• Published on Mar 1, 2018
  • Escaping From Cops Using Magic - Drinking In Public PRANK!!!
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  • Magic Murray
    Magic Murray  Year ago +89

    I'm doing a HUGE GIVEAWAY when I hit 500k SUBSCRIBERS!
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  • vynie
    vynie Month ago +1

    Why are the cops always black

  • Samson Mito
    Samson Mito 9 months ago

    The same police , every video fakeass

  • touseef Shah
    touseef Shah 9 months ago

    Every time when I watch your video I feel like you've been released from aera51 lol 👽

  • Gal Avramov
    Gal Avramov 10 months ago +1

    1. buy a carbonated can
    2. little squeeze your can
    3. draw with black marker so it'll look like it open
    4. delete it with your hand, now it "closed" again
    5. little shake it so the gases will inflate the can and the creases will gone

  • Rupesh Panjabi
    Rupesh Panjabi Year ago

    You are awasome man.. Love you from India

  • JC GAR
    JC GAR Year ago

    Hey MagicMurray, what song do u use at the end of all your videos? It's sick, bro....by the way I like your vids 🧙‍♂️

  • dollmasterx
    dollmasterx Year ago

    Song name at 0:59 plz?

  • raul Mendez
    raul Mendez Year ago

    Te voy a invitar cuando me ponga a tomar ya q t salen gratis los tecates

  • NIJ
    NIJ Year ago

    Watch.... You watching?.. Watch

  • Jr Empire
    Jr Empire Year ago

    I swear I love your shit 💯💯 too funny especially when you walk off like you didn't do shit😂😂😂😂lmao nice work

  • EzKame _
    EzKame _ Year ago

    Everytime its the same guy

  • Student Studentic

    Why alwais you perform on cops? I follow you for a long long period, before you even did tricks on your fruends and showed some of the tricks to subscribers.
    Can you do tricks in public for other people? I would love to see that, and a video needs to be 7 mins long xd I don't want you to trick one person and that is it for that video.

  • Geraldo Magela Da Costa

    You're fantastic, number one

  • ll vuv VN
    ll vuv VN Year ago

    Like a hero

  • ll vuv VN
    ll vuv VN Year ago

    Awesome dude, can you prank like a superpowers

  • Rick Rojas
    Rick Rojas Year ago

    Black guy Din't even had a little sence of humor

  • Charles Taylor
    Charles Taylor Year ago

    Your cool bro.your videos are tight. Keep it up

  • jack krauser
    jack krauser Year ago

    tkt beer 😍😍

  • false suicide
    false suicide Year ago

    Tecate ligth jajajaja

  • peterathlonx64
    peterathlonx64 Year ago

    Stupid Us cops, you can't even drink a beer outside, everywhere else outside US you can do it

  • tre_wood
    tre_wood Year ago

    Video editing on point!

  • Broken Bones
    Broken Bones Year ago

    4 time trick same cops?

  • Flauschi Flausch
    Flauschi Flausch Year ago


  • Tecladista Requintista

    lol i love it

  • bruno que no es borja

    Subscribite al demente

  • Louisvprod
    Louisvprod Year ago

    watch watch Watch WATCH WATCH *WATCH WATCH!!!*

  • the_answer_hof
    the_answer_hof Year ago


  • Sunil Mawji
    Sunil Mawji Year ago

    That was so bad-ass lol

  • Maya Douglas
    Maya Douglas Year ago

    He Always Says "Watch" To Much

  • ma
    ma Year ago

    I would have still gave this punk a citation

  • Jessica Twinky
    Jessica Twinky Year ago

    I recently discover your channel ...... i like you

  • Sven  S
    Sven S Year ago

    So funny that u cant drink in America😂

  • Ousvec
    Ousvec Year ago

    cmon Murray, this is very simple trick, featured in Breaking magicians code.

  • Louis Van Zyl
    Louis Van Zyl Year ago

    i know how to do that trick its kinda easy

  • Abdlilah Bentahar

    You the king of magic man ... like cris angel

  • Tyler
    Tyler Year ago

    That’s an easy one take a black peice of paper and cover the hole then you poke a hole in the side and squeeze it so it looks empty then you take the paper off and put your finger over the hole and you shake it and the carbonization makes it go back

  • PhotoShopedCountryBalls

    in my town you cant even start drinking you are getting fucked if they see ya

  • Cambodia King
    Cambodia King Year ago

    Hey Merry I very love and really happy when I watch your video .😍

  • Leg of Legends
    Leg of Legends Year ago

    I need that jacket

    THE REAL GAMER Year ago

    I love this guy

  • Andy Bonilla
    Andy Bonilla Year ago +1

    Wats that song u out after ur magic

  • Hak KimChheng
    Hak KimChheng Year ago

    How could he do that?

  • Natalie Bossone
    Natalie Bossone Year ago

    yer a wizard

  • Timothy
    Timothy Year ago

    Lol red bull can

  • Thomas L
    Thomas L Year ago

    Great tricks.....were you ever on Pawn Stars??

  • Ben Hayat
    Ben Hayat Year ago

    Man you are good. You do it with fun and class.

  • Zlolkill
    Zlolkill Year ago

    Wait why is drinking against the law lol

  • SoóS Zsolt
    SoóS Zsolt Year ago


  • Cute Cake2111
    Cute Cake2111 Year ago

    You say watch WAY TO MANY TIMES

  • Arturo Perez 2
    Arturo Perez 2 Year ago

    Jesus turns water into wine touchin it... BUT THIS GUY HAVE ETHERNAL BEER JUST SHAKING THE FUCKING CAN, DAMN, THIS GUY IS AWESOME! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    KAOTIK ONE1 Year ago

    Drinking Tecate light! Good choice

  • 𝓟𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓪𝓴𝓮

    How the.. I'm amazed, did you just refill it when he wasn't looking and managed to put the cap back up?

  • Karl Huber
    Karl Huber Year ago

    I am Not from USA. Are you forbidden to drink in USA? Why? Can anyone explain it to me?

  • gd freak
    gd freak Year ago


  • Ben S
    Ben S Year ago

    How the heck did you do that???

  • He-Bro From Eternia

    cool Trick man actually around here we throw cans on the ground all the time for people who collect cans for money it's a good deed if you ask me

  • Penn FISHING
    Penn FISHING Year ago


  • Nick PA
    Nick PA Year ago

    @Magic Murray...are you fr?! If those are actual police officers, who don't know these are pranks/tricks and there is no post production editing...you're one of the best I've seen!