I Need Your Help! + Silver Play Button and Upcoming Meetups!


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  • The Food Ranger
    The Food Ranger  Year ago +354

    I need your help please! First off, I want to say thank you for following and taking part in the Foodrangin' community! We are leaving for Malaysia this week and then moving on to India and then Sri Lanka. We will be having subscriber meetings in each country, so join the Global Foodrangin’ Facebook group for more info! bit.ly/GlobalFoodrangin .
    Also, I would love your recommendations for places to eat, it would be a HUGE help!
    Kuala Lumpur Recommendations: bit.ly/KLsuggestions
    India Suggestions (For Delhi, Lucknow, Amritsar, and Kolkata): bit.ly/IndiaSuggestions
    Sri Lanka Suggestions: bit.ly/SriLankaSuggestions
    I'm also so thankful for the Silver Play button and to have received 100,000 subscribers, it means so much to me to have you as my viewer. Thanks for watching!
    Thank you so much!

    • DoomERA
      DoomERA Year ago

      Dude you should totally visit my mother´s uncle ice cream shop in jaffna,srilanka is one of the biggest is called lingam ice cream

    • Yihua Pu
      Yihua Pu Year ago

      The Food Ranger I think if you do more collaborations with other TVcliprs will help a lot, like Mark and other people, you two are probably the biggest food TVcliprmright now so you can definitely make it even bigger!

    • Raxya dhakal
      Raxya dhakal Year ago

      The Food Ranger i hope you will be in nepal soon 😃😃

    • King STAR
      King STAR Year ago +2

      Can you coming in Bangladesh plece city of Dhaka

    • Nishant Agarwal
      Nishant Agarwal Year ago

      SOMA MUKHERJEE seriously 😑😑 im mad at him too🙄

  • Gudimetla Chakradhar
    Gudimetla Chakradhar 11 months ago


  • Theva Deva
    Theva Deva Year ago

    Waiting at kuala lumpur👍🏻🍜🍛🍯

  • Zarmala Khan
    Zarmala Khan Year ago +1

    Please also come to pakistan

  • thierryk85
    thierryk85 Year ago

    Did you drop out of the culinary school ?

  • komal sinha
    komal sinha Year ago


  • Arnold Aquino
    Arnold Aquino Year ago

    Looks like Philippines is not part of ur destination...but why?

  • Jericho Reyes
    Jericho Reyes Year ago

    I prefer that you stay within China.

  • Tiarsya
    Tiarsya Year ago

    Please come to INDONESIA

  • Neal Curtin
    Neal Curtin Year ago

    I love all your videos. I'm a total foodie nut and I LOVE to cook! Cheers!

  • Shoukat Salman
    Shoukat Salman Year ago

    Congrates Trevor

    UNCLE SAM Year ago

    my wife is a great cook, whenever you are in Kuala Lumpur do PM me.

  • Dheeraj Raghuvanshi

    come to lucknow and i will help u for the best places here

  • CrAzY Skin
    CrAzY Skin Year ago

    Come amritsar bro

  • world traveler
    world traveler Year ago

    looks so good

  • M O
    M O Year ago +1

    He's the only person who makes noises whiles eating

  • Jo zhuazhua
    Jo zhuazhua Year ago

    congrats. u deserve it

  • Farris Sohail
    Farris Sohail Year ago

    Please come Pakistan we Welcome you .

  • Essen Charlotte Zhu

    最爱啊 刀削面

  • Ema Mira
    Ema Mira Year ago

    Can you do BANGLADESH street food

  • charlie obguia
    charlie obguia Year ago

    Pls come to the Philippines try our delicious food.especially our whole roasted pig

  • Mokshada Bohoorun

    When will you be coming to Mauritius 🇲🇺

  • Ishu Jain
    Ishu Jain Year ago

    Dear, I m ur biggest fan if ur in Delhi please please please contact me at Voice- 7838005032

  • Les N
    Les N Year ago

    Wow! 100k, 430k at the time of this video and now over 560k subscribers! Awesome!

  • Jerrison Lima
    Jerrison Lima Year ago

    Nice 👍👍👍 Come to Brasil bro !

  • Vanilla Ice
    Vanilla Ice Year ago

    I'm so jealous watching you eat. These videos make me wanna go back to China 😂

  • Narita Variancy
    Narita Variancy Year ago


  • Mahamud Amran Omi

    Come Bangladesh!! :)

  • Shravan Pammi
    Shravan Pammi Year ago

    Each and everytime when i am not hungry i just watch ur videos and in no time i get hungry he he

  • Ryan Goc-ong
    Ryan Goc-ong Year ago

    Visit philippines please

  • Melvin Emmanuel Chan

    I think you guys should make a video in Singapore.

  • Agnib Das
    Agnib Das Year ago

    I am from kolkata. Kolkata is known as the kitchen of India. Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal and the people here are called Bengalis. By the way u cannot try all dishes in each segment in one day. So to start ur breakfast with authentic Bengali cuisine u must try out luchi (a.k.a puri) u get a complimentary side dish called "aloor torkari" (potato curry). Now if u want to try a chinese street breakfast u have to visit tirreetti bazar for those food.

    • Agnib Das
      Agnib Das Year ago

      Last but not the least we Bengalis r very proud of our sweets. We are famous for our "rosogolla". And i am an owner of a sweet shop. So i invite u to come to my sweet shop and taste any sweet u want. We have a 90 varieties of sweets in our shop. In kolkata its a must try thing. Dont forget to taste the sweet and the sweetness of kolkata.

    • Agnib Das
      Agnib Das Year ago

      Now lets talk about the street foods. A must try are- puchka, bhelpuri, a chicken or mutton roll from Shiraz, papri chat.

    • Agnib Das
      Agnib Das Year ago

      Now its timE for dinner. U can choose nething for dinner. We the Bengalis have common food for lunch and dinner.

    • Agnib Das
      Agnib Das Year ago

      Now come the supper. U can have many things in supper. In the evening the authentic indian food is jal muri and chop (potato chop or egg plant chop) it taste so yummy.

  • Sintho Gamer
    Sintho Gamer Year ago

    can u come to Kolkata there are many foods

  • Vince Veloce
    Vince Veloce Year ago

    I wonder how he pays for all his trips is youtube his only source of income, if so I gotta get into this gig/rort ;) ... How great would that be making a decent income doing fun things, things you love doing it would be bloody awesome.

  • metallavery
    metallavery Year ago

    Lets get the gold play button by 2018

  • Vedansh Krishna
    Vedansh Krishna Year ago

    i'm from lucknow........

  • Nitisha Gupta
    Nitisha Gupta Year ago

    You are so so humble and good human being..:. Love ur videos to death.... I have watched each video over 3-4 times.... plz plan ur trip to Jaipur when u back in India trevor..... and congratulations for success of ur channel... wish u much more ...

  • 40oz Daffe
    40oz Daffe Year ago +2

    Go to Israel :D . Taste great Falafel, Hummus, Tahini, Aubergine with baba ganoush, fresh khala bread, great historic place to Visit! you should go there!

  • sourav
    sourav Year ago

    Trevor, it would good if you first visit Kolkata. As you approach the summer, the weather becomes very humid in Kolkata so it should be covered by you earlier than any other place. Enjoy India !

  • UnicumPvP
    UnicumPvP Year ago

    now you habe 510k Subs :)

  • Anik Jahan
    Anik Jahan Year ago +1


  • shit hap'pening'
    shit hap'pening' Year ago

    tawau heaven of foods..!!come to sabah

  • Uchith Kumar
    Uchith Kumar Year ago

    Pls visit Bengaluru..

  • Ratneshwaran Maheswaran

    Come to Bangalore-Karnataka-India

  • Sarah K
    Sarah K Year ago

    the kings of food is when its cooked by a Muslims...their dishes are unbelievable tasty no one can beat them...fit for kings and queens the best of biryani,carry,veg and many more. you just have to be in the right place.
    India is good for the veggy don't take me wrong I love it. even my Indian friends has said it the Pakistanis good are far better.they don't have to use to much spicy to get it right.
    I love both food Indian and Pakistan sirlanka.

  • Bachelor of Broadcast

    Why dont you come to Indonesia?

  • Ishtiak Hossain Jami

    The Food Ranger please visit Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Shafin baig
    Shafin baig Year ago

    Hope to see you soon in Bangladesh

  • Sagar Ghosh
    Sagar Ghosh Year ago

    in kolkata go to Gariahat Market . You will find lot of fish iteams and authentic bengali food. you will love it. Try out parsey its a name of a fish

  • deepankar dutta
    deepankar dutta Year ago

    in kolkata u must visit these places : China Town, Tiretti Bazaar, Ganguram’s the best sweet shop... Dacre Street, Zaika, Park Street, Bhojohori Manna Gariahat, Kolkata

  • deepankar dutta
    deepankar dutta Year ago

    u must visit kolkata ... its a city of joy .... u will find the best street food in esplned , bara bazar , chadnichok, collage street , park streer

  • masum billah
    masum billah Year ago

    Hi, Why don't you visit Bangladesh? It a great place for a variety of tasty and authentic foods. I may recommend many places there in Dhaka and Chittagong where you will get delicious food to taste and review.
    Thanks :)

  • Surbhi Yadav
    Surbhi Yadav Year ago

    hy dear plzzz come to india U.P

  • Janarthan Thomas
    Janarthan Thomas Year ago


  • Bart Man
    Bart Man Year ago

    can you give the exact name for beef noodle soup? I need recipe:)

  • SirYong
    SirYong Year ago

    Definitely visit KL again ! Try out the famous Char Siew Fried Rice at SS15 Subang Jaya ! Uncle Soon Fried Rice

  • Meh Raj
    Meh Raj Year ago

    bro make a trip to kashmir. the best delicious food ever possible in india

  • Dylan Photography

    Srilanka please go to Jaffna City and restaurant call 'Sanmugam vegetarian restaurant ' u love their food...their pace at KKS road jaffna Srilanka..... I miis that food now I live in toronto canada

  • TTinG WonG
    TTinG WonG Year ago


  • Donna Israel
    Donna Israel Year ago

    Visit Ph Manila :)

  • Ahmed Khan
    Ahmed Khan Year ago

  • awan kurnia
    awan kurnia Year ago

    you must try Indonesian food .. its amazing ..

  • TN Rao
    TN Rao Year ago

    Must visit in India, Bangalore

  • Chidambaram C
    Chidambaram C Year ago

    welcome to India

  • Mahtab Hossain
    Mahtab Hossain Year ago

    u should come in bangladesh to experience Bangladeshi foods

  • Yalda Shakir
    Yalda Shakir Year ago

    Love your videos...I'm a foodie person, when are you coming Ottawa, Canada?

  • 00000 wuy
    00000 wuy Year ago +1


  • Good Fella
    Good Fella Year ago

    only if u can mail me that bowl man 😥😭😭😭😭, the way u explain what it has an move it with the chopsticks 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵

  • vibvik Tv
    vibvik Tv Year ago

    Wow! Wonderful videos!!. Nice rendition. Very interesting. I enjoyed . Thanks for the postings.

  • Krishn Patel
    Krishn Patel Year ago

    please come to india in gujarat specially visit ahemdabad, vadodara and surat cities...

  • Japz Singh
    Japz Singh Year ago

    For Amritsar visit the Golden Temple, for great traditional food and you also get to visit one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on Earth. No trip to Amritsar is complete without it.

  • Awg Md Ikhsan Awg Chee


  • Minceaft gamer
    Minceaft gamer Year ago


  • Nusrat Bonna
    Nusrat Bonna Year ago

    Please come to Bangladesh. There is a huge range of foods,nature & heritages.

  • YOKL
    YOKL Year ago

    We just you in Malaysia but when you are in Bangkok let us know. We could do a vlog together if you like. :-) BTW. Enjoy watching you slurping the noodles :-)

    WARREN SEETO Year ago


  • Vinod Kumar
    Vinod Kumar Year ago

    M ur big fan(from india)
    and well wisher... Please consider what m saying > research > and decide
    Please don't visit kolkata.. it sucks.. Not a clean place to visit..
    U should have prefered southern part of india instead..
    Hyderabad, Vizag, Guntur, Vijaywada, chennai ... (Food lovers)

  • prudhvi cherukuri


  • Jon Snow Fan
    Jon Snow Fan Year ago

    Waiting for ur India trip hope u visit south India mostly bcoz u haven't tasted the real southern spice as you like spice...my recommendations for u are Chennai, vishakapatanam, kakinada and u need to taste street food in hyderabad it's the unique place for street food in southern India.

  • alish ahmad
    alish ahmad Year ago

    :( didnt get the chance to meet you in malaysia :(

  • Aparna bonthu
    Aparna bonthu Year ago

    if you come to Hyderabad, how can I meet you

  • Peter Allen
    Peter Allen Year ago

    Thanks for all the videos Trevor. I am wondering how you acquired the ability to eat the organs and intestine type food. I can't see myself managing this. Greetings from Australia

  • Bella Dama
    Bella Dama Year ago

    what i love about you is that you love soup just as much as i do i can eat soup every day and put anything... one of my favorites i make is chorizo soup !

  • Shaun Ollerton
    Shaun Ollerton Year ago

    Really enjoying your Foodrangin videos, you really seem to enjoy and promote a real happy outgoing vibe when describing the different food and locations, keep it up Trevor

  • shoumik ahmed
    shoumik ahmed Year ago

    I wanna open street food with this food... thanx bro... can u send me ingrediants?...

  • Riaz Hasan
    Riaz Hasan Year ago

    Tunde ke kebab in Lucknow for sure! do try it!

  • Ruprekha Mondal
    Ruprekha Mondal Year ago

    Mr food ranger, try to come in Kolkata... I'm sure your taste buds will get the most and best things in this universe.. please come :-)

  • Arpit Joshi ki Vines

    when you are coming in India I am waiting

  • Aparna bonthu
    Aparna bonthu Year ago

    come to Hyderabad again

  • Long Ly
    Long Ly Year ago +1

    Go Vietnam try Vietnamese Pho soups the best

  • Suhayl Pervez
    Suhayl Pervez Year ago +1

    Are u coming SINGAPORE? Please come we love to see you here

  • LLewisLewis लेविस गुरुङ्ग

    please come to Nepal bro , we do have a great feast for you

  • Swappa0
    Swappa0 Year ago

    no KL, you should ever go to Penang man

  • Armir11
    Armir11 Year ago +2

    you must come in Albania :33333 food is love food is life :3

  • Abida Kashif
    Abida Kashif Year ago

    please visit PAKISTAN PLEASE

  • G. Rumi
    G. Rumi Year ago

    hi please come in Pakistan Lahore city it's a big famous food place in World i will afford your all food expenses it will be a good experience for you

  • Redowan Asif
    Redowan Asif Year ago +2

    come to BANGLADESH , i will show u my country and amazing halal foods ,

  • Wakita Sioux
    Wakita Sioux Year ago +1

    Hey Trevor, I just found your videos recently. I love them! great food and awesome scenery. Keep them coming, sir.

  • john singh
    john singh Year ago


  • Shivlog Travels
    Shivlog Travels Year ago

    He i really love all of your video's! So when your in Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay you really really really need to go to this super small place to eat it's called: why not? it's in the beginning of the only big street in Arugam Bay. Just order something with chicken it's THE best place i ate in Sri Lanka! and the owner is a great man and the place looks really cosy! have a great trip!