Fortnite Presents: High Stakes


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  • Eetu Hakkarainen
    Eetu Hakkarainen Hour ago

    C4, quidet missile, shocvay kraneid, and krapler

  • Bryan Mata
    Bryan Mata 11 hours ago

    Everybody want it back

  • can we get more subscribers then pewdiepie?

    The last GOOD season...

  • XES
    XES Day ago

    Fortnite's Best Mode Trailer

  • Jesse Ortiz
    Jesse Ortiz Day ago +2

    I wish I had this skin 😭😭😭

  • Winterkills 4556
    Winterkills 4556 Day ago +1


  • sabb255sabb
    sabb255sabb 2 days ago

    This video is good!

  • Gia Princess
    Gia Princess 2 days ago +1

    I want this game mode back :(

  • Mythical Gamer X
    Mythical Gamer X 2 days ago +1

    If you ever bring back the wild card, can you make an OG golden tuxedo for him only for the season 5 high sakes buyers. The new buyers can just get the plain old white tuxedo, but OG's from season5 who bought it then should get a golden tuxedo

  • WolfyWolf W.I.P
    WolfyWolf W.I.P 2 days ago

    Still my fav trailer

  • alejandro salveron
    alejandro salveron 2 days ago

    Return plase

  • DerpJerd
    DerpJerd 2 days ago

    This mode is just a free squad win

  • Daniel Molina
    Daniel Molina 2 days ago

    M glad I got this skin, and now it’s rare 👌🏼

  • Catgamer686
    Catgamer686 2 days ago

    payday 3 battle royale confirmed?????XD

  • Barbaric Bacon
    Barbaric Bacon 3 days ago +1

    Still the best fortnite trailer yet

    AWGE LYF 3 days ago

    The crowbar will be RARE

  • IAmDumb50% Stupidity 100000000%

    I loved this event

  • TheOriginalVT
    TheOriginalVT 3 days ago

    This event was awesome

  • Daniel Molina
    Daniel Molina 3 days ago +2

    The only good thing about season 5

  • Domi12 Gp
    Domi12 Gp 3 days ago

    bring this game mode back .... pls :^c

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 4 days ago

    Idk why I love this trailer so much

  • Mr. no name
    Mr. no name 4 days ago

    Bring it back please best mode EVER

  • Moises Sedano
    Moises Sedano 4 days ago

    Love the music in the black ground epic games

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 4 days ago +2

    Bring it back plz, that skin is awesome

  • S3eedplayz
    S3eedplayz 4 days ago

    when will it ever come back? i want to play it again

  • Hexrex Gamer
    Hexrex Gamer 5 days ago

    Bring this back plz.

  • co c
    co c 5 days ago

    When is it coming back?

  • David badger
    David badger 5 days ago

    The worst event ever but came with amazing skins

  • Asura Shun
    Asura Shun 5 days ago

    I hope this eventually returns

  • lol haha
    lol haha 5 days ago

    Anyone else got Deadpool vibes?

  • Sans {Undertale}
    Sans {Undertale} 5 days ago +1

    Wild Card 1: So, this is it? After fighting for the jewl, we are finally here... Wild Card 2: Yeah, my HP was down to 20!
    Wild Card 3: finally, it landed! *safe opens*
    Wild Card 1: WHAT THE-
    *wild card 1 looks up*
    The Ace: Looking for this? *holds jewl* Wild card 1 : You gotta be-

  • Buzzkillers gaming
    Buzzkillers gaming 5 days ago

    Fortnite presents earthquakes

  • Eduardo Carreño
    Eduardo Carreño 5 days ago

    Cuando sale? :v

  • FrancoDraw
    FrancoDraw 5 days ago


  • Mukundmarvel4
    Mukundmarvel4 5 days ago +4

    Bring it back epic!

  • igneypro 2.0
    igneypro 2.0 6 days ago


  • Mc Walter
    Mc Walter 6 days ago

    My skiiiiiiiiiiiin 😍😍😍😍😍😍♠️♥️♦️♣️

  • m redrum
    m redrum 6 days ago

    R.I.P the drum gun like u agree

  • NPSgamer444
    NPSgamer444 6 days ago +7

    Loved this event.... I know I’m late, but thank you Fortnite for supplying us with endless hours of enjoyment.

  • Jorge64
    Jorge64 6 days ago +1

    3 of the 4 guns in this video are been vaulted. 🤔🤔

  • EpicMemeMan 94
    EpicMemeMan 94 6 days ago +2

    I think we’ve all forgot how great this event was

    BLOODYDIAMONDZ 6 days ago +1

    The music in this video is absolutely amazing

  • Patryk 2k10
    Patryk 2k10 7 days ago +2

    What is this music

  • V I S K A T J U V
    V I S K A T J U V 7 days ago

    Bring this skin back to season 8 please

  • Monira King
    Monira King 7 days ago

    Anyone watching In Season 999999999999999999999

    ARB COOL 7 days ago


    ARB COOL 7 days ago


    OFFICER DJR 7 days ago

    Bring back that mode

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 8 days ago

    I wish you brought this event back.

  • Jonathan Hernandez
    Jonathan Hernandez 9 days ago

    Damn they always make Fortnite look fun in these trailers.

  • The Gaming Geek
    The Gaming Geek 9 days ago

    I want this to return. But only so I can get the crowbar. I got the wild card and the ace skins and I don’t have a matching pickaxe :(

  • Frozty Boi
    Frozty Boi 9 days ago

    Most of the weapons here are already vaulted including the shockwave

  • Baldiswillsaveyouall ATHTDC

    Payday in fortnite

  • MyNameIs Unknown
    MyNameIs Unknown 10 days ago

    Fortnite presents:Apex is better then us

  • Zayd Abdullah
    Zayd Abdullah 10 days ago

    0:02 Me and my gang going to get Subway cookies

  • Jevil the jester
    Jevil the jester 10 days ago

    *This is the greatest game mode and trailer fortnite has ever made!!!* 😎

  • GvG tv
    GvG tv 10 days ago

    I feel like the crow bar pickax gos with everything

  • Kdog12
    Kdog12 12 days ago

    Bring back this mode Epic

  • Daniel Sanchez Lopez
    Daniel Sanchez Lopez 12 days ago

    Bring them back😭

  • P.G. 2019
    P.G. 2019 13 days ago

    2019 ?? 🤔

  • Omar Jesse
    Omar Jesse 13 days ago +7

    this mode/event was the best who agrees?

  • Slinghunter5000
    Slinghunter5000 14 days ago +1

    Why am I getting this recommend in 2019?

  • Zachary Per Lee
    Zachary Per Lee 14 days ago

    The music here is so fitting
    Fortnite made a getaway with that music

  • Haider Rizvi
    Haider Rizvi 15 days ago

    So many of the weapons here don't even exist anymore

  • symbiote Spider-Man gamer spidey champions

    Man such a good event

  • baby boi berb
    baby boi berb 15 days ago

    Epic this was my favorite game mode sad to not see it it 14 days of fortnite

  • Ivar A
    Ivar A 16 days ago


  • tHe BooGeYmaN
    tHe BooGeYmaN 16 days ago

    Only thing I regret not getting is the harvesting tool. Wish I got that crowbar, but at least I got the glider, skin & contrail. Fantastic event!

  • GvG tv
    GvG tv 16 days ago

    Even to this day this remains ( in my opinion) the best Fortntie trailer

  • GvG tv
    GvG tv 16 days ago +1

    Who wishes this game mode would come back

  • Hunter Davis
    Hunter Davis 16 days ago

    Can we have this back please??

  • noel noelinski
    noel noelinski 17 days ago +2

    Wild card: What the?
    Ace: Hello, 🅱oys!
    (Ace activates C4)
    Ace: the fu-

    • noel noelinski
      noel noelinski 17 days ago

      Man, i really liked the getaway when it existed. Too bad is gone now! 😭

  • lllFULLSENDlll
    lllFULLSENDlll 17 days ago +1

    This mode was actually pretty fun!

  • shredded cheese
    shredded cheese 18 days ago

    Can I get a f in the chat for grappler

  • amine joni
    amine joni 18 days ago

    rip wild card

  • BrunoGames300
    BrunoGames300 19 days ago

    Rip all of these items

    JOKE KIDS YT 19 days ago

    Fortnite i like the marshmello skin I'm getting it

    TNTandBUTTER 19 days ago +1

    I miss it duuuuude

  • Mardo Gamer
    Mardo Gamer 19 days ago +1

    Please make this gamemode come back again its so amazing and my favourite

  • TheGamingDrone
    TheGamingDrone 20 days ago +2

    Bring it back!!

  • SpaceCat 101
    SpaceCat 101 20 days ago +13

    This was one of the best Ltms

  • torb boi
    torb boi 20 days ago +5

    4 vaulted items in one trailer!

  • Theendinggy !
    Theendinggy ! 20 days ago

    Well epic I hope you put back getaway mode game and wild card skin and safecracker too pls it was the BEST game I ever played!

  • SuperMarioKai
    SuperMarioKai 22 days ago +152

    Who else thinks they should bring this mode back out and make it permanent?

    • Galactic Ace
      Galactic Ace 10 hours ago

      Five Nights at Ennard's it was just an example, jeez bruh. But still, yes, Bring back Getaway but Epic Games dosen’t really care about skins that are rare and that are not like the Reaper Pickaxe, Epic didn’t make an OG Varient of it, And what about the Christmas skins, the people who originally owned it didn’t get an exclusive varient so most likely Wild Card would have the same effect.

    • Five Nights at Ennard's
      Five Nights at Ennard's 20 hours ago

      +Galactic Ace well so players can experience the fun again, and new players will also have a chance to experience it, lol. And not bringing back Wild Card will also make him stay rare. And Christmas has nothing to do with a criminal, and his gang, lol.

    • Galactic Ace
      Galactic Ace 21 hour ago

      Five Nights at Ennard's Then Riddle me this Ennard’s, what is then the point of bringing back the getaway then, you know Epic Games brought back 6 out of the 7 Christmas skins and didn’t care about making OG Varients, so they won’t care about the people who had Wild Card, they would bring it back reguardless if the getaway dsne’t return (Epic Games wants your money)

    • Five Nights at Ennard's
      Five Nights at Ennard's 21 hour ago

      +Galactic Ace yes. Because I ment outfits. The 2 current outfits in the set are Wild Card, and The Ace. So if they bring it back, they shouldn't bring back Wild Card. But they should make 2 new skins.

    • Galactic Ace
      Galactic Ace 21 hour ago

      Five Nights at Ennard's The Getaway Gang has The Wild Card (The Male Skin), The Ace (The Female Skin), The Crowbar, (The Pickaxe) The Safecracker (The Glider) And the cash flow (Contrail). Even if they add another skin for the set, it would be 3 skins, not 4

  • playlist channel
    playlist channel 22 days ago +2

    0:03 I think all know what the guy with the crowbar will do to the others... Happened in 1971, it will happen again soon.

  • M1ZUKG
    M1ZUKG 22 days ago +1

    Bring it back!

  • M1ZUKG
    M1ZUKG 22 days ago +1

    Will you repeat this? PLEASEE

  • Mick
    Mick 22 days ago +2

    All those weapons have been vaulted. RIP

  • Small WolfYT
    Small WolfYT 22 days ago +1

    Getaway lairs get that gem for my experiment of the storm shield

  • NightHawk
    NightHawk 22 days ago +32

    Grappler -> *Vaulted*
    Guided Missile Launcher -> *Vaulted*
    C4 -> *Vaulted*
    *P90 -> Hold my Beer.*

  • Gage Davis
    Gage Davis 23 days ago +12

    Can Epic please bring this back along with Wild Card this mode was so fun!

    • Julian Wakker
      Julian Wakker 5 minutes ago


    • Gage Davis
      Gage Davis 3 days ago +1

      +LegoStudioNL it will never be rare a ton people bought it

    • LegoStudioNL
      LegoStudioNL 3 days ago

      Nooo i tot wildcard and it needs to be rare

  • Laurie Miller
    Laurie Miller 23 days ago +1

    I love the trailers fortnite makes

  • MovieFox YT
    MovieFox YT 23 days ago +1

    They Want Children

  • Toreldoc
    Toreldoc 25 days ago

    Is it me? I just realized all the weapons except the heavy sniper and the RPG in the video are vaulted

  • Faze Bueso
    Faze Bueso 25 days ago

    This game mode has to comeback

  • Jacob Beharry
    Jacob Beharry 26 days ago


  • Tossy Kelly
    Tossy Kelly 26 days ago

    Pretty sick

  • Oh Yeah yeah yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah yeah yeah 28 days ago +7

    This is how mafia works.

  • levan khutashvili
    levan khutashvili 29 days ago

    my favourite skin i love wildacard so much❤️❤️