The 5 Minute MIND EXERCISE That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (Your Brain Will Not Be The Same)


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  • Your Youniverse
    Your Youniverse  Year ago +51

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  • NOW IS
    NOW IS Day ago

    Can this meditation be used for attracting a relationship, i.e, a committed partner? How do you be specific if you don't know there name and if you do know their name does it work as well?

  • Jada Carroll
    Jada Carroll 4 days ago

    What if I rub my hands together before putting them on my head to give more energy?

  • manvinder1mudan
    manvinder1mudan 4 days ago

    Please could you help me, and let me know how I can manifest my desired job using this. I would be grateful.
    There is a position and the job has been advertised how can I manifest it using this technique?

  • W.
    W. 4 days ago +1

    Where do you find an electrician that does this?

  • Bonnie greatorex
    Bonnie greatorex 5 days ago +1

    Thank you

  • fabio costa
    fabio costa 7 days ago

    I dont know if this works for what i want... I live alone with my 4 year old daughter and were in a new town and i just broke up with my gf and i realised that i dont have any friends here... I have work colleagues but outside of work i cant seem get to get to know anyone ! Spend my weekends alone with my kid... Its pretry depressing because im like the opposite of what girls hate on guys plus im good looking but somehow i dont seem to make any friends. And i actually really want and like being around people friends girlfriends whatever...

  • Bernal
    Bernal 8 days ago +1

    Great video .. Great information , it does not hurt by trying it ... Tks for sharing

  • Ihsan Deeb
    Ihsan Deeb 9 days ago

    Great video but I wish you would of told us to keep both of our hands on our head. I’ll rewatch this video again later, but in all fairness the video helped me, so god bless you for your post 🙏🏼

  • Mood Jay
    Mood Jay 10 days ago

    does this work for abstract things like tension, for example " take my tension away"

  • Yogita Ram
    Yogita Ram 11 days ago

    When the day i will leave my husband that day I will be much better I know that

  • h j
    h j 14 days ago

    I got something in my eye near the end

  • Rand Sidawi
    Rand Sidawi 14 days ago

    Did i lose my mind because i come to such videos every now and then or am i actually starting to be enlightened ?

  • Restore The Earth
    Restore The Earth 19 days ago

    I was looking for a video that would help me get to sleep and it is working. I also thought about finding something I want. Thank you.

  • John M
    John M 20 days ago

    Can I do this with limiting beliefs?

  • Fransina Baulet
    Fransina Baulet 21 day ago

    Wow,all the blessing from Namibia

  • project prodigy
    project prodigy 23 days ago

    Ive been seeing a bright light in the shape of a pyramid with a bright spot like an eye on top. After this exercise the light turns red with a red dot atop a pyramid.

  • kalinsbradata
    kalinsbradata 23 days ago +1

    Im realy thankful for this method its exactly what i needed

  • XxSniperxX
    XxSniperxX 24 days ago

    Try weed it will make u feel 10x smarter and relaxed

  • emilia daniela
    emilia daniela 29 days ago +3

    I did this and then the next day I won the lottery. :D Just go for it! Nothing can stop you.

  • Gri Court
    Gri Court Month ago

    What if we desire is not an object but where we want to see ourselves in our life? Like some keep falling because their subconscious mind is running the program of not succeeding but they wish to see themselves the next year being successful in running their business.
    How can this wish be formulated to reprogram the subconscious mind? Thank you for any help!

  • Gri Court
    Gri Court Month ago

    Can magnets be put on instead of the hands? Like one 1500 gauss magnet on the forehead and one on the back and do everything else like you say? Thanks

  • Mary Ann Markowitz
    Mary Ann Markowitz Month ago +1

    Love this and will rinse and repeat, thanks!!

  • synthesizer301
    synthesizer301 Month ago +1

    love your voice its so clear

  • Crazy Artist
    Crazy Artist Month ago

    Can it work for happiness? Feelings?

  • Happy Cubing
    Happy Cubing Month ago

    Try these
    These will start working in 3weeks. I hope you know it.

  • Patty Pederson
    Patty Pederson Month ago

    Beautifully done and so inspirational. I also recommend Nila Webster's meditation for healing with cancer on her You Tube channel. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2010 and is doing great,. Here is her guided meditation. Uplifting to all. Beautiful

    FREEDOM MARIE Month ago +2


  • lucas melo
    lucas melo Month ago

    I need stronger arms to do that. :)

  • Wajma Zorrilla
    Wajma Zorrilla Month ago +4

    I did this for more than thirty days and manifested a house in a tough market! This works!!!! I did it and forgot and today I just remembered how to rewire your brain and this video popped up! Im doing it again for my Tesla and new successful career!!!! 🙏🏽💓💓🙏🏽

  • michael mckenney
    michael mckenney Month ago +1

    life is beautiful

  • Sherry Carroll
    Sherry Carroll Month ago +1

  • Gabriel DeRapp
    Gabriel DeRapp Month ago +83

    After my wife passed, my life changed. I started eating better food, exercised, Moved out of the house, got an apartment. Total change of routine. Now I'm feeling better than when I was younger. WHAT AM I DOING RIGHT? ... EVERYTHING!
    Life will be changing again for me; I'm turning 65 and I feel 40. All from positive thinking.
    Oh yes and, I love your video great work!

    • Gabriel DeRapp
      Gabriel DeRapp Day ago

      ​+pakhtoon baryali. Eat healthy foods, exercise your body and your mind every day. And watch videos like this to learn what you want in life.

    • W.
      W. 7 days ago +1

      You might have chosen a better way to talk about your life changes and even left out your wife's passing.

    • Gabriel DeRapp
      Gabriel DeRapp 17 days ago +2

      +EnigMa AGODAMi It was difficult for the first two years, readjusting, relocating and re-emerging from the ashes. As they say in the movies.

    • EnigMa AGODAMi
      EnigMa AGODAMi 17 days ago

      Gabriel DeRapp **SoRRy foR youR losS bReThReN buT iT's upLifTinG to find yoU in good spiRiTs.!!** 😇

    • Spider man
      Spider man 18 days ago

      Gay motherfucker.

    ADNAN BHAT 2 months ago

    My mind is black I can't thought it wt to do

  • Natasha m
    Natasha m 2 months ago

    What about those who have severe can this help

    AHKIUREEM SHABAZZ 2 months ago

    I loved this. Thank you so much. You will never know how much YOU just HELPED ME. 🙈🙉🙊💪

  • Secret love
    Secret love 2 months ago

    Anyone know the background music ?

  • Anita Carter
    Anita Carter 2 months ago +3

    Mind over matter!!😆🤷🏻‍♀️🙌🏻

  • Juttima Jutijudata
    Juttima Jutijudata 2 months ago

    Can this method somehow help heal stroke problem?

  • Wendy M
    Wendy M 2 months ago

    Do you think you can use this for a good night sleep instead of an object?

  • TheLouisMotivational
    TheLouisMotivational 2 months ago

    Well See. I try for the next 30 days and get back to you....

  • Gary Simone
    Gary Simone 2 months ago

    I refuse to say or what the psych docs tell me but had anyone used this to battle mental illness ???

  • Aman Quazi
    Aman Quazi 2 months ago

    Can someone suggest me an affirmation for increasing height.. it would be really helpful

  • michelle Fears
    michelle Fears 2 months ago

    Thank YOU

  • matthew king
    matthew king 2 months ago

    purely awesome message

  • Cobra77775
    Cobra77775 3 months ago

    Subtle energies? What energy for example?

  • ZenLifeBalance
    ZenLifeBalance 3 months ago

    Absolutely love this video. Your channel is amazing. Such an inspiration. ☮️💕

  • Ashley Noel
    Ashley Noel 3 months ago

    Love it

  • lui
    lui 3 months ago

    We’re just all going to forget that she left us with our hands on our heads. Didn’t tell us when to stop

  • I Want A 6 Pack Motivation

    Wish for less = less overhead, less problems = more freedom.

  • pavelzaitsev
    pavelzaitsev 3 months ago

    Funny I imagined this technique myself on my. Own and it works

  • Winter Blue
    Winter Blue 3 months ago


  • Christian Bokam
    Christian Bokam 3 months ago

    the day ... some political party and the person they put in charge will stop being "evil" to the international community.... but as of today , it looks like 2020 will be worst than the past 3 years!!!

  • Fatima Achmat
    Fatima Achmat 3 months ago


  • WeTube
    WeTube 3 months ago +1

    One Love

  • GitfiddleMike
    GitfiddleMike 3 months ago

    I have to admire the visual aspects of this video.

    KADAMASOUL 3 months ago

    I have MS I'm losing my vision immediately, I say keyboard because I can't eel my fingertips either I did just as the exercises recommended, then I hear the manifest part...and I go WEED! HAPPY! WEED! Bursed laughing, it's been 10 minutes

  • Balasundram Murugasen
    Balasundram Murugasen 3 months ago

    How about relationship to do this process?

  • Javi Gonzalez
    Javi Gonzalez 3 months ago +1

    Gracias por este video.

  • lisa fiel
    lisa fiel 3 months ago +1

    wake each morning worried that with 8 billion on the planet - overpopulation and the environmental devastation is not something i could ever change but knowing we have defiled this Earth and the clock is running out on for our environmentally doomed world no I am not happy we have defiled Gods planet . thanks people for defiling this planet with selfishness and greed and no I cannot be positive knowing the truth that the planet is doomed

    • Matt*ma* Ghandi
      Matt*ma* Ghandi 2 months ago

      I hear - and feel you! I'm in the same boat (Strange that we haven't met...I've been here for so long - and the boat is so ominously small ;-). But the fact that the number of passengers are low is hardly and sadly not of any consolation - as I'm sure you know all too well).
      And I feel that this, relatively new kind of wish fulfilling-BS-"spirituality" is just adding to the problem(s) by reeinforcing the notion that we can't truly be happy unless we do get that thing we've been dreaming of for so long but can't afford.
      Just when you thought that our sickly materialistic worldview of ours, that has poisoned our world both figuratively and literally, couldn't possibly deteriorate things any further - even our prevalent so called spirituality been degraded into mere materialism!
      If stuff and/or money could buy or bestow happiness - at least most of the people living in the "West" should be happy already. Instead, while becoming well-drilled and full-time consumers, we top the charts only when it comes to rates of BMI, mental illness, drug-dependency (prescription as well as illicit) and suicide!!!!

  • Pat Meruseye
    Pat Meruseye 3 months ago +1

    WONDERFUL Video & POWERFUL!!! Messages you share here :) Thankyou very much for this video. LOVE & LIGHT ~ Pat

  • Lore Murdock
    Lore Murdock 3 months ago +2

    I know that this is absolutely true. Thanks for these perfect reminders! I read the Bible every day to keep connected to reality and stay disconnected from the dogma of the love of money, power, wealth etc which results in no happiness. There is more to life than happiness, namely, caring for others. Our positive vibrations are deliberate and strong and the opposite is true. Some if the very negative comments here, about religion, are hurtful. The bible and religious dogma are not the same thing.

  • Mrs Sibghatullah
    Mrs Sibghatullah 3 months ago

    There are two kind of energies in this universe no. 1 bright energy and no. 2 dark energy and the problem is how we can create the good energy so we can lighten our self. I think to lighten our self internally is to meditate some time at night in a peaceful place. That will not even rewire our brain but also the whole bode will be rewired.

  • Ruemann
    Ruemann 3 months ago

    Its called Faith ;-)

  • Jamie Banner
    Jamie Banner 3 months ago +1

    Interesting. People are so obsessed with physical exercise I don't take the time to exercise the brain. But the most important thing is your brain. Discovering things. making decisions. Ideas. People have the idea that physical exercise is the best thing when it's not. Not being funny but I don't see someone who's likes intense physical training being the next person who discovers the cure for cancer... so yeah keep fat down but same time don't treat it as The Cure. The brain is the answer. And you need to have a healthy mind to do the things you want to do. This is where the government goes wrong. Nanny Estate clamping dkwn telling us what to do how to live. It's good to be physically healthy but at same time we need people with brains. Donald Trump didn't get to where he is through going down the gym. .. so brain exercise first everything else after. I'm not an obese person or overweight by the way I exercise lol. It just annoys me... I exercise and don't feel mentally better. So I realise is not physical it's inside. I want to stop suppressing my interests. Because people think it's weird that you have a passion for insects lol .. but I'm physically healthy lol .. there's one thing I like to point out and sometimes the mind can turn against you. And that's when nightmares come in but it can happen in consciousness. And then there's depression fighting Demons. So mental health is important because it can take you down Tough want to conquer. . The exercising the brain would surely help

  • Marie Leclair
    Marie Leclair 4 months ago +1

    Thank you 🙏🏻MERCI BEAUCOUP 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  • passivemoon
    passivemoon 4 months ago +1

    Thank you.

  • Nu Gamer
    Nu Gamer 4 months ago +3

    Wow. This is totally something new. Been doing guided meditations and I believe this method combines NLP, Taichi/Qigong and goal setting all in one. Many thanks.

  • joe santo
    joe santo 4 months ago +3

    the partner i want is on her way
    thank you

  • Sherry Irvin
    Sherry Irvin 4 months ago

    Thought I'd I've it a go- gonna have at it to help me know

  • karla kineman
    karla kineman 4 months ago +3

    This is a wonderful Video. Thank you So much. For those who got stuck on the material car thing.... You can do this for aligning with God.... Or what ever vibration that you wish to hold. I would however search deep about the judgments that you have about God not being in the physical..An do your best to let that go.. Perhaps that is the very area that you have been blocking.our thoughts and judgements are always a reflection on what we are at.For me I choose to align with Vibrant Health Every cell being filled with the light of God that created it. An so it is.. I'm shifting to Vibrant Health

  • Authentic Person #987123
    Authentic Person #987123 4 months ago +1

    Thank you.

  • J o s S
    J o s S 4 months ago

    The power of attraction

  • Morgan Childs
    Morgan Childs 4 months ago

    will this for Love too, like asking for a loving partner or does it have to be object

  • Morgan Childs
    Morgan Childs 4 months ago +1

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I love this channel soooooo much!
    Question:. can we do thid with a few more things too? Like for instance, let's say I do this to get a new place to live? Ok, then let's say, I also want a job or a car of some sort. Can I wait like an hour or so and do another wish??

    • Morgan Childs
      Morgan Childs 4 months ago

      Your Youniverse thank you!

    • Your Youniverse
      Your Youniverse  4 months ago +1

      Hi Morgan. Thank you for your kind words. Each person is different, so you'll have to test what works best for you. You can certainly work on multiple manifestations with this process.

  • Paul Olivier
    Paul Olivier 4 months ago


  • mostly cats 222
    mostly cats 222 4 months ago +2

    ty really appreciate this.

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant 4 months ago +3

    You are amazing

  • john jay
    john jay 5 months ago +7

    Very true indeed... and I unknowingly have followed from my youth this attitude and approach. I said unknowingly because only later in my life these great books were written such as "The Biology of Belief" by Bruce Lipton, "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle, and several great books by Dr. Joe Dispenza... the last one I read recently was "You Are The Placebo" that has become another manual in my great collection of enlightening and true when in comes to human mind, intellect, and how we shape it by our own thoughts, acts and behavior. Otherwise how to explain my challenging and adventurous life all along for many decades before even research has taken in the last 3-4 decades. All these books have basically were written only after science and research took a leap by the since the dawn of the modern age of the computer. Life is a gift and knowing how valuable it is and how to maximize it developing your hidden potential is abundantly accessible and almost free presently. Living in the present implies to learn how to become your best as we each are loaded with great potential and it is left for us to realize them. Lucky generation, as we had none of these... when we were young, many decades ago.

  • Paul J
    Paul J 5 months ago

    I remember when I first realised that Jesus never existed. Amazing stuff.

  • Brandi Jones
    Brandi Jones 5 months ago

    will this help with correcting lazy eye specifically Dwayne syndrome...

  • Ernesto Caro
    Ernesto Caro 5 months ago

    What's a poem what's

  • Ignigknok
    Ignigknok 5 months ago +1

    Anyway to send this out to ALL DEMOCRATS? Just need to rewire their brains to understand opinion is NOT fact. And words do NOT harm anyone but the emotional and that the emotional have NO place in politics. Hillary is still crying to this day, its absurd.

  • Duane
    Duane 5 months ago

    Mite help to have photo of car to see daily. Maybe go set in one, test drive. Yes, no ?

  • Duane
    Duane 5 months ago

    I was wondering if that 3rd eye thing was bs. I just havent researched it yet.

  • Jikook's wedding planner
    Jikook's wedding planner 5 months ago +1

    Just subscribed sis! Absolutely beautiful.

  • Ellen Ntsheng
    Ellen Ntsheng 5 months ago +3

    I love the video. I cannot lift both my hands at the same time. But did what I could. :-)

    • Elehshua Chinzera
      Elehshua Chinzera 4 months ago +1

      Ellen Ntsheng Great effort! Now watch the Universe comply!

  • Harry Wilbur
    Harry Wilbur 5 months ago +1

    Thank you so much for helping me and changing the way I think about everything we are Limitless being with endless possibilities. What you put into this world is what you get out of this world

  • Andrehya Azzato
    Andrehya Azzato 5 months ago +6

    Just wanted to share.. After watching your video about how you came to create your channel, I felt so inspired. Hearing your story about working through extreme anxiety & overcoming your mental challenges gave me hope for my own obstacles. I just want to thank you for developing such an uplifting & inspirational platform for others to become in touch with themselves. I’m so grateful that there is people like you to spread healing & loving energies to others. 😊

  • jhm s-tagg
    jhm s-tagg 5 months ago

    Thanks, =worth a try. I am starting today. 29 days to go.

  • Rosie
    Rosie 5 months ago +1

    Brilliant!! Thank you so much this is really helpful and just what I needed to find!

  • Berniegobo
    Berniegobo 5 months ago

    Thanks so much! 🤗🌷


    I was taking a bath and being thankfull for the Tasty Mango i eat 5:04 A.M this Morning before sun Aproache so was thinking on a 2019 jaguar F pace svr right at that very Moment win she said a car for exemple win she said that i smile and say thank you inner guide'$ Luv you spirit🏞 of Focus🌄

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  • Mr. Ford
    Mr. Ford 5 months ago +1

    "Gratitude, to you & Ur's Thank you!"💫:🙌:💫
    for my wealth to freely €xpress, Myself & Others..
    "Bless it, Be."✌

  • jyoti saxena
    jyoti saxena 5 months ago +1

    Only one word with my full heart
    ..Thanku thanku thanku...☺

  • A D
    A D 5 months ago +1

    Man that felt good! ☺️

  • cdonatellamakeup
    cdonatellamakeup 5 months ago

    what if the emotions that come up while manifesting are anxiety and sadness versus happiness? thats what I struggle with! I can't find a way to change how I am feeling! Please help

  • Beth Barte
    Beth Barte 5 months ago

    I was gonna do this process but it has something with the third eye 👁 and maybe it’ll open mined so no thank you

  • living with anxiety Lisa johnson

    Hi all I suffer with anxiety and ptsd I have done a blog on anxiety and ptsd on my you tube channel living with anxiety Lisa johnson x