• Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Let's spin the Mystery Wheel of Cereal!!
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    Please be warned (and we cannot possibly stress this enough); under no circumstances should any challenges, stunts, or pranks be attempted by any of our viewers. All challenges, stunts, and pranks are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment and are for entertainment purposes only. Again, do not try this at home.
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  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul  2 months ago +228

    George’s face πŸ˜‚ Turn on post notifications for more content like this!!

    • Megan Laverty
      Megan Laverty Day ago

      K Jake I wiol

    • Savanna Roberts
      Savanna Roberts 12 days ago

      Make make a video of kids and Santa Claus

    • Darren O'Brien
      Darren O'Brien 28 days ago

      I love u jack paul u are my favorite youtuber

    • Ana A
      Ana A Month ago

      Jake Paul george sounds like fonsi ,make him sing despacitoπŸ˜…

    • Potato Idk
      Potato Idk Month ago


  • Kelly Parniak
    Kelly Parniak 14 hours ago

    You could of said as hot as my mertch

  • Georgia Rose
    Georgia Rose 2 days ago

    ok... imma kill myself now. geez you've gone down hill fasttt

  • Fart Knocker
    Fart Knocker 4 days ago

    I subscribed and turn on bell

  • Francies Sisca
    Francies Sisca 5 days ago

    Yes Jake Paul!!

  • Payten Solem
    Payten Solem 5 days ago

    More videos

  • Karla Atwater
    Karla Atwater 5 days ago +1


    MOMMY OF TWO 5 days ago +2

    Jake please make older content. πŸ™πŸ»

  • Kasie Golema
    Kasie Golema 6 days ago

    U should do more vids with George

  • Kristiz_ Playz
    Kristiz_ Playz 9 days ago

    How do u know it tastes like poison

  • Jeff Warshauer
    Jeff Warshauer 11 days ago

    Collins key

  • isleeem
    isleeem 14 days ago +1

    George is so funny broπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • donald duck
    donald duck 16 days ago

    "e X p e r I m E n T"

  • Ami Chahinian
    Ami Chahinian 16 days ago

    Killer clown where you at

  • Peanut Butter yo
    Peanut Butter yo 17 days ago

    Wanna give credit to Collins and Devin key? Lmao

  • Faze Cool
    Faze Cool 19 days ago


  • Cecelia Eide Hansen
    Cecelia Eide Hansen 19 days ago


  • bigboy biggins
    bigboy biggins 21 day ago

    This video would've been 10 timed better if there was a section on the wheel that said "gun"

  • Kaitlin Fuentes
    Kaitlin Fuentes 21 day ago

    The poster on the right i have

  • Bella Moon
    Bella Moon 25 days ago

    I Used to eat dog food all the time when I was so little and it was really good

  • A lost Help meh plz
    A lost Help meh plz 27 days ago


  • Andrew Sinclair
    Andrew Sinclair 28 days ago

    It's every week

  • Rampy 007
    Rampy 007 Month ago

    Jake is on crack

  • Kendyl Howarth
    Kendyl Howarth Month ago

    Why am I just now seeing this

  • dax kerfont
    dax kerfont Month ago

    I subed

  • Natalia Dennis
    Natalia Dennis Month ago

    what tells me that you got this idea frpm bizardvark hmmmmmmmmmmmmπŸŒ„

  • V I T H
    V I T H Month ago

    Please do this more often
    Love ur vis

  • Ryan Fairchild
    Ryan Fairchild Month ago

    You are awesome jake I love your videos!πŸ‘Œ

  • Juan Cervantes
    Juan Cervantes Month ago

    It looks like poop jake,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  • Gamer 819491
    Gamer 819491 Month ago

    Oh no no

  • Bangle Cat's
    Bangle Cat's Month ago

    Why does Jake always win I think he pays people to pick him so he's cool

  • cringe central
    cringe central Month ago


  • Thepunsarereal !
    Thepunsarereal ! Month ago

    *7:43** that was everything*

    FaZeNOTPROPLAYER Month ago

    Vem Γ€r frΓ₯n Sverige

  • Sammy Labath
    Sammy Labath Month ago

    That all was do the 5 second sudscride challenge

  • Sammy Labath
    Sammy Labath Month ago

    You guys just got the idea from Colin’s key

  • Life With Niqua
    Life With Niqua Month ago


  • Ethan Chandler
    Ethan Chandler Month ago

    I think we all don’t realise how old jake is because he’s been on TVclip for years

  • Shaheer Ali
    Shaheer Ali Month ago

    Janksters are here??

  • Shaheer Ali
    Shaheer Ali Month ago

    George janko 😏

  • Jack Carey
    Jack Carey Month ago

    Jake can you stop yelling in the videos it hurts my ears and I think you should do these videos

  • Grace Works
    Grace Works Month ago


  • Kaitlyn Harrison
    Kaitlyn Harrison Month ago

    Do a eat it are wear it challenge

  • alex 555yourded
    alex 555yourded Month ago

    The new but worse collins key!

  • Savanna N
    Savanna N Month ago +1

    Is this the new Collins key?

  • Masha
    Masha Month ago

    I like these videos

  • KDK 14
    KDK 14 Month ago +1

    you should really make such videos because they are really fun and entertaining

  • nick fernandez
    nick fernandez Month ago

    do gummy vs real food

  • Jamie Maddox
    Jamie Maddox Month ago

    Do it once a week

  • Micah O'Brien
    Micah O'Brien Month ago

    Less little kid stuff please you are an AMAZING content creator please don’t wast it on this!

  • Abraham Silva
    Abraham Silva Month ago

    Do you have many friends

  • Hannah Ibsen
    Hannah Ibsen Month ago

    Can you do another can you eat that challenge

  • Mr805mike
    Mr805mike Month ago

    Keep making this vid

  • Xxxtentacion Fan
    Xxxtentacion Fan Month ago

    You know i love food food is my best friend hahaha

  • Joey Bohanon
    Joey Bohanon Month ago

    Hello heart attack.hope you kill 'em

  • zarahcreek
    zarahcreek Month ago

    I love Jake Paul with. Science videos

  • Bella Thompson
    Bella Thompson Month ago


  • Fiona Bruni
    Fiona Bruni Month ago

    He is turning into Collins key

  • Shelby & Kaylee
    Shelby & Kaylee Month ago

    Why is he trying to copy Colins key??? Like the 5 second sub challenge being loud those kind of camera effects. His videos were good before but I honestly don’t like how he tryna so like Collins key.

  • nuran Elhag
    nuran Elhag Month ago

    I love team 10

  • M P
    M P Month ago

    Super kidish

  • Coco Fish
    Coco Fish Month ago +1

    All I see is a Collins Key video

    ARCADE SISTERS Month ago

    Those look so yummy 🀀 I love ❀️ your beautiful smile 😊

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson Month ago


  • trracy townsend
    trracy townsend Month ago

    i mix cereal all the time when i don't have that much in one box

  • The savage bros All ways savage

    Love you Jake

  • patrikas patrikas
    patrikas patrikas Month ago


  • Ryguy 1147
    Ryguy 1147 Month ago

    Use milk it so good with sour candy

  • Elisha Kenney
    Elisha Kenney Month ago

    You look like Justin Timberlake he looks like Louis fonsi

  • Lorena Soriano
    Lorena Soriano Month ago


  • Lorena Soriano
    Lorena Soriano Month ago


  • Lilli Kenyon
    Lilli Kenyon Month ago

    I always ask for sour candy

  • Tesla The Sky Fox Tesla

    Can you do this but with ice cream!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr.trooper albanes
    Mr.trooper albanes Month ago

    with pizza

  • Mr.trooper albanes
    Mr.trooper albanes Month ago

    more videos plzzzzzzzzz

  • DukeGaMeR 56
    DukeGaMeR 56 Month ago +1

    Can you do a part two words you spin the wheel which one square kind of cereal you get back toοΏΌ

  • Ava Monson
    Ava Monson Month ago

    this smells like desperation

  • Ι₯ɐǝʎ Μ…Ι₯o

    *When your channel goes down and you have to resort to CollinsKey videos to give you views*

  • pettinger 4
    pettinger 4 Month ago

    Collins key wanna be?

  • Mundane magik
    Mundane magik Month ago

    WTF! This isn't cereal this is a mix of all the drugs why does this exist and why do people like watching this if your over the age of 8 EXPLAIN!

  • Ronnie BROWN
    Ronnie BROWN Month ago


  • Lupita Soria
    Lupita Soria Month ago

    Mystery wheel ?? Five second subscribe challenge ?? Talk about someone watching to much Collins key

  • LetzAgo
    LetzAgo Month ago +5

    Lol before you had these dodgy thumbnails with Erica and stuff. Now you are mixing cereal acting like its a drug testing, man get your life together

  • Clownish 0
    Clownish 0 Month ago


  • Empire 45
    Empire 45 Month ago

    This is messed up...

  • Purple Buttchin
    Purple Buttchin Month ago

    Look at this dude trying to get that Collins key clout

  • Jayme Ferland
    Jayme Ferland Month ago

    love you

  • Trolls IS THE BEST
    Trolls IS THE BEST Month ago

    Jake I’m sorry but you REALLY FELL OFF

  • Lynnyell Alexander
    Lynnyell Alexander Month ago

    Do more please

  • Anthony Wells
    Anthony Wells Month ago

    Pz is taking over youtube

  • -MS L-
    -MS L- Month ago

    Nice copy to Colin’s key

  • Kyla Lala
    Kyla Lala Month ago

    Omg I saw George on Andi Mack he was the guy who helped pick out a dress for bed and bows weddings!!!

  • Grace Sucks At Minecraft!

    Who gets Collins Key vibes?

  • Scott Jackson
    Scott Jackson Month ago

    How does he know what poison tastes like

  • hunter swag
    hunter swag Month ago


  • Aniyah Williams
    Aniyah Williams Month ago


  • Desei Payne
    Desei Payne Month ago

    I love your videos so much 😍😍

  • Alesha Pilmer
    Alesha Pilmer Month ago

    Do more of these

  • Rene Simons
    Rene Simons Month ago