18-in-1 multi-tool the size of a credit card!

  • Published on Jul 15, 2014
  • Outfit any wallet with 18 useful, everyday tools with the Wallet Ninja.
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    This perfectly flat multi-tool packs six wrenches, four screwdrivers, two rulers, a cellphone stand, a bottle opener, a can opener, a letter opener, a box cutter, and a fruit peeler into a single piece of steel the size of a credit card.
    The TSA-approved Wallet Ninja boasts a lifetime guarantee to never rust, bend, or dull.
    Made from 4X heat-treated steel, Wallet Ninja is thinner than two credit cards and will fit into any wallet.
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  • kegan Rowlee
    kegan Rowlee 20 hours ago

    I actually went through airport security once and they stopped me and said wtf is in ur wallet and I pulled it out and I said I got it at vat19 and he said oh um ok cool and sent me on my way


    Or is it

  • Khangisgood v
    Khangisgood v 7 days ago


  • Matthias Reith
    Matthias Reith 10 days ago +2

    “An inch ruler”
    In a mere second, you lost 75% of potential buyers

  • Aleem Zain
    Aleem Zain 10 days ago

    i know jamie's name jamie salvatore

  • PlushieWorld 693
    PlushieWorld 693 10 days ago +1

    I think now we know Jamie’s name now... it’s Jamie Slavatori

  • Sarah Reynolds
    Sarah Reynolds 11 days ago

    sHaMpOo imma need some backup..

  • Luis Galvez
    Luis Galvez 12 days ago


  • Lindsey Moeller
    Lindsey Moeller 13 days ago +1

    I own a multi tool like the one in the thumbnail

  • bLaCk NiNjA 919
    bLaCk NiNjA 919 13 days ago

    Hey from 2019

  • Eva Doucette
    Eva Doucette 14 days ago

    Why are there three screwdrivers

  • Lorenzo Ferrari
    Lorenzo Ferrari 15 days ago

    1:07 jojo=f for respect

  • Diana Animations
    Diana Animations 16 days ago

    0:18 *Hell yeah!*

  • EAS New York
    EAS New York 20 days ago

    Who would peel with this it’s so small

  • Gabriel Matias
    Gabriel Matias 21 day ago


  • Fire Playz
    Fire Playz 21 day ago +1

    I bought this for a dollar on amazon -.-

  • XgameS93
    XgameS93 26 days ago

    1:01 Iol

  • YRice
    YRice 27 days ago

    Jamie Salvatori

  • Taco Games
    Taco Games 28 days ago

    0:45 You can open a can!
    In an hour.

  • Sadie Adler
    Sadie Adler 28 days ago +1

    My brother’s Wallet Ninja got confiscated by airport security.

  • blacky the gachaplayer

    Oohh i had that

  • America001
    America001 29 days ago

    But does it have an bottle opener?

  • xWolvezz
    xWolvezz Month ago

    My dad has this... ummmm

  • David Kinman
    David Kinman Month ago +2

    Video:we could fix thing while mucking ninjutsu noise
    Ninja: *pops a bottle cap*
    Me:hmmmm yeah fixing stuff
    Edit: I PUT MUCKING😅I mean making oof

  • TheRefChoice
    TheRefChoice Month ago

    Lol my 4rf card is just like that same

  • Eren Jaeger
    Eren Jaeger Month ago

    Am i the only one who whatches this for enterteiment

  • Ara B.
    Ara B. Month ago

    *I found this Out of my house from no where* *_No seriously..._*

  • JigglyJello
    JigglyJello Month ago

    I want one in a different size that has a tablet holder

  • Bling Bling Boy
    Bling Bling Boy Month ago

    Did he actually press the home button

  • Mini Smosh
    Mini Smosh Month ago

    1:02 cringe

  • Tristan Dator
    Tristan Dator Month ago +3

    HYAH! HOI! *HI-YAH, HUH!* heyyyyyyyyyy- YUP!

  • Lefteris Bouras
    Lefteris Bouras Month ago

    They have like 5 of those on their site now I could literally fill a whole wallet with these now

  • Brody Fallon
    Brody Fallon Month ago

    Vat19: Expensive
    Close Pound-shop: Literally just £1

  • iqbaltrojan
    iqbaltrojan Month ago +1

    0:28 5218 5310 5715 2395
    rip vat19

  • Sd Lemestar
    Sd Lemestar Month ago

    1:02 wtf

  • Marshall Taufiq!
    Marshall Taufiq! Month ago

    18 tools for 18+

  • senpai gt
    senpai gt Month ago

    When i got into an airport they said that the wallet ninja was not allowded in the airport WHAT THE F*CK VAT19

  • raeley antonio
    raeley antonio Month ago +1

    But does it have a bottle ope-


    • raeley antonio
      raeley antonio Month ago

      Hehe if someone didnt know this was a joke i would be screaming r/woosh

    • bigbruh
      bigbruh Month ago

      raeley antonio it doesnt

  • Dabi fusion
    Dabi fusion Month ago

    I have this card and I took it to the airport in my wallet but forgot to take it out and almost had it confiscated haha

  • Artful Panda
    Artful Panda 2 months ago

    Ok Brad let's get this over with 😟

  • Lori Cochran
    Lori Cochran 2 months ago

    i have the same thing only for a tire company =>

  • Its A Me Aleks
    Its A Me Aleks 2 months ago

    Ik this is random but my mum has wallet ninja

  • Taanga Lawrence
    Taanga Lawrence 2 months ago

    Why would she bring shampoo onto an airplane anyway? The ride must be miles away and it might rot or if it's a new Zealand plane

  • Taanga Lawrence
    Taanga Lawrence 2 months ago

    I'm not gonna lie but that ninja song is cool!!

  • John Myers
    John Myers 2 months ago

    Censor the card more

  • Glyphxz Twitch
    Glyphxz Twitch 2 months ago

    5318 5310

  • Sazzorak Skills
    Sazzorak Skills 2 months ago

    Did anyone else notice the paint scraping off while opening the can tho?

  • GD :] Tzevaot
    GD :] Tzevaot 2 months ago

    Who else paused to see jamies credit card number? I KNOW IT ILL TELL YOU ONE DAY

  • Destiny Bickel
    Destiny Bickel 2 months ago

    1:24 That's the shampoo I use. :p

  • Sticky Mcbranch
    Sticky Mcbranch 2 months ago

    I left this in my pants in the washing machine, and it disassembled my washing machine

  • Country girl
    Country girl 2 months ago

    Where do you get a katana

  • memeless boi vlogs
    memeless boi vlogs 2 months ago

    Do ninjas pay with this?

  • xx_ Calico _xx
    xx_ Calico _xx 2 months ago

    I remember how my classmate gave these as Christmas gifts and got in trouble 😂

  • BlueTnek 321
    BlueTnek 321 2 months ago


  • Gent Gashi
    Gent Gashi 2 months ago

    Hehha Judo Chop 🥋

  • Gent Gashi
    Gent Gashi 2 months ago

    4X Never Rust,Dull or Bend

  • Wendy Rivera
    Wendy Rivera 2 months ago

    I got one but mine is from national guard

  • Layla Rose Garay
    Layla Rose Garay 2 months ago

    But does it- wait nevermind

  • 700 subscribers without Any videos??

    *goes to buy iPhone XS and MacBook pro

  • DropSh1ft
    DropSh1ft 2 months ago +1

    I have this and it is honestly a cool thing that works

  • Chris RLpz
    Chris RLpz 2 months ago

    But does it have a bottle opener?


  • Sunny Kwan
    Sunny Kwan 2 months ago

    5218 5310 something something.

  • spectre 34
    spectre 34 2 months ago

    It's not even a wallet

  • Grīzz The bear
    Grīzz The bear 2 months ago

    It look like. BLADE ……… :>

  • xd Aarav17
    xd Aarav17 3 months ago

    Ninja needs to buy this

  • Honey Drop
    Honey Drop 3 months ago

    My dad has one

  • Gamerbro 71
    Gamerbro 71 3 months ago

    I buy one

  • Poker FloppityFlop
    Poker FloppityFlop 3 months ago

    I got an ad for bottle openers

  • Zx Cee
    Zx Cee 3 months ago

    0:28 YES I CAN SEE IT *When removed it NOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • TheEpicBurger
    TheEpicBurger 3 months ago

    And of course there is a bottle opener

  • cat mcdermott
    cat mcdermott 3 months ago

    Actually it's a (vat) 19 in 1 tool

  • Dark magic
    Dark magic 3 months ago

    Some one tried to sale you item tvclip.biz/video/x_SPuoeZpbY/video.html

  • Jorge Ordonez
    Jorge Ordonez 3 months ago

    Instead of a bottle of soap it eoudg have been a bottle of water

  • Autumn Fidler
    Autumn Fidler 3 months ago

    Do I need it?
    Probably actually.

  • dn pop
    dn pop 3 months ago


  • DatCasualOne [Andrew]
    DatCasualOne [Andrew] 3 months ago

    Sal’s? More like S A I

  • Jay Riet
    Jay Riet 3 months ago

    Dit is nep krijg de tiefis

  • Garrick DD
    Garrick DD 3 months ago

    ironically, I saw an ad for a multi-tool the size of a credit card before this

  • Iman 2406
    Iman 2406 3 months ago

    I got an add for the wallet ninja before watching the video

  • John Is Stupid
    John Is Stupid 3 months ago

    I literally got an ad about the card

  • Cheong jun keat
    Cheong jun keat 3 months ago

    thanks @..... you the best.

  • Maddison Mcparland
    Maddison Mcparland 4 months ago

    All the paint came of with in seconds when you opened the can why???????

  • Timotej Leginus
    Timotej Leginus 4 months ago

    Mom bought, it god

  • Jawhead Steel Sweet Heart

    By the way everytime I use the tools I lose the paint

  • shawn tom
    shawn tom 4 months ago

    My Mind is blown

  • Erica Lewry
    Erica Lewry 4 months ago

    "Will you take a steves hot dog card?"

    "......... Yeah! :D"

  • Kindness
    Kindness 4 months ago

    Does it have a sharp edge?
    Cause that will come in handy

  • A Person
    A Person 4 months ago

    Jamie salvatiori

  • Jawhead Steel Sweet Heart

    Bought this for 45 pesos dropped it on the ground and its kinda like cap's shield

  • Shane's daughter
    Shane's daughter 4 months ago


  • I&R forever
    I&R forever 4 months ago

    Two wallet card commercials for this and the hedgehog...... same thing basically? What? Sorry, I'm confused

  • Anthony Jimenez
    Anthony Jimenez 4 months ago

    Will it fix my hearline

  • Javier’s Live
    Javier’s Live 4 months ago

    Wow my classmate bring that to school and my teacher confiscate it

  • Trey Pelletier
    Trey Pelletier 4 months ago +1

    Who is that guy at the Begging of the video where is he at in 2019

  • Bronx 2008Ro
    Bronx 2008Ro 4 months ago

    Friend:You can buy a Ninja? You:Ninja the FORTNITE PRO?

  • 1,000 subs with no videos

    But why would you ever need this product like there is no point

  • AbuHuzaifah Iqbal
    AbuHuzaifah Iqbal 4 months ago

    How does that solve the problem of the wallet being overfilled by CARDS and that we don’t need the item

  • Greek Veteran
    Greek Veteran 4 months ago

    How to sestroy your wallet? put this gadget in it.Been there done that,now I know.. get a Victorinox if you need a multitool.

  • Ardi Buqaj
    Ardi Buqaj 4 months ago

    You guys sell the wallet ninja for 15 dollars but i find wallet ninja for only 1 dollar in my country

  • Fatrisya Amanda
    Fatrisya Amanda 4 months ago

    My father buy it