How does a PILOT KNOW when to DESCEND? Descent planning explained by CAPTAIN JOE

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
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    Dear friends and followers, in today's video I`ll be explaining a few thumb rules to make your descent planning a lot easier. Initiating the descent at the right moment is one the things/procedures most flight students and even experienced pilots struggle with from time to time. Nowadays airliners are equipped with all sorts of helpful tools showing you when to start your descent but this systems still can´t anticipate the mood of the air traffic controller, which can always interfere with your descent.
    So watch the video and look out for some great and helpful thumb rules which will make your descent planning a lot easier.
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this basic introduction about descent planning!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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  • A Mahmoud
    A Mahmoud Day ago

    Funny that the complete amateur that I am, I've actually used the gear and speed brake to slow me down in Flight Sim, thinking that this will never happen in real life.... But then again, i am just an amateur that was proven wrong.. :). Great to know Joe...

  • Pastor flat
    Pastor flat Day ago

    This guy has model planes and is a wannabe pilot so he dresses up and makes a load of stuff up to get attention. i can see no other reason why you would do a video on a topic like this

  • Pastor flat
    Pastor flat Day ago

    more flat earth proof. Thanks

  • Beyond Beauty69
    Beyond Beauty69 2 days ago

    Most pilots are two parts pissed! 🍺 cheers!

  • hoku51
    hoku51 2 days ago

    Hey, that's my plane at 9.10, the UAL logo is backward though,
    until we parked them last in 2017.

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    -...Driving to your gfs house *photo of Charlize Theron* damn son. I lost myself in a dream right there

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    Jason Molenaar 3 days ago

    I'm watching this while I play flight sim

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    Mar Blox 5 days ago +1

    This guy makes me feel dumb.

  • Inflake Music
    Inflake Music 5 days ago +1

    I do not understand most of this. I'm still being a pilot though

    • Inflake Music
      Inflake Music 3 days ago

      +Jelly 9261 @inflake

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      +Jelly 9261 thats great! we should add each other on Instagram! Let's see our progress! What's your instagram?

    • Jelly 9261
      Jelly 9261 3 days ago +1

      +Inflake Music in usa college isnt mandatory. If ur over 16 u can go to aviation school and get ur pilot license

  • FalcoGer
    FalcoGer 6 days ago

    when atc tells him :P
    also you have a desired descend rate and you can just calculate from the ground distance distance and ground speed how many feet/minute you'd need to get to the ground. the wait until that number matches your desired descend rate and there you go.

  • Arms McCall samuel
    Arms McCall samuel 6 days ago

    Sir. Joe please can you explain to us how pilots response to fighter jet ???
    I will like to learn more from that .

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    “Coming in hot and high”. That was the story of my life in high school. I would go to parties, get really high, hit on hot chicks and get all horny and get denied, then go home. I’d be so hot and high.

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    Wide Body Kits for Airplanes? Where?

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    7600 lost communications when diverting to ex girlfriend's house😂😂😂

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    I'm really surprised that many more landing approaches don't end in going around or Ka-Boom!!!

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    Stephen Hayes 9 days ago

    Altitude x 3 + 1mile for every 10kts of speed to lose. 🤷‍♂️ Works for me. 😎 Safe travels!

  • Firebrand55
    Firebrand55 9 days ago

    .....when he/she has got one gallon of fuel left.

  • nlu17
    nlu17 9 days ago

    Using landing gear to slow down is why mechanics hate pilots. If the aircraft speed is too high while gear is down, than a special inspection has to be performed on the aircraft.

  • Mateusz Xxx
    Mateusz Xxx 10 days ago

    add translations

  • ehsan83
    ehsan83 10 days ago

    Just spent around an hour to understand this tutorial. Loved every second of it.
    It's true you can rely on instruments and computers to do the job for you but understanding the concept is an undeniable pleasure
    Thank you Captain Joe

  • LucassOne
    LucassOne 11 days ago

    what do you do if its a crosswind?

  • e020443
    e020443 12 days ago

    Looks to me like captain Joe is flying seriously large aircraft on cargo routes. Well done!

  • Protus Che
    Protus Che 12 days ago

    Captain Joe, please l would like to know if an airplane can stay motionless in the air.

    • A2DJP
      A2DJP 8 days ago

      If the aircraft's ground speed becomes zero

    CHECK ENGINE 12 days ago

    is the music in the background from the slow-mo Guys ?

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    Jrezky 13 days ago

    Based on the pics he chose for his current and ex wives, I can only assume Capt Joe pulls dime pieces at the snap of a finger. Why do pilots always HAVE to be good-looking?

  • gabriele battaglia
    gabriele battaglia 13 days ago

    Supersonic airplane on your back is Concorde or TU144? You have spoken about Concorde, can you speak also about his soviet brother? Thanks. B.r.

  • enet
    enet 14 days ago

    What is the fastest flying plane today?

  • Jim G
    Jim G 14 days ago

    No mention of the most important consideration in descent planning, TLAR.
    TLAR = This Looks About Right

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    Would you be kind, and just stop by the liqour store to get a nice wine for dinner that would be a good metaphor four detour, instead of a sexist and rude one? You also use the pronoun "his" for pilots! Come on, it's 2019!

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    Soo much vocabulary and abbreviations with Math that my mind cannot take this stuff in

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    Some runways seem to undulate. Is this by design? Thanks

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    Mckinley Demosthene 17 days ago

    Make a video on how pilots know when to deploy there flaps

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    andrew buckley 17 days ago

    This is brilliant stuff, but a bit over my head.....

  • andresvillenero
    andresvillenero 17 days ago

    The 1st scenario you tell us is like, that's not possible, it's crazy man. But I read comments and one of them just describes it from the passengers cabin. I bet that's funny, for pilots, because they know what's going on and they find that as a challenge, but people behind might think they are about to die.

  • Matthew Califana
    Matthew Califana 18 days ago

    I might be tired but Joe seems drunk .

  • bachelors of trolling degree, 2013

    too complicated. im still looking out the window.

  • Stratoleft
    Stratoleft 18 days ago

    OK, something just came up. I need to borrow your Germanwings A319 real quick. I know. I know, it's on real short notice but now is a good time. Since you're in Hamburg, I need to jump on over to Düsseldorf and go ahead and file this to Boryspil. OK? ---> EDDH - AMLUH - UL619 - BUMIL- L619 - VIBIS - Z717 - PODUS - L619 - RADEL - L867 - GERGA - Y206 - ARSAP - Y209 - KELOD - L980 - POLON - M70 - SLV - UKBB. OK, there. Got it? Do I have to type that individually in the FMC on Airbus? I've never flown a 319 before. Oh, wait. That's right. I've NEVER FLOWN ANYTHING before. OK. Anyways, PLEASE just let me borrow the plane, the fuel, a tow truck, and all kinds of other stuff and I PROMISE I woun't put a scratch on it. You know. No wing strikes, no tail strikes, NO NOTHING strikes, and so forth. I think Natalie Wood's parents or relatives are from Kiev, and I just wanna go there and hang out and visit and stuff. I think that other actress is from Kiev too, right? I just want to fly there a.s.a.p., OK. So go ahead and let me borrow your plane. I will give you a heads up in regards to my approach to Boryspil. I can't speak Russian..., .. оновлює сервіс моніторингу електричної напруги в мережіміста Бориспіль. Is that gonna be a problem when I talk to whoever is at ATC at UKBB? In other words, how do you say,.. "Can I just go ahead and land at Rwy. 36L right now?"... in Russian? Do you think they would give me clearance?

  • Stratoleft
    Stratoleft 18 days ago

    It happens. Nothing unusual. What happens if you're flying a DC-3 or Constellation? Lufthansa used to do that, right? 12,000ft., for example, sounds pretty low enough for a transition, let's say to Hamburg in this video, or something like that, down to whatever the controller wants. I don't know. What is Hamburg's elevation? Let me find out from somebody like me who has NEVER flown anything before. OK? EDDH is what? About 56ft. - 75 ft. elevation? Is that it? Alrighty, then. Like me, you've never flown ANYTHING before, OK {?}, and you find yourself in the cockpit of a Lockheed Constellation on approach to Hamburg at, just what I said, 12000 ft. Whatta you do? What do you do? Ooops, I forgot. I hope you have somebody at the flight engineer control panel, right? What is the mixture setting at 12000 ft., or is it auto-lean or auto-rich, or whatever? I don't know. You tell me. After all, you guys are the pilots on here? Can I adjust power just at the throttle or are you going to start the feather the props, [Lufthansa Constellation by Lockheed] or when can I start with the engine cowlings deployment and what percentage of that? Anyways, 12,000 feet. The guy at Hamburg told me to descend and maintain 4000 feet, so here goes. Should be a cake walk, right? Slowwiing dowwwn.. slow. Hmmm. I guess I better pitch this thing down more or something. OK, now. 10000 feet. I just got a call from Hamburg and they wanna know, "what's the hold up"? This isn't the pattern I was hoping for because I wanted to fly around EDDH for a bit and go sightseeing. OK , getting real close to Hamburg and now I'm down to 4000. What now? Oh, that's right. I'm cleared to land. Yaayy! OK. Here goes. Down to 3200, ...2900, ..2000, 1400, 1100. Wow. This is taking longer than I expected. The runway is right in front of me. 800ft., 500 ft. ... and here I go , right over Hamburg's airport. Wave to everybody on the ground as I fly right over everybody. Bet they've never actually seen a Lockheed Constellation actually in the air before, huh? The point is, fellow non-pilots, is you can 12/10 = 1+2 x ft. = 1/2 meters= ^100 all you want, like you're some kinda arithmetic whiz that makes you think these guys are some kinda geniuses. The whole thing is the aircraft itself, isn't it? Of course it is. A Lockheed Constellation of Douglas DC-3 IS NOT an AIRBUS A321. The feel , you know what that means don't you, ..."FEEL" , of the air frame is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Don't get me wrong. Neither you, or ANY pilots you know of WILL EVER KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE to even manage the flight engineer control panel on a Lockheed Constellation on departure, at cruise, or on approach, or even know how to operate it at all for that matter. OK, got off the subject there a little bit. Trying to bleed off altitude and the time it takes to do it, IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, depending on the air frame. OK, non-pilots. I just flew over EDDH at about 400 feet above the runway. Is that a missed approach? Somebody id operating the engineer control panel but I don't know who. WHAT DO I DO NOW? I don't know. You tell me (?)

  • Stratoleft
    Stratoleft 19 days ago

    How does a "pilot know" what, again? I'm not a pilot at all and I know when to descend because the standard arrival that you're following TELL YOU the the altitudes where you wanna be on that particular phase of the arrival. You don't need this guy to ""explain" anything to you that you can't already get off of In general, and I'll just do you a favor and provide the principle, you simply gauge how long it's gonna take you to reach and altitude of whatever is printed on your arrival notes you should already have. I've never flown anything in my life, and I know that. Go ahead and pick a well known route from Atlanta to Nashville, for example. That would be the VOLLS ONE arrival, wouldn't it? Now. Keep one thing in mind here and let this be important to the non-pilot reading this. The first thing, of course, is not to be punk'd@! by suckwads like this guy in the video waving his license in front of you like he knows something you don't. He doesn't know ANY MORE about what makes the ailerons travel through their motion, or vats, or anything else for that matter, than and model airplane enthusiast, and this guy, in fact, doesn't know as much. Now, back to the VOLLS ONE arrival. Just because you're coming from Atlanta to Nashville doesn't necessarily mean you and your aircraft originated from Nashville. Get it? Atlanta is just that early phase of the VOLLS arrival that lists the altitudes for you. You don't need this guy to tell you or have some "pilot" think they mysteriously know when to descend to a particular altitude. In the case of VOLLS, when reaching the famous ATL VOR , we want to be on a heading of 352° at 16000 ft. Now, I could have said 352° at FL160, right "non-pilots"? Of course. How do we know this? Because the arrival that you already printed out, the one you chose AND FILED AS YOUR FLIGHT PLAN has already been done. It's no mystery where you need this guy or any other pilot to explain to you. Now, we 16000 ft. right? well that's AT AND AFTER the point of reaching the famous ATL VOR. At what altitude were you BEFORE reaching the famous ATL VOR tower? After all, you and your flight could have originated from Miami, right? Sure it could have, or the Bahamas, where they guy who never flew before ditched his airplane, or some other place. Who knows? The point is that you want your descent from whatever altitude, let's say FL240, to be a rate of descent to wind up at 16000 feet by the time you reach the famous Atlanta VOR [radio tower] (ATL). Get it? So therefore, you sort of gauge your speed and distance back from Atlanta , let's say 7 or 8 miles and remembering obviously that on this descent your airspeed will obviously increase. If you pull back on the throttle/s and you find the speed is really picking up anyway, that's where you use spoilers, right? Of course. You've already flown before and noticed that the aircraft sometimes felt like it put on the brakes, so to speak, in mid air and you kind of get nudged forward a bit, right? So, on your VOLLS arrival, let's say to don't make it down to the 16000 feet at the ATL tower location and you manage something like 18 or 19 thousand feet. Well, guess what? An arrival is NOT a final approach, is it non-pilots? Of course not. You still have a ways to go and the next point of interest on your VOLLS ONE arrival is the Chattanooga VOR which is freq. 115.8Mhz. , GQO, called the CHOO CHOO VORTAC. Get it? Choo choo? There's so much to write about to my fellow non pilots regarding this stuff. Many times, nav. fixes will have names that have a theme that sort of goes with the history or whatever that particular city where you wanna land is noted for. You could make some up yourself, right? Let's say Denver would have the idea of plateau in mind so you could call an air intersection "PLAT" , for example. You might have another intersection called "SKIER". Get it? Denver... Ski, .. and so forth. I don't know if it's spelled that way but who cares? Many letters are dropped on the names of these fixes. Back to the point of this altitude descent at, and after Atlanta. You still have time to reach your minimum altitude, 16000 ft. , while still flying between the Atlanta VOR and the Chattanooga VOR, your next point of reference. Now, however, by the time you reach the Choo Choo VOR, you wanna be down to 9000 feet. You don't want to do that way back on your 332° hdng. from Atlanta, but at the same time you don't want to go, .. "OK now, I'm now at the GQO VOR so, now I'm gonna dive bomb from 16000 ft down to 9000 ft. No. Think of a slide. Not some blasting down painful water slide, but just a regular slide you put a kid on and let them gradually come on down and then level off at the bottom when they get off or take them off if they're too young, right? That's EXACTLY how your civilian altitude transitions work whether ascending or descending. It's practically and exactly like going up not that steep of stair to each level, right? I'm going up the first set of stairs, hang here for a bit, now gonna go up the second set of stairs, hang here for a little bit, you might have a little dog with you, now we're gonna go up the next set of stairs. THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT. After the CHOO CHOO VOR, you still got a ways to go to KBNA but it's important to look at your VOLLS ONE arrival paper you have in front of you and see the intersections where you are now going to change from 9000, down to 8000, at a point; hold that for awhile to the next point, and now to 6000, hold that and now to 4000 ft. on this pretty much continuous heading you've followed of about 314°. For any "non-pilots" like myself, I'll be glad to explain what could happen with you and Nashville's ATC where they could require you to change heading right now , or at some point, or maintain some other altitude, or any number of things. If, at that point, Nashville's ATC is talking to you, then you do whatever it is that they say from then on out. They already have the runway picked out for you, turn heading, maintain altitude, whatever vector. So, non-pilots, you NEVER NEEDED anybody like this guy or anybody else for that matter, to tell you how to fly. This guy is simply trying to pat himself on his unworthy back with information YOU CAN READILY GET ON YOUR OWN. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING special about this guy, and most pilots you will ever meet. NONE OF THEM are in any way in the caliber of a Skip Stewart, or Giora Epstein, the two Mikoyan Mig pilots who ejected and their are model aircraft builders and pilots that have VASTLY MORE TALENT at flying than people like this guy making this video will ever have.

    • Stratoleft
      Stratoleft 18 days ago

      +Alejandro Pacheco I couldn't care less what you are. Means nothing.

    • Alejandro Pacheco
      Alejandro Pacheco 19 days ago

      You lost me at "I'm not a pilot"

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    Jasmine Johnston 21 day ago

    My favourite place to sit, for both comfort and safety, is a window seat near the wings. During takeoff and landing, I like to look out the window and keep my eye on the plane’s engine and wing on that side, just in case something goes wrong. That way, I can alert the flight crew to an emergency if something goes wrong!

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    Hi Joe,
    when a plane reaches it TOD does the pilot always need clearance from ATC to initiate a descent or can he start descending as the TOD iS known by ATC?
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    On New Years day 1982 I was flying to London from Toronto on a BA 747. When we began our descent, the plane nosed down so much I remember pushing my feet down on the ground to bring it back upright. The very first scare I ever got while flying.

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    Listen....I am an ACTUAL Captain, now retired, from a major airline here in the United States.
    So? Let's climb aboard and see what you have??
    Descent planning??? Oh FFS!!! Don't make a video, just tell pilots 3 to 1. OR....ATC knows when to hand-off a flight as it descends to destination.
    ATC have various sectors of three dimensions. Geezus.....I cannot go on any more, you with the First Officer epaulets.....

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    I could picture the pilots going YEEEE HAW through the decent . 🤪

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    Just to summarise, take three times the altitude in '000s or four if you have a tailwind. eg cruising at FL350 (35000 feet) multiply 35 by three equals 105. So start your descent at 105 miles to run or 140 miles with a tailwind. Works pretty much every time. Just bear in mind these are ballpark figures and may need to be adjusted to reflect actual conditions 'on the day'.

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