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People Are Awesome & The Pet Collective present: Pets are Awesome!

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
  • Pets are Awesome! Featuring: The Pet Collective!
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    This is for all the animal lovers out there. Pets aren't just animals, they're family! They make the best of best friends, and are pretty rad adventure buddies too. Did you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 282

  • People are Awesome
    People are Awesome  5 months ago +23

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  • Pino Zollinger
    Pino Zollinger Month ago

    this is bullshit

  • Mr.Goopoop G
    Mr.Goopoop G Month ago

    Pets are of the awesome xddddd

  • Leoˈs Kingdom
    Leoˈs Kingdom Month ago

    Title: people are awsome
    Me: pets are awsome

  • marianna Rapani
    marianna Rapani Month ago

    These pets are skating and skiing better than me😂😂😂

  • Slime Tastic
    Slime Tastic Month ago

    1:34 that little girl and her dog are more skilled than I’ll ever b😂😂🙏

  • GusTi ZzZ
    GusTi ZzZ Month ago

    That dog don’t like that shoes 2:51

  • Настя kat
    Настя kat Month ago

    А собака со страховкай?

  • jack persinger
    jack persinger Month ago

    Best youtube video I've seen in a long time!

  • Pr0nix Youtube
    Pr0nix Youtube Month ago


  • Parrish Smith
    Parrish Smith Month ago

    There so cute!😍😍😍😍

  • Виталий Душенко

    So positive one!)

  • Andyboooy
    Andyboooy Month ago

    Just magen if IT would gone wrong, the pers could have died

  • Rebecca Hernandez, Rainbow is life

    Omg make more plz!!!!!!!

  • David Schmoll
    David Schmoll Month ago

    So sweet

  • Dark Dammy
    Dark Dammy Month ago

    I wanna pet😣
    Parent don't allow 😥

  • pranav naruto
    pranav naruto Month ago +1

    Must have named this àñìmàĺs àŕè àwèsòmè lol;)

  • karthik karthyk
    karthik karthyk Month ago +1

    Holy crap ,this is awesome ☺

  • Cakeland HD
    Cakeland HD Month ago

    9 Times No Dog... Are you kidding me

  • Inscreva-se Abaixo
    Inscreva-se Abaixo Month ago +1

    02:56 *AMAZING!*

  • Annie Flips12
    Annie Flips12 Month ago

    0:40 soooooo cute

  • Jamielynn Shure
    Jamielynn Shure Month ago

    1:45. Uhhmmmm

  • SgtIvo
    SgtIvo Month ago

    Dogs are awesome, we shouldn't eat them...

  • Lorenzo Vagionakis
    Lorenzo Vagionakis Month ago

    Seems more of a "Dogs are awesome" here 🙃

  • giordano rollo
    giordano rollo Month ago

    Poor 79 dislike....

  • Fluffy Waffle
    Fluffy Waffle Month ago

    This makes me so happy

  • Cthulhu
    Cthulhu 2 months ago

    This is so beautiful !

  • Zoey H
    Zoey H 3 months ago

    too cute

  • Geass Sogeki
    Geass Sogeki 3 months ago

    0:40 being a road cyclist and like of cats totally love that one!!!

  • Mon A
    Mon A 4 months ago

    Awesome stuff

  • Neptune
    Neptune 4 months ago

    0:40 was so cute!! Omg

  • orange42
    orange42 4 months ago

    Lovely but wouldn't it be good to have eye protection for them on the mountain? It can get pretty bright up there.

  • Akram Bakhouche
    Akram Bakhouche 4 months ago

    Je vous invite à voir cette vidéo :

  • márk ilyés
    márk ilyés 4 months ago

    What's the music's name?

  • Skillzified
    Skillzified 4 months ago +5

    More like dude PURRfect

  • Animaux et plus LOL
    Animaux et plus LOL 5 months ago

    When a dog skates better than you 😂

  • Zeddicus Mortis
    Zeddicus Mortis 5 months ago

    Can't help thinking about the moment when the dog falls off the skateboard/mountain/surfboard.

  • Olivia Martin
    Olivia Martin 5 months ago


  • Allie Soto
    Allie Soto 5 months ago +1

    Dude, I can't even walk straight...

  • swagger pug
    swagger pug 5 months ago

    i hate to be that guy but these dogs are doing dangerous things and i can only imagine the bad outcomes😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱

  • allcot
    allcot 5 months ago

    Should be called "pets are awesome,people are stupid".

  • Hay Anthony
    Hay Anthony 5 months ago

    This so cute

  • tenngaming-ROBLOX-friends-youtube

    2:53 I cant even do one xdd

  • tenngaming-ROBLOX-friends-youtube

    2:19 wow that dogg doe

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 5 months ago

    Who are they..those people who disliked this...where do they come from

  • Ajay Pardhi
    Ajay Pardhi 5 months ago

    super video

  • The Pet Collective
    The Pet Collective 5 months ago

    Pets really are AWESOME!

  • Rachid Sadik
    Rachid Sadik 5 months ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful moment with Us ❤️❤️ . that video shows us how much place they have on our life. please all of you take care of your pets😊, and give them a Christmas gift too.. why not 😀😀
    just google it or click the link for cheaper one :

  • Ryan Werner
    Ryan Werner 5 months ago

    I can barely get my pit to sit... lol

  • oliv påsen
    oliv påsen 5 months ago

    do part 2 plz

  • Gerry Ouma
    Gerry Ouma 5 months ago

    I've decided to break up with my dog after watching this 😢

  • sdi360 skoti
    sdi360 skoti 5 months ago

    wow amazing animals...
    ..he did a backflip....

  • Yves Felley
    Yves Felley 5 months ago


    LA ZELADA 5 months ago

    Muy bueno

  • yaniv grintzov
    yaniv grintzov 5 months ago

    Another one like this pleaseeeee

  • Mik B
    Mik B 5 months ago

    Who sing this song

  • Lety G
    Lety G 5 months ago

    2:16 fucking cute

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 5 months ago

    Please just be careful with them, they do all look like they’re having fun though.

  • Hayley Turner
    Hayley Turner 5 months ago

    What type of dog is that at 1:00?

  • Brooke
    Brooke 5 months ago

    This was cool, but all I can think of are the miserable fails that we don't see that injure these lovely animals.

  • Fikri_Cz
    Fikri_Cz 5 months ago +1

    nooooo way!!!!

  • Anonymous Cat
    Anonymous Cat 5 months ago

    the guy at 1.57 looks like jesus

  • Roast Beef Is My Stew
    Roast Beef Is My Stew 5 months ago


  • Mike Ma
    Mike Ma 5 months ago

    not enough bro

  • L as in L
    L as in L 5 months ago

    0:23 Dog looks back like "Didja see?! Didja see?! Was I cool?!"

  • CJAdams97
    CJAdams97 5 months ago


  • Jimmy Torres
    Jimmy Torres 5 months ago

    This made me smile 😁

  • you tube
    you tube 5 months ago

    dogs are awsome

  • Silver Skuller
    Silver Skuller 5 months ago

    The last pet🤤🤤🤤😲

  • Nel HNZ
    Nel HNZ 5 months ago

    People are insane and pets are awesome. But I guess without insane people you wouldn't have awesome pets.

  • Trevorkian
    Trevorkian 5 months ago +5

    Let's be honest the cats are only in this video out of sympathy they didn't do shit

  • Jason Ihrig
    Jason Ihrig 5 months ago

    tries to do pushups with dog on back... dog proceeds to hump me

  • Trevorkian
    Trevorkian 5 months ago

    Damn did you see that at like 8 Seconds, not only is there two dogs Surfing by themselves one of the dogs jumps off his board and onto the other dogs board just as he was about to crash that's fucking crazy

  • James Tayloe
    James Tayloe 5 months ago +2

    Part 2 please this was so awesome

  • Vishal Goyal
    Vishal Goyal 5 months ago


  • ghostviddebunker
    ghostviddebunker 5 months ago

    the girl at 2:52 travels with a group of a talented dogs doing fairs and such. I saw her here in vermont at the champlain valley fair with her dogs. really talented trainer

  • Nate Lentz
    Nate Lentz 5 months ago

    Pets are the fucking best

  • Guy Rusko
    Guy Rusko 5 months ago

    more of like dogs are awesome...

  • loveforeignaccents
    loveforeignaccents 5 months ago

    Love it!!
    Added to my favorites.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • StealthV21
    StealthV21 5 months ago

    This makes me smile.

  • SoJans :D
    SoJans :D 5 months ago

    very cute!!

  • Caleb #87
    Caleb #87 5 months ago

    I’ve actually seen that dog in the second clip at that park before. It’s called the Encinitas community park. That’s so wierd

  • MyYTwatcher
    MyYTwatcher 5 months ago

    Nice cooperation. I really liked this video. Thumbs up.

  • quiensoyyo900
    quiensoyyo900 5 months ago

    Casi m emcabrono cuando vi el ultimo video hasta q vi la cuerdad d seguridad...

  • Chris Krause
    Chris Krause 5 months ago

    I loved every second of it. Should make more once in a while like this one.

  • Princess Anton
    Princess Anton 5 months ago

    Sponsored by PETA

  • Hottie McHot
    Hottie McHot 5 months ago

    When a dog can skimboard better than you....

  • Roland Khalafyan
    Roland Khalafyan 5 months ago

    Me the whole vid --> :D

  • Jean Michel Fermier
    Jean Michel Fermier 5 months ago +8

    At 0:07 the dog jump to the surfboard.

    • Dark Dammy
      Dark Dammy Month ago +1

      Jean Michel Fermier didn't notice it cool

  • Verano Dulce
    Verano Dulce 5 months ago


  • Jason_ _parkour
    Jason_ _parkour 5 months ago +1

    Woah... 1:20. that dog can wallrun higher than me

  • Existence Defies Logic
    Existence Defies Logic 5 months ago

    May be if humans go extinct some time in future, I guess dogs are probably going to become the most intelligent, sentient species and the rulers of the world. They're so fucking smart!!! 😂

    • Existence Defies Logic
      Existence Defies Logic 5 months ago

      ItsTimeToStop!!!! Now!!! Oh. But dogs shouldn't be far behind lol

    • ItsTimeToStop!!!! Now!!!
      ItsTimeToStop!!!! Now!!! 5 months ago

      Existence Defies Logic Actually, next in line would be gorillas, chimps, and monkeys. After them it goes to Dolphins.

  • TheTrueBallyssess
    TheTrueBallyssess 5 months ago

    More like "Animals are awesome" . Btw the dog at 2:49 walks on his frontfeeds because he got shoes on his backfeeds and feels uncomfortable when he walks with them. Animals dont need extra clothing, their hair is their clothing

  • Ryan Huang
    Ryan Huang 5 months ago

    exactly the video I needed today

  • Savage Unicorn 4843
    Savage Unicorn 4843 5 months ago

    4:46 what the heck is that on the shelf?!?!?!

    • General Okoye
      General Okoye 5 months ago

      Slime ASMR you mean 1:46 😂 the vid doesn't go for 4 minutes

  • cathiker
    cathiker 5 months ago

    Man & Dog: the worlds oldest friendship. (Love the kitties and bird too). Great video!

    TCG MUSIC GUY 5 months ago +49

    lol I can’t even surf or ride a skateboard

  • Who am I?
    Who am I? 5 months ago

    Not sure wether the pets like it...

  • UBF [Unbiased Bucs Fan]
    UBF [Unbiased Bucs Fan] 5 months ago +1

    Song: LVTHER - Some Kind Of Magic

  • Antione 123
    Antione 123 5 months ago +1

    I know people that are too scared to roll in on that ramp at 2:17 and people that can’t skimboard as good as the dog at 2:23