Seth Meyers on Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Recent SNL Statement | WWHL

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • Late night host Seth Meyers offers his opinions about the work environment during his time at Saturday Night Live.
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Comments • 180

  • Jimmy Boy
    Jimmy Boy Month ago

    Little seth meyers. A small man. Small in wit, small in influence and small in stature. Oh, and obviously bitter about the small thing.

  • Richard Hayduk
    Richard Hayduk Month ago

    Seth is a disingenuous prick. He is full of himself, typical douchbag.

  • Brie Stoll
    Brie Stoll Month ago

    Read bossypants . Yes it was more sexist before Tina and Paula and Amy fucking tore the roof off that shit. Don't get mad at seth for being honest. And he didn't even dismiss it. He just said " not when I was there but it was a different and better time with Tina Fey as head writer" .

  • Gino diFonzo
    Gino diFonzo Month ago


  • Nelson Robert Willis
    Nelson Robert Willis Month ago +1

    I don't know the details of Julia's experience at SNL, but I can think of 2 men there whom she did like. One was Larry David, and the other was Brad Hall.
    Like Julia, Larry was miserable there, but apparently for different reasons. Larry would later play a crucial role in Julia landing one of the most celebrated & successful roles ever.
    The other fellow was Brad Hall. Brad, Julia, and Gary Kroger were colleagues in a college comedy troupe, and SNL recruited them as a package. Brad has been Julia's husband for decades now. They have 2 sons. Julia wasn't always a writer, but more recently, she & Brad have collaborated on one or more scripts.

  • Erasmus the blasphemous

    So his statement was " i dont know about that."
    I will be actively blocking your channel.

    • RaymondHng
      RaymondHng Month ago +3

      How do you expect to make a comment about a former employee's experience who worked at your workplace ten years before you started working there?

  • Nelson Robert Willis
    Nelson Robert Willis Month ago +1

    😨💭 Look at Seth's wrist gestures. Who does he think he is, some gay French king or something⁉
    🗨😉 Sorry, people, I just couldn't resist in the wake of much a'doo-doo about nothing regarding a Jerry Seinfeld joke.

  • GnomeDeGuerre
    GnomeDeGuerre Month ago

    Enormous tip, hell we gave the entire afterbirth... 😰

  • David Bohannon
    David Bohannon Month ago +1

    Is Seth Myers closeted or is he doing that thing when you hang out with people from a different country and you start mimicking them subconsciously

  • em see
    em see Month ago

    Said he didn't hear the statement but gave a pretty detailed answer about the women and the SNL environment (that sounded a little rehearsed)?

    • sackmet
      sackmet Month ago +1

      No, He gave a detailed account of what it was like working at SNL when he worked there, but She worked at SNL a good 10 years prior to him. How in the world would he know what the workplace was like back then?

  • Jonathon Hilton
    Jonathon Hilton Month ago

    I don’t know the statement but I’ve got a perfectly rehearsed reply to the statement I know nothing about. Okay Seth.

    • Film Fangirls
      Film Fangirls Month ago +2

      Whatever he says is gonna get criticized. You people are always ready to stir something up.

  • Kathy TOEFL Teacher

    People always say"I don't know exactly what was said... "etc . I never worked on SNL and I know what she said

    • Kathy TOEFL Teacher
      Kathy TOEFL Teacher Month ago

      @RaymondHng thanks for the feedback.

    • RaymondHng
      RaymondHng Month ago

      @Kathy TOEFL Teacher Frankly, I have not heard about her revelations despite my checking the headlines everyday. The websites I check everyday are filled with hard news, not entertainment news. Meyers is a comedy writer and runs a comedy talk show. That does not make him a newscaster. He is not an investigative journalist. He is not a news anchorman. He cannot be expected to have any intimate knowledge of the work environment or interactions between cast members ten years before he started working there no more than I have any knowledge of the work environment at a company ten years before I start working there. Furthermore, _Saturday Night Live_ executive producer Lorne Michaels is also executive producer of _Late Night with Seth Meyers_ . He is not going to bite the hand that feeds him.

    • Kathy TOEFL Teacher
      Kathy TOEFL Teacher Month ago

      @RaymondHng I meant him pretending not to know.

    • Kathy TOEFL Teacher
      Kathy TOEFL Teacher Month ago

      @RaymondHng Because it was all over the news and Seth is literally a newscaster.

    • RaymondHng
      RaymondHng Month ago +1

      How do you expect to make a comment about a former employee's experience who worked at your workplace ten years before you started working there?

  • William Crowe
    William Crowe Month ago

    SNL was absolutely horrible during her run, no one at that time on the show was funny including her, although I am a big fan of hers

    • R D
      R D Month ago

      Yeah, Eddie Murphy wasn’t....oh, wait.

    • Brian OSullivan
      Brian OSullivan Month ago

      Well, part of that was who was running the show. Ebersol was not the right person to steward the program. His eye for young talent wasn’t the best. He had to rely on veterans such as Crystal, Short, and Guest just to keep the show afloat. The show was a mess at the time. Ebersol could be partly to blame for fostering that environment.

    • Jordi Melis
      Jordi Melis Month ago

      True, that's why Larry David quit after a few months, stating that the show "sucked".

  • K K
    K K Month ago +1

    God I can't stand Andy Cohen

    • Jordi Melis
      Jordi Melis Month ago

      He always looks like he doesnt know exactly where he is o what he should say.

  • James Rawlins
    James Rawlins Month ago +2

    Wow Julia had the misfortune of appearing during some of the worst writing SNL ever had. It became famous for basically Joe Piscopo and Eddie Murphy - and no one remembered anyone else until years later. Not that the other cast members weren't funny - but none of their skits were funny.

  • Ggg
    Ggg Month ago

    Seth the world loves you !!!!

  • Mike Clausen
    Mike Clausen Month ago

    All these women love Seth... clearly he is a homosexual

  • Mike Clausen
    Mike Clausen Month ago

    Seth is a complete idiot

  • huong tran thanh
    huong tran thanh Month ago +3

    snl during the mid 2000s is amazing

  • Elizabeth Cunicelli
    Elizabeth Cunicelli Month ago +1

    I crush on seth...👄👄

  • Daryn Wiseman
    Daryn Wiseman Month ago +19

    He's right; even being unaware of the statement, it's very true that season by season, the environment can be drastically different. I imagine that joining the cast would probably feel like winning the lottery, but it takes a lot of effort & keeps you on your toes -- that certainly has the ability to bring out the worst in someone's personality. These days, the SNL cast appears to have built better relationships.

    • darthdj31
      darthdj31 Month ago +1

      Fey and Meyers ran very differently from snl long ago, it's fairly documented

  • Natinat
    Natinat Month ago +7

    I'm from Switzerland so i mix up all the show hosts but all the american news I watch come from this one and his "Closer look" segment (I guess thats the reason why this video was recommanded to me). Does he have writers for this ??? He's very smart, brilliant and bold. I love that and I love him.

    • adorabledanable
      adorabledanable Month ago +3

      @RaymondHng Journal. Times. These sound like newspapers, not channels. Or do they have television channels in America, because of the number of people who cannot read?

    • adorabledanable
      adorabledanable Month ago +1

      Well put.

    • RaymondHng
      RaymondHng Month ago +1

      @Natinat If you think the _Wall Street Journal_ or the _London Times_ are comedy shows and journalists are comedy writers, I have a bridge to sell to you.

    • Natinat
      Natinat Month ago +2

      @RaymondHng All news channels are comedy shows.

    • Natinat
      Natinat Month ago

      @Ilona Smolders Oh okay thx !

  • TighelanderII
    TighelanderII Month ago +11

    I read that when Catherine O'Hara went there to join the cast, she saw head writer Michael O'Donaghue screaming at the staff. She was so shocked that she left, and didn't come back.

    • Jackson Novem
      Jackson Novem Month ago +2

      TighelanderII thank goodness she did, may Moira rose live on in the history books!!!

  • Velvet Cyberpunk
    Velvet Cyberpunk Month ago +55

    SNL in the 70s and 80s was extremely sexist. It was a not so secret secret. Lots of the women have said it was a hostile work place. Jane Curtin, Julia, and some others have said it.

    • Kristen Lawrence
      Kristen Lawrence Month ago

      ITHEREONETHATHASNT lmao your incredibly dumb


      In ten years women will be talking the same way about the early 2000s. You love being victims so you will perpetually move the bar. I dont believe men and women should EVER work together because of this.

  • Mr O
    Mr O Month ago

    SNL has ALWAYS been WHITE and RACIST.😃

    • adorabledanable
      adorabledanable Month ago

      I disagree. Completely, actually. You must know that's untrue?

  • Georgina Mena
    Georgina Mena Month ago +5

    God! That Smile ❤

  • Nick Devita
    Nick Devita Month ago

    Can't stand Seth Myers

  • Kathryn O'Neill
    Kathryn O'Neill Month ago +62

    She said it was like that back in the 80's when she was there but it not like thar anymore. People get upset for no reason.

    • T BZ
      T BZ Month ago

      Nobody is really upset...what are you talking about. Not really even news.

  • Dirg Ramsey
    Dirg Ramsey Month ago +2

    Lol lefties eating lefties

  • Glen Aitken
    Glen Aitken Month ago +186

    ...why is Seth getting bashed for saying he didn't see the stuff JLD was talking about?
    Their runs were decades apart and I haven't heard Maya, Tina, Amy or other gals saying their time at SNL was Sexual Harassment city like JLD said it was during her run.
    This is like attacking Jost and Che for Farley's drug abuse in the 90s. Absolutely absurd.

    • MrJarvishead
      MrJarvishead Month ago

      Who bashed him specifically? I havent seen one person bash him. what are you referring to exactly?

    • Marilee Cornelius
      Marilee Cornelius Month ago +1

      @William Bravo yeah, like guys and gals. gals is far better than "girls".

    • William Bravo
      William Bravo Month ago

      Glen Aitken gals?

    • Jennifer Santillana
      Jennifer Santillana Month ago +2

      Love love love Seth Meyers!!!! Loved watching him interact with Stefon ❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕☺☺☺

  • FirstRyan Murray
    FirstRyan Murray Month ago

    Seth Meyers isnt funny. Hes dad humor. Clown shoes...

  • Amna Haq
    Amna Haq Month ago +39

    Tipping his hat with a coy little smile... can this man be any more charming 😍😍

  • Dan Magoo
    Dan Magoo Month ago +3

    Julia was a kid who had not developed her talent yet, and was not very funny at all, and really should have been fired sooner. Now of course she finds it convenient to blame her failure to catch on at the time, on some old boys network. She does not mention that the year before she was hired, the show was run by a woman and it failed so horribly that the show was almost cancelled.

    • ArtemisScribe
      ArtemisScribe Month ago +1

      @NYsun flower Yeah, everything I've seen said about him suggests he was a deeply insecure man which is ridiculous considering how talented he was in his own right. He could easily have just been a nice person and still have had the fame and respect he got. He may have even gotten more work done using some of the energy he wasted on trying to get people fired.

    • NYsun flower
      NYsun flower Month ago

      @ArtemisScribe apparently Belushi finally conceded that Radner was pretty funny. She was onen of the funniest people who ever lived. According to Curtain he was always trying to get the women fired. I can't imagine what his reaction to Tina Fey and Amy Pohler would be. Or Kate McKinnon. Or Leslie Jones.

    • ArtemisScribe
      ArtemisScribe Month ago

      @NYsun flower it baffles me how anyone in SNL could say women aren't funny when Gilda Radner was the first person ever cast in the whole show and possibly one of the funniest people ever to have lived. How anyone could have the audacity to look her in the eye and say the words "chicks aren't funny" just beggars belief.

    • NYsun flower
      NYsun flower Month ago +1

      She's not the first woman to say snl was a sexist boys club. The women in the original cast were all treated badly. They were constantly told that chicks aren't funny. That all changed when Tina Fey became head writer. Even Belushi would have to admit he was wrong. Chicks are indeed funny

  • Ms. R
    Ms. R Month ago +1

    I love JLD and SNL.

  • Atlas Hugged
    Atlas Hugged Month ago +9

    Ironically Julia Louis-Dreyfus also bragged on Seth’s talk show about how she got an acting spot for her son, but I guess we’re not talking about nepotism in hollywood yet

    • adorabledanable
      adorabledanable Month ago

      I see your point. I really do. Maybe one day it will be a topic of discussion.

  • IamSkippy Scott Skippy Jessop

    Please upload *THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW* _or will someone reply to my comment with the TVclip link❗️_

  • Frankie Bustamante
    Frankie Bustamante Month ago +7

    The 'Daddy' edition of WWHL

  • Ollyoxenfree
    Ollyoxenfree Month ago +1

    What a cop out

    • Mikaela Wright
      Mikaela Wright Month ago

      Ollyoxenfree wait no he said she was right and verified everything she said??

  • Julie Harden
    Julie Harden Month ago +46

    Seth's new special is hilarious. He should do more stand-up.

  • xxx ooo
    xxx ooo Month ago

    seth is such a fraud. u can tell he pays for prostitutes

  • Respect/Walk
    Respect/Walk Month ago +1

    This guy is a sissy look at his hands and manerisms

    • Scott Stewart
      Scott Stewart Month ago +5

      i have respectable gayda,r and never once has it even flickered around him.

  • Margaret Forsey
    Margaret Forsey Month ago +14

    Seth is lovely.

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat Month ago +10

    Lol...that cut off strangely.

  • C-light
    C-light Month ago +8

    I’m surprised Seth missed the mark on that first question. Having “strong” female cast members doesn’t mean they or other workers at SNL didn’t experience objectification, harassment, or assault. If you’re not aware of it happening, say that. Don’t allude to it never happening because you were there during a _better era_ .

    • Film Fangirls
      Film Fangirls Month ago

      @cybererik1 exactly

    • Scorching Shark
      Scorching Shark Month ago +5

      I think what he was trying to say was the fact they were in power AND they set the culture because of that was why it wasn’t an issue. Those people were not just strong women in power but also did something about it to make sure they or anyone wouldn’t be mistreated.

    • cybererik1
      cybererik1 Month ago +15

      He'll get crucified no matter how he answers. Everyone is looking to get offended these days.

  • T Z
    T Z Month ago +1

    Cuz women can't take criticism.

    • adorabledanable
      adorabledanable Month ago

      @T Z These comments are complete proof that you have nothing pressing going on.

    • T Z
      T Z Month ago

      @adorabledanable You're a believer in accusing without proof. Exactly the kind of thing i'm talking about.

    • adorabledanable
      adorabledanable Month ago

      @T Z No.

    • T Z
      T Z Month ago

      @adorabledanable You're adorable.

    • adorabledanable
      adorabledanable Month ago

      @T Z I just made the statement you have nothing pressing. You confirm time and time again that you do not.

  • Mac Kos
    Mac Kos Month ago +56

    What about cohen mistreating kathy griffin as a boss (allegedly) based on her description , lets eleborate on that meaby

    • buriedxinblack
      buriedxinblack Month ago +1

      He was mean to Kathy Griffin? That's the best news I've ever heard!

    • jeppemichael
      jeppemichael Month ago +6

      He's gay so it doesn't count. Only straight white men are to blame.

  • Xandra
    Xandra Month ago +11

    Watch lobby baby on Netflix 👏🏽

  • Kelly Gluckman
    Kelly Gluckman Month ago


  • bill bixby
    bill bixby Month ago +2

    Poor billionairess julia Louise Dreyfus. She's a victim now. Boo hoo.

    • bill bixby
      bill bixby Month ago

      @tcphll Please, who's the bad guy in most films? the rich or poor people? Dreyfus has no idea how well she has it and I hope she appreciates what she has and uses it take some acting lesson or shadow middle class people so she can project them in her performances.

    • tcphll
      tcphll Month ago

      bill bixby My point exactly. You wish things were handed to you and are jealous of those that had it. If you had been born into privilege you’d have taken full advantage of it. Sure, there’s wealth disparity and the 1% is a problem, but it’s a societal issue. A person born into privilege isn’t automatically a bad person.

    • bill bixby
      bill bixby Month ago

      @tcphll Sorry, I only wish i had everything handed to me like her. Besides I thought the 1 percent were bad people.

    • tcphll
      tcphll Month ago

      @bill bixby Yeah, you sound even more jealous and spiteful the more you argue. Since she was born well off, she just shouldn't aspire to do anything because that would be unfair to those that weren't as fortunate? Come on.

    • Respect/Walk
      Respect/Walk Month ago

      All Libby's play victim

  • Brutus0710
    Brutus0710 Month ago +7

    I just never feel like I can trust this guy when he smiles....

    • huong tran thanh
      huong tran thanh Month ago

      Brutus0710 i mean that is his signature smile, all the way since snl

    • Kyra Moore
      Kyra Moore Month ago +1

      He’s been widely credited with playing a big part in helping to shift the environment of SNL, it was known to be an incredibly toxic work place environment for a very long time. Him, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler have been notes for really turning the ship around. I think Will Ferrell as well was a very supportive cast member who wanted to include everyone’s ideas in skits.

    • Brutus0710
      Brutus0710 Month ago +1

      @Evan Perilstein I'm doing well with my interpersonal skills, so I think I'll survive.

    • Evan Perilstein
      Evan Perilstein Month ago +3

      Your loss then.

    • James Viice
      James Viice Month ago +1

      his smile is quite deceptive as is his vocab

  • general shepard
    general shepard Month ago +2

    Nobody watches this gay military industrial complex propaganda trash. If evil google didn't dishonestly recommend it , nobody would know.

    • David Glasspool
      David Glasspool Month ago +2

      general shepard seriously, Word for Word, this is my favorite pick up line.

    • catsareneat
      catsareneat Month ago +12

      general shepard you’re watching it tho 😂😂😂 don’t lie you love this shit hahaha google didn’t click on this video YOU did

  • Khadie Koroma
    Khadie Koroma Month ago

    Andy u have to Apologise to Nene for being so messy and rude towards her. Nene Deserve more Respect from u and she had always being fucking supportive to u. Why coming for her?? you should be an Exampler for an Executive

  • Steeven Hyde
    Steeven Hyde Month ago +42

    I like Seth a lot and off course he doesn´t know about a sexist enviroment, he is a MAN! Tina Fey is a strong woman that´s why she didn´t really went thru something like that while at SNL.

    • Nelson Robert Willis
      Nelson Robert Willis Month ago

      Why do you assume that Seth would be incapable of calling out injustice if he saw it? If a person has sufficient empathy, (s)he can sense unfair treatment even if it's being directed at someone else. It would be unfairly prejudiced to suggest that someone is incapable of sensing these kinds of problems just because (s)he doesn't happen to belong to the group who is being mistreated.

    • Nelson Robert Willis
      Nelson Robert Willis Month ago

      @Ladi Smith
      Right, and just because Seth is a man doesn't necessarily mean that he would be completely incapable of noticing misogyny if he saw it.

    • Ladi Smith
      Ladi Smith Month ago +10

      I mean to be fair, being a strong woman doesn't mean you don't go through sexism

    • Brutus0710
      Brutus0710 Month ago +1

      Oh my gosh. Yes. Why is he getting this question? Like Seth, please, while you're at it, tell us about the racial injustices behind the scenes.

  • oh day glory
    oh day glory Month ago

    That Seth Meyers sure is a cuck. Instead of hitting her hard, just as he would against any man; he chooses to blindly agree with her. and, in the end result: Shiitlib women are accusing shiitlib men of being "seeexist", and he becomes a "Yes Man". It's predictable.

  • Carolyn Rollins
    Carolyn Rollins Month ago +24

    Sighhh I love seth.

  • Rebecca Elliott
    Rebecca Elliott Month ago +59

    The way he is smiling so intently as the question comes in. Tbf I def think there are environment issues at SNL - other female comedians have spoken on it like Jenny Slade recently.

    • B.b. Gun
      B.b. Gun Month ago

      Rebecca Elliott Jenny doesn’t have a good sense of humor and I’ve seen her take things wrong so I’m not sure. But SNL is brutal even without the sexism.

    • buriedxinblack
      buriedxinblack Month ago

      OMG who cares?

    • grandmavodka
      grandmavodka Month ago +1

      Jerry Booth Na she has a few times during interviews

    • Jerry Booth
      Jerry Booth Month ago +7

      Jenny's never really spoken of sexism at SNL I don't think. I'm sure there is still sexism at the show but it was at a huge peak from the '70s to the late '90s.

    • koooo34
      koooo34 Month ago +12

      He's smiling until he realise what the question is.

  • Air Quotes
    Air Quotes Month ago +90

    I did not appreciate him on snl he's a treasure

  • Kaleb Chavez
    Kaleb Chavez Month ago +131

    He Seriously becomes more Handsome and brilliant the older he gets... Very 🔥🌈🔥...

  • Justin
    Justin Month ago +31

    My Gaydar is going off with Seth Meyers. I am sure he hears that alot. The voice, hand mannerisms, etc.

    • Film Fangirls
      Film Fangirls Month ago +1

      @NYsun flower true but that was his character on the show and his character did marry stefon 😂 but yes his wife is gorgeous!! And seems like a really great person!!

    • NYsun flower
      NYsun flower Month ago

      People assuming he was gay was a running joke on snl, but he's not. And his wife is sooo beautiful!

    • Evan Perilstein
      Evan Perilstein Month ago +2

      Jeremy Williams No. He’s a liberal straight man who is extremely comfortable with his sexuality. His wife obviously has no issues getting pregnant by him, so mind your own business.

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago +2

      @Jeremy Williams He's gay only for Stefon haha

    • Jeremy Williams
      Jeremy Williams Month ago

      He’s for sure gay

  • Maria
    Maria Month ago +2


    • Alex Kess
      Alex Kess Month ago +1

      Bosse 109 Any time 😂😂😂 I’ll never understand!! Lol

    • Bosse 109
      Bosse 109 Month ago +1

      Alex Kess 😂🤣😂🤣🤣... I don’t understand the need to do this! It adds nothing to the situation... thank you for that... I enjoyed that 🤣

    • Alex Kess
      Alex Kess Month ago +4

      This comment is meaningless. Stop.

    • Ruby Sherlock
      Ruby Sherlock Month ago +1

      Maria ???????