• Published on Dec 15, 2017
  • ♡i have been watching too much h3h3 and got in the habit of saying "totes adorbs" ironically but it's growing out of control oops i'm sorry♡
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  • Renea Taylor
    Renea Taylor 9 months ago

    Safer online lol especially for an introvert like me 🙈🙈🙈

  • amelia pozzi
    amelia pozzi 9 months ago

    jill you said "oh kkk" just connect the rest of the dots darl ilove you

  • YozoraNoAi
    YozoraNoAi Year ago

    I have the pink pants coming in large, but the measurements are too big so I was going to get it tailored! I wish we could swap

  • Paige James
    Paige James Year ago

    love her

  • Wolfgirl 22
    Wolfgirl 22 Year ago

    Can you do a video on places you shop online?

  • ethan chaste
    ethan chaste Year ago

    your hair in this is iconic

  • Dumpster Rat
    Dumpster Rat Year ago

    you should maybe try to wear more black and maybe darker colors sometimes? Of course your style is pastel but maybe you could occasionally have a little bit of dark in some of your outfits and stuff?

  • Emily Euphoria
    Emily Euphoria Year ago

    The tote!!!

  • //MyownlittlehorrorShow //

    90 baby too well 96 >.> but I still consider to be a 90 baby so you are one too by far

  • Tim And Mindy Bickerdike

    The navy stripe really makes the pastel pink and white pop against the lovely lilac 👗

  • potato_ boi
    potato_ boi Year ago

    where do you live in Canada?

  • Hayle Boutilier
    Hayle Boutilier Year ago

    I LOVE YELLOW! Always! And I'm born in 1998 too haha I will be 20 in 11 days :) when i was really young, i have pictures of me that shows my love for the color yellow , i had on yellow shoes , yellow socks , yellow pants , yellow shirt, even a yellow bow in my hair. Still love it so much, i love every color but yellow is my favourite by far :) its my happy color!! Definitely. I love being a part of the confetti club, you are sooo beautiful and sweet and cute hehe xoxo

  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson Year ago

    IM WITH YOU ON THE LATE 90s BABY TRAIN, just I was born Nov 99. REALLY late 90s baby

  • Lauren Margaret
    Lauren Margaret Year ago

    You've never looked prettier than in this video! xx

  • Oliver Wardle
    Oliver Wardle Year ago


  • Runbunbun
    Runbunbun Year ago


  • Julia Bean
    Julia Bean Year ago

    when u said u were born in ‘98 i was shooook bc i was born in ‘98 omg

  • Nachtlichtje
    Nachtlichtje Year ago

    Oh my gosh! I remember snap pants. I was born in 92 so I grew up with these things. ;w; So nostalgic.

  • Wølf Productions

    Where exactly did you buy the rainbow sweater?

  • Agneta Rupšytė
    Agneta Rupšytė Year ago

    6: 16 you have 5 ways to keep it on your body, also belt

  • lucia 28
    lucia 28 Year ago

    Just realised this chick is 10 years younger than me....god I feel old

  • yaykamilla
    yaykamilla Year ago +1


  • Gerthuya Rana
    Gerthuya Rana Year ago


  • Carmen Miller
    Carmen Miller Year ago

    She said kkk

  • Isabella Lopez
    Isabella Lopez Year ago

    Shiny shiny shiny pants 🎶🎵🎶🎼🎵🎶

  • MoonFigures
    MoonFigures Year ago

    I hope you never have to pee while wearing those pants XD

  • Cass W
    Cass W Year ago +1

    We have Boxing Day in Canada! :)

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago +1

      +Cass W I’m Canadian haha ☺️🇨🇦💕

  • Hellokitty Nerd
    Hellokitty Nerd Year ago

    Lazy oaf needs to sponsor Pixie

  • Bingo Martinez
    Bingo Martinez Year ago +1

    The pants also have those loops to put a belt.... Imagine a belt on top of all that!!

  • Akemi
    Akemi Year ago

    I really love the clothes you make! where do you share your clothing creations? also please please please do a sewing video! i'd really like to see more of your creations and especially the thought process behind them and your inspirations! love you

  • Raven Lees
    Raven Lees Year ago

    Yo we the same age my dude ayeee

  • ANaturalMess
    ANaturalMess Year ago

    Man I need to go to Canada then I won't want to die because of my social anxiety on black Friday

  • brendon195
    brendon195 Year ago +4

    *continues making disgruntled old man noises at the fact that tearaway pants are back*

  • Ithrenniel
    Ithrenniel Year ago

    I love your videos Jillian! They always make me warm and happy at heart!

  • A person who lives on YouTube.

    I love the green minty color soooo sooo soo much

  • Lena_lol
    Lena_lol Year ago +1

    Can you make more Look book's. ❤️i love you and your videos❤️

  • Angie phatsuda Millan Bueno

    I love you ❤️

  • Sara A
    Sara A Year ago

    I really like the tote bag!

  • MiNA MoO
    MiNA MoO Year ago +2

    So snap pants were in fashion in the 90s....i wore them all through high school...showing my age lol! But they are so much fun!

  • NerdBurgerRad
    NerdBurgerRad Year ago

    Your hauls and look books are my favorites 😍😍

  • Rii Chan
    Rii Chan Year ago +1


  • FourEyes
    FourEyes Year ago +1

    I want your entire room and clothes.
    aaaaa but seriously you and all of your things are so cute

  • Amy Newsom-Leblanc

    Boo to defective snaps!

  • Caeli Flowers
    Caeli Flowers Year ago

    pls make your own reusable tote bags that say "totes adorbs" bc i would LOVE

  • Becky
    Becky Year ago

    This dress is small? Medium? Large? Shmedium? Mearge? Shmarge? LaShmedium?

  • Corin Miyuki
    Corin Miyuki Year ago

    you are precious and I love you

  • Teruflag
    Teruflag Year ago

    yesss! a haul!!!! im so happy oml

  • yellowscarlet7
    yellowscarlet7 Year ago

    You’re such a role model for me :) I love your confidence in being true to who you are! These videos encourage me to do the same ❤️

  • Shellytbh
    Shellytbh Year ago +1

    I'm so jealous I wanted that rainbow sweater so bad but it's sold out :((((((

  • Jasmine Gallagher

    You seem so much happier now I'm gonna CRY !!!! Maybe cause of your gf, maybe because TVclip is your full time job now, who knows.. but I'm happy you're happy!!!

  • Livette
    Livette Year ago

    Sharmander/Sharla has the same tote bag!! Weird cat ladies unite!

  • ꓄ꍟꈤꍏꉓꀤꂦꀎꌗ

    Hello wonderful people!! My friend is in the hospital , and she really needs a miracle right now, please pray for her if possible :) thank you so much, I have known her my wholeLife and she's gone through a lot,

  • A S H D W
    A S H D W Year ago

    Don't apologize for wearing a cute-ass dress twice. NEVEEEER.

  • Alexia Rivera
    Alexia Rivera Year ago +1

    If you go to younow she is live and she will answer your questons

  • callmewanderer
    callmewanderer Year ago

    Every now and then in the middle of one of your videos I get a little overwhelmed by the happy rainbow pastel fluffyness of your existence like wow what a good human

  • Isobell Mahree
    Isobell Mahree Year ago

    Scotch guard it Jill

  • Tabitha
    Tabitha Year ago

    yasss fake rich person I love it

  • Bry
    Bry Year ago

    Yay I NEED a winter look book soo bad! !😍😍

  • Alex Walsh
    Alex Walsh Year ago

    this look is like if Mike wheeler was a real human fairy girl in 2017 and I LIVE

  • Hiyori Sternfunkel

    I love you. Cnuddel ^^

  • Sunsets Edits
    Sunsets Edits Year ago

    I’m actually living for the glitter you used as highlight under your eyebrows 💗😍

  • Leigh Fredman
    Leigh Fredman Year ago

    I'd love to see a lazy oaf look book 💖

  • Malin Östgren
    Malin Östgren Year ago +1

    Cant you PLEASE make a new room tour?! 🙏🏼

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Year ago

    Why has pewdipie have 57 mill and she hasn't??

  • LocusFarente
    LocusFarente Year ago

    We were born in the same year WHHHAATTT?❤️❤️❤️

  • Missa E.
    Missa E. Year ago


  • Eliza Goseyun
    Eliza Goseyun Year ago

    🐩 pixie! Buy some jeans in your style. Pastel, never seen you in jeans.🌈 Love your dress!🍭

    SEOKYOUNG YANG Year ago +1

    such a cutie i adore the bag

  • Cassidy Johnson
    Cassidy Johnson Year ago

    Omg love the fur pastel jacket.

  • Curly
    Curly Year ago

    Does lazy oaf have plus size? I don't think they do, do they?

  • Illyana Morales Cook

    yes to reusable totes

  • Sirenastar A
    Sirenastar A Year ago +1

    New tattoo getters: I'm here in my cute convenient outfit
    Seasoned tattoo getters: I just woke up and came here... just go ahead and cut the pantleg off I don't care

  • Raneen Qura
    Raneen Qura Year ago

    Most beautiful cotton candy coat for most beautiful cotton candy girl :)

  • Hollyann Rose
    Hollyann Rose Year ago

    Love Ur minty Mane mama

  • MonsieurPoiz
    MonsieurPoiz Year ago

    Ahhhh we got the same sugar thrillz coat I'm very happy

  • B.
    B. Year ago

    Hey Doll, the clasp on the shiny pants is, a pant hook. They are most popular in dress pants and skirts.

  • Sakura Crow
    Sakura Crow Year ago

    The weird cat lady bag is so cute! Taylor R also got one for Sharla for Christmas!!!

  • Morgan Evans
    Morgan Evans Year ago

    I heckin love the rainbow roll neck sweater 💕🌈

  • sunflower syndrome

    I can't wait to see your tattoo🤓💗💕💞💟

  • Nerdy Unicorn
    Nerdy Unicorn Year ago

    Give me coat rawr lol I love it soo much

  • sunflower syndrome
    sunflower syndrome Year ago +5

    This is just a random thought but...
    I wonder if anyone born in the 90s can truly be called a "90s kid." Whether you were born in the early 90s or late 90s, people born in the 90s weren't old enough to enjoy the trends of the 90s since they were just born. I feel like those born from the mid-70s to the 80s are technically the true 90s kids; since they had time to grow and spend their childhood during the 90s...
    But, I do like to be labeled as a "90s kid," though.😄 It feels cool...😅

  • Max Holyoak
    Max Holyoak Year ago

    Omg I really wanna get that rainbow turtle neck but I cant😭 coz I be broke af👌✌️

  • Sophie Potter
    Sophie Potter Year ago

    Your hair looks amaze!

  • Sam And Colby Stan
    Sam And Colby Stan Year ago +55

    Still monetized 💓🙏🏻

  • Murakami R
    Murakami R Year ago

    You buy so much stuff. I enjoy your vids but wow... I buy one or two things like every other month.

  • Andy Dawn
    Andy Dawn Year ago

    Yee, I cant wait to see the new tattoo! ❤️ I still have NO idea what I want for my next tattoo, maybe ill get something magical girl themed. I have a gothy Dracula tattoo on one arm, maybe i could have gothy tattoos on one side and kawaii tattoos on the other 😂😊

  • Myrissa Flowers
    Myrissa Flowers Year ago

    Sharla just got the Crazy Cat Lady bag too!

  • Cat Sirrah
    Cat Sirrah Year ago

    Apparently 🇬🇧 doesnt even have plastic bags you have to bring your own. I reuse my plastic bags a lot tho, and sometimes my cart is packed and Id need a giant bag for all my bags.

  • Itz._. Gia
    Itz._. Gia Year ago


  • ashton colley
    ashton colley Year ago

    I love this background and your hair!!!!!!

  • Cat Sirrah
    Cat Sirrah Year ago

    Make a tutorial on making you dress smaller? You area fashion designer. :)

  • Cat Sirrah
    Cat Sirrah Year ago

    Lipstick and lips are beautiful.

  • Blithe Dream
    Blithe Dream Year ago

    Hang on, you’re 3 years younger than me??
    I assumed you were in your 20s! I’m so used to cool people being older than me

  • Cinnamom
    Cinnamom Year ago

    the way you said "sick fashionable tote" love it lol

  • gypsyrose90
    gypsyrose90 Year ago

    I am living for that dress you have. 👌🏻

  • Tiffy Ri
    Tiffy Ri Year ago


  • Todd Robertson
    Todd Robertson Year ago

    I've seen the zipper-hook-button combo in a lot of skirts.

  • Tamara Fernández Iglesias

    Omg your fringe is so well dyed

  • gloria herbert
    gloria herbert Year ago +3


  • Linnea200
    Linnea200 Year ago

    The dress is super duper cute, so it deserves to be in two videos, anyway!