Chris Webby - Babylon Burning (feat. Jitta On The Track)

  • Published on Nov 6, 2019
  • Welcome to #WebbyWednesday!
    "Babylon Burning" by Chris Webby feat. Jitta On The Track.
    Produced by JP On Da Track.
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  • Green Knight
    Green Knight 3 hours ago

    I have huge respect for Webby. It take some big balls to put something like this out. Fuck ‘em though, can’t be afraid to use our freedom of speech

  • Andrew Mob
    Andrew Mob 12 hours ago

    Commander 👂 you 🌹🔥🔥🔥

  • Matthew LaMacchia

    The pyramid will burn...

  • T Weezy2104
    T Weezy2104 4 days ago +1

    "Commander, copy, come in, you hear me?"

  • Old Town Cannabis
    Old Town Cannabis 6 days ago

    This is too deep...
    Needs a video. Raw fire about some ugly $Hitt. Respect

  • alex smith
    alex smith 9 days ago

    I lessen to this song when I smoking and It is just something else it's godly

  • TakeOffOnuPeons
    TakeOffOnuPeons 14 days ago

    Wtf Webby. You got to chill bro. Holy fuck my guy!🔵

  • Jaylen Pizarro
    Jaylen Pizarro 15 days ago


  • Brandon Walker
    Brandon Walker 16 days ago

    Fuck mainstream underground king

  • Matthew LaMacchia
    Matthew LaMacchia 16 days ago

    Level up...Webby.... All the words were separated because they created the tower of Babel to reach the heavens...The people speak other languages but being gathered together under wha....the English language....Rebuilding the tower.....Watchtower babel-on...

  • Marcel Dillion
    Marcel Dillion 16 days ago +1

    Is this about the protests in Asia

    • Brandon Wallace
      Brandon Wallace Day ago


    • Brandon Wallace
      Brandon Wallace Day ago

      this is about every nation facing collosal crisis from their government controlling and subduing their people

  • Harry Huang
    Harry Huang 18 days ago

    Chris made it to hip hop central playlist on Spotify, finally haha

  • KrazedObsession
    KrazedObsession 19 days ago

    Can't stop coming back. Jitta murdered that hook. Message is on fucking point too....

  • Andrew Traynor
    Andrew Traynor 21 day ago

    5:5 Q

  • pluggie
    pluggie 23 days ago


    DECIMAL 23 days ago

    All this uninhabited land
    we can’t get a piece of...
    Seized in ways that
    Should be condemned
    Conflicts of interest
    Surround those that
    Hide behind the system
    Creating borders and fences
    To in cage the worlds population
    In nations like farm animals
    They keep us in herds...

  • Kyle Gabriele
    Kyle Gabriele 23 days ago +1

    The lyrics mean soo much! Bravo Webby

  • Michael Angelo
    Michael Angelo 24 days ago

    KANYE WEST 👉 Edited 😓

  • Elizabeth Martinez
    Elizabeth Martinez 26 days ago

    Another dope track

  • Herbie Namvari
    Herbie Namvari 26 days ago +1

    Webby is better than any mainstream rapper. Where my notifications ninjas at. Like this to blow Webby up this year.

  • Anton Thorup
    Anton Thorup 26 days ago +1

    Commander, copy, come in, you hear me?
    Babylon's on fire, it's burning now
    Commander, come in, please, answer
    The Babylon's on fire, it's burning now
    Pullin' up like I'm in Liberty City with all the wanted stars
    Entourage filled with freedom fighters throwing molotovs
    Disobeying Marshall law and carrying steel
    No Bob Marley bitch, we went and shot the sheriff for real
    And in the air you could feel
    There's no solution as the tension's brewing
    They took our freedom so we fighting for some restitution
    And all my fellow patriots are either dead or shooting
    Unleashing retribution, it's the fucking revolution
    And they gon' tear this whole establishment down
    With dreams of building something great from all the ashes around
    Yeah, they thought we were the sheep but take a gaze at us now
    Through all the smoke and the fire
    (When the radio sounds)
    Commander, copy, come in, you hear me?
    Babylon's on fire, it's burning now
    Commander, come in, please, answer
    The Babylon's on fire, it's burning now
    They can't stop the slaughter when we bust that rocket launcher
    Squad officer yelling "Please Sir, no, I got a daughter!"
    Listen, we don't care, half our soldiers have got children at stake
    So either fight with us or hollow points'll seal your fate
    'Cause while the people you've been serving kept us timid and tame
    And destroyed our fucking planet all for money and power
    We all been treated like the pawns within their sinister games
    And now we watch 'em flee like rodents from their crumbling towers
    Yeah, they beggin' 'fore we murder them
    When ya'll assassinated all our hope for change, where was the mercy then?
    And now ya'll want forgiveness, when the fucking guns are smoking?
    And your perfect picket fences are all busted open?
    Shit, you must be fucking joking
    Ya'll had your moment to live lavish and peaceful
    We endured through all the tyranny, madness and evil
    Now we've had it and we will burn your corporations down
    Sever heads, take your crowns and give 'em back to the people
    Commander, copy, come in, you hear me?
    Babylon's on fire, it's burning now
    Commander, come in, please, answer
    The Babylon's on fire, it's burning now

  • Vikram Puri
    Vikram Puri 26 days ago

    Literally my favorite song

  • Matthew LaMacchia
    Matthew LaMacchia 27 days ago

    Nice Webby the heavens have to burn.....They started serving the son of God instead of the earth and the son of man.....Wait tell it comes around to the Lord's....You think they can hide in their bunkers I think not....

  • Silent Boy
    Silent Boy 28 days ago

    Congratulations Chris you almost got 300.000 sub (ps big fan)

  • Rusty Britches
    Rusty Britches 28 days ago

    You can't be making tracks like this the feds will come for you bro be careful

  • Aaron Cole Guzman
    Aaron Cole Guzman 29 days ago

    always a dope delivery chris webby ftw!!! my favorite raPPEER OF ALL TIME

  • John Chomen
    John Chomen 29 days ago +1

    Music video at Holyland in Waterbury?! Let’s squad up i wanna learn from the best 🎥

  • Slivr
    Slivr 29 days ago

    Why is he releasing an album worth of music as singles? Not sure if its good or bad, just curious

  • brokelos
    brokelos 29 days ago +8

    Hands down one of the best tracks to come out of 2019

  • Chris mrsickfoo
    Chris mrsickfoo Month ago

    Killer fireeee

  • Jacob Parker
    Jacob Parker Month ago

    Wow it’s so gooooooooooood FIRE

  • CzrC4n211
    CzrC4n211 Month ago

    Damn Webby just schooled us on two things. History and how rap is done 🔥

  • CaptainObombs
    CaptainObombs Month ago

    Ok can we please see a follow up to this somehow someway that would be amazing

  • Matthew LaMacchia
    Matthew LaMacchia Month ago

    Look at my name you think I'm worried about this electrical whisper....I want Nimrods head on a plate for John's....

  • Luke Hoffman
    Luke Hoffman Month ago

    I love your songs chirs webby

  • Seth Keleher
    Seth Keleher Month ago

    This is why Webby will never blow up in the mainstream. Underground king. 👑

  • Nick robluntski
    Nick robluntski Month ago +1

    Heard this dropped at the blind pig in ann arbor best concert ever

  • Tyler DeLong
    Tyler DeLong Month ago

    Remember remember the 5th of november

  • gorilla haze
    gorilla haze Month ago +1

    505 hears 87301 aka navajo

  • Justin Kamiya
    Justin Kamiya Month ago

    Come to Texas!

  • Kevin Pearson
    Kevin Pearson Month ago

    Webby back at it again with those Fire Bars!

  • Austin
    Austin Month ago

    beautiful, webby always keeping us safe

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    The beats are always gass

  • Michael Angelo
    Michael Angelo Month ago

    It's burning it's burning it's burning down

  • Byrian420
    Byrian420 Month ago +3

    Hit me up 🔥🔥🔥 time to burn this whole corrupt government to the ground!!!

  • Michael Angelo
    Michael Angelo Month ago


  • Lonely Dreamers
    Lonely Dreamers Month ago +17

    This is fire!

    Epstein didn't kill himself!

  • Dave Noone
    Dave Noone Month ago

    54 dislikes are Lil Xan fans

  • Joel Jackson
    Joel Jackson Month ago +1

    Subscribe to my guy

  • matt roach
    matt roach Month ago

    I was in the blind pig when you dropped this definitely a sick track! I was front of the balcony you was on, yall was gettin fucked up by the end of that show lol

  • brandnewty
    brandnewty Month ago

    Webby. Set. Go.

  • Ian Allen
    Ian Allen Month ago +4

    The meaning behind this song is what makes the whole song

  • Scott Rj Wilson
    Scott Rj Wilson Month ago

    Wednesdays just got better

  • iifantastic Gaming
    iifantastic Gaming Month ago

    Webby is so fucking underrated its actually unbelievable!!! First off hes always dropping some shit for us, like how many artist can you actually name that have been consistently dropping new songs basically every week.... Secondly everything he fucking drops burns your whole house down!!! Thirdly he can switch his flow up so effortlessly, as he shows in this song and its dope every time. Sorry for the rant, i just can't believe how underrated he is, when he is in my opinion one of the best artist around and one of the realist ones around. lol just drives me crazy how like all these mumble rappers get more credit then someone like webby. Much love webby keep doing your thing and dropping consistent fire every fucking song! Thank you so much for webby wednesday, always a good day when i see its wednesday and know i get a new banger to listen to from this dude!

  • Antonio Haynes
    Antonio Haynes Month ago

    Webby opening up with Gta and Freedom Fighter bars Freedom Fighters is old school man.. I remember playing that game when I was like 6 on the original Xbox

  • HackyouNuggets
    HackyouNuggets Month ago

    Why did you sell your soul

  • Chris Artis
    Chris Artis Month ago

    Dudes more loaded with dope than smack peddlers in seattle!!!

  • Hunter Orlando
    Hunter Orlando Month ago

    Lil xan and Ted cruise are two of the dislikes lmfao

  • delia Rose
    delia Rose Month ago

    Defnietly a banger😊

  • Cheddar Sharkman
    Cheddar Sharkman Month ago

    Dope man cheddar shark man approves