Why I Left Team 10...

  • Published on Jan 5, 2018
  • Why I left Team 10...
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Comments • 2 423

  • Zach William
    Zach William 7 days ago

    This dude is crazy awkward...

  • Retal Hamad
    Retal Hamad 7 months ago


  • Emma Galvez
    Emma Galvez 7 months ago

    Hello good choice

  • Linus Skougaard
    Linus Skougaard 8 months ago

    Youre where the bravest in team 10 and the coolest you where a savage

  • Nika Vulikh
    Nika Vulikh 10 months ago

    That was almost exactly a year ago

  • SupernaturalLove100
    SupernaturalLove100 11 months ago +1

    He said ‘motha niggas’ ???

  • Jjacob8600
    Jjacob8600 Year ago

    Well, thats 2 people leaving in the same DAMN DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

  • Kate Desingano
    Kate Desingano Year ago

    "I can't wait to cheer them all from the bleachers."

  • Bob Egg
    Bob Egg Year ago

    Just like the good old days

  • rayx
    rayx Year ago

    you should hangout with the fibre brothers! Their so sweet ❤️ 🌸🌸

  • celia flores
    celia flores Year ago

    aww they are

  • Arii blabla
    Arii blabla Year ago

    Awww hi is so cute!

  • Lizbeth Camacho
    Lizbeth Camacho Year ago

    Wait you were a part of team 10?💀😂

  • Kaylee Rouse
    Kaylee Rouse Year ago


  • Lori Kaiser
    Lori Kaiser Year ago


  • Brianna Narcaroti


  • Nicole Hernandez
    Nicole Hernandez Year ago

    This was so cute tho

  • Magali Valdez
    Magali Valdez Year ago

    why do people want them to join cloutgang they are literally just as bad as team 10, especially when they talked shit about Tessa as a response to JAKE'S dissing.

  • Kylie Minturn
    Kylie Minturn Year ago

    Tristan I hope you know that you do all of those things for me and probably most of the other Trizzlers and your FAM here on social media so don't worry about any of the things you are now we are your FAMILY and we will always love you Tristan, OR at least I will you are my favorite youtuber of all times and by the way you should start saying subscibble again. LOVE YOU TRISTAN ALWAYS PLEASE PIN THIS AND READ THIS IN ONE OF YOUR INSPIERING VLOGS.

    AVNEET HARI Year ago

    Well it’s good because there are some people in team 10 that are annoying one of them is Erika

  • Danielle Bordeau
    Danielle Bordeau Year ago

    And jake paul is a complete douchebag come on jus say it..im so glad u guys left!!! He treated some of u...i repeat some of u like shit like martinez twins n tessa ....he doesnt care bout no one but himself n his huge ego lets face it...i rather watch yalls videos n support yall anyday!!!!!

  • Simone T
    Simone T Year ago

    the background music 😭

  • Aubrie Haakma
    Aubrie Haakma Year ago

    Tristan you amazing keep going you are amazing. You and Tessa are so cuteeee so get rid of those haters. We love you❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Chloe Blacksmith
    Chloe Blacksmith Year ago +2

    The Montage honestly made me cry😢

  • Chloe Blacksmith
    Chloe Blacksmith Year ago +1

    What even is Team 10 now?

  • gfriend stan
    gfriend stan Year ago

    0:44 did he just say the n word

  • Cynnae Duenas
    Cynnae Duenas Year ago

    stay dizzy people

  • Quiara
    Quiara Year ago

    So I was subscribed to Tristan before he hit one million subscriber's and i was here before he thought of a name for us. I unsubscribed from him though a long time ago because he was with team 10 and i don't like them. Now I'm back and he's not with them anymore, so he just gained one of his subscriber's back. All I'm waiting for now is for Kade to leave because he is really nice too and i liked his vlogs.

  • love_dolan_goofbals x

    Whats 4:09 plz anyone ? I forgott🤔😊☺

  • love_dolan_goofbals x

    Tristan: i mean tessa eats ice-cream really weird 😋🍦
    Me:what do u mean oh oh u oh

  • john carlo Alcantara

    Hey join violet and her bf instead👌with tessa and martinez twinz and the others😂

  • Alyssa M
    Alyssa M Year ago

    Your background music is too loud

  • Karly Teicher
    Karly Teicher Year ago

    So basically what Tessa said

  • naz scarface
    naz scarface Year ago

    Can you show a video on from where u were to how you got hear

  • Satish Puli
    Satish Puli Year ago

    Who cares

    NIOMI RENDON Year ago

    2:05 it sounded like he was gonna cry

  • Scott james
    Scott james Year ago

    what a star mate unlike other they no need for anybody to hate other on youtube you can fight fell out or what ever but hating is pointless

  • Tanner Hornsby
    Tanner Hornsby Year ago

    This literally almost made me cry becuz the music especially at 3:01

  • Stella Harvey
    Stella Harvey Year ago

    "do you know how many goat noises erika makes around the house?" hahaha

  • Jon Fisher
    Jon Fisher Year ago

    5:04 to skip that bloody montage.

  • chicken nuggets
    chicken nuggets Year ago

    I say that i say take a chill pill this is the first viedo i watched from you

  • Tamara Trujillo
    Tamara Trujillo Year ago

    Man! So dramatic! Took forever to get to the point, I never did finish watching it! 😴😵

  • Gabriella Tribeiro

    5:27 to 5:38 you met that goal

  • Wonder Bread
    Wonder Bread Year ago

    you have no back bone due, just be honest and say how abusive that entire crew of obnoxious tools are

  • toxicYt
    toxicYt Year ago

    Wow you made a mistake you not geting any subs my dude you had 1 mill for mouths

  • Ally Tranquilino
    Ally Tranquilino Year ago

    You and Tessa should date tbh

  • jess
    jess Year ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song?

  • Brad Hedstrom
    Brad Hedstrom Year ago

    Tristan, you should go back to team 10. Relationships and family is life. Getting past tough times is best part of life. Team 10 is huge and better with you than not. Forgive and move on.

  • Harley Nauman
    Harley Nauman Year ago

    bro you weren't even in team 10 really you were just somebody that went there and hang out for the day you weren't really a team 10-member so technically you don't have the right to make this video but whatever

  • Victer Branch Jr
    Victer Branch Jr Year ago

    Ssoooo... why'd u leave?

  • Andrew Israelite
    Andrew Israelite Year ago

    you cant leave if you were never on

  • Wynter Wright
    Wynter Wright Year ago

    0:46 he better watch it before he say the wrong word also stay dizzy

  • vmnctugalife
    vmnctugalife Year ago

    borring mf! so many good times blablabla, fake

  • Jonathan Camacho
    Jonathan Camacho Year ago

    Are you100 years old

  • Jonathan Camacho
    Jonathan Camacho Year ago

    Ducky out

  • Jonathan Camacho
    Jonathan Camacho Year ago


  • Scarlet Wood
    Scarlet Wood Year ago

    Well done expose them bitches

  • Qwerty Qwerty
    Qwerty Qwerty Year ago

    What is team 10 now

  • too much sugar
    too much sugar Year ago

    go back tristian they need you

  • Molex
    Molex Year ago

    why do you always where hat