How does a PILOT KNOW when to DESCEND? Descent planning explained by CAPTAIN JOE

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
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    Dear friends and followers, in today's video I`ll be explaining a few thumb rules to make your descent planning a lot easier. Initiating the descent at the right moment is one the things/procedures most flight students and even experienced pilots struggle with from time to time. Nowadays airliners are equipped with all sorts of helpful tools showing you when to start your descent but this systems still can´t anticipate the mood of the air traffic controller, which can always interfere with your descent.
    So watch the video and look out for some great and helpful thumb rules which will make your descent planning a lot easier.
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this basic introduction about descent planning!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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  • Simersan Tadesse
    Simersan Tadesse 3 hours ago

    Im adoctor! but always see this captain as im getting the lesson! hoping one day i will be out of hospital to fly by my self! i don know if it is possible for me to join aviation academy! please give me a clue how i will be captain ! i don want any more to be always in hosp!

  • Goodwillgirl nifty thrifty 1983

    And if you can’t figure out math just bend over and kiss your ass goodbye lol

    JETSAM AVIATION 2 days ago +1

    Aviation=Maths and flying.

    JETSAM AVIATION 2 days ago +1

    Amazing video Captain Joe, please could you explain the NITROGEN GENERATION SYSTEM on the 747-8?

  • yelnats61
    yelnats61 2 days ago

    In English it’s a rule of thumb vs. a thumb rule. Subtract, not substract.

  • dufus
    dufus 3 days ago

    most descents are planned. However, if your in one of those 737's. it'lldescend for you when you least expect it too. Hang on.

  • Sai Pierre
    Sai Pierre 4 days ago

    When atc told you to do so 😁

  • sebofo
    sebofo 4 days ago

    "Flying piano" ROFL

  • Cesar A. Alvarado
    Cesar A. Alvarado 5 days ago +2

    Girlfriend/ex-girlfriend analogy is the best example ever!

  • 1mandrich
    1mandrich 6 days ago +1

    i know feel confident with my i just need to become a pilot

  • Lostcreek 1
    Lostcreek 1 7 days ago

    Without all those fancy navigation/flight directors, I used this easy method for flying a 707-200. Alt to lose x 3 + 15 for straight
    in approach. for a approach requiring vectors or opposite direction landing - the 15. Made for comfortable descent and as
    with any approach it takes some fiddling to make it super smooth.

  • SV methos
    SV methos 8 days ago

    And this is why we have a sterile cockpit when we are preparing to land ☺
    Lots to calculate

  • Mr MEMé
    Mr MEMé 8 days ago

    I'd always like a DiErect Root to my Girlfriends House, especially when she's expecting a Top of Descent Entry from my Cock-Pitt

  • Acep Herman
    Acep Herman 10 days ago

    There are some pilots who claim that they are the aviation channel, and yet they never talk about aviation as detailed as this guy. They just post craps.

  • Julienne Mbeke
    Julienne Mbeke 11 days ago

    Hy liké wht do u mean by knot

  • kefaloguy Hellas
    kefaloguy Hellas 12 days ago

    excellent lesson!!! even a person who is not pilot can basically understand you!!...

  • Muhammed Fahim Muhammed Inhaz

    Hi captain joe...
    Always there is question on how to become a pilot. So pls post an video regarding that.
    Thank you captain for your previous videos on aviation

  • Sebs
    Sebs 15 days ago +1

    Finally someone who taught me how to calculate the descent planning. Thank you!

  • Matthew Vincent
    Matthew Vincent 15 days ago

    My dad used to drill me in the plane when I was 10. He would say okay we are 15 miles out. Tell me when to throttle back and nose down. I couldn't see over the dash anyway so the loran and VNC was all I used.

  • Marine CHF
    Marine CHF 16 days ago

    Is that the slowmo guys back ground music?

  • Nahum Strickland
    Nahum Strickland 17 days ago

    Tell me if I’m wrong, I imagine it also depends on the aircraft type, but the steepest way to lose altitude is with speed brakes and gear, by extending flaps you’re probably a) above the max flap speed for that setting to begin with, b) producing more lift when you want less. Especially on smaller aircraft extending gear has a considerable negative effect on airspeed. Am I right?

  • Petar Yovchev
    Petar Yovchev 17 days ago

    What is going to happen if the pilot wants to descend more steeply and for that purpose dramatically reduce the lift with the air brakes(or spoilers)?

  • Adam Alabtah
    Adam Alabtah 19 days ago

    Finally, I got to understand why Math and physics in our life as long as asked myself this Q in the school :)

  • GiZee Gis
    GiZee Gis 21 day ago

    Why do I watch these videos? I have no idea what you are talking.... Why not just use Milles or Kilomètres?

  • fishmut
    fishmut 21 day ago

    Well I have flown an rc model before don’t recommend landing with no experience lol 😂

    DORU HUM 22 days ago

    I was always wondering

  • Michael Sikazwe
    Michael Sikazwe 22 days ago

    Can a plane land on the car road during emergency without permission from the higher office?

  • Hal
    Hal 23 days ago +4

    Both girlfriend and ex girlfriend are very hot... they would cause an average 4 min delay each on me

  • kolawole Falodun
    kolawole Falodun 24 days ago

    I feel so dumb. I'm a radio broadcaster

  • Mathe Macht Schlau
    Mathe Macht Schlau 25 days ago

    Little Joke: a british Pilot arived Hamburg Airport and he had Problems with the aproach. The air controller asked: you never been in Hamburg before? And the Pilot: yes, i was, in 45, but we dońt landed!

  • Matthew Newton
    Matthew Newton 25 days ago

    the ex girlfriend logic actually makes sense somewhat

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    Tutorial Videos 25 days ago

    Thx bra

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    Sid Singh 26 days ago


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    anthony triolo 26 days ago +1

    None of you guys had physics or paid attention in class so= passed by height,weight and time spent sleeping.

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    TheBlueTortoise X 26 days ago +1

    Those white flashes are going to give someone a seizure

  • Cekala Studios
    Cekala Studios 26 days ago +1

    I watch these videos, and it helps me understand a fair bit about the airbus aircraft. Helps me when I watch “Air Disasters” on the Smithsonian Channel

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    Jpbaylis 27 days ago

    I didn’t understand any of his secret aviation language

  • Mar Blox
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    F it.!!! Let the Autopilot land the plane.

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    Paul Crooks 28 days ago


  • Central Up
    Central Up 29 days ago

    I wonder how many countries u have been too?

  • Alessandro Arcuri
    Alessandro Arcuri 29 days ago

    Nice that you mention the go-around as not being a failure! There have been a lot of accidents that could have easily been avoided with that simple maneuver!

  • Steve Mugisha
    Steve Mugisha 29 days ago +1

    I cant even understand all the numbers he is talking about I just feel intimidated, that why mathematicians are the ones becoming pilots, its so difficult to land a plane!!

  • RonnyDonny13
    RonnyDonny13 29 days ago

    My head hurts

  • Mar5iahlopez
    Mar5iahlopez Month ago

    This is too much math honestly.. haha and I’m a cpa

  • K Itch
    K Itch Month ago

    His? His or her! 🤨

  • cliberg
    cliberg Month ago

    Excellent, lucid presentation!
    Thanks Joe!

  • Patrick McConville
    Patrick McConville Month ago

    You should watch some of those youtube flights landing in St. Barth. You come down for a landing over a highway then have to turn your nose down quickly... short runways are scary.

  • Accumulator1
    Accumulator1 Month ago

    Holy Moses! I thought they just plugged in a few coordinates and the computer calculates the speed, altitude, ascent, descent for maximum efficiency. How could you adjust for wind direction and speed if they varied greatly at the different altitudes you pass through?

  • Klab
    Klab Month ago +1

    *Long Answer:* 00:00
    *Short Answer:* The clouds is talking to you and telling you where you need to go.

  • Milo
    Milo Month ago +1

    _"The FMS and all the other help cannot anticipate a sudden direct approach given by the controller"_
    Why not? Why can't the FMS simply calculate top of descent for a direct approach as well and display it on nav display?

    BRUCEY VERY EASY Month ago +1

    Harrier jumpjets left the group😂

  • Omid Mohsenzadeh
    Omid Mohsenzadeh Month ago

    What airline do you work for

  • Jeydon M
    Jeydon M Month ago

    dont expect an answer but was wondering what happened on a recent flight on approach.
    We were probably about half an hour but probably a bit more from the airport but began decent. but the pilot kept increasing and decreasing speed noticeably like break checking in a car as well as descending quick and reascending a bit more. It was like that for like half an hour until we finally touched down safely.
    My dad used to be a private pilot and sayed the pilot was either a rookie or just crap 😂 But what the hell?! What could have been the issue or cause besides pilot error

  • KANE Onyx
    KANE Onyx Month ago

    I feel so stupid watching these videos

  • BlueSpacePictures
    BlueSpacePictures Month ago

    This guy must work for Delta
    “Doesn’t Ever Leave The Airport”
    Is why he can make these videos.

  • Mark g
    Mark g Month ago

    Joe, first officer showed me this on a Boeing. For the 3 to 1 planning and a airport anywhere close to sea level, simply select meters on your display. Since there is roughly 3 feet in a meter, you altimeter now shows the distance you need to run to kill the altitude (meters displayed). And it’s displayed right there on your altimeter. Put the runway in the fix page or dial up your vor, whatever you like. Also, consider using speed mode to take yourself below the path. Also, program a slower speed in for descent to flatten out the angle, but then if ATC asks you to go faster override with speed or push up your throttles without changing the fmc programmer speed.
    I hate being a hostage to path when the path is unrealistically high or “fast’, which is essentially the same thing. Or descending in high tailwind conditions. Cause the fmc almost always gets behind with even though it knows the winds.
    I also have meters up during cruise to help keep track of what airports around me are the best selections for emergency landings in equal time. For example, at 30000 feet my no wind descent distance is roughly 90 miles, so if I select center map and display airports, then every single one of the airports below me in a 90 mile circle are identical in TIME to get there. Because even though I may be directly over my selected emergency field, I still have to travel 90 miles somehow to get the aircraft down. Making the airport directly beneath me identical to one at the perimeter of the 90 mile circle. This gives me a much better way to keep track in my mind where I would go if there was a major mechanical, or medical emergency at any given time. And also forces me to continually think about airports I WOULDN’T divert to.
    I’m pretty sure the vnav on a 747 uses GEOMETRIC path after the first crossing altitude for subsequent descents, as well as all Boeing’s EXCEPT the 737, which uses subsequent IDLE/PATH segments until it reaches the gradient path on final, which is an angle defined off the runway. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.... But the point is that not all paths are the same from aircraft to aircraft.
    I agree with you too that vertical speed should be rarely used. Rarely these days does a controller want anything other than a normal rate, there’s just too many aircraft to keep track of to be forking around and lolly gagging.
    Great video Joe. Good luck with the girlfriend/ex girlfriend thing😎. Welcome to the Boeing world.

  • Aditya T.S.
    Aditya T.S. Month ago

    Awesome Video Joe.

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    Alok krishna Singh Month ago

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    Genius stuff

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    I dont know if you mind asking, what aircraft do you fly now the 747-400 or 747-8

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    Royce Verus 2 months ago

    Joe im sorry that i comment this in the wrong video this should be in the concorde video but anyway i was wondering about something verry ilogcal thing... How does a plane skin heat up to inormous tempetures when flying supersonic speeds when the temp outside is usualy -50 to -60?

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    K. S 2 months ago

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  • The Lone Aviation Gaming & Military enthusiast

    A good pilot is always learning
    Captain Joe 2018

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