Make it Real Zarya's Particle Cannon (PART 2/3)

  • Published on Aug 11, 2017
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Comments • 2 141

    JAIRUS OF ALL 2 years ago +1604

    This thing looks amazing!! I can't wait to see it in person!

  • lazycatz 123
    lazycatz 123 23 days ago

    Imagine your robbing a house and you accidentally make a creak then all of a sudden you heard a strange whirring sound then you turn around and there he is with a f ing lazer cannon and beside him is his wife with a plasma rifle

  • quang huy le
    quang huy le Month ago

    Can you make widowmaker sniper rifle, thanks

  • Blue Leader
    Blue Leader 2 months ago

    Bogdan getting abused and bullied for ten minutes straight

  • The Epic FearGrizzly
    The Epic FearGrizzly 2 months ago

    Ha my names braydon too🤣🤣

  • Duaij Salman
    Duaij Salman 2 months ago

    working infinity stone

  • Mohammed Aleem
    Mohammed Aleem 3 months ago

    Make jumange playing board

  • HELFF _
    HELFF _ 3 months ago +1

    Мститель is translating like the Avenger

  • Emily McAdam
    Emily McAdam 3 months ago

    Hacksmith, can you make a clerked outfit for a cat with robotic cloth covered tentacles and a attachable Tesseract in honor of Captain Marvel?

  • 위주찬
    위주찬 3 months ago

    와아 대단해

  • corvet king
    corvet king 4 months ago

    You can make a magnet glove using a amplifier speaker

  • Catriona Dooley
    Catriona Dooley 4 months ago

    This is Bradon.

    Bradon comes here and puts up with our shit all day.

  • beyblade king
    beyblade king 4 months ago

    my god these people have weapons stronger the the milletrys

  • The King Of Danger
    The King Of Danger 4 months ago +1

    This guy makes the best stuff

  • CyberSk3tch
    CyberSk3tch 4 months ago

    By the end that cannon probably weighs 50+ pounds

  • Yuki Lemon
    Yuki Lemon 5 months ago

    Tracers gun?

  • Aatman Soni
    Aatman Soni 5 months ago

    Even though I can't do the maths and help.... I want to join the team.... I imagine and check on youtube and you have made it real👍👍👍👍👍

  • Thanos 2
    Thanos 2 5 months ago

    Should make halo weapons

  • juzar bharmal
    juzar bharmal 6 months ago

    Whenever I watch this channels only one thing comes to my mind..

    They have lot of money.

  • Dallex
    Dallex 6 months ago

    *fbi entered the chat*

  • Artie Quick
    Artie Quick 6 months ago

    I NEED TO SEE THIS THING IN PERSON but idk how other than visiting

  • Cool Mania legend
    Cool Mania legend 6 months ago

    Couldn’t you have just modified lighter pieces so It won’t be as heavy

  • ghost
    ghost 6 months ago

    Imagine if someone drops it just as it is finished. It would probably shatter

  • terrell oakden
    terrell oakden 7 months ago

    Can you make a zapatron with this design

  • DANISH Roziah
    DANISH Roziah 7 months ago


  • Martin Zaragoza
    Martin Zaragoza 7 months ago

    Make lazer glass

  • Mandred85
    Mandred85 7 months ago

    Unreal Tournament 1999!

  • djmulder
    djmulder 7 months ago

    what do you guys spray on the superglue? ... here in holland we have tubes of superglue which look nowhere near yours but.. it holds like a wet teabag for an hour and then comes loose xD so curious what the difference is

  • Minerman 104
    Minerman 104 7 months ago

    Make a Turret from Portal 2.

  • thepizzacar pizza
    thepizzacar pizza 7 months ago

    Why are there people disliking this video

  • Reece Donnelly
    Reece Donnelly 8 months ago

    Imagine this guy designing weapons for the military tho

  • Ethan Henser
    Ethan Henser 8 months ago

    4:36 oooooohhhhhhhhh she swore

  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul 8 months ago


    ALVIN PRATAMA 8 months ago

    jika kau dapat membuat senjata ini pasti kau bisa membuat pistol x phoenix penggemar super

  • Kasis Singh
    Kasis Singh 8 months ago

    Make a m24

  • Dracomon
    Dracomon 8 months ago

    Sell this to Russian army or everyone (just a prop for Everyone like me)

  • Aum Acharya
    Aum Acharya 8 months ago

    I have been making every single thing you guys have ever made as long as it's affordable for me

  • Terrence Loughran
    Terrence Loughran 8 months ago

    You should make a movie off of all of what you've made on the channel

  • Carlo Gao
    Carlo Gao 8 months ago

    Lol i am playing overwatch

  • Hexariem
    Hexariem 9 months ago

    Dude you need to tell this stuff I'd want one so bad, imagine having that in your room.

  • EpicPotato
    EpicPotato 9 months ago +2

    "this is Brayden."

    *_"Brayden comes here and puts up with our shit all day"_*

  • Red Demon
    Red Demon 9 months ago


  • Kly
    Kly 9 months ago

    Heeeeeeeeeeey!! its the Ikea gun!!! :)

  • Goahn NanoMaledetto
    Goahn NanoMaledetto 9 months ago

    I have a brother named Bogdan

  • Unknown 75
    Unknown 75 9 months ago

    Could you upgrade my PS4 and make it have more storage pls

  • Luca Göde
    Luca Göde 9 months ago

    4:39 5 seconds of top of the shelf pure awkuard white guy face xD

  • Billius Balderdash
    Billius Balderdash 9 months ago

    Sandals in a workshop are a bad idea.

  • Justin An
    Justin An 9 months ago

    where is part 3/3? i couldnt find it

  • Roseheart Toxic
    Roseheart Toxic 9 months ago

    Zarya is a very Beasty lady, I mean she did rip her partical gun off a tank, so I would imagine it to be super heavy

  • Suic V
    Suic V 9 months ago +1

    Hey, I saw the logos on the ceiling (3:08), Hacksmith's, Shield's, Avengers', and Hydra's! Really nice touch!!

  • Dr. UnReal
    Dr. UnReal 9 months ago

    Why most people don’t need lasers ; )

  • Linda Huebner
    Linda Huebner 9 months ago

    make dvas bee gun!

    JAMES BOND S 10 months ago


    JAMES BOND S 10 months ago

    can you make me some spy gadgets

  • Abyss
    Abyss 10 months ago

    Can I buy one XD

  • Dreadnought 1
    Dreadnought 1 10 months ago

    can you make an imperial guard las gun

  • SuperNaung
    SuperNaung 10 months ago

    4:40 Guys why you swear/cus I thought you guys don't

  • Patrick Paragas
    Patrick Paragas 10 months ago

    Now I want to see him make bb8 😂😂😂😂

  • parth Sharma
    parth Sharma 10 months ago

    Sir are these battery available in India

  • parth Sharma
    parth Sharma 11 months ago

    Sir I want to know that from where you buy the battery

    • Shay Cormaic
      Shay Cormaic 11 months ago

      @parth Sharma I am always right

    • parth Sharma
      parth Sharma 11 months ago

      You are right

    • Shay Cormaic
      Shay Cormaic 11 months ago

      @the Hacksmith how do you get all this stuff from burger king I cofuzzed

    • Shay Cormaic
      Shay Cormaic 11 months ago

      @the Hacksmith Is that like burger king???

    • parth Sharma
      parth Sharma 11 months ago

      @the Hacksmith thank you sir