Toronto Raptors NBA Champions & Life (Ft. Jeremy Lin) - Off the Pill Podcast #21

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • Ryan, Will, and special guest, Jeremy Lin, discuss Lin's recent championship win with the Toronto Raptors and his process before, during, and after his basketball games. Lin dives deep into his goals, faith, and passion, and after the break, he reverses the questions on Ryan.
    Guest: Jeremy Lin
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Comments • 3 648

  • shin chan
    shin chan 4 days ago

    Man I used to like jeremy coz of what he went thru and his will to not give up. But after his reluctance to play in Europe coz of fear of racism, he is no longer my role model. U want to prove something then do it. Jackie Robinson and the basketball players from 1966 Texas western suffered way worse than you can imagine. Good luck playing for CCP, just keep ur God away from their media coz they are only loyal to the party.

  • Mobster van Gogh
    Mobster van Gogh 17 days ago

    jeremy is one ugly mofo

  • nizcomix
    nizcomix 17 days ago

    One I saw was: "The team mechanic gets a chance to hold the trophy"

    ngl it was kinda funny... i still respect lin tho

  • Joe Rose
    Joe Rose 21 day ago

    I hate how Star focused NBA fans are. If you’re on the team that won a championship you are a champion. Point blank. Only five guys can play at a time but all have to be ready to go and preform and thus all have a role and contribute, some big and some small, but still all, to a teams success.

  • Sam Zhao
    Sam Zhao 21 day ago +1

    Jeremy is not in the NBA anymore

  • Zeeshan
    Zeeshan Month ago +1

    The one asian kid in the group who didn't do anything for the A? When was that a stereotype lmaooo it's the opposite

    • Zeeshan
      Zeeshan 28 days ago

      @Melrose 143 u right, I realized that after I commented lmao

    • Melrose 143
      Melrose 143 28 days ago +1

      that's the joke bruh

  • Shaina Xena Legaspi

    dear ryan, can you put more ads on your video? :)

  • Raquel Gutierrez
    Raquel Gutierrez Month ago

    Oh my gosh can you bring him back please ! He is so inspirational and motivating

  • jagdeshwari bhatt
    jagdeshwari bhatt Month ago

    Dear, ryan can you make your own version of the godfather

  • Summer Of Sam Summer Of Sam

    He's in the NBA, what more does he want? I'm confused because wasn't long ago this guy was tearing up the court for the Knick's and seeing him on Sports Center. Seems like every guy wants that LeBron James life of being proclaimed number 1 at a young age and proving everyone wrong. Am I right?

  • Kevin Cordoviz
    Kevin Cordoviz Month ago

    Who else came back here after Lin's move to China?

  • 13one
    13one Month ago +1

    Ryan saying “Nick Nurse didn’t play” makes me want him on first take w Stephen A for some reason 😂

  • Matthew La
    Matthew La Month ago

    14:51, I get why anyone asian would initially be upset at a joke like that, but it's just a joke, who ever made the joke Ryan refered to, likely didn't actually mean any harm.
    And for the record, to anyone whom it might make a difference to, not that it should but, I'm half asian.

  • George Skingley
    George Skingley Month ago

    you got Jeremy Lin on and you asked him that??

  • Trw Wn
    Trw Wn Month ago

    If professional basketball ceased to exist, Jeremy Lin would leverage his Harvard degree in economics.
    The majority of the NBA ballers would do what?..???
    ? Be in some trade ? Factory worker ? Office work?
    ? Minimum wage
    ? Maximum security...

  • Nova Strike
    Nova Strike Month ago

    My fav sketch comedy tuber with my fav nba player! Not just because he’s apart of the championship roster of my favorite sports team (the Toronto raptors) but I like his style too

  • Alicia Loo
    Alicia Loo Month ago

    Is the group Ryan was talking about that he is on where asians were making fun of Jeremy is SAT? 🤔 Because I remember being annoyed too when I saw the jokes on there or when people told me he didn't deserve it...

  • Yi Jern
    Yi Jern Month ago

    Jeremy going straight with those GREAT questions! Love this episode!

  • Sir Beerus
    Sir Beerus 2 months ago

    23:14 - Will trying not to laugh when Lin pointed out KM's Chinese tattoo is gold.

  • Kysa Hayashi
    Kysa Hayashi 2 months ago +3

    please more Jeremy. I have learned so much about myself in this one podcast

  • neonpostit
    neonpostit 2 months ago +1

    damn he’s lost so much weight. when i saw him at the lakers game he looked bulkier and healthier. hopefully he’s doing okay

  • Zero Mega
    Zero Mega 2 months ago

    Lin needs to go to Detroit. We need a point guard with his skill set.

  • Naly Chang
    Naly Chang 2 months ago +1

    Jeremy Lin is amazing. Wise words

  • Zandey27
    Zandey27 2 months ago

    JLin should have played instead of Danny Green he was trash

  • Zandey27
    Zandey27 2 months ago +1

    I'm a fUn GuY

  • Silent AFK
    Silent AFK 2 months ago +1


  • anonymous _
    anonymous _ 2 months ago +1

    And now he got kicked out of the nba..

  • Ejike Nwaeze
    Ejike Nwaeze 2 months ago

    Ryan appreciation day at 52:00 lol

  • Charlie Chan
    Charlie Chan 2 months ago

    Jeremy Lin, I personally put you in the same class with Bruce Lee and Michael Chang... I'm a forever fan of yours...Legend...Congratulations of being the Champion :)

  • Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城

    rock bottom

  • Y Y
    Y Y 2 months ago +5

    Damn. He was putting on such a brave face on for this interview. He wasn't happy at all.

    • Y Y
      Y Y 2 months ago

      @Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城 I meant in terms of not deserving a ring. He was lying here.

    • Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城
      Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城 2 months ago +1

      at this point the season just ended so he didnt know what free agency would bring

  • iishyxvietxboyii1
    iishyxvietxboyii1 2 months ago

    Cant believe even Asians hate on him...

  • Fanaticalplel Oof
    Fanaticalplel Oof 2 months ago

    Jl I got your back!(no homo)

  • Anthony Chum
    Anthony Chum 2 months ago +1

    Jeremy Lin will bring back Linsanity. He's underrated. I believe in him

  • fpsshootin
    fpsshootin 2 months ago +2

    31:07 Hit so freaking hard, like I literally got goosebumps and my heart dropped :(

  • 1K subs without video challenge?

    I really did wish Jeremy got more time in the court

  • Battle Bay Squad
    Battle Bay Squad 2 months ago +1

    J.lin ur my fav basketball player your actually the first player who’s highlights i watched

  • Karan Patel
    Karan Patel 2 months ago +104

    I recently saw what Jeremy Lin is going through this offseason and immediately thought to come watch this again. It’s so sad that such a hardworking player isn’t getting a fair chance.

  • ritayahomie
    ritayahomie 2 months ago

    Jeremy is my favorite player

  • Eric Zavaleta
    Eric Zavaleta 2 months ago

    i can tell you guys are new to this podcast thing

  • Lionel Atanasov
    Lionel Atanasov 2 months ago

    Everybody Ryan Higa is pz9

  • Andrew DC TV
    Andrew DC TV 2 months ago

    I actually prefer the podcasts more than the sketches Ryan.

  • Andrew DC TV
    Andrew DC TV 2 months ago

    Great video Ryan!

  • Cory-Ray Robert
    Cory-Ray Robert 2 months ago

    Lin I'm not making excuses but what if klay wasn't injured was there a chance of warriros winning

  • Path Finder
    Path Finder 2 months ago

    He got a ring before Melo did

  • Ftria Thus Savayana Thus Safayana

    Hi, teacher, I like listening to you talking, it's also funny, very exciting, Thanks, 👍👍

  • Greg D
    Greg D 2 months ago +1

    Higa, asking the real questions... But, for real, Lin’s repping Asians in the NBA, and I love it!

  • Gossygocha Cookies
    Gossygocha Cookies 2 months ago

    Dang this is a hour?!

  • S T
    S T 2 months ago

    So Ryan, why is Lin not signed yet? Where do you think he goes? Why is there very little interest? Why are so many forgiving of Haywards comeback but seem to balk at J Lin? I am a Lin fan and have been since he was on the KNicks. I am eagerly awaiting if he plays in the NBA anymore. Thanks.

  • Eli Martinez
    Eli Martinez 2 months ago

    I fucking hate Kwai for Levine

  • CrociatoAzzurro
    CrociatoAzzurro 2 months ago

    Day 1 Raptors Fan here. Def want to thank Jeremy for his contribution to the team. Always being ready when called upon and being a great teammate.
    Congrats on your Free Agency. Hope there is an agreement to return for another year.

  • Gee Thor
    Gee Thor 2 months ago

    @Ryan Higa ! you should bring on Andrew Yang 2020 for a talk! Such an interesting guy!

  • sOuA
    sOuA 3 months ago

    asian gang

  • Norma Rivas
    Norma Rivas 3 months ago +1

    Love ur channel and I love ur laugh and ur the best

  • Sam Halsband
    Sam Halsband 3 months ago

    Why doesn’t he play?

  • Demography Gaming
    Demography Gaming 3 months ago +3

    If this blue you love nigahiga (Higa TV)

    👇(Im gifting my next 10 loyal subscribers🤩)

  • Kaleb Hebron Goodwin
    Kaleb Hebron Goodwin 3 months ago +2

    Jeremy Lin is a devote Christian!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 3 months ago +1

    J Lin Finally got a Ring!

  • # Mr.Japanese Clips
    # Mr.Japanese Clips 3 months ago

    Remember when he used to be the goat...he still is inside me.

  • Yellingboy
    Yellingboy 3 months ago

    I hope Ryan is happy but I wish he would go back to making regular videos