We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days

  • Published on Jan 11, 2017
  • “They don’t wake up like that."
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    Businessman revealing superhero costume under suit
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    'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Beijing Premiere
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    Steve Zim
    Superhero Nutrition
    A Tighter U” Fitness Studio
    10854 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

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  • Son Roku
    Son Roku 52 minutes ago

    Waste of time. All you need is 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and a 10km run every day for 3 years

  • Ricardo Souza
    Ricardo Souza Hour ago

    O VERÃO está chegando que tal entrar em forma rápido?? Ainda mais em menos de um mês!!Então não perca!!
    Segue o Link: bit.ly/2Dibp9Q

  • bobforpples
    bobforpples Hour ago

    "I never wake up at 6 AM in the morning for anything."
    Me neither. I usually wake up at 6 AM in the afternoon.

  • XXXSlayer
    XXXSlayer 3 hours ago +1

    R. I. P Stan Lee 💀🥀💀🥀💀⚰

  • John Depp
    John Depp 5 hours ago

    He’s trained celebs but he’s getting people to do behind the neck movements? Lay pull down to be exact.. completely out of the scapular plane? Which leads to ac joint injury as well as and or other shoulder injuries. For some it’s instant, and other it’s could take years to happen but it WILL eventually. Learn about the scapular plane to learn how to train shoulder smart so you can train for long.

  • 名没
    名没 9 hours ago

    Back when his English was- hsjsjs

  • Texas Rangers
    Texas Rangers 10 hours ago +1

    Too bad her boobs shrunk too.

  • Isaia Tavita
    Isaia Tavita 13 hours ago

    Rest easy Stan

  • Fiorella Pacheco
    Fiorella Pacheco 13 hours ago

    Kelsey should be a victoria secret model

  • Bearhappy 711
    Bearhappy 711 14 hours ago

    The only way I could drink, eat and keep 10% fat and built was up at 4:30am til 6am then work then 6:45pm - 8pm 5 days a week. It was A LOT.

  • Bearhappy 711
    Bearhappy 711 14 hours ago

    Uh...yeah I want Chris Evans BODY. hehehe

  • The Equine Addict
    The Equine Addict 15 hours ago

    "I never wake up at 6 AM for anything" Hahahahahahahahahahahah. Welcome to school!

  • Mr Clean
    Mr Clean 16 hours ago

    Sometimes I like my own comment to get it started.

  • miki bird
    miki bird 16 hours ago

    Is it just me or is Evan Hot

  • Jem Nock
    Jem Nock 16 hours ago

    he is not on 6 % body fat lol

  • Aidan Kambeitz
    Aidan Kambeitz 16 hours ago

    Does Steve have a program?

  • ilderJohn
    ilderJohn 17 hours ago

    How much does a month like this cost?

  • XentricX
    XentricX 18 hours ago

    RIP Stan Lee

  • Alex Croker
    Alex Croker 18 hours ago

    " go, Doritoman! " xD

  • Ch Garner
    Ch Garner 19 hours ago

    The world is upside down...
    We mourn the loss of a great
    -Marvel is etched in our hearts forever...

  • Lightningboy5000
    Lightningboy5000 19 hours ago


  • Dangleplums
    Dangleplums 22 hours ago

    1:16 he looks better on the left to me, am I weird? He looks like a flying squirrel on the right, not a man.

    FREAKS of NATURE 22 hours ago +1

    *Thanos snaps*
    You lose all your gains😂

  • Noah Szitanko
    Noah Szitanko 23 hours ago

    I wake up at 6 for school

  • Bilal Kirmani
    Bilal Kirmani 23 hours ago

    Good job guys you worked hard but sorry the trainer scammed you. Your body fat isn't 6.6%, it would be double this number approx.13%

  • TWICEPINK Entertainment

    Who's Potato goes here just for the thumbnail ? Is it just me ? 😂😂

  • M. L.
    M. L. Day ago

    I ship them

  • Lena Ackerman
    Lena Ackerman Day ago

    They wake up at 6:30, they complain
    I wake up at 5:00 am and I don't do anything

  • superkami guru
    superkami guru Day ago

    Trained like super heroes ? So you evaded giant lase beams robot arms with buzz saws, and giant smashing hammers and electrified floors?

  • Justine Parrilla

    i woud like to know their workout routine

  • The Random Fandom

    Nah fam.. Imma work at McDonalds.. Get me some free fat food

  • NoahSJ
    NoahSJ Day ago

    In the thumnail the left picture is worse quality than the one on the right to make the right one look even better.

  • EchoSpark 267
    EchoSpark 267 Day ago

    No asiansuperhero’s? You speak lies. Just remember who trained doctor strange

  • Geh 2BTS
    Geh 2BTS Day ago

    He's so handsome!
    SO cool!!

  • hi there
    hi there Day ago

    Scarlett is such a flawless Queen.

  • Evx Eevvxx
    Evx Eevvxx Day ago

    This lady nothing changed on her body just little abs show and it's hard to recognize lol 😂. For guy it's huge progress in one month.

  • S Shh
    S Shh Day ago

    He’s so hot

  • tien dang
    tien dang Day ago

    you need a ashan hero heres the most powerful hero ever one punch man

  • Eric Muse
    Eric Muse 2 days ago

    They put in that dedication because an actor get paid millions and millions of dollars. I'd be a little more motivated myself if I had checks coming in like that lol.

  • RiceQuacker
    RiceQuacker 2 days ago


  • 안녕쌍둥이 코스트 플레이


  • Just Hannah
    Just Hannah 2 days ago

    Ok now let's see this done with plus sized people.

  • Chicken Micknuggets
    Chicken Micknuggets 2 days ago

    Im eating doritos while watching this now

  • Lucia Yoo
    Lucia Yoo 2 days ago

    They just have fast metabolism

  • Pink Starboi
    Pink Starboi 2 days ago

    Evan thooo 😍

  • Vegan Atheist- Coral

    I like my men with cushion. His before looked more cuddly

  • strivo
    strivo 2 days ago

    I was at the gym

    Read More

  • purpleplushbeanbagchair dolan

    *I'm sat here waiting for my mom to come back with the chinese food.*

  • Leonardo Resciniti
    Leonardo Resciniti 3 days ago

    Someone knows the program that the man followed?

  • Prashant Sood
    Prashant Sood 3 days ago

    Can you guys share the workout and diet plan please

  • Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz 3 days ago

    What is your workout routine?

  • Alttas Zawari
    Alttas Zawari 3 days ago

    I dont see any change in anyone hahaha stupidest video.

  • Fateh Singh Sandhu
    Fateh Singh Sandhu 3 days ago

    1:14 he's just flexing his lats, his shoulders are hardly "10 inches wider"

  • hello
    hello 3 days ago

    kelsey would get this BBC real good jheez

  • Brittany
    Brittany 3 days ago

    I'm just here because of the thumbnail lol Very sexy

  • Armani Matos
    Armani Matos 3 days ago +1

    He said he wants that Dorito shoulder to go away when I’m eating Doritos 😂🤣

  • big boy.
    big boy. 4 days ago

    yeah you do look wider when you flare out your lats

  • juan jungkook
    juan jungkook 4 days ago

    He look cute not gonna lie 🤔

  • Jim Parker
    Jim Parker 4 days ago

    FilthyFrank is amazing

  • Joshua Toomata
    Joshua Toomata 4 days ago

    Did anyone just watch this because of the picture?

  • ᖴᖇᗩᑎ ᑕᕼᎥᗴ

    When can I see someone train like Saitama for a month?

  • Redundancy
    Redundancy 4 days ago

    Wong and Mantis are asian the least represented hero are Mexican and Middle Easter people

  • Tearingscroll9 7
    Tearingscroll9 7 4 days ago

    So this is how you become one punch man

  • Rolroorlo
    Rolroorlo 4 days ago

    You are the same

  • Wu tan Clan
    Wu tan Clan 4 days ago

    What about Shang chi, wicaan ,Wong ,and the asgardian general they’re Asian superhero’s

  • Marcin Kaczor
    Marcin Kaczor 4 days ago

    You fucking idiot

    BOT_ACELELELE 5 days ago


  • william harvy
    william harvy 5 days ago

    Bruhh... I'm 5'7 and I have 13 inch biceps and I'm 15...

  • Wilson Fitness
    Wilson Fitness 5 days ago

    Subscribe to my channel guys. You will not be disappointed.

  • Jipsey Patelesio
    Jipsey Patelesio 5 days ago

    I like waking up at 6:00 for lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nuggs _
    Nuggs _ 5 days ago

    I’m just a chubby thirteen yr old

  • Tarasuke
    Tarasuke 5 days ago

    1 like= 1 push-up I do

  • Jesse Gentry
    Jesse Gentry 5 days ago

    Do you have a plan like this for the public?

  • Ali Al-omari
    Ali Al-omari 5 days ago

    I wanna get the dorrito shapeeeeeee what I need to do? (More specifically)

  • Jay W.
    Jay W. 5 days ago

    You look the fucking same in the thumbnail. Wtf??

  • chilled sama dio
    chilled sama dio 5 days ago

    This sux none of these characters are worthy

  • Ben
    Ben 6 days ago

    I got inspired.

  • Pratik Patel
    Pratik Patel 6 days ago

    i love that girl's smile

  • SolidMike84
    SolidMike84 6 days ago

    "I feel like there's not enough representation of asian super hero figures."

    Albeit not super heroes, but still:
    Bruce fucking Lee, Jackie Chan & Jet Li.

  • Poot Potatoes
    Poot Potatoes 6 days ago

    I am so scared, but ready to start my diet and training. I want to wear those pretty dresses and finally not hide from mirrors.

  • jackson jiang
    jackson jiang 6 days ago

    Damm what look at the beginning measurements Evan had smaller thighs and calves than Kelsey lol

  • blueman111222
    blueman111222 6 days ago

    I have the same size biceps as the guy, and im fifteen.

  • 101 101
    101 101 6 days ago

    Dorito man is hot

  • Hashtag Lan Fbx
    Hashtag Lan Fbx 6 days ago

    As someone who has been into bodybuilding for 2+ years, I can tell you that thi is just another misleading transformation video. Buzzfeed only created BS, and this video is no exception.

  • Agust Eliasson
    Agust Eliasson 6 days ago

    stop now and sub to pewdiepie

  • Tafara Chibanda
    Tafara Chibanda 6 days ago

    0:36 respect mah one punch man

  • bookworm3756
    bookworm3756 6 days ago

    Buzzfeed has the shittiest most obviously fake before and after thumbnails. I loath it.

  • Christian Perez
    Christian Perez 7 days ago

    Kelsey you are gorgeous girl!

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 7 days ago

    the knowledge that is comprised within this mans brain is very valuable in our day of age when everyone is becoming vegan and more health conscious. i aspire to be a trainer and own HUGE gym.

  • Body TV
    Body TV 7 days ago


  • Phiontic
    Phiontic 7 days ago

    I mean, Wong is an Asian superhero

  • El Matador15
    El Matador15 7 days ago

    The girl is thick

  • King Batch
    King Batch 7 days ago

    They both had great transformations, but 6.6% body fat is definitely inaccurate.

  • savin lamichhane
    savin lamichhane 7 days ago

    Did they really make that much change?

  • MyDuckIsOnQuack
    MyDuckIsOnQuack 7 days ago

    Evan is only 10 pounds heavier than me, I’m 5’8 and 13 years old

  • Kenny Hobbs
    Kenny Hobbs 8 days ago

    "I don't wanna judge myself" wooow lmao

  • Abhinav Singh
    Abhinav Singh 8 days ago

    can i have at least one minute talk or chat with Steve Zim if possible plze to overcome mine 4 yrs depression

  • NotoriousJASS
    NotoriousJASS 8 days ago

    just going to throw it out there; the blond woman is prettier than Scarlet Johansson. Just sayin