GIANT Ramen Challenge (vs Morgan) (3,000,000 Sub Video!)

  • Published on Nov 17, 2017
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    Enjoy this video of myself and Morgan taking on a Giant Ramen Challenge! Local restaurant in my area (Mori Kitchen). "Ramen for 4 People" in under 25 minutes and you get on the Wall of Fame, a Shirt, and the bowl free!!
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Comments • 10 690

  • Angry Scotsman
    Angry Scotsman 49 minutes ago

    Morgan looks like a pony rapist

  • DripGodDez
    DripGodDez 10 hours ago

    Hey im a fortnite console pro player who some say play better than those on builder pro I wolud appreciate it if you go on my channel and view my content and like and comment

  • Abdullah Rehman
    Abdullah Rehman 16 hours ago

    Goku wants to know your location

    GENERATION R24 20 hours ago

    Why does Morgan look like my stoner friend that always asking me what time it is . Hahah

  • Richard Kh
    Richard Kh Day ago +1

    Is that your brother?

  • Nizar Nugraha
    Nizar Nugraha Day ago +1

    0:05 i thought it was the grab ads

  • vishal verma
    vishal verma Day ago +1

    Matt: i can't wait to try out their speciality
    Morgan: -_-

  • Tihari Kurnia
    Tihari Kurnia Day ago

    i want to see that u eat delicious fried noodles (mie goreng)
    please try to eat fried noodles indonesia matt stonie.
    please .
    i bet u can eat 2 box of it.
    it is about 40 pack a box.
    so it is about 80 pack of it
    haha i guarantee u will get more viewer subcriber and money of it.
    Tihari (indonesia)

  • Şeyma Kurt
    Şeyma Kurt Day ago

    1 tane Türk bulamadım öşsqwşşjsn

  • AMV Beats
    AMV Beats Day ago

    i wish im rich too

  • Fazli Samad
    Fazli Samad 2 days ago

    Matt: eating
    Morgan:transferring noodles

  • Fazli Samad
    Fazli Samad 2 days ago

    2 yrs ago: 3 Million
    Now:9 MILLION

  • Justin Pilarta
    Justin Pilarta 2 days ago

    Hinata wants to challenge you

  • Robert Fuller Jr
    Robert Fuller Jr 2 days ago

    Morgan got defeated 😁✌

  • Alpha Origins
    Alpha Origins 2 days ago +1

    You got 10000000 subs in a year

  • Nihan Nihan
    Nihan Nihan 3 days ago

    اممممممم مابينباع عن

  • KalebTLT
    KalebTLT 3 days ago

    Only $35 tho

  • Alexi Loon gangte
    Alexi Loon gangte 3 days ago

    This man is on 🔥

  • TopsDroid YT
    TopsDroid YT 3 days ago +1

    Stonie VS Steve Aoki

  • 黑白無常
    黑白無常 4 days ago


  • COMIC Strip Roy
    COMIC Strip Roy 4 days ago

    I got to say that is a lot of ramen noodles to eat, cool challenge I loved it

    KING POOTIS 4 days ago

    Morgan is basically Steve aoki

  • Ravza Bozdeveci
    Ravza Bozdeveci 4 days ago

    How do you do is so easily?

  • Ivy Miller
    Ivy Miller 5 days ago

    5:03 Matt looking at the menu to see what else he wants to eat cause he’s still hungry 😂😂😂😂

  • Illin Aryaan
    Illin Aryaan 5 days ago

    now u have 9 million!

  • Gerard Marchand
    Gerard Marchand 6 days ago +1

    3:34 can you see bottom yet?
    Yea it's receding, like my hairline.
    I freaking died!

  • Uhvhuviyviyvyi Jnhuihiuh


  • Key Kelas
    Key Kelas 6 days ago

    Morgan looking like a Mongolian warrior out there

  • Алексей Стенников

    я только лапшу в белой тарелке еле доем, а тут целая тарелища

  • Mike90 susanoo
    Mike90 susanoo 7 days ago

    Boii thas alota sssodiuum

  • ONE lick Rick
    ONE lick Rick 8 days ago

    Morgan is stoned.

  • Dylan Sánchez
    Dylan Sánchez 8 days ago

    you are very rapiy

  • mydream world
    mydream world 9 days ago +1

    Morgan-firstly have ur training of eating faster you are juss ... enjoying 😡😡😡

  • Fangot
    Fangot 9 days ago +1

    Naruto would devour that in 4 seconds

  • Sophia Christina
    Sophia Christina 9 days ago

    one question how is matt so skinny

  • Stealr
    Stealr 9 days ago

    looks tasty af

  • Andre Malvin
    Andre Malvin 9 days ago

    Maybe you must look indonesia youtuber, name is tanboy kun,. The hungry man from indonesia😂😂

  • そこら辺の酸素
    そこら辺の酸素 10 days ago

    I am Japanese.I live in Fukuoka.
    (It's famous for its Hakata ramen.)
    Do you like ramen?🍜🍜🍜
    What ramen do you especially like?

  • そこら辺の酸素
    そこら辺の酸素 10 days ago


  • JoeCnNd
    JoeCnNd 10 days ago

    Anyone know where to get the creamy chicken ramen? I can only find regular chicken flavor.

  • dbevans1328
    dbevans1328 10 days ago

    6:32 GET CAUGHT

  • sekara williams
    sekara williams 10 days ago

    Can see him being a good host for man vs food

  • Meme Fire
    Meme Fire 11 days ago

    Just watching this makes me hungry and full at the same time somehow

  • Charles Yaneza
    Charles Yaneza 11 days ago

    You VS NARUTO🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙

  • katkkout
    katkkout 11 days ago

    Anyone else watching in 2019??

  • NuggNugg
    NuggNugg 11 days ago

    With out the head ban, you look like a serial killer

  • Stephen
    Stephen 11 days ago


  • Ritesh Kumar
    Ritesh Kumar 12 days ago

    Why u don't get fat,u eat a lot

  • Spherno
    Spherno 12 days ago +1

    Matt: *Eats Ramen for 4 people in 15 minutes*
    Also Matt: “I think I just lost 5 pounds”😩

  • Jace Allred
    Jace Allred 12 days ago


  • Julio Gomez
    Julio Gomez 12 days ago

    I hate how he talks so much. Just eat! It adds up

  • ricki-lee kirchner
    ricki-lee kirchner 13 days ago

    Can't believe he has made 6 million subscribers in one year what an achievement

  • Sonu Singh
    Sonu Singh 13 days ago

    Hagte kitna hoge bc

  • Aika Papa
    Aika Papa 13 days ago

    Morgan likes to eat it nice and slow ! No hurry. That's the winning approach !😉😀👍

  • Lucas Mobile
    Lucas Mobile 13 days ago

    Congrats on 9 mil

  • Buddypup Girl
    Buddypup Girl 13 days ago

    Man I wish I was there I love Raman I'm 10 years old btw

    • Kachuluin
      Kachuluin 4 days ago

      What does your age have to do with anything?..

  • dunce face
    dunce face 13 days ago

    I wanna see a relaxed and chill mukbang w/this guy i-

  • AlbertandJake FanClub
    AlbertandJake FanClub 13 days ago

    A feast worthy of luffy, zoro, goku and ESPECIALLY Naruto.

  • PhabFit
    PhabFit 13 days ago

    Just did a Ramen challenge this weekend was second fastest time but burnt the &#^$! out of my mouth.

  • Trevor Barnes
    Trevor Barnes 14 days ago

    Holy shit dude where do you put it

  • Cel B.
    Cel B. 14 days ago

    Matt stonie can u eat balut ?

  • Sean Douglas
    Sean Douglas 14 days ago

    This looks really good. I'm so hungry now 😆

  • grawss
    grawss 14 days ago

    This guy is Alexander Dreymon from The Last Kingdom.

  • grawss
    grawss 14 days ago

    It's me, Morgan of Bebbanburg!

  • Łone_woľf Gaming
    Łone_woľf Gaming 15 days ago

    U eat so much but how r u so thin n slim??

  • naja toft
    naja toft 15 days ago

    Cant believe that only 1 and a half year ago he only had 3 milion sub!

  • EB Blogs
    EB Blogs 15 days ago +1

    Anyone else who has never eaten ramen?

  • Hwar Kim
    Hwar Kim 15 days ago +2

    bro that looks so good stawwwp😖😫😩

  • Frank Gresham_4210882
    Frank Gresham_4210882 15 days ago

    Legend says he didn't eat for a whole week after he did this video

  • Nichelle Brady
    Nichelle Brady 15 days ago +1

    I am still wondering how is he not fat....and when i eat a chicken and 3 small scoops of rice i look feel and is heeaaavyy heaavvvy

  • Bianca Angeles
    Bianca Angeles 15 days ago

    hot bros

  • Jet Ghost5478
    Jet Ghost5478 15 days ago

    I thought it was at 25 minutes why stop at 24?

  • Riley Benavente
    Riley Benavente 15 days ago

    Matt stonie: eats the whole restaurant
    Stomach: I swear to god if you do this one more time I’m giving to diabetes


  • Vansh Sharma
    Vansh Sharma 16 days ago

    You are Lessing the resources of earth