What EV Start-Up Rivian Is Doing That Tesla Isn't

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • Rivian is an up and coming startup company building high-performance electric adventure vehicles. So far the company has received investments from Ford and Amazon totaling over $1 billion. The company has progressed so much by making business decisions no other EV startup is making.
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    What EV Start-Up Rivian Is Doing That Tesla Isn't
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Comments • 2 839

  • Free Speech
    Free Speech Day ago

    they may sell initially but will fail as competition catches up with design. They dont have anything except design. if they start with 50k for suv ...then they are in the game...100k ? i dont think so. you have to flood the market to create loyalty. niche market...will fail.

  • BlackSheep
    BlackSheep 10 days ago +1

    I heard you can now pre-order and take delivery late 2020 👍😎

  • ken URO
    ken URO 13 days ago

    this man is worth listening to

  • Gas Mask
    Gas Mask 15 days ago

    Not releasing a single vehicle yet?

  • YoshiBroccoli
    YoshiBroccoli 16 days ago

    Dude the storage on that damn thing is cool so that means once i sell my house to buy this thing ill be in for a treat :)

  • SFF Author B.L. Alley
    SFF Author B.L. Alley 19 days ago

    Modeled themselves after successful legacy automakers? You mean all those legacy automakers who are barely turning a profit while clinging desperately to internal combustion because they are scared of losing their Big Oil payoffs? Even those legacy companies who are experimenting with EVs are barely scratching the surface.
    Also, you clearly have no understanding of the automotive industry beyond the financial and wrongly believe Elon Musk and Tesla feel threatened by other EV automakers. Elon's goal from the start was to push the entire industry toward EVs and renewable energy by showing both them and the public that electric cars can be attractive, practical, and travel long distances. All things the status quo tried to disprove with their ugly, short-range compliance EVs.

  • Ricardo Ellison
    Ricardo Ellison 21 day ago

    750 HP?, easily done by many a gas powered 4x4...want 1200HP?, how about 2000-2500, ?, four giant rooster-tails?...It's there for the taking with gasoline powered 4x4s...

  • savedfaves
    savedfaves 25 days ago

    Some of the points made in this video seem like semantics. Tesla has factories to produce cars, as does Rivian. You can try to say it's completely different all you want, but it's not. BTW, does your point mean Rivian will have better quality control than Tesla? Watch those panel gaps.

  • Faustin Gashakamba
    Faustin Gashakamba Month ago

    A non-tech company trying to produce tech devices? That sounds like a perfect recipe for failure. Cars today are computers of wheels, Silcon-valley-type companies are suited for producing cars today!

  • A i
    A i Month ago

    vocal fry much?

  • Mr Butterworth's Journal

    This guys voice bugs me more than the vinwiki guy. I want AI to take his job

  • luan trieu
    luan trieu Month ago

    Might as well get a toyota tacoma or taundra they're more reliable and easy to fix and won't take forever to get parts and won't cost an arm and a leg to fix.

  • Tyler Cheney
    Tyler Cheney Month ago


  • tomfreed
    tomfreed Month ago

    More competition is better for all of us:

    a/ more product to choose and drive down cost
    b/ faster transition to EV and get rid off i.c.e asap

    What is there not to like?

  • Ron Wilson
    Ron Wilson Month ago

    *Sure! Maybe one can tow their virtual Elio cycle car behind their virtual Rivian. Two never-gunna'-happen dream scams.*

  • Michael Barrutia
    Michael Barrutia Month ago

    Elon musk want someone to beat him. Trust Elon musk want more and more ev cars trucks and more on the roads.

    BRUT3MURD3R3R Month ago

    But the Truck looks like a Tacoma
    SUV looks like a jeep Cherokee , why couldn't they make a vehicle that doesn't look like others?

  • Karl P
    Karl P Month ago

    Look at all the stinking Tesla cultists in the comments. 😜Rivian will rule the offroad EV market. Amazon and Ford are financial backers, Rivian is oozing cash, Tesla is rapidly going bankrupt.

  • CrazyLegs
    CrazyLegs Month ago

    Electric pickups is not a niche market, just no one makes them..... If I could cut $200 a month in gasoline from my overhead I WOULD DO IT IN A HEARTBEAT. just need to be made affordable, which happens with time.

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew Huszarik Month ago

    Rivian several drawbacks. Expensive, ugly, limited range unless you make it even more expensive, no superchargers, limited self driving capability.

  • ØCCULT Bass
    ØCCULT Bass Month ago

    3:30 Tesla also bought an old car factory... the one in fremont used to be a toyota factory... and they have big reveals of their physical vehicles like other car companies would... they even paired up with some of the biggest auto companies... (Daimler and Toyota Motor Company) This dude is like literally speaking nothing but bullshit.

  • OakhillSailor
    OakhillSailor Month ago

    Interestingly I didn't learn anything about the car after watching this.

  • Matthew Madruga
    Matthew Madruga Month ago

    Forbs and probably this “news” channel is probably going to be wrong... after 10 minutes of “reviewing” the truck (media jacking off), and I guess late because there is A SHOT TON OF COMPANIES THAT ARE BETTER. This is just him letting Big oil take control over every move he makes

    • Matthew Madruga
      Matthew Madruga Month ago

      THESE FUCKS JUST HAVE ONE TRUCK! It’s what you are saying they SHOULDN’T do, then jacking them off for doing it. Sorry you aren’t a REAL news site

  • Robert McDonnold
    Robert McDonnold Month ago

    I wish rivian all the luck, but its been ten years and still no product. Just an ad that was cgi. (Tank steer)

  • Peter P.
    Peter P. Month ago

    Car looks like an alien enemy in the game ,Crysis

  • Juan Franco
    Juan Franco Month ago

    Tesla has Elon Musk Rivian doesn't so they will never beat Tesla haha

  • Cody
    Cody Month ago +1

    So hype for these guys! the truck looks like a dream and i so want one when they come out , but i hear its gonna start at like 70k USD, which is some people's entire salary. A lot of people forget that GM actually made a production electric car back in the 90s called the EV1 which had a max range of 160mi. but they only leased them and then took them all back and scrapped the entire thing in '02. good to see battery technology has come a long way and now they are viable again.

  • Nuno Bernardo
    Nuno Bernardo Month ago

    *it plans to start* keep that in mind

  • The Great Arabian Knight

    Tesla will make SUV and it would be 10x better

  • severalmalfunctions

    Release date? Price? Specs? I just lost 6,50 minutes for some ad disguised as news. BI is really getting ridiculous...

  • Ajinkya Sawant
    Ajinkya Sawant Month ago

    A couple of SUVs n Pickups from Tesla n boom!! Rivian is out of the game

  • Brajesh Singh
    Brajesh Singh Month ago

    their designs are good and they are concentrating on the market Tesla is not catering to

    • Brajesh Singh
      Brajesh Singh Month ago

      one thing I learnt today Musk and Bezos are not friends

  • Elijah DodoBird
    Elijah DodoBird Month ago

    They show a rendering of the tesla truck for about 1 sec while talking about other startups and don't even mention the tesla truck feels bias

  • Elijah DodoBird
    Elijah DodoBird Month ago +1

    3:40 he was saying what makes them different from tesla and one them was buying a traditional car factory that used to be used by a large car company isn't that literally what tesla did with there Fremont factory......

  • Fridolin Pflüger
    Fridolin Pflüger Month ago

    it's so stupid to have electric trunk lids. but to put it in a pickup i probabli one of the dumbest things one could do 🤦‍♀️

  • rocky sharma
    rocky sharma 2 months ago

    That's why Elon Musk open tesla battery patent for all

  • sasuke uchiha
    sasuke uchiha 2 months ago +1

    But can they drive themselves, do they have network of charging stations around the whole world?,does it get updates like my Tesla does, does it stop on the road automatically if I'm feeling sleepy, if Tesla builds an off-road car then this company is out of production lol.

    • sasuke uchiha
      sasuke uchiha Month ago

      @WildePaw The Fox yeah just read an article about it. I have no use for a pickup truck but somebody sure will.

    • WildePaw The Fox
      WildePaw The Fox Month ago

      Tesla is actually working on a Tesla Pick-up Truck and they'll probably show it to us in 2 or 3 months :D

  • Kali Lan
    Kali Lan 2 months ago


  • Anish Sharma
    Anish Sharma 2 months ago

    Rivian should come to India under Ford batch People love it In India we love EV.And it is SUV and Pickup it could be great.

  • chgofirefighter
    chgofirefighter 2 months ago

    I don't evem want to know how much these SUV's and trucks will cost...Probably unafordable for the average consumer, it's funny how many people made fun of electric cars and Tesla, well who is laughing now???

  • J P
    J P 2 months ago

    While Rivian focuses on the US market, Tesla is heading into the Chinese and soon after India where the population and demand will completely annihilate the US, Rivian and Ford.
    Ford bought into Rivian because while Tesla, Toyota, Honda started to develop hybrid and electric tech Ford built red neck machines and found themselves so behind in the race they believe they’re first.

  • Today at the Office
    Today at the Office 2 months ago

    WHEN?????? WHEN CAN I GET ONE???????????????????????????????/

  • Serghen Peterson
    Serghen Peterson 2 months ago

    RIVIAN BU. 😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Chance Dougan
    Chance Dougan 2 months ago +1

    If they can lower the price I think that they can make it but as of now it’s just to much money to spend on a vehicle

  • adamsky0604
    adamsky0604 2 months ago

    Uff... at least there is an expert in a suit on the serious black background... I was so worried that this clip will be just a bunch of unsubstantiated claims when I saw the headline...

  • Jody Mitoma the Entrepreneur

    It's good for everyone when there's added competition in an industry.

  • Nancy Brinkmann
    Nancy Brinkmann 2 months ago +1

    Saw these at Overland Expo, Impressive! Hope they make it

  • Yejoon Yang
    Yejoon Yang 2 months ago

    Can't wait for a electric F-150

  • Matrix Dexter
    Matrix Dexter 2 months ago

    Rivian will never beat tesla, simply because tesla has the one million mile insurance by 2020..rivian is still 100k

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez Month ago

      Tesla insures 80-120k miles driven on their cars, the drive drain is being built to last 1 million miles but not there yet.

  • Andrés Feliciano
    Andrés Feliciano 2 months ago +1

    Sure it’s not a ‘threat’ to Tesla, but BEZOS dropping all that money on it does say something 🤔🤔😏

    • Rob's Randomness
      Rob's Randomness 2 months ago

      Amazon has so much money they don't know what to do with, they could prob invest tons in every startup that pops up in America if they wanted.

  • Joe Stacks
    Joe Stacks 2 months ago

    what they need to do is produce and release the vehicles before tesla can produce and release their pickup. thats what they need to do. if they don't then tesla is going to come out with their truck and rivian will be forgotten.

  • Itz Titan
    Itz Titan 2 months ago

    Stop calling other EV cars "Tesla killer" "Tesla's Worst Nightmare", like seriously, this is what Elon wants. He wants more car manufacturers that produces EVs, this is what Elon wants

  • jai mani
    jai mani 2 months ago

    Has RIVIAN advertised any Full Self Driving Capabilities ?

  • Robert Findlay
    Robert Findlay 2 months ago

    And how many have they built?

  • Brian Joyce
    Brian Joyce 2 months ago

    Click bait

  • Alita Kicksa**!
    Alita Kicksa**! 2 months ago

    They are ONLY 13 years behind this technology that Elon Musk who gave out these free open patents.

  • Kleptophrenia
    Kleptophrenia 2 months ago

    Wow saw barely any footage of the car and heard alot of "its quiet"

  • ShaRk.
    ShaRk. 2 months ago

    Well to be honest Rivian is only a thing because Tesla exists in the first place. Just sayin.

  • rajilona
    rajilona 2 months ago

    SUVs are a niche market?

  • OBZ666
    OBZ666 2 months ago +1

    I would love to own a Rivian pickup.