramari 7 months ago +3

    Dr.Frasier Crane

  • Adam W
    Adam W 7 months ago

    Frasier's in a Good Place!

  • Ryder Benson
    Ryder Benson 7 months ago

    This movie probably has a similar concept to Trouble with the Curve, a strained Father/Daughter relationship !!!

  • caveman Versace
    caveman Versace 7 months ago

    Yeah, I don't buy it. The whole deadbeat father just doesn't resonate anymore when its cuntish women that are the reasons they leave. The percent of fathers put into legal binds over lies from the woman for their gain is too high for these films to be taken seriously anymore. Make a film about a woman having to fork out alimony and losing her children to the father. That would be an interesting film to see.

    • ric7044
      ric7044 7 months ago

      No thanks, but it's nice to get to know you a little. Best of luck

  • Kaitlyn R
    Kaitlyn R 7 months ago

    This looks super cute

  • Craig Fulton
    Craig Fulton 7 months ago

    Jurassic Cruise?

  • Bolsheviki
    Bolsheviki 7 months ago

    Black Mirror flashbacks...'anyone'?

    • finnerty90
      finnerty90 5 months ago

      Bolsheviki what is the name of that song?

  • James Ohh
    James Ohh 7 months ago


  • Scott William
    Scott William 7 months ago

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt 7 months ago

    kelsey grammer likes to wear womens panties. hes a fucking weirdo

  • Alex Neal
    Alex Neal 7 months ago

    Looks like Aldous Snow gave her what she had coming.

  • 3317alibaba
    3317alibaba 7 months ago

    1:49 RACHEEEEL !!! *get half face blown up with gasoline and fire*

  • mary jane
    mary jane 7 months ago

    that';s not Seth Rogen...

  • Radlilghost !
    Radlilghost ! 7 months ago

    Are we gonna talk about how this trailer started?? The song?? This song is literally everywhere now a days what’s happening???

  • 91clarie
    91clarie 7 months ago +9

    Everytime I hear her voice I still think about Gossip Girl 😂😂
    Good Morning Upper East Siders! You know you love me, xoxo gossip girl

    • 91clarie
      91clarie 4 months ago

      +Tauri Landess It's a teen drama show, DUH. But it was EVERYTHING when I was a teen so I do not let anyone shade it. 😂

    • Tauri Landess
      Tauri Landess 4 months ago

      That show is toilet water

    • Valerie McIntosh
      Valerie McIntosh 5 months ago

      91clarie (who's that?)

    • ric7044
      ric7044 7 months ago +1

      Still Veronica Mars though :)

  • Tim Malloy
    Tim Malloy 7 months ago +3

    Another movie that Seth Rogen is going to suck in.

    • protter43
      protter43 5 months ago

      Tim Malloy He doesn't disappoint. He sucks hugely.

  • Nathan Downs
    Nathan Downs 7 months ago +1

    very odd that it stars Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammar yet Seth Rogen's name is first in your description.

  • huhu play
    huhu play 7 months ago +2

    happy father's day??...... maybe

  • englishrosy
    englishrosy 7 months ago

    What's the song at the beginning of the trailer?

  • Shalom Ramos
    Shalom Ramos 7 months ago

    when in rome all over again.. and this time its all gone bad haha

  • Nemanja Djordjevic
    Nemanja Djordjevic 7 months ago

    Fraiser Crane!

  • Bhavin Lalka
    Bhavin Lalka 7 months ago

    Not like

  • anuj bajracharya
    anuj bajracharya 7 months ago

    Oh what a great movie Rushmore was!!

  • tylerden
    tylerden 7 months ago +1

    That guy.never seems to age.

  • danieltothestars
    danieltothestars 7 months ago +15

    Kristen Bell is always a ray of sunshine!

    • Adam Cole
      Adam Cole 4 months ago

      I have the same birthday as hers to

  • Pizza
    Pizza 7 months ago

    I give this 5 meh's out 10 meh's ...will most likely watch while trying to fall asleep

  • novembermember
    novembermember 7 months ago

    Every quirky “indie” drama, “Cue acoustic guitar.”

  • Tim Hall
    Tim Hall 7 months ago +6

    I was interested until I saw Seth "pot" Rogan.

    • melek b
      melek b 7 months ago

      Lmaoooo dying at this nickname, like it's an insult somehow.

    • snowballair
      snowballair 7 months ago

      He’s a no talent pothead. He has one character that he can play at all times...a no talent pothead.

    • Walter's Heart
      Walter's Heart 7 months ago +1

      He's just the same character in every movie, and by character I mean he just acts like himself.

  • Flip Wilson
    Flip Wilson 7 months ago


  • MJ Tinio
    MJ Tinio 7 months ago

    What a plot twist! I can’t believe Princess Anna’s real father is Count Vlad!

  • Joel Francis
    Joel Francis 7 months ago

    black mirror

  • Mikey Raymond
    Mikey Raymond 7 months ago

    So it's clear the majority of Netflix subscribers are childless middle class white women in their 30's.

    • ric7044
      ric7044 7 months ago

      Not the majority, just enough critical mass to justify this movie. But come on, it's Kristen Bell. (insert "I'm a simple man, see Kristen Bell, bla bla bla" standard comment here)

  • Fiona Onukwugha
    Fiona Onukwugha 7 months ago

    I really feel like the twist in the end will be that her dad is dead! I hope I’m wrong😑