• Published on Apr 25, 2017
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  • Madelyn Bruski
    Madelyn Bruski 9 months ago

    I just found this page and what he's saying makes sense and is VERY TRUE! I've been dealing with this for 4years and I ran across the borax bath with Epsom salts I peeled like a dam lizard also. I had it in my feet and all around my ankles and back of them. Had shocks in my toes and the bottom of my feet. Totally gone!!!!!!! Thanks Charlie!!!

  • Very Victoria
    Very Victoria 2 years ago +16

    It works! After 2 weeks of the baths my skin turned red and started to peel, especially the leg below the knee and on my neck. Kept up the baths for another week to get it all off. A week after starting the SSKI my sugar cravings went away! I knew they were coming from somewhere. Still taking it and improving. Thanks, Charlie!

  • Have Fear
    Have Fear 2 years ago +5

    Thank you my friend. Im homeless so baths are hard to come by, but i really need this shit to end or at least downgrade a bit, because theyre killing me, man! My feet are getting targeted somehow while in my vehicle. I mean, major fucking heat and burning, kinda like last spring when i talked to you on the phone and my feet were peeling off in thick layers of skin. ...it was definitely skin not the biofilm, I have both, and can tell the difference. So much skin peeling that i lost height...not an exaggeration, friend! The skin came back some i think, but now happening again. My hands and mostly fingers peel skin as well. The thick rubber soles of my just 6-7 month old expensive boots is also thinning so much there are now holes in the the soles and where there are no holes theyre noticeably thinner, my mom cant believe it until i showed her. I dont hike at all and just walk at the park with my dog, and these were $150 boots my mom purchased as a gift, which should last minimum 2 yrs with light to medium use. What kind of weapon or substance could do that? I believe my fingers and hands peel due to my cell phone radiation since they seem to amp up all the power of any electronics around me somehow. My car indoor dash lights, radio, etc are all much much brighter so they must amp up the normal radiation which is always present. What do you think? Is there a way to drop the power output? i can try drinking the epsom salt rather than bathe in it you said. Do you know if epsom salt is safe for dogs since my girl is also effected by this torture. They ate CONSTANTLY on us and will not let me have peace anywhere man. Im hurtin and so is my dog. Thanks for your help my friend, awesome content. ☺

    • Lookoutfa Charlie
      Lookoutfa Charlie  2 years ago +1

      Also, I noticed this with my sneakers. Both Adidas and Converse All Stars. Something was / is eating through the soles of the shoes. The converse even had this weird buckling around the edges. I had owned some of these All Stars for over ten years...and within six months, they were eaten away. Could be some type of acid or something. I need to research that. I've been so occupied with other stuff, I keep forgetting.

    • Lookoutfa Charlie
      Lookoutfa Charlie  2 years ago +1

      Get the SSKI! Order the powder, mix it with clean water and start taking it. Your symptoms will go away, man. And I was targeted as hard as you if you recall.

  • Charles Moore
    Charles Moore 2 years ago +7

    This is my opinion concerning my particular situation and I believe I'm Not dealing with V2K tech. I do believe I'm dealing with RF causing the pops/clicking in my head. I'm convinced there are also several transducers (look that up on TVclip for diy instructions on making your own using old speakers and subwoofers) mounted behind sheetrock and under subflooring on 2nd floor. Transducers can also be bought and used to make almost any solid surface resonate with sound. Any sound from the plane I just heard that was Not flying low over the house to the riding mower sound I recorded a week ago at 1:30 am. I'm in a converted 2story house now a duplex both with upstairs. Ham radio equipment transmits in HF, VHF, UHF and microwave frequency up to 10ghz. Directed RF's as well as hidden transducers can mimic the crazy tech said to be used by so many victims. I ask why hasn't one single person, even a perp with a conscience has never come forward with electronic equipment in their possession as proof of our claims? I believe, like Look out for Charlie said a while back, it's a lot of Smoke & Mirrors. Taking my power back is becoming a reality when a year ago I thought it was a lost cause.

    • Lookoutfa Charlie
      Lookoutfa Charlie  2 years ago +2

      You've been awesome to talk to on a personal level, man. Rational.

  • Organiclife Health
    Organiclife Health 2 years ago +3

    Dont worry what they say! those that can handle the truth, are listening, also, maybe their perps.so not biggy,

  • TI.positive proof
    TI.positive proof 2 years ago +4

    your spot on brother. this regiment has reduced symptoms of my wife and I. we just ordered 500 g more of the K1. Funny or actually sad how the HATERS hate, nowadays when you have HATERS that's a sign your doing something right!!!! FUCK EM ALL BROTHER. WE GOT THIS!!!

    • Lookoutfa Charlie
      Lookoutfa Charlie  2 years ago +1

      Dude, thanks for coming out and speaking about it! It's imperative!

  • ThirdEyeJedi
    ThirdEyeJedi 2 years ago +7

    I also drink sodium bicarbonate to flush my kidneys and spray magnesium chloride on my legs. Every T.I. should be doing protocols.

  • Tifvision
    Tifvision 2 years ago +10

    Hi Charlie, can't wait until May 20 because I will have been on the Potassium Iodide a month by then and I'm on all the other stuff too. I just had a thought though... there has to be an activator that they're using because of the cases of specific people being targeted for whistleblowing. I fall into that category. There was also a woman whose boyfriend was in the mob who told her when they broke up that he was putting her on the list and good luck getting off of it. That lady can be seen in the interview that George Noory did with Dr. John Hall on that show he has that's on Gaia.
    But, all those sort of cases lead me to believe that they are still using something as an agent to activate the infection. So, it's not as important as getting symptom free, of course, but if anyone comes across any theories that make sense for what may be being used as an activator (could be more than one thing delivered in more than one way too), it might end up being something else that can be tested for, perhaps, or lead to a place that can assist our group as a whole move forward to fully eradicate this ridiculous shite being done to us.
    Thanks so much for all you do, Charlie!

  • David McDonough
    David McDonough 2 years ago +2

    Thanks mate! Just going to give this a try.
    I know this guy is on the level guys. Been in contact with him for a while now about the smart meters.
    I trust him well enough to head to the pharmacy right now. See ya!

    • Lookoutfa Charlie
      Lookoutfa Charlie  2 years ago

      David! Contact me, man! Have some stuff to share with you regarding tech / meters!

  • Marie Tahergorabi
    Marie Tahergorabi 2 years ago +4

    I'm keeping a daily journal of what I do and effects I notice. Thank you so much. One comment ~ Your colorful language is going to put some vulnerable people off.... www.pinterest.com/marietahergorab/targeted-individuals/ ~ www.pinterest.com/marietahergorab/chemtrail-pilots-front-line/ ~ www.pinterest.com/marietahergorab/book-nook/

  • Ftw Project
    Ftw Project 2 years ago +10

    Been on the SSKI treatment and have noticed a dramatic improvement. Thanks for sharing !
    Preparing and taking this stuff is not rocket science folks.

  • Karen Sufficool
    Karen Sufficool 2 years ago +8

    Thanks for your treatment you told us about. I did it 2 times and it worked for me. My case was mild, but living in Idaho and being tested on, with Chem-Trails 2 to 3 times daily, the shit under my skin is 90% gone. Grateful!

  • Brittany Graefser
    Brittany Graefser 2 years ago +9

    just follow the protocol he outlines in the End Targeting vid. those of us that were feeling bites etc-this works as well. add what you can as you can and as you learn what youre able to handle.but as he repeatedly stated-Potassium iodide:sski, Palmolive antibacterial, Epsom salt baths and Borax/boron are key. Trying to do all 50billion recommended suppliments you see everywhere will lead to failure for most. start with what you NEED then build from there so you're not overwhelmed. it also gives you a better idea of what supplements are working and which aren't. thanks​ Charlie for everything! keep up the awesome work!

  • The Bagel
    The Bagel 2 years ago

    When you come up with a way to remove implanted nano sensors let me know.

    • Lookoutfa Charlie
      Lookoutfa Charlie  2 years ago +3

      When You first mix it in the right temps...it will be clear. Don't mix too much as once. After a while, too much mixed and stored in non-so-great environment can and will turn brownish...but I still used it when I was out of the other stuff. It was just weaker. As long as the numbers and ratios are there, you're golden. Bentonite clay may have stuff in it...but all in all, it's cleansed my system faster than anything else. I still use the Bentonite.

    • The Bagel
      The Bagel 2 years ago

      Btw, what's your latest opinion on bentonite clay?

    • The Bagel
      The Bagel 2 years ago

      You say potassium iodide but this shit is CLEAR. But in your follow up vid you talk about how it turns brownish color, etc. Dude you have to be very specific here of exactly what it is. sski is clear but lugols iodine is brownish. So which the fuck is it??

  • April DeVito
    April DeVito 2 years ago +3

    Appreciate your research

  • April Veazey
    April Veazey 2 years ago +7

    it works..and so does lugols iodine and iodide !

    • M. X.
      M. X. 2 years ago +1

      April Veazey Where do you get iodine and iodide?

  • ☼ Heirloom reviews ☼

    so wat you have to soak in it or drink it or both?

    • Lookoutfa Charlie
      Lookoutfa Charlie  2 years ago +10

      Both. You can use as much as you want soaking in it. I'd use at least six cups. After 3 or 4 baths, you'll start to notice this stuff that was practically invisible on your skin start to peel off. Go easy drinking it at first. Maybe a teaspoon or so in a big glass of something. I can drink a lot more now..but at first, definitely go easy.
      Once I treated myself and got a majority of this stuff to peel off, my symptoms vanished. Again, I have ZERO sensations, zaps, vibrations, pain, etc.