• Published on Apr 22, 2019
    MY MAKEUP PRODUCTS!! bit.ly/2Ey7sOp
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    Jeffree Star Magic Star Powder
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    Most of the above are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission when people buy through my link.

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    -What do you film with?
    Canon 750d bit.ly/2fWUQ7f
    Lens amzn.to/2t666DN
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    -Why is your channel called sophdoesnails? I started my Instagram account a couple years before TVclip, where I did loads of nail art. When I started youtube I wanted to keep the same name so I was easier to find! Nail videos are too difficult to film + I prefer makeup!
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Comments • 994

  • Ann Yeong
    Ann Yeong 14 days ago +1

    she looks like chloe g moretz

  • elebecepe
    elebecepe 24 days ago +1

    I don't know how it looks in person but from here what you call oily looks radiant/glowy and to me overall very fresh and pretty.

  • Yolandi De Villiers
    Yolandi De Villiers Month ago +1

    Soph got some really random shades, C4 is for 'light skin with rose undertones', then she got C8 which is for 'light to medium with olive undertones'. Just confused as to why the undertones are so different

  • Jessica
    Jessica 2 months ago +2

    She basically used this concealer as a foundation

  • Angry Dalish Elf
    Angry Dalish Elf 2 months ago +2

    6:11 is when she finally applies it.

  • MJ Oliver
    MJ Oliver 3 months ago +1

    Goodness, you used that concealer like a foundation.

  • Kaylee Pitman
    Kaylee Pitman 4 months ago +1

    your swatches were SO helpful, i use shape tape in fair and now i can totally find the perfect shade!

  • Casey Schubert
    Casey Schubert 5 months ago +1

    I literally die every day..its over 100° here.

  • Hideki Films
    Hideki Films 5 months ago +1

    i wear glasses and you cant do anything about the glasses mark with any foundation or concealer

  • Guadalupe Mandujano
    Guadalupe Mandujano 5 months ago

    Wow girl its concealer not foundation. Relax

  • Luna Aurrora
    Luna Aurrora 5 months ago +1

    You are so adorable😍😍😍

  • Charlotte Philliskirk
    Charlotte Philliskirk 5 months ago +1

    Who else pronounce almond as All-mond

  • Charlotte Philliskirk
    Charlotte Philliskirk 5 months ago +1

    I remember when it was boiling hot on Easter Saturday and Sunday. It was horrible

  • Chloe Sullivan
    Chloe Sullivan 5 months ago +1

    Her smile lines would be hard to cover

  • annie visnaw
    annie visnaw 6 months ago +1

    sHe GoT c4 :0

  • Shari Perrault
    Shari Perrault 6 months ago +1

    Did you use concealer for foundation? Lol

  • Niki Amaral
    Niki Amaral 6 months ago +1

    I want to see a Tarte Stay Spray wear test! ♥️

  • Ayvie Brady
    Ayvie Brady 6 months ago +2

    It was very warm in the uk lol xxx

  • Brenna McFarland
    Brenna McFarland 6 months ago +2

    i love how much work you put into your videos!

  • Hanshika human
    Hanshika human 6 months ago +1

    One day I'll also but he products
    Aapna time aayega

  • Erica P
    Erica P 6 months ago +1

    Jeffrey: the powder smells like cotton candy, it’s supposed to smell like that
    Everyone who ever tried it for the first time: OMLLLLL IT SMELLS SO GOOD!!
    Soph: didn’t watch the video just bought it Lol

  • Lea Mcgill
    Lea Mcgill 6 months ago +1

    Where did you get that lightning bolt necklace?

  • model_madness123_
    model_madness123_ 6 months ago +1

    Literally so nice to have someone the SAME colour as me. Everything that goes well for soph I can feel assured will suit me too

  • Charlie Scott
    Charlie Scott 6 months ago +1

    C2 is perfect for me 😂

  • Holly Leach
    Holly Leach 6 months ago +1

    What shade would you say matches the revolution C1

  • Kat
    Kat 6 months ago +1

    Candy Floss is cotton candy in your country? That's so weird because Floss in the USA means like tooth Floss lol

  • Lindsey Elizabeth
    Lindsey Elizabeth 6 months ago

    The oil is bad and it set in ur smile lines...botox will fix those

  • Lindsey Elizabeth
    Lindsey Elizabeth 6 months ago

    Turn on ur conditioner lol

  • shoba rani
    shoba rani 6 months ago +1

    Why your lips are soooooo pink you don't need a lipstick what you keep to your lips

  • dan
    dan 6 months ago

    Try the Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer on your fine line

  • storm le cat
    storm le cat 6 months ago

    Gotta luv us brits we moan about the rainy ikky weather and also complain when it's sunny and warm hehehe 😆

  • Kawaii Disney Girl
    Kawaii Disney Girl 7 months ago

    Hi i’m Also from the uk it’s really hot right now I love your videos i’m Also a TVclipr

    IMCHEN 7 months ago

    You look like Sabrina

  • Angel Tokar
    Angel Tokar 7 months ago

    You’re literally so pretty

  • SlytherinKitten-
    SlytherinKitten- 7 months ago

    “In the garden” are you rich? Lol

  • SlytherinKitten-
    SlytherinKitten- 7 months ago

    I did not buy the powder but i use physicians formula translucent powder and i find that the concealer creases by my nose a bit? Like after a few hours it never fully settles on my skin its always able to move around easily which is kind of annoying cause it will transfer. Not sure if i need to use his powder or get a setting spray

  • Trufflethehound
    Trufflethehound 7 months ago

    you need to try the kiehls night oil! literally transformed my skin from oily to "normal" :D x

  • Charlie Tran
    Charlie Tran 7 months ago

    Your lashes are gorgeous 😍

  • Victoria Short
    Victoria Short 7 months ago

    You look so much like Reese Witherspoon when she was young!

  • Rebecca Brumpton
    Rebecca Brumpton 7 months ago

    3:52 sometimes I always 😂😂😂

  • missy Martinez
    missy Martinez 7 months ago

    Skin definitely looks beautiful even after your walk

  • R. Kamphaus
    R. Kamphaus 7 months ago

    C4 is the lightest shade, however, it is for a different undertone.

  • Mia_theburmese
    Mia_theburmese 7 months ago

    It is 43°C

  • Katie Shannon
    Katie Shannon 7 months ago

    For the price per ounce the concealer is one of the most expensive. You only get 3.5ml!

  • Karen Ramirez
    Karen Ramirez 7 months ago

    U look like sabrina carpenter:)

  • Lauren C
    Lauren C 7 months ago

    I never wear foundation and usually only a little of a cream concealer. And i do like this one, it doesn’t look weird. And the shades do go light. I got C2 and it’s actually light enough for me.

  • monique van vlerken
    monique van vlerken 7 months ago

    this is so totally not your brand girl

  • Valerie Rojas
    Valerie Rojas 7 months ago

    To be fair, your clean skin looked oily in the beginning before the products were even applied....

  • Brittany Sears
    Brittany Sears 7 months ago

    I appreciate the packaging BUT I feel like it’s just so unnecessary and a huge reason this product is so expensive for such a small amount.

  • Avalon Kenton
    Avalon Kenton 7 months ago

    Can you find a dupe for this like a Makeup revolution one or a Maybelline one?

  • S Miranda
    S Miranda 7 months ago

    Cute face 🤭❤️@8:28

  • Deborah May
    Deborah May 7 months ago

    Omg! You look just like Chloe Moretz!

  • Ellie May
    Ellie May 7 months ago

    Love you so muchhh❤️❤️

  • KilljoysMakeSomeNoise
    KilljoysMakeSomeNoise 7 months ago

    You are one of these people that look better without makeup than with makeup on. Wow, what a natural beauty!

  • Tony Knight
    Tony Knight 7 months ago +2

    U give me Sabrina Carpenter tease. Ur pretty. ☺️🙌🏾

  • Tiffany Rachelle
    Tiffany Rachelle 7 months ago

    No one :
    Soph : * uses concealer as foundation *

  • Patty F
    Patty F 7 months ago

    It snowed in the US this weekend

  • Brittany Bond
    Brittany Bond 7 months ago +1

    Every single video I have watched they literally choke on the powder 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • jess [HTx]
    jess [HTx] 7 months ago

    Did you use concealer as foundation? 🤔

  • Kylie Smith
    Kylie Smith 7 months ago +2

    jeffrey should sell refills for the concealer! win win solution for both parties