Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri Movie Review

  • Published on Jan 23, 2018
  • Three Billboards Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & review of the Oscars 2018 frontrunner for Best Picture! Winner?
    Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri, the Oscars 2018 frontrunner for Best Picture, Best Actress for Frances McDormand and Best Supporting Actor for Sam Rockwell! Help your predictions on the nominations? Did Martin McDonagh make that good a movie?! Does it deserve all these wins? Should you see the full movie? Enjoy Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri and make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie news, trailer and review on TVclip today!
    The Incredibles 2 New Characters
    Oscars 2018 Breakdown
    Really That Good? - 00:00
    First Impression - 00:25
    Unfocused Script - 1:20
    24 Hours Online - 2:35
    The Message - 4:36
    Brilliant but Unfinished - 6:06
    Middle America - 6:38
    Whole vs Parts - 6:51
    Acting - 7:00
    Fringe Groups on the Fringe - 7:26
    Conclusion - 8:44
    Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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Comments • 425

  • Justin Riley
    Justin Riley 3 months ago

    This movie was damn good

  • Bryzz Lull
    Bryzz Lull 7 months ago

    Bleeding Heart Liberal Crap. I may buy it on Blu Ray to take a shit on and set on fire.

  • Marcus
    Marcus 11 months ago

    Was this film based on a true story?

  • Studio footS
    Studio footS 11 months ago

    1:39 1:47 God! I hate you!

  • Jasper B
    Jasper B 11 months ago

    Yes so good

  • Marc
    Marc 11 months ago

    Truly one of the worst, most unrealistic stories I’ve ever seen put to film. The characters are cartoons of PC stereotypes, the plot has numerous gaping holes, the story seems no more than a vehicle to express far-left ideological frustrations about life. I think less of every actor in it for taking the role. It really is that bad.

  • danzigvssartre
    danzigvssartre Year ago

    Just watched Three Billboards. I hope Americans are not really that fucked up.

  • Mona M
    Mona M Year ago

    The fact that the angry daughter has such toxic energy that is projected in the way she dies and still seems to cause destruction after her death is amazing .

  • lostallmymirth
    lostallmymirth Year ago

    Hey sweetie with the phony eye makeup and cheesy bleached hair,..... please refrain from reading....I'm watching your eyeballs moving to the scripted comments.Whatever your pea brain first impression of TBOEM, please give us at least one rational critique for which you alone seriously believe.

  • ChocoKaylaRobin
    ChocoKaylaRobin Year ago

    Really that good? HELL YEAH!!

  • Diptanu Chaudhuri

    I dont think Francis’ character was at the same place at the end as she was in the beginning. She goes through many experiences and at the end she softens a little

  • Daniel Catallo
    Daniel Catallo Year ago

    Yes it is. Sam Rockwell is playing the same type of character here that Billy Bob Thornton played in Monster's Ball. Only far better written and a lot less of a cartoon character.

  • Alex Mykokhurts
    Alex Mykokhurts Year ago

    I miss the BTT days when youd go to movies and get the publics reviews.

  • HannaZach34
    HannaZach34 Year ago

    This film isn't like others. It is very very very emotional and intriguing. Btw, don't come to Grace to get your review unless it's Marvel.

  • vova47
    vova47 Year ago

    Extremely overrated, with implausible story plots. Dark and depressing? Yes, but not a comedy.

  • Chris Tucker
    Chris Tucker Year ago

    Wow you really really missed the overall point of three billboards. You are right 3 billboards is secretly brilliant but it is less of a coherent story and more of a character study. The point was that there was no one hero character we are all capable of both good and evil. An even though we may feel marginalized doesn't mean we are always right. The film maker invites you to look at each character as a sympathetic character.

  • When You Eatin Ass Then She Farts

    "Yayyyy we are women! We are strong too! We didn't invent technology, we didn't fight wars, we didn't reach the moon but we are still stronger and better than men! Woooo sistas are doin it for themselves, high five babe!"

  • heavyreduction
    heavyreduction Year ago

    Maybe I’m wrong but I think most people missed the point of this movie.
    The girls murder is not as important to anyone as protecting the different clicks each group belongs to in Society.
    The filmmaker says it straight out to the priest. Everyone in a gang speech and actions of the other parties
    The church protection of the sex scandals and how it effects them
    The police protect the cop who tortured the prisoner because how it affects them and how they are perceived.
    And the final group the military will not go against their own either. The supposed good cop that takes over isn’t any better that the first chief. He protected the murder because he was a veteran.
    Everyone feels bad for the mother but will do nothing because it goes against their own “gang”. Only the “bad” cop see the light after his arc is complete.
    He is right and knows it that why he goes with the mother at the end.
    Best movie I’ve come across in forever.
    Also bad things never go away. They only compound into worse. Only good things go away.

  • Hunter Seavey
    Hunter Seavey Year ago

    “People like Peter Dinklage.” So much for shooting for equality.

  • Gorgeous Ian
    Gorgeous Ian Year ago

    I respect you Grace but I don't think you're looking at the movie from the right angle. I love that it's incomplete and I don't think it's political at all, yes race is a part of it, but it's not the story. I loved this movie.

  • Jesus Juan San Pascual

    I'm seeing this film after this video of yours and pizza ... Thank God it's in English with just French subtitles . I live in the south of France .

  • obakeng mfaladi
    obakeng mfaladi Year ago

    I loved this movie! Best movie i have watched in a long while!

  • Alex Lloyd
    Alex Lloyd Year ago

    Overall, I agree with your take on the movie--with one major caveat. You mentioned (~8:00 in) that Ebbing, at large, was apathetic towards the killing of Angela Hayes. I wholeheartedly disagree with this, and furthermore I believe that this movie is directly condemning that kind of monochromatic, absolutist mindset (reminiscent of Mildred's own). The town--like Willoughby--hurts very much for the Hayes family, but that sympathy is conditional and finite (as it should be). But--again--overall I agree with your take, and wish you the best. Cheers.

  • April the fourth be with you

    I just rented this and I totally agree with your first impressions.
    The film felt like a bumpy ride, every time it was going in one direction it would turn and then turn again and then it ended and I wasn't lost but I was like, oh.
    Some movies pull that off and leave you feeling delighted in the unexpected journey.

  • Margaret
    Margaret Year ago

    Sam Rockwell just.... OSCAR

  • Joseph Flores
    Joseph Flores Year ago

    Spoilers kinda It was completed tho that was the perfect ending in my opinion if they showed them going thru with it it would have felt real out of place in this movie

  • Oscar
    Oscar Year ago

    I really loved it 🙂

  • TheN1ghtwalker
    TheN1ghtwalker Year ago

    Watched it yesterday and it's amazing

  • Jenny Olsson
    Jenny Olsson Year ago

    I agree! I was also left frustrated over the issues you describe.

  • crazy nate
    crazy nate Year ago

    shut up

  • LoloMoustache
    LoloMoustache Year ago

    Even if they have a good casting, the movie is clearly overrated (shallow story and dialogues and characters)

  • HRS Darwish
    HRS Darwish Year ago

    Frances's character does have an arc but it is subdued and not overstated and that is why it is so moving. The characters change but not dramatically which adds to their realism. You can see it in the way she puts down the wine bottle on her ex-husbands table, you feel it in the way she is driving her car in the end. It is an amazing feat to accomplish.

  • Ryuk
    Ryuk Year ago

    I don't get the hype either. It seemed to me everyone in the movie talked the same way. Every. Single. Character. It didn't make me feel much, like Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird or Get Out did. Even Shape of Water, it was simple and predictible, but had a certain atmosphere. Three Billboards is made for Oscars though, the voters will love it.

  • simbasible
    simbasible Year ago

    The best film of the year easily.

  • Beatness
    Beatness Year ago

    I have such mixed feelings about this movie. On one hand, I understand all the praise. It has great performances and really makes you think and consider the situation. However, I feel like it was just too messy as a whole to be receiving such high praise. Particularly with things like how the movie was trying for the "look how REAL and HUMAN all the characters are!" while reducing several characters to punchlines or gags. I mean maybe these contradictions are what make it such a postmodern masterpiece, but I don't think this movie manages to be anything beyond that, which is disappointing.

  • MG Sparky
    MG Sparky Year ago

    NO!!!!! BAD MOVIE

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez Year ago

    Wow! You really didn't get the movie at all. I guess it's impossible to understand something that doesn't fit with your dumbass ideology. You can't fit your shit in every movie, Grace. Terrible job in this review.

  • modestymaltese
    modestymaltese Year ago

    My dear, the film is about anger. But, I guess you are too angry to recognise it. Chill and recognise your environment.

  • Ádám Varga
    Ádám Varga Year ago

    unfocused script?! really?!

  • 張心哲
    張心哲 Year ago

    Saw the movie tonight and I have to say you're so right about everything of this film, including some messages that the director intends to express but somehow lose control of it, therefore the characters and plots are going slightly messy for audiences to perceive (in a sensible way). Still a wonderful movie though. Thanks for your great review!

  • Owen Ltd
    Owen Ltd Year ago

    woman shut up
    the movie was very should remind the sheep at the start of your gulp....this is entirely your opinions

  • Kouse Riestra
    Kouse Riestra Year ago

    i dont really think the message of the film is how hard it is for minorities to get taken into account, i think it tries to show how human souls really feel and portraits impulsiveness and our own imperfection. in my opinion this is what makes it a great film. dont really think it has any other purposes.

  • R Al I
    R Al I Year ago

    Wtf with movie 101?

  • aware24
    aware24 Year ago

    I just finished the movie. I thought the movie was about the journey to find inner peace. You don’t realize that until the ending.

  • Carlongo Arenas
    Carlongo Arenas Year ago

    I don't know who do you call nobody, but I always want to know what is he doing, cause he is a fkin genius.

  • Diego Pisfil
    Diego Pisfil Year ago +1

    Woody Harrelson snubbed Armie Hammer nomination in Oscars, BAFTA and SAG, so undeserved, the worst movie of 2017

  • lestat1886
    lestat1886 Year ago

    I don’t agree with you on the script. It’s on unfocused and Frances’s character evolved from the beginning to the end. She didn’t change completely but she saw how angry she was!!

  • Francisco Javier Acevedo

    Grace got this one wrong. I normally like her reviews on blockbusters and superheroes but With a movies like 3 billboards that are more complex and rich and smart, I think she misses the full color and fails to appreciate that complexity.

  • Yomablader
    Yomablader Year ago

    I think it's a pretty bad argument to say her character doesn't have an ark and that's bad because "It's the basics of filmmaking 101", as if that alone makes it bad. I would have appreciated a more thorough elaboration.

    • Beatness
      Beatness Year ago

      I agree. There's a ton of great movies where the main character doesn't have an arc.

  • j. nicholl
    j. nicholl Year ago

    I have agreed with almost all of your reviews but you are so off on this one. This movie is absolutely fantastic: it is of course Oscar worthy.

  • Sohail Jafar
    Sohail Jafar Year ago

    Well it was more realistic movie than a Hollywood one, you know what I mean?

    LINDA H Year ago

    This film is crap and will end up in the unintentionally funny movie bin.
    From the cartoonish stereotype characters, to the cringe worthy dialogue.

    • LINDA H
      LINDA H Year ago +1

      Yeah, the I would like to get back my $12 & 2 hrs agenda.

    • Prometheus
      Prometheus Year ago

      You have an agenda

  • jem Last
    jem Last Year ago

    No it was not i thought it sucked .

  • lestatli
    lestatli Year ago

    Wonder woman in this review Wao didn't see that coming

  • Nicolás
    Nicolás Year ago

    You really think the character is at the same place from beggining to end? God grace. If this is what ur reviews are, you should go back to asking strangers Who are leaving the theater

  • youngsatchmo
    youngsatchmo Year ago +3

    What do you mean there's no character arc? Did you watch the same movie that I watched? She was having second thoughts about murdering her daughter's murderer. That would not even cross her mind at the beginning of the film. Love triumphed over hate at the end, which is the moral of the story.

    • Beatness
      Beatness Year ago

      I agree. Frances McDormand's performance was truly amazing, it showed so much characterization through very little things. Best part of the movie imo.

  • Tyler Decesere
    Tyler Decesere Year ago +3

    The first time I saw Three Billboards, I didn't like it at all. I thought I would give it another chance, and I saw it again. I now love that movie so much

  • Andrew Harrell
    Andrew Harrell Year ago

    I used to wish Grace would review more art house fare like this, but after seeing her reviews for this movie and Phantom Thread, I think she she should stick to her strengths and only comment on bigger fare. She seems to have about as much an understanding of these kind of movies as she does the character of Deadpool. :)

  • Cormac Lyons
    Cormac Lyons Year ago

    How is she in the same place. Her anger is resolved at the end of the film as she realises she wouldn't kill her daughters rapist

  • The Enchanted Rose
    The Enchanted Rose Year ago +1

    Here's the thing: Even though I'm completely fine with the plot and Elastigirl's character choices, The Incredibles 2 should depict both strong male and female leads but by still being pivoted towards Mr. Incredible. In movies like Wonder Woman, Beauty And The Beast (more on this movie) and Zootopia, both the male and female leads are present but if you were to put just one character in the spotlight, they would most likely be the female ones. Yet, they were adored by both male and female moviegoers. Similarly, this can be said for the Harry Potter films, Aladdin, and even Beauty And The Beast (again, more on that) where again, the spotlight is more towards the male lead characters. All these movies have gender equality, feminism and central lead position irrespective of its gender depicted wonderfully. That said, there can be both male and female empowerment by supporting both genders as a whole. If Elastigirl wants to be the lead, male moviegoers shouldn't complain. If Mr Incredible wants to be the breadwinner, female moviegoers shouldn't complain. They should support each other. Something which was depicted brilliantly in Beauty And The Beast (that's why it's in both the lists).

  • Morris
    Morris Year ago

    Acting was good. Story was kinda here and there.

  • Cody Crofoot
    Cody Crofoot Year ago +1

    I’ve wondered what Martin Mcdonagh is up to before...

  • RedLightning17
    RedLightning17 Year ago +30

    I just came from the theatre from watching this film. I was in the verge of tears at least 3 times. Thinking about it more makes me love it more and more. I just wish films like this was seen more than the by the numbers popcorn superhero flick these days. It's just so damn good, I feel bad for those not in the know

    • Kevin K
      Kevin K 6 months ago

      3 billboards depicts every silly democrat party stereotype there is and the GD's were over the top

    • carlos Rivas
      carlos Rivas 10 months ago

      She gets her way and the town bends over to her. its insane.

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez Year ago +2

    I loved seven psychopaths

  • Crakatoot
    Crakatoot Year ago

    3 Billboards was FUCKING TERRIBLE.

  • djdrgonzo
    djdrgonzo Year ago +1

    people in Britain are always looking forward to whatever the Mcdonagh brothers are doing

  • MrJackOfAllTraits

    So.... you changed your opinion because you realized there's still racism and sexism? The movies still wasn't quality as you aptly described in this video.

  • okonh0wp
    okonh0wp Year ago

    Like yor channel, I think I'll subscribe

  • okonh0wp
    okonh0wp Year ago

    Hmmm, it's true that the town does try to punish Frances McDormand for trying to get that revenge, but the town does have a point that catching the killer is kind of impossible and she's not necessarily free of assault or arson. To be ffair, neither are the white characters in the film.

  • okonh0wp
    okonh0wp Year ago +1

    One thing I can say about Martin McDonagh is that he thinks he's the shit. In one interview, he was implying that he was better than Tarantino.
    There was an act, McDormand had to learn to have less hate. She got closer to Dixon. She never would have apologized to him about the fire.
    The darkness it depicts? It's an odd film: The two main characters both commit assaults and destruction (arson) that goes massively unpunished, but I think that's part of the genre of the spaghetti Western. Both the two main (surviving) characters gradually realize the light of their own making.

  • ssnakezz
    ssnakezz Year ago +1

    Everything you just said about this movie and you think Wonder Woman belongs in that company? Not even close. Maybe Wonder Woman 2 will fix all the mistakes of the first one

  • Terri Sapp Page, ConcertSutra

    IRONICALLY, I believe three billboards was written 8 or so years ago...

  • r l
    r l Year ago +2

    Man this movie was great definitely one of the best movies of the year

  • Papi Grande
    Papi Grande Year ago +1

    I like your take on it. It made me look at this movie in a new light. I still didn’t like the ending but maybe he was trying to say that the ending wasn’t important to the message he was trying to tell

  • MB 0610
    MB 0610 Year ago

    The comment section of any video is a good reason why Three Billboards is a great, vital movie.

  • Anthony Wheeler
    Anthony Wheeler Year ago

    What's your problem Grace? It's not the director's job to spoon feed you all the answers to the film. Use your noodle and work it out. I think the film gives an excellent representation of life today. Nothing has changed, not of significance anyway. As the saying goes: "You need to recognize." Wake up and take a look around you today and see what's actually going on.

  • Markus Edelmann
    Markus Edelmann Year ago

    now you have to explain how women are a fringe group....

  • Kaj Te Briga
    Kaj Te Briga Year ago +1

    Finally, a movie that doesn't cower behind censorship and political correctness

  • Albert Mendoza
    Albert Mendoza Year ago

    I was waiting for his next movie

  • Tobin
    Tobin Year ago

    Is grace only noticing the toxic sexism that I've seen in the comments for ages?

  • Luglio Caesar
    Luglio Caesar Year ago

    Brilliant review, as always you never disappoint! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

  • Thomas Noonan
    Thomas Noonan Year ago

    I felt like alot of characters in the last jedi didnt really have a character arc. The film ended where it started

    • Beatness
      Beatness Year ago

      Maybe you need to see that movie again.

  • Abram
    Abram Year ago

    Your assessments are always intelligent, interesting, entertaining, and correct. Keep up the great work. I always enjoy your poignant views

  • Josef Alaalatoa
    Josef Alaalatoa Year ago

    The One Take Scene Was Amazing

  • Jason Fanning
    Jason Fanning Year ago

    It's just great southern gothic with more wrath. The commentary is left open ended on purpose so the viewer can speculate.

  • alvin ngure
    alvin ngure Year ago +1

    trolls, really?? were validating troll comments now?

  • Rick Alvarado
    Rick Alvarado Year ago +1

    Flat character arcs are very common. Katniss from the Hunger Games didn't change, did she? She was always strong . Sherlock never changed, at least in the novels he never did. But this characters usually shape the world around them. I haven't seen this movie but it sounds as if nothing really changed. I'd be curious to see how they pulled this off if that's the case.

  • Emily Carmichael
    Emily Carmichael Year ago

    Those comments are atrocious, Grace. I'm 100% with you. It's time for equality and equal representation. You're doing the right things. Don't let anyone get you down!

  • Vince
    Vince Year ago

    Who cares about these toxic people, we all know they are the horrible human beings. I personally love it when you acknowledge some casting problems or issues in Hollywood.

  • iamlsusam
    iamlsusam Year ago

    Review Wind River. It’s brilliant and under appreciated!

  • Vaibhav Bajpai
    Vaibhav Bajpai Year ago

    I don't agree with your review of the movie. Stop condescending, seems like you want movies to be a cast of your preconceived notions of those same movies. I used to watch your reviews so frequently but now they just feel like another forced opinions...

  • salam abd
    salam abd Year ago

    I've just finish it i mean it's an emotional and tense movie but Wind River is much better than it and both has similar subjects i wish that wind river was collecting the awards not Three Billboards

  • Conor Eiffe
    Conor Eiffe Year ago

    I think the movie is messy on purpose. Yes... i dont see that as a flaw but as a pro. Life isnt always a straight line you know. You never get rid of that anger Meldrid has inside her.

  • Lawrence Scales
    Lawrence Scales Year ago

    Ive really wanted to watch his other movies. Hopefully this is a good first impression :)

  • Damien Ma
    Damien Ma Year ago

    I saw this and the dark satire was excellent, the part where she confronts the priest about historical sex abuse was great. It is however not "In Bruges" where everything is nailed. The film "the Guard" is also great but unassumingly is a comedy but excellent, "Calvery" is very similar in tone to three billboards but executes it more effectively. I just hope people who rate 3 billboards go back and see his earlier amazing films.

  • Stuart John Richardson

    spot on review Grace :)

  • R S
    R S Year ago +1

    If all priests are culpable for a few priests sexual misconduct, is all of Hollywood culpable of dark sexual assaults and abuses that's been going on since it's inception? Why does Rose McGowan get shut out of #TimesUp when she started it? This movie attempts it, but doesn't complete it's thought.

  • Ro-Mitch
    Ro-Mitch Year ago

    1:55 This woman didn't get justice for what happened to her family. Not really. Sometimes ppl can't move on especially if they don't get closure. So...yea no development just sadness & rage with the occasional darkness; again w/ "some" ppl

  • Pendragonthegreat

    It was boring as helllll

  • DirtyDinner24
    DirtyDinner24 Year ago +4

    A movies theme not being obvious enough is not a very good criticism. Some of the best films are the ones that take multiple viewings to fully appreciate.