Seeking asylum: 'Trusting our lives to people smugglers' - BBC News

  • Published on Jun 8, 2019
  • Each of the five million Syrians who fled their homes due to the country's civil war have their own stories to tell.
    Hazar Almahmoud risked crossing the Aegean Sea for the sake of her daughter - Here she tells the story of their journey to safety
    It was Hazar Almahmoud's motherly instinct to protect her daughter which made her take extreme risks to reach safety.
    Working as a university administrator in the port city and government stronghold of Latakia, her life was turned upside down when she joined the protests against President Bashar al-Assad.
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    The stories of five people who fled persecution in their own countries and found sanctuary in Wales are being told via a virtual reality exhibition in Cardiff.

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  • Aamir Ali
    Aamir Ali Month ago

    Now these are real refugees who qualify for asylum.

  • Roxy Nialja
    Roxy Nialja 2 months ago

    Wow. I wish that the comment section on this channel, are actually just trolls. But I guess, sadly this is not the case. Its just a bunch of people who have no compassion and who are bigots or just extremely dense. How depressing.

  • npc 432
    npc 432 2 months ago

    Don’t give a fuck. Passed through many safe countries that don’t hand out freebied.

  • pax43
    pax43 2 months ago

    *Why Bloody Erdogan and His fanboys arent coming to the rescue of muslim refugee this time eh?*
    Instead are sending them to europe, into christian states. That slimy bugger 😕

  • john wilks
    john wilks 2 months ago

    The north west will take them , after all it’s the richest part of the country and can easily afford to house them.

  • Gareth Llewelyn
    Gareth Llewelyn 2 months ago

    Croeso i Gymru Hazar! Gobeithio eich bod chi'n ymgartrefu'n dda yma yng Nghaerdydd:)
    Welcome to Wales Hazar! Hope you're settling in well here in Cardiff:)

  • IsraelDiegorivera Eugeniolucientesgenius

    Protest against the disgusting BBC , always promoting propaganda. BBC
    pedophiles exploiting the poor and elderly through the fascist license

  • p ace
    p ace 2 months ago +1

    Fxxxing liars....
    US, UK, Saudis, z~i~o~s, france and few other EU members destroyed Syria by supporting ISIS and al-Qaeda ....
    Shame on u, old woman ...
    U r a traitor to your own counry....
    They destroyed your country then u keep lying in front of their camera....
    U already reserved your place in hell...
    Many dead kids will come for u in hell to ask u why u lied.... Shame on u...
    Assad is the savior of Syria and thats why he's winning this war against all big powers included UK, US, saudis, france, z~i~o~s and few other EU members

  • Yasser Hamoody
    Yasser Hamoody 2 months ago +2

    I am from Iraq and I believe Poland is the best country in Europe because they never allow these illegal migrants (fake refugees) to enter their country

  • Jawad Ehsan Alzamily
    Jawad Ehsan Alzamily 2 months ago

    Dear alt right nuts, Yes it's clear you feel threatened and some of your concerns have a bit of truth mixed with the paranoia. But trust me you would NOT want to live in a divided world where everybody is "where they belong". There are plenty of brits and yanks around the world for better work or other reasons and your right to do the same clearly is something you appreciate. But you're cheering for the side that wants to end that and lock in your comfort zones for good. Please grow up.

  • Light Seeker
    Light Seeker 2 months ago

    Assad a dictator who slaughtered 600000 of his own people. The history will not forget nor forget who supported him even by a comment. In life there is karma don't forget that. For all Putin suckers who keep posting comments making it look like the criminal Assad is the good guy and the hundreds of thousands killed and millions of refugees are the bad people. If Assad is legitimate and good, he controlled a good part of Syria unfortunately, my question to the morons out there why the millions of refugees did not return yet?!

    • Light Seeker
      Light Seeker 2 months ago

      @hater gater they are living in camps with food stamps, yeh right!?! What a life!? Did you the houses of many of these people before the war, they are spacious and better houses than the average people in the west, you dummy. they don't return because whoever returned got killed or imprisoned. Anyway why am I bothering with you, you are obviously a person of low moral fibre since you support a criminal like that anyway. A waste of my time.

    • hater gater
      hater gater 2 months ago

      They don't return because they get free money in the West

  • O L
    O L 2 months ago +1

    BBC still promoting ethnic cleansing of the European people. Sick shit.

  • shoplifting began in ancient phoenicia

    Help the straights and fly there flag in june ... they are proud and loud and they have there own flag ... support them they are rarely angry and are in danger from our sodomite tramny ran pretend jew ran goverment .. be PROUD be straight and fly that flag :)

  • I'm Sarcastic
    I'm Sarcastic 2 months ago +1

    Girl... you were looking for a smuggler to illegally enter a country. You paid 13 THOUSAND Euros to some shady people in a shady boat. You then had enough money to buy fake passports (again illegal). I get the feeling there is more to this story than just the poor scared migrant story. BBC, you're nothing but a propaganda outlet now.

  • populist revolt
    populist revolt 2 months ago +1

    No more terrorism and rape gangs in Europe!
    No more illegal immigrants!
    Europe for Europeans!
    BBC is a pedophile propoganda network

  • Leo Cor
    Leo Cor 2 months ago

    Dont come to England the police cant even protect the english take a look at Oldham

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

    Every heard of the vetting process? It works and it's a brilliant way of managing immigration. The European Union should try it.

    • Make Romania great again
      Make Romania great again 2 months ago

      @United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland Ah, yes. Totally agree with you

    • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland
      United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland 2 months ago

      @Make Romania great again It's a process in which you check people coming into a nation. You check their background for criminal activity. It should be manditory for all nations to do this, instead of leaving their borders open to everyone.

    • Make Romania great again
      Make Romania great again 2 months ago

      Never heard of it. What is it?

  • Whatever4690
    Whatever4690 2 months ago +2

    This is criminal how you try and destroy england.

  • _ Bob
    _ Bob 2 months ago +2

    BBC is "progressive(regressive in reality)" propaganda now.

  • Jimmy Tarbrush
    Jimmy Tarbrush 2 months ago +9

    By the way, luv ; please go back because you are not wanted here.

  • Jimmy Tarbrush
    Jimmy Tarbrush 2 months ago

    If the Yanks, the UK and others hadn't funded an attempted overthrow of Assad these people would not be suffering.
    This is not OUR fault, rather that of the elites who run the world.

    • Turdy
      Turdy 2 months ago

      The Middle East has basically been at war with each other for thousands of years. Calm down Jimmy.

  • Mean Old Lady
    Mean Old Lady 2 months ago

    More propaganda feelings porn by rich, elite leftists to prey on their indoctrinated, useful idiots to scam them into opening their wallets for islamic invaders as usual.

  • Blaster
    Blaster 2 months ago +1

    "Hey, my country is a shithole so I wanna live in another one, instead of fixing it".
    And I am not even from England. Don't let those parasites in.

  • Thelma Portillo
    Thelma Portillo 2 months ago +3

    They should band together to fix their gov, before it gets worst.
    Then they go and take their problems to all of us.

  • bong Scott
    bong Scott 2 months ago

    Time for war no. Peace will not get you anywhere your brother is sick Abe. To all the missing

  • Dee Proff
    Dee Proff 2 months ago

    Thanks for the great information and reporting.

  • Miles Clark
    Miles Clark 2 months ago

  • Health, Weight & Real Talk

    You do what you can to stay alive.

  • MATT C
    MATT C 2 months ago +6

    BBC and news is an oxymoron!

  • MATT C
    MATT C 2 months ago +13

    BBC and news is an oxymoron!

  • vjab1108
    vjab1108 2 months ago +1

    SHOW REAL NEWS BBC such as the ROBIN TILBROOK CASE that shows we have already LEFT the EU BY LAW on March 29th 2019.

  • Mr Wolfe
    Mr Wolfe 2 months ago


  • gurugeorge
    gurugeorge 2 months ago +11

    How about this: access to Europeans and their countries is not a human right.

  • Custos Secretus
    Custos Secretus 2 months ago

    Why doesn`t the UN have an arrangement where each country says how many refugees they can take and then divvy up the refugees from the camps surrounding crisis zones?
    A central pot of money used for such crises.
    Refugees should not have to cross Europe on foot to seek refugee status after passing through several safe countries or risk sea crossings on rubber a dingy.
    In truth after the first safe country they should no longer be referred to as refugees, but economic migrants.
    Besides, from what I have heard of refugees paying thousands to people smugglers they may as well of booked a holiday and absconded when there.

  • Chazary Xbox
    Chazary Xbox 2 months ago

    take the L noob

  • John Texas
    John Texas 2 months ago +13

    I'm waiting for headline, "Not Seeking Asylum: Taking Our Own Country Back Instead of Running Away"...

    • John Texas
      John Texas 2 months ago

      @Smash A Commie Hehe...go back to your grave, Joe McCarthy.

    • Smash A Commie
      Smash A Commie 2 months ago

      John Texas but how would they leech off tax payers off Europeans?? Come on be sensible

  • مباركة
    مباركة 2 months ago +30

    What was wrong with Lebanon, Turkey, Greece + Belgium? They passed through 4 safe counties without war had enough money to buy fake passports + pay €13,000 to smugglers to get to Wales.
    Its not hard to see why the UK public are annoyed by the amount of asylum seekers who despite many other options are so insistant on making it to the UK.
    Internationally all counties have to do their part in taking asylum seekers and refugees and the asylum seekers should stay in the first country they get to not go on a international tour before they get to the country that takes their fancy.

    • Jimmy Tarbrush
      Jimmy Tarbrush 2 months ago +1

      Always the wealthy middle class like her who get here, never the poor who are back there in the slum camps.
      First safe country as you say, yet they carry on past it.

    • Mario Badia
      Mario Badia 2 months ago

      No they don't. No county should have to take immigrants if they don't want to especially seeing the crime rate( mostly rape, acid attacks, and murder) Skyrocket wherever immigrants go.

    • III7
      III7 2 months ago

      Most refugees only want 4 countries first is Germany and then Sweden, Denmark and Norway because these countries are the best in Europe and probably the whole planet. If they failed to get into any of these countries they aim for the U.K or any other nation in the Europe .

    • ajsuflena
      ajsuflena 2 months ago

      have some compassion don’t blame your failure on someone else

  • Free Saxon
    Free Saxon 2 months ago +17

    Propaganda for the masses from the Bolshivic BBC

    • Breezeblocks
      Breezeblocks 2 months ago

      silence, cuck

    • Free Saxon
      Free Saxon 2 months ago +2

      @John Texas WoT yerrrr sayin I ain't got dis education just cos I'am Black you racist !!!

    • John Texas
      John Texas 2 months ago +1

      Didn't get much education, did you? Oh well, the Bolsheviks won't hold it against you.

  • Dari Re
    Dari Re 2 months ago +2

    Very sad that many people have leave own home country by wars created from western politics who earn big money selling weapons and hate.

    • Dari Re
      Dari Re 2 months ago

      @John Texas you are silly racist.

    • John Texas
      John Texas 2 months ago +1

      @Dari Re Ah--so one has to live in a war zone to understand it? What a silly, silly little man you are.

    • Dari Re
      Dari Re 2 months ago

      @John Texas you do not know war and poverty. Pray that you and your family will never have to run away and look for another home

    • John Texas
      John Texas 2 months ago +2

      Very sad that man people run away from trouble aided by men named 'dario' who spout nonsense...

  • dan mitchell
    dan mitchell 2 months ago

    how the fuck are you still receiving tax payers money? its obvious we dont support youre garbage I think we need to talk about it lmfao

  • Victoria J
    Victoria J 2 months ago +9

    We cannot pay for endless migrants to move here and be dependent on welfare. Most have no intention of working or assimilating. But they start having children immediately. Meanwhile, native women and girls are not safe on the streets of Europe anymore. Crime increased everywhere. Europeans have a right to preserve and protect their countries. Stop the propaganda!

  • c ward
    c ward 2 months ago +10

    The BBC is terrified that the world doesn’t CARE!! There are not 7 billion places to live - I prefer whales, giraffes and orangutans to human debris

  • Bob_Dole
    Bob_Dole 2 months ago +4

    Ha, the BBC is trolling you alt-right crybabies.

    • Bob_Dole
      Bob_Dole 2 months ago

      @hater gater yeah, yeah sure. *Rolls eyes*

    • hater gater
      hater gater 2 months ago

      Importing millions of people that you don't have the economic or social resources to support or integrate, at the detriment of the native population, is unsustainable and will lead to violence

  • Péter Kiss
    Péter Kiss 2 months ago +2

    Open borders for Israel!

  • Daniel Mc Sween
    Daniel Mc Sween 2 months ago +9

    It's just people looking for a better life. As we all are.

    • Daniel Mc Sween
      Daniel Mc Sween 2 months ago

      I understand some of the arguments here. There are real obstacles to simply providing for everyone who want it.
      In the whole we have enough resources to go around. So how do we treat with this issue?
      It is just a ridiculous idea that someone has to starve to death because food isn't available, simple antibiotics aren't available etc.

    • hater gater
      hater gater 2 months ago +1

      Everyone wants a better life, but that doesn't justify importing millions of third world citizens that won't integrate just to make you feel better

    • Mario Badia
      Mario Badia 2 months ago +1

      Can my cousin in Mexico go live in your house or apartment with you??? You seem so nice about immigrants so why can't he live with you and eat your food use your water.

    • Josh McBroom
      Josh McBroom 2 months ago +4

      Amen! No truer word spoken brother......... . Now when can I move in ?

  • Bryce Cheng
    Bryce Cheng 2 months ago +11

    It's nice that you found one out of a million refugees with a boo hoo sob story that you probably trained them to say.

    • hater gater
      hater gater 2 months ago

      @Peter Barton
      These people don't go to China or Japan or Singapore, they go to white countries to live on the backs of the native white population.
      Having an entire class of people that do not integrate, who depend on government resources, who even get special legal privileges, is a guaranteed way to create extreme resentment and anger from native citizens.
      Typical racist non-white, telling Europeans to accept those that their countries never would

    • Peter Barton
      Peter Barton 2 months ago

      I am Chinese race but born in Malaysia and also lived in Singapore in Toa Payoh. I visit Australia & live in Torrance for 2 years & I could not believe how many beautiful Blondes there is. So it's okay for you to live in different countries but they cannot?

  • Radhika Madan
    Radhika Madan 2 months ago

  • Frankie Mitchell
    Frankie Mitchell 2 months ago +1


  • Top Gunna
    Top Gunna 2 months ago +7

    send them back home Britain is full up

    JAMES WHITELEY 2 months ago

    Are organisations such IsraAid guilty of people smuggling? George Soros has pledged half a billion dollars to enable illegal migrants to cross the Med. Is he guilty of people smuggling? If you read the names of key donors aiding illegal migrants (into the West) they seem to have one thing in common.

  • Goldfinga Sliverfinga
    Goldfinga Sliverfinga 2 months ago +8

    Check out the growing Gangstalking nation

  • Italian CIA
    Italian CIA 2 months ago

    Well dont come to the USA we dont want the muslims that are here now. We send muslims to hell. No more dirty dog muslims

  • Arslan A Sattar
    Arslan A Sattar 2 months ago +8

    That's why we said not all the refugees are fake isn't

  • azli jamil
    azli jamil 2 months ago +28

    All the neighboring countries do not free money, so they lie and break laws to go to Western Europe so they could use Europeans for free money.
    And I am supposed to be ok with people using!!!

  • Toys fun with Nicole uayr
    Toys fun with Nicole uayr 2 months ago +18

    No views but 6 likes TVclip is drunk again TVclip please stop drinking

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame 2 months ago +13

    Now talk about Assange being illegally denied access to Asylum

    • Sheeple are Lame
      Sheeple are Lame 2 months ago

      @Mr Nice Guy REALLY?

      Now let's look at the known Terrorists suspects who are free to conspire to & commit serious crimes, that Govmnts can't deport or arrest those criminals as it'd "infringe on their human rights"
      Assange exposed the criminal corrupt elites that "SHEEPLE" foolishly vote into office & despite what you say, Assange is illegally & unlawfully being denied access to Asylum & so what if Assange skipped bail it's not a serious crime

    • Mr Nice Guy
      Mr Nice Guy 2 months ago

      Assange is a in prison for the crime of skipping bail and has zero rights to asylum

    • Sheeple are Lame
      Sheeple are Lame 2 months ago

      @Dugi Lee REALLY?

      The only stupid people here are fools (like you) who rather see innocent be killed than to give people a safe passage to Asylum

    • Dugi Lee
      Dugi Lee 2 months ago

      Well, they are coming to Us technically and lawfully to the US, and it is a broken system, but no one has been able to fix it. Blame the system, not people. You are just stupid

  • Kratos
    Kratos 2 months ago +17

    More fake news from the BBC. No longer a trusted news service....