No. 2 Alabama vs South Carolina Recap: Tua Tagovailoa & playmakers lead Bama to big win | CBS Sports

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • No. 2 Alabama pulled away from South Carolina in the second half to top the Gamecocks 47-23 at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was 28-of-36 passing for 444 yards, five touchdowns and zero interceptions. He now has eight games with four or more touchdown passes -- breaking AJ McCarron's previous record of seven.
    Tagovailoa found a new target, too. Running back Najee Harris caught two of those touchdown passes -- the first two touchdown receptions of the junior's career.
    South Carolina freshman quarterback Ryan Hilinski did all he could to keep the Gamecocks in the game, going 36-of-57 passing for 324 yards and two touchdowns. Since taking over for Jake Bentley following the opener, the four-star prospect in the Class of 2019 has lived up to the recruiting hype.

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Comments • 403

  • Tyler Dora
    Tyler Dora 4 days ago +2

    This team beat Georgia on the road.

  • infamous4141
    infamous4141 5 days ago

    Need to fix that defense bama

  • Ron McDon
    Ron McDon 24 days ago

    damn that south carolina crowd is turnt up.

  • Carl Johns
    Carl Johns 25 days ago +2

    I saw 21 points taken back from SC for bs calls......bama isnt THAT scary this year

  • Pat Downs
    Pat Downs 25 days ago

    Bama looks weak and, even worse, they got a weak schedule. All they got ahead is LSU and the barners. So they'll prob win out and then lose to Georgia or Clemson. This is not a Bama year. My guess is Ga takes it all.

  • Pat Downs
    Pat Downs 25 days ago

    Bama looks weak even with a schedule. All they got ahead is LSU and the barners. So they'll prob win out and then lose to Georgia or Clemson. This is not a Bama year.

  • Joshua Jfly
    Joshua Jfly 27 days ago +1

    Jerry Juedys route at 7:20 😱

  • Jason McKinney
    Jason McKinney 28 days ago +1

    Always a holding call to bring a touchdown back

  • Road Toad
    Road Toad 29 days ago

    Yes, Bama won but SC gets 31, yes, 31 1st downs! Not good.

  • Timothy Kitchen
    Timothy Kitchen 29 days ago +1

    Georgia Will Beat Alabama This Year, Georgia Have a more talented team then bama this year. 🤷🏿‍♂️

    • Amber Lou
      Amber Lou 25 days ago

      Nick saban said he doesn't want to play Georgia this year and so they won't due to the rematch Georgia asked for last year and got best 2 years in a row

  • Amber Fortson
    Amber Fortson 29 days ago +1

    amber vat am gal it a faopt ifka
    dsub vcfich ffvffgtj fgruucfh gtysr jrhsg

  • Glenn Weeks
    Glenn Weeks 29 days ago

    I am a huge Bama fan but South Carolina played well. They were cheated out of a touchdown.The officiating in this game was terrible. This one crew is noted for the number of needless flags thrown and for ignoring obviously fouls. The score doesn't reflect the true physicality of both teams during this game. South Carolina is a talented team that needs better coaching and as always Roll Tide.

    • Paul Rollings
      Paul Rollings 29 days ago

      No TD. The players knee was down.

    • Roger Woods
      Roger Woods 29 days ago

      But if you going to call out bad officiating at least be fair. What about the BAMA 16 yard pass to #88 for the touchdown? i guess that wasn't cheating too, you seem to only care if its SC.. Are you sure you a BAMA fan or just saying that to look good lol. Yeah there was some bad calls but that would have not change the outcome of the game, SC simply loss to the better team but they will surprise a lot of doubters this season including Georgia.

  • WMM We Making Moves

    Go blue

  • J D
    J D Month ago

    More interesting was linemen being down field on rpo's many of them should have been called back. Rule says 3 yards, not 4 or 5 or 6 .. Also, you can't block down field and then turn around and catch the ball or such. Seems you there were a number of things that alabama got away with. USC was cheated out of 2 or three TD's. Plus they totally exposed alabama's defense and one dimensional offense. USC, even with the very poor "officiating" had 500 yards of offense; while holding them under 80 yards rushing. Doesn't bode well for alabama.

    • Jason Mansell
      Jason Mansell 29 days ago

      @Paul Rollings yep delusion at its finest

    • Paul Rollings
      Paul Rollings 29 days ago

      Good luck to whatever team you worship.

    • Roger Woods
      Roger Woods 29 days ago

      @Lee Seals Damn right, them RB played a good game. #RollTide

    • Roger Woods
      Roger Woods 29 days ago

      Sounds like an salty loser that's trying to find anything to knock on BAMA. They have one sloppy game an these idiots are trying to nitpick.. and the game was over when it was 40-16.

    • Lee Seals
      Lee Seals Month ago

      Short passes to your running backs are essentially running plays that give them the ball in space. Najee Harris had 123 total yards and 2 TDs on 12 touches. Brian Robinson had another 70 yards on 10 touches. 22 touches, 193 yards and 2 TDs is a pretty damn good stat line from their running backs.

  • Alexandre Posenatto


  • Christian Juneau
    Christian Juneau Month ago


    • Paul Rollings
      Paul Rollings 29 days ago

      @Christian Juneau You mean the facts you make up. Fake News

    • Paul Rollings
      Paul Rollings 29 days ago

      Bama has many injuries to several starters on the Front Seven. Don't let hate (ALL CAPS) cloud your judgement.

    • Christian Juneau
      Christian Juneau 29 days ago

      @WasntNoFun Truth and the truth only.... maybe its just hard for you to hear.

    • Christian Juneau
      Christian Juneau 29 days ago

      @WasntNoFun EXCUSES?? None here; just facts!!

    • Christian Juneau
      Christian Juneau 29 days ago

      @Lee Seals GOOD THING ITS THIS YEAR!! 2019...

  • CrazyLegs
    CrazyLegs Month ago +2

    Miami awaits your talents tua

  • Dev Patel
    Dev Patel Month ago +2

    That flip behind the head 🔥 if only there was no penalty never have seen such a smooth fake

  • P4F Ace
    P4F Ace Month ago

    They cheated a lot lmao feel bad for the cockscomb

    • jamar reid
      jamar reid 3 days ago

      @P4F Ace didn't hear about the shooting

    • P4F Ace
      P4F Ace 3 days ago

      jamar reid George’s defense was better than South Carolina’s James Cole he needs to be fired

    • P4F Ace
      P4F Ace 3 days ago

      jamar reid no Fuck both teams that shooting that happened in Athens yesterday was unbelievable all the missed pass interference is I mean I know Georgia played terrible but South Carolina played even worse

    • jamar reid
      jamar reid Month ago

      They did, definitely was a TD for SC right before half. Should've been 24-17 bama at half.

  • mausborn15
    mausborn15 Month ago +1

    Tua Tagovailoa’s stats through Week 3:

    70-91 (77%) for 1,007 YDs
    12 TDs (13 total)
    0 INTs

    Trevor Lawrence’s stats through Week 3:

    59-97 (61%) for 831 YDs
    5 TDs (7 Total)
    5 INTs

    Yes, Lawrence is trash!

  • Marv Marv
    Marv Marv Month ago

    Soo my sorry ass Dolphins could Tua Tagaviola.

  • BulldogIrish
    BulldogIrish Month ago +40

    How many Dolphins fans here to see our new Qb? :)

    • Renaldy Calixte
      Renaldy Calixte 16 days ago

      Dolphins should grab Judy the WR and then scoop up Jalen Hurts.

    • Chris Ika
      Chris Ika 21 day ago

      You remember those dolphin players who went sailing and were never found? Goodbye Tua.

    • Batman Pop's
      Batman Pop's 27 days ago +1


    • brookside109
      brookside109 27 days ago +2

      I hope he doesn't go there. that team stinks unless their players have heart and play no matter what.

    • bez787
      bez787 27 days ago +1

      He’s looking good 😎

  • Lenny Pepperidge
    Lenny Pepperidge Month ago

    Alabama is a farce! Easy schedule

    • Jason Mansell
      Jason Mansell 29 days ago

      @Paul Rollings exactly...don't want to hear ANY Clemson fan criticize anyone's schedule

    • Paul Rollings
      Paul Rollings 29 days ago +1

      What kind of schedule does Clemson have?

    • Roger Woods
      Roger Woods Month ago

      BAMA isn't the only one.. but like Nick Saban said it's not up to him, there are schools that are scared to play BAMA.. so Nick Saban is left with whats ever on the table.

  • 100anti
    100anti Month ago +2

    I would like to see Bama fake the kick too, and make it! Smitty Silky Smooth...Boom! Najee Tracker going for broke!! LOL
    Defence intercept those balls. Great blocking Jeudy. Not every game you going eat. Good effort Tennison, next game! @ 7:32 Hang'em Latu! Lol

  • Primetime Ford
    Primetime Ford Month ago +1

    Najee a Beast on God!

  • Tj Adams
    Tj Adams Month ago

    Linebacker #10 and CB #5 for bama both had an awful game.

    • NettieBon
      NettieBon Month ago

      Shocked Shyheim played that bad

  • Chris T
    Chris T Month ago +3

    SC played great! Bama better step it up. Kind of an embarrassing performance. They can't do that with the likes of UGA, Auburn, LSU or Clemson.

    • Starling H.
      Starling H. 28 days ago

      @Chris T , thank for the kind words as well, my friend. I have a good feeling it's going to be an instant classic game. Look forward to speaking to you again, until then, God speed.

    • Chris T
      Chris T 28 days ago +1

      @Starling H. You're a class act, dude, much respect! Thanks for the great words. Same goes for you guys. And a third meeting would be a phenomenal game! Hopefully we'll see it. Take it easy, my friend! Maybe we'll talk again.

    • Starling H.
      Starling H. 28 days ago +1

      @Chris T, I have no doubt Georgia is on the eve of greatest. I can see it in the coaching staff and players'' eyes. You had some great points, my friend! You are sincerely a classy Georgia fan. Let me also say, I have respect for your teams players as well, because they left it all out on the field each of the last two meetings between our teams. I can see our teams meeting at the end of the year in The Dome, again. Best of luck to you guys as well. Georgia's glory days are on the horizon again, mark my words.

    • Chris T
      Chris T 28 days ago +1

      @Starling H. Not a Bama fan, actually Georgia, but SEC as a whole. But I do like Bama a lot and totally agree with what you said. Rep our team, win or lose, and respect the guys that strap up and give it their all. Bama is a great team and I hate seeing the haters anxiously waiting for the day someone knocks them off. They're where they are because they're that good. I hope to see UGA in that position one day, but either way, SEC all the way. The Bama/UGA games were some of the best I've ever seen, excitement start to finish. And mad respect to those boys. Best of luck to ya this year, buddy. Hopefully we'll meet again!

    • Starling H.
      Starling H. 28 days ago

      @Chris T , anyone can see that our young team has a few things to improve on. Despite the missed opportunities, I feel like everyone is trying out there. I've observed improvements in each facet of the team since the first game. Most importantly, I know without a doubt, the one thing our young team needs more than anything, is for us, (as fans) is to encourage them and support them. Please remember, they all are just kids playing a game out there. They all may look like full grown monsters, but they really aren't. Don't get me wrong, I admire them and envy them all for getting to suit up in crimson and white..... Also, they get to run out of that tunnel, on gameday, with their index finger pointed towards The Bear. In my humble opinion, win or loss, they will always be winners, because, WE ARE ALABAMA!!! ALABAMA, WHERE LEGENDS ARE MADE!!! ROLL TIDE!!!

  • Johnny Clemson
    Johnny Clemson Month ago

    Tore dat azz up ! ha ha !

  • sheila StillstandingMoore

    Roll TIDE babe!

  • Tyree Dill
    Tyree Dill Month ago +1

    SC had it for a second and then, oh wait no they didn’t

  • james caesar
    james caesar Month ago

    South Carolina kept shooting themselves in the foot.... And those gamecock Dbs are trash....

    • Lee Seals
      Lee Seals Month ago

      Those Gamecock DBs were having to guard 4 NFL first round draft picks that had the potential first overall pick in next year's draft throwing the ball to them.

  • Baatdad 71
    Baatdad 71 Month ago +2

    Dam #Tua🤯

  • Trisstan Felder
    Trisstan Felder Month ago

    Any body here after that TikTok video

  • Maria Silva
    Maria Silva Month ago +3

    Roll Tide!!!

  • Theron Wright
    Theron Wright Month ago +23

    South Carolina better than some of these ranked teams. Roll Tide

    • jamar reid
      jamar reid 27 days ago

      @laynebrock alabama is stronger than my team until proven otherwise. I do think we have a decent shot at them if we were to get out of that 5 spot and get back in the playoff. Honestly, I just want OSU to make it and play Alabama or Clemson, just to see where we're at.

    • jamar reid
      jamar reid 27 days ago

      @laynebrock I agree Georgia will be the biggest test. LSU is a semi test until proven otherwise. I don't fully believe in them, and won't until they play Alabama. Only reason I put ANY stock in lsu is because I know they have nfl talent. Alabama has been the most dominant team in cfb over the last decade, me saying they look weak in a couple of areas means weak for Alabama standards, or for top 5 teams standards. You can point out weaknesses in just about every college football team, save 1 or 2, usually Alabama is that 1 or 2, all I was saying.

    • laynebrock
      laynebrock 27 days ago

      jamar reid Yeah our secondary is our strength right now so if LSU can’t run on us that game will be very similar to last year. Georgia is a little more well rounded so they’ll probably be a bigger test but we’ve won like 8 straight against LSU and they’re gonna beat us eventually so this would have to be the year for them cause when they lose burrow next year their pass game is gonna go into hiding again

    • jamar reid
      jamar reid 27 days ago

      @laynebrock well if that's the case, we'll found out in the Georgia game. LSU is only going to challenge the secondary. The Georgia game will tell if Alabama is there in the trenches this year.

    • laynebrock
      laynebrock 27 days ago

      jamar reid You’re right Alabama is weak right now in the trenches but mainly because of injuries and suspensions we’ll have a lot of difference makers back by the time we play LSU and our offensive line will look much better. The only foreseeable problem with Alabama this year is at middle-linebacker. 2 true freshman starters if they don’t get better really fast Alabama is gonna get ran all over and killed by opposing TEs

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus Month ago +2

    Where's the running game? There isn't one. Bama is traditionally a run first team which pounds the opposition into submission. This Bama team looks like some pass-happy shit West Coast team. That won't cut the mustard in the business end of the season.

    • Jason Mansell
      Jason Mansell Month ago

      @Caleb Soukhamneut exactly. Some people don't understand that u play to ur strength

    • Caleb Soukhamneut
      Caleb Soukhamneut Month ago

      Hugh Janus if you heard the post game interview saban said he didn’t attempt much to run the ball and he said if it ain’t broke don’t fix it lol. I agree the running game is off but I mean if you watch the NFL, a lot of teams are pass heavy and a good night for a running back is a little over 100 yards rushing. In college 100 yards rushing is nothing though, 200 yards is a good night. I think the pro style pass heavy offense suits tua better, however we do need to step that running game up. But also think about it, why do you think there are not many QB’s that are drafted from the SEC?

    • Theron Wright
      Theron Wright Month ago

      Actually we need pass game. Running all the time doesn’t work anymore

    • hahah lol
      hahah lol Month ago +1

      Run against a stacked box.okay

  • Mo Dollaz
    Mo Dollaz Month ago

    When tua becomes a Carolina panther all of Hawaii will bandwagon and be panther fans 😒😒😒😒😒

    • Richard Christie
      Richard Christie 5 days ago

      Tua will be a dolphin sorry bud 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Mo Dollaz
      Mo Dollaz 24 days ago

      @Julius Isaia ufa kefe

    • Julius Isaia
      Julius Isaia 26 days ago


    • Slim Brady
      Slim Brady Month ago +2

      I don't think that's being a bandwagon fan. Imo a bandwagon fan is a fan who only likes a team when they start to get good. If Hawaiians start rooting for whatever team that drafts Tua, that's just them supporting their boy. Doubt he'll go to Carolina anyways.

    • H P
      H P Month ago

      And your point is????

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof Month ago

    Wasnt. ablow out

    • Jeremy Donahoo
      Jeremy Donahoo Month ago

      The game was decided by more than 3 tds. Oh and sc scored a td in garbage time at the end of 4th.

    • Bodhi’s House
      Bodhi’s House Month ago


  • King Young Pimpin
    King Young Pimpin Month ago

    Alabama's offense is deadly to opposing teams. Tua and Jalen will be in competition all year for that Heisman trophy based on watching the first three games of this season

  • darkwarr80
    darkwarr80 Month ago +4

    Having the refs on your side didnt hurt either, never seen such blatant bias calling in my life.

    • Paul Rollings
      Paul Rollings 29 days ago

      When in doubt blame the Refs.

    • Ghost
      Ghost Month ago

      At least someone can call bullshit when they see it

  • Edisto Joe
    Edisto Joe Month ago +3

    Gamecocks defense overwhelmed.

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson Month ago +2

    Just read SBnation. Eeh! What the the Mainstream Media missed is BAMA'S biggest problem on offense-at this time. There is literially no running game/threat! First time in coach's career. At best, it's generic as even Mr. N. Harris's highlight was a pass play. Generic; no special threat thus far this year! Can't tell if it's an O-line prob, or an OC-prob not focusing enough on run game due to the best pass attack in NCAA history..? Dear God, hoping it's not another BAMA rigidity! Did Ford get in some kind of trouble this past week to merrited no touches? Dabo and his OC; Darth-Evil-Vader, is seeing this to (lack of rungame). Needs immediate attention. Giving A+++ for throwing in box w those slants (wondering if deep crosses could really mix it up as well?), but near end of season will need to establish some kind of run threat, especially if the seductive lure of RPO's suduces BAMA again as did last season & Nat Champ (Thank God he's at Maryland). Number 48's ejection was merited, helmet to helmet is bad! But saw something in 48 that has been missing on BAMA D-line for 4 past years: Ferocity, a backfirld-threatening-disruptive-meaness, bully-a real bully, hinging on violent! Definately will need it by LSU game and on, especially if BAMA wants to save the rest of it's LB's (didn't we have this exact-same problem 2 yrs ago?!?). Instead fans been having to deal w too much grease playing to quick exhaustion. Please consider bringing up #48 (good ole fashion dominating meanness-but watch the caloric intake), & Mr Ford at rb (at least 3-5 touches w some kind of trap blocking?). Otherwise game grade is 92.5 percent. Rooster-QB has a future if he chooses, as attitude determines Altitude, and he presents well. Touchee to Coach for letting younger player's play, even if cost us another TD by the roosters ... Mr. Hurt's still suspect of artificial game-stead, and 'Booo' to Coach Smart for not letting up at home... Really impressing, or is it over compensating..?

  • Kareem Jones
    Kareem Jones Month ago +1

    Bama will loose 2 games this year

  • Jimmy Wright
    Jimmy Wright Month ago +1

    I’m not too sure about that holding call on the fake fg

  • Jeff Vickers
    Jeff Vickers Month ago

    If you're from bama 95% chance your inbred

  • Aidan O'Keeffe
    Aidan O'Keeffe Month ago +6

    Jeudy’s route at 7:16 is incredible

  • MavsFan41 MavsFan41
    MavsFan41 MavsFan41 Month ago +8

    Love both teams. But it looked like the refs entered in their cheats codes to steal two touchdowns from South Carolina.

    • Charles Doyle
      Charles Doyle Month ago

      Wrong. He fake field goal touchdown was called back for holding. Which was the right call. Watch again.

  • Swedish American
    Swedish American Month ago +4

    Nobody in the country can stop or even slow down that passing game if everybody is healthy. The O-line still needs some work and the interior defense needs some time together.

    Even Clemson and Georgia will not be able to stop that passing game.

  • S A
    S A Month ago +25

    Najee Harris a baaaaad boy! 😮🔥🏃🏾‍♂️

    • Renaldy Calixte
      Renaldy Calixte 16 days ago +2

      In the words of Stephen A Smith, "He's a baaaaaadddd maaaaannnn!!"

  • Andrew Bowers
    Andrew Bowers Month ago +29

    South Carolina fought hard this game just shows that they’ll be a better team in the future

    • Hillbilly Manchild
      Hillbilly Manchild Month ago +6

      Yup they played hard until the final whistle. I got a lot of respect for them cause they could’ve easily given up but it was an entertaining game the whole game

    • Edisto Joe
      Edisto Joe Month ago +10

      At least the boys didn't embarrass like the first game. 'Bama is a badass team.

  • Alan __
    Alan __ Month ago +15

    People are tripping about the defense so let me ease some minds- first off we have so many freshmen playing right now. Both starting linebackers are out for season so both our inside linebackers are now freshmen . We have 1-2 starting freshmen on dline. They will be much improved as season goes on, and the defense will still be a top 10 defense by end of season. And secondly college football has recently had an offensive explosion. The schemes that are being run now and the recent rule changes favor offense. There’s no such thing as a shit out defense anymore. The days of bama 2011 defense is long gone and it’ll never be back

    • Paul Rollings
      Paul Rollings 29 days ago

      @Christian Juneau
      i will deal with that eventuality when it happens.

    • Paul Rollings
      Paul Rollings 29 days ago

      @Tj Adams
      I also miss Pruitt

    • Roger Woods
      Roger Woods 29 days ago

      ​@Charlie Hamm You guys are really sleeping on SC.. Just because they loss to NC doesn't make them bad its too early to tell. I think SC will surprise a lot of teams this year including Georgia.

    • Roger Woods
      Roger Woods 29 days ago +1

      ​@Charlie Hamm Actually no. Georgia had elite running backs last year but BAMA was able to maintain them so what makes you think its going to be any different now?

    • Charlie Hamm
      Charlie Hamm 29 days ago

      Alan __ so in simplest terms South Carolina’s average running back had a field day on you guys so Georgia’s run game will fun all over you

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith Month ago

    Auburn is legit

  • Eric S
    Eric S Month ago

    War eagle!

  • Kawhi The ClampGod
    Kawhi The ClampGod Month ago +5

    Alabama could beat the miami dolphins

    • -nate21storm -
      -nate21storm - 25 days ago

      Jennifer Morrison not necessarily. That 2001 Miami team could beat a current NFL team

    • Jennifer Morrison
      Jennifer Morrison 26 days ago

      No college team can ever beat a pro team

    • Christian Juneau
      Christian Juneau 29 days ago


    • Christian Juneau
      Christian Juneau Month ago


    • Slim Brady
      Slim Brady Month ago

      @MR DR xAMAZINGx No they couldn't. The worst teams in the NFL would still beat the brakes off the best teams in college football.

    NEWBEATS MUSIC. Month ago +1

    Bull dogs....laughing...

      NEWBEATS MUSIC. Month ago

      @Brian Burns it's a border thing with....carolina......i guess bama too......

    • KLS
      KLS Month ago

      kam legree I’m so tired of losing to Alabama 😔

    • Brian Burns
      Brian Burns Month ago +1

      Why thier laughing if they can't beat Alabama either I mean any other team can't be laughing besides Clemson

  • Johnathan Solomon
    Johnathan Solomon Month ago

    The tackling is ass

  • Claret Mug
    Claret Mug Month ago +1

    I cannot wait until Jalen Hurts kicks Bama's butt in the Playoffs.

    • Claret Mug
      Claret Mug 4 days ago

      @adam east Looks like you are wrong !

    • Paul Rollings
      Paul Rollings 29 days ago

      @Claret Mug
      You obviously did not see him play. He has improved , but he could not pass and had many negative plays. Our elite receivers were clearly frustrated

    • Paul Rollings
      Paul Rollings 29 days ago

      @Claret Mug Yes and it will be called "3rd down misses."

    • Claret Mug
      Claret Mug Month ago

      @adam east I wish you were a betting man.

    • Turley30
      Turley30 Month ago +1

      Just like " The Heisman because of the system and lack of defense" Kyler Murray did! Hahaha😂

  • hahah lol
    hahah lol Month ago +24

    Gamecocks QB is pretty good.despite the scoreboard Bama had to work hard to score.

    • LtRiot
      LtRiot 18 days ago +1

      work hard to score? rofl

    • G Grace - Bama Boy
      G Grace - Bama Boy 28 days ago +1

      😂 Work hard. You lucky Saban has respect for his former Coaches. He could kept Tua and his starters on offense and defense and scored two more touch downs. Final score 60-16

  • Cash Rules
    Cash Rules Month ago +6

    Wtf #11 the.tape was in fast fwd

  • Eugene Burns
    Eugene Burns Month ago +10

    I mean damn they still won the game. This is the SEC there's no cruising thru this league. Alabama is definitely going to the playoffs hands down that offense is the best i ever seen bama have. We actually have 3 1st round wrs and a stable. And the D is great just when is the last time bama D gave up a 100 yards rushing..okay So sit yall asses down somewhere and grab 1.

    • Ann Ann
      Ann Ann Month ago

      @Rusell Shaw Tennessee, Arkansas, Vandy, Ole Miss.

    • Ann Ann
      Ann Ann Month ago

      @Theron Wright Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Vandy

    • jamar reid
      jamar reid Month ago

      The point is SC sucks, they exposed Alabama's weak O line and defense. I doubt they make the playoffs, Georgia is finally going to whoop that ass and maybe LSU before then.

    • Nathaniel Williams
      Nathaniel Williams Month ago

      Have y'all seen avandy, Tennessee, or Mizzou??

    • Theron Wright
      Theron Wright Month ago

      Rusell Shaw Tennessee is the worse