• Published on Feb 18, 2019
  • We did a skills obstacle course challenge!
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  • Matt Andrei Silo
    Matt Andrei Silo 2 days ago

    The three point line is too close to the rim than regular basketball courts

  • Long John
    Long John 2 days ago

    Damn I can’t believe Jesser lost that

  • Maddox Fendley
    Maddox Fendley 2 days ago

    If anyone misses the layup. They are trash

  • Nicholas Malcor
    Nicholas Malcor 2 days ago +1

    Too bad hes white

  • xPKH MC
    xPKH MC 3 days ago

    0:21 drop the ball


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    like this comment if you're not checking me out

  • Marko Štefan
    Marko Štefan 4 days ago +1

    Zack try harder😂😂

  • Alejandro Rentas
    Alejandro Rentas 5 days ago

    9 airballs😂

  • Logan COllinz
    Logan COllinz 6 days ago

    Did mr.durant do u dirty?

  • anish bansal
    anish bansal 6 days ago

    2:59 big chungis

  • Keyonn Jackson
    Keyonn Jackson 8 days ago

    That's funny how td throws the football

  • Emily Peltz
    Emily Peltz 8 days ago

    Jesse should be in the NBA

  • Emily Peltz
    Emily Peltz 8 days ago

    I love your videos and I watch every upload and I think you are a great person and TVclipr

  • Zachary Tortora
    Zachary Tortora 8 days ago +1

    He air balled 9x

  • Janinho897
    Janinho897 8 days ago

    It physically hurts me to watch James and Jesser run.

  • Aiden Cook
    Aiden Cook 8 days ago

    Instead of actually trying to make the little shots just throw all at once

  • CrashSD YouTube
    CrashSD YouTube 9 days ago

    The Jizzer edit had me dEaD

  • cristian briseno
    cristian briseno 9 days ago

    3:01 break that table

  • Maria Romero
    Maria Romero 9 days ago

    Soy español

  • Maria Romero
    Maria Romero 9 days ago

    Holaaaaaaa curiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • LienTV
    LienTV 9 days ago

    Lebron’s time was 1:17 not 1:18 btw. QUICK MAFS BOIS

    • iGxge
      iGxge 5 days ago

      LienTV lmao that’s Cash his name isn’t really LeBron

  • Aaron Russell
    Aaron Russell 10 days ago


  • Myra Ford
    Myra Ford 11 days ago

    Love your videos

  • Kaan Erdinç
    Kaan Erdinç 11 days ago

    Like old days

  • Isiah Medrano
    Isiah Medrano 12 days ago

    This video is trash ha Gaddy sorry can't spell good

  • LT Hoops
    LT Hoops 12 days ago +3

    9 air balls in a row😂😂😂 lmao
    what did i just see

  • Perseus Jackson
    Perseus Jackson 12 days ago

    9:00 thought it was drake lol

  • Gamer Cat
    Gamer Cat 12 days ago


  • Blake_10
    Blake_10 12 days ago

    jessie probably practiced for this😂

  • jprosper 77k
    jprosper 77k 12 days ago

    Cut your fucking head bald nigga cause your hair is always fuck up

  • King Isaac
    King Isaac 13 days ago +1

    Where is Christopher London?

  • me bro
    me bro 14 days ago

    Walker's shot never touched the rim

  • Swagger 124
    Swagger 124 14 days ago

    Troydan-Hold my beer

  • cooldude Ross
    cooldude Ross 14 days ago

    10:28 😂

  • Mark Schmucker
    Mark Schmucker 14 days ago

    I’ve never seen this many guys in the same group that suck this bad!and here I am still watching them☺️😂🤓

  • heckin hecc
    heckin hecc 14 days ago

    bro why zachs hair lookin like romen noodles lol

  • Jayden Martins
    Jayden Martins 14 days ago

    me and my brother love to watch you plus we love basketball!!!!!!!!! and we will keep watching you

  • IITheStarII
    IITheStarII 14 days ago +1

    big change with his nose 4:47 to 4:49

  • Poop face
    Poop face 14 days ago

    Not really he missed the second to last shot there for jezzer won on the first try not overtime he missed it so yeah

  • Limber Wig246777
    Limber Wig246777 14 days ago

    I have the same jersey jesser has Lebron James 23

  • Christina Vines
    Christina Vines 14 days ago

    Best video

  • Percy Reed
    Percy Reed 14 days ago

    Nice hair bro

  • Rocky Amisola
    Rocky Amisola 14 days ago

    Plsss stop making basketball videos!!! Youre not getting any better playing it youre trash bro!!!

  • India Westbrook
    India Westbrook 16 days ago

    Td praesent

  • India Westbrook
    India Westbrook 16 days ago

    Is that to praesents

  • sherry nickoli
    sherry nickoli 16 days ago

    I want to play with him I’m going to beat him

  • LordKaparakos 18
    LordKaparakos 18 16 days ago +1

    Did you relive he was wearing lazarbeam merch

  • Dora Explora
    Dora Explora 16 days ago

    Love how his name is jizzer like they’re making a joke about how this guy definitely jizzed his pants at one point in time

  • andrew_phillips
    andrew_phillips 16 days ago

    i come from los angeles and go to every game because my daddy is rich so i am a true fan
    i got to go into the locker room because my daddy is personal friends with lebron james so fight me

  • andrew_phillips
    andrew_phillips 16 days ago

    jesse such a bandwagon

  • Keondrick Melton
    Keondrick Melton 17 days ago

    Wassup walker

  • Watson Warren
    Watson Warren 17 days ago

    Is he saying jester????!!

    FAEDHIE BRADDY 18 days ago

    Using a big ball LOL

    NOOT NOOT 18 days ago

    6:32 Jizzer lol

  • campome22
    campome22 18 days ago

    Jessy won zuk got 51 Jessy got 49

  • Vanimator
    Vanimator 19 days ago +1

    Jesser won the first one over zack btw.

  • Kaden Kauffer
    Kaden Kauffer 19 days ago


  • JC Denton
    JC Denton 19 days ago


  • Michelle Kruschik
    Michelle Kruschik 19 days ago

    my name is timothy

    YABOIICHEZ SG 19 days ago

    Y’all cheated cash‼️

  • YouTube N' Chill
    YouTube N' Chill 20 days ago

    Great video!!! Looks like fun

  • Dayveon Coleman
    Dayveon Coleman 20 days ago

    Cash is disrespecting black people at ball

  • Twenty1Savage
    Twenty1Savage 20 days ago

    anyone else recognize James was wearing lazarbeam merch

  • Jerry Inman
    Jerry Inman 20 days ago

    Good video

  • Jay ThaK
    Jay ThaK 20 days ago

    10:57 he got ramen noodles on his head

  • Uniyah Nicholson
    Uniyah Nicholson 20 days ago


  • Q'Marion Hunter
    Q'Marion Hunter 20 days ago

    Cash jumpshot

  • jakey
    jakey 20 days ago

    They look so bored doing obstacles all the time

  • Sajan Thomas
    Sajan Thomas 20 days ago

    Bro James the passing one so rough

  • Steve Libranza_45
    Steve Libranza_45 20 days ago


  • Ryan Childress
    Ryan Childress 21 day ago +1

    Booo I hate this channel

  • QJB GANG :/
    QJB GANG :/ 21 day ago +1

    Ok jesser what is your favorite nba team your wearing a lakers Jersey and when you did the wheel with your gf you were wearing a bucks and on another video you had a knicks Jersey on WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TEAM!

  • YoungOsoFly
    YoungOsoFly 21 day ago

    Where was the goat Mopi at why he not in the video he would of got 25 seconds

  • Fucks aint given
    Fucks aint given 21 day ago

    The fact that he shot a left layup using he’s right hand😂

  • Brendan Heinerichs
    Brendan Heinerichs 22 days ago

    This kids hair look like a bar of soap 😂

  • Brad Palisi
    Brad Palisi 22 days ago

    Does anyone realize at 6:00 there is people watching in the back

  • Kyle Uba
    Kyle Uba 22 days ago

    Zach laaaaaammmmmmmeeeeeee

  • Corey Smith
    Corey Smith 22 days ago

    Jizzer you didn't touch the red

  • Conner Lance
    Conner Lance 22 days ago

    Hey rusty

  • 1 frankyboy360
    1 frankyboy360 22 days ago


  • A deadly Kick
    A deadly Kick 22 days ago

    We want blueberry back

  • DoopDoop 2
    DoopDoop 2 22 days ago

    Who thought this was going to be a Dude perfect video?

  • Help me get 300 subs Plz

    Rip walkatron

  • Ross Cothran
    Ross Cothran 23 days ago


  • Ross Cothran
    Ross Cothran 23 days ago

    10:47 mr. air ball

  • The Royal Kids
    The Royal Kids 23 days ago

    Jesser: you gotta hit the red dude after jesser: I can't even hit the f*** red

  • 3 Kids
    3 Kids 23 days ago

    What's the name of the song at 6:30

  • H Sims
    H Sims 23 days ago

    Worst vid ever and you suck at basketball

  • ulysses Oropeza
    ulysses Oropeza 23 days ago

    Your videos suck hope you read this

  • Lanz Abrau YT
    Lanz Abrau YT 23 days ago


  • Jr Rivas
    Jr Rivas 24 days ago

    Sucks dick

  • Jace Nelson
    Jace Nelson 24 days ago

    Why did his name say jizzer

  • Teddy Army
    Teddy Army 24 days ago

    This man can’t shoot dunk and all y’all childish

  • Marshall Shannon
    Marshall Shannon 24 days ago

    ah i see you jiedel with that Lazarbeam merch

  • Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez 24 days ago


  • mika ramos
    mika ramos 24 days ago


  • Ampt Glitch
    Ampt Glitch 25 days ago

    Anyone else think jesser runs like a lil school girl?

  • SupreMe GaMing
    SupreMe GaMing 25 days ago


  • Francis Gatchalian
    Francis Gatchalian 25 days ago

    Is kenword and walkatron an official 2hype member? Or just guests? If so, which video should i watch of their introduction?

  • Joshua Maximin
    Joshua Maximin 25 days ago

    number 3