WOW! Mr. Beast's 20 Million Tree Challenge, Deadly Gender Reveal Party, ISIS Leader Killed, & More

  • Published on Oct 28, 2019
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    MrBeast Responds to Criticism of Massive Tree Planting Project:
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    Explosion at Gender Reveal Party:
    Judge Temporarily Blocks High Schooler’s Suspension:
    Trump Announcement:
    Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
    Produced by: Amanda Morones
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda
    #DeFranco #MrBeast #DonaldTrump

Comments • 4 608

  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  Month ago +1030

    Hey...send me memes:
    Timecodes: Mr Beast 00:06 - Gender Reveal 3:45 - TIA 5:44 - School 7:13 - ISIS 10:34

    • Digitalhunny
      Digitalhunny Month ago

      Why do people _always_ seems to protect the abuser??? They make excuses for them. State their behaviour is simply "Boys being boys." These young men shouldn't lose their lives due to one mistake etc... All the while the young women are FOREVER afraid of men, being attacked again, loss of sleep, eating, their very comfort in a small crowd or even leaving the house for YEARS sometimes! Depression, guilt, resentment from their own peers, faculty, employers & this occurs for the victims life time!! If the rapist wears a condom & there is NO DNA or witnesses then no charges will ever be filed against the rapist. THIS MUST CHANGE!!
      What this young woman did was _something_ to help protect her fellow students. Police & faculty say & do NOTHING! And don't you dare believe for _one second_ that the abuser/rapist won't do it again. They will forsure _especially_ if they got away with it the first time. Rape happens WAY too much. Women don't report it often because of the lack of belief from the cops involved in investigating. Shame on that school for protect a rapist. SHAME!!

    • MastemaJack
      MastemaJack Month ago

      Governments can't fix climate change. Stop complaining about it and go do something

    • Moe Money
      Moe Money Month ago

      So is the baby a boy or a girl? 😱

    • Moe Money
      Moe Money Month ago

      Philip DeFranco So is the baby a boy or a girl? 😂

    • Brian M
      Brian M Month ago

      Phil, you stated 5 million already raised BUT the live link is only showing 1.9 million. Huge difference, unless this link is a different site?

  • Flash 🇿🇦
    Flash 🇿🇦 Day ago

    Lol. Dhadi 😏

  • SystemzOverload
    SystemzOverload 7 days ago

    taliban, isis, same shit done, expecting a different result... huh... aint that a saying america?

  • Draidis
    Draidis 9 days ago

    YES!!! Lets plant more trees!!! ........ so we can cut them down to make straws, plastic is bad!
    Jokes aside I still think this is a great thing and a good idea.

  • Chaos Knight
    Chaos Knight 13 days ago

    No matter what you think of Mr. Beast, you gotta admit that the man seems like a genuinely good person. 100% support this move by him and others. And he's right. Doing something is better than doing nothing; it's certainly better than those criticizing him who probably haven't done anything to fight Climate Change themselves.
    On a related note, it's always nice seeing everyone come together for a common goal. When banded together, humanity can get some amazing things accomplished.
    On a completely unrelated note, Phil's faces when he's playing Raid: Shadow Legends in Today in Awesome is adorable

  • jobriq5
    jobriq5 18 days ago

    Gender reveal: My baby is a pipe bomb

  • Lissie Lamb
    Lissie Lamb 23 days ago

    I think most teenagers know wtf goes down at their schools, if that shit is happening then people are very aware of suspects as far as I'm concerned. Be careful y'all ✌🏻

  • something els
    something els 24 days ago

    Blaming gender reveal parties is like blaming guns. Gender reveal parties do not kill people, playing with explosives kill people.

  • somethingnewplz8 bored

    I'm seeing a lot of comments with the usual reaction of people assuming the girl was telling the truth and deciding she's a brave person for speaking out against a rapist. And if she is indeed telling the truth, then I support her actions one hundred percent. But from this video, we don't have the information to know if she's telling the truth. There's a lot of tendency to automatically believe any accusations as way to counter historical tendency to ignore women to speak up about sexual assault. But this is at the expense of ignoring the fact that false accusations actually do happen. If she's lying or even just spreading lies, does that not make it defamation - assuming the whole school indeed does know who she's accusing? A friend of mine, when he was still in high school, was taken into a police station and questioned because his girlfriend accused him of rape. She recanted later the same day. Her very religious father found out she'd had sex, so she told him she was forced - so he wouldn't think she was a sinner. My friend went to a catholic school. What if she'd also told her friends this lie and it spread to the whole school like this? My friend was already devastated to be accused of rape by someone he thought loved him. His first instinct was to worry that he'd made her feel pressured into sex and he was a crap boyfriend who hadn't noticed. He didn't know the father was involved yet and he couldn't think of a reason why she'd lie. The whole thing messed him up for years. Imagine adding public scorn as well.

  • notsosxechris
    notsosxechris 29 days ago

    I wanna know more about the guy who apparently felt targeted by a note that said: *"There's a rapist in our school..."*

  • Perseus Hawk
    Perseus Hawk 29 days ago

    I love that Phil supports MrBeast!

  • RobinFlysHigh
    RobinFlysHigh Month ago +1

    I live in Iowa. The local news said there was another gender reveal injury that same weekend. Can't remember the details though. Crazy and sad. Rest in peace to the woman who passed

  • Rose
    Rose Month ago

    People shitting on the tree planting campaign makes me so mad. He’s raising awareness and trying to help but it’s never enough. Smh.

  • Nightmares Unleashed

    Why did I get a notification for this now?

  • Stormy Templeton
    Stormy Templeton Month ago

    I literally live less than twenty minutes from the town the gender reveal happened at. Scary stuff.

  • WizZz FizZz
    WizZz FizZz Month ago

    I got bullied to shit in school and they did nothing, but post a note about being raped gets you suspended for bullying? Holy shit have we got our priorities wrong.

  • vanconojl
    vanconojl Month ago


  • J M
    J M Month ago

    "Escaped", aka released so that America can arm them again and keep terrorism going.

  • rocklesson86
    rocklesson86 Month ago

    I don't know why the school did not investigate the rapist.

  • pitt2012
    pitt2012 Month ago

    is that really the best photo of Mr. Beast you could find? really?

  • Skyler O'Riordan
    Skyler O'Riordan Month ago +1

    In terms of the gender reveal thing people need to just chill. I generally think it’s kind of toxic and encourage gender stereotypes, but explosions are just so excessive.

    • Lissie Lamb
      Lissie Lamb 23 days ago

      .... Yeah figures that would be your profile pic

  • Meningitis Mchal
    Meningitis Mchal Month ago


  • carlybrugs
    carlybrugs Month ago

    The school saying "We will continue to review and update district policies to align with state law and meet the needs of the district" is pretty much saying "We didn't think this would get so big and we want this to be over with without looking like this coverup was a coverup"

  • Dtc98 Gaard
    Dtc98 Gaard Month ago


  • Nancie Nordwick
    Nancie Nordwick Month ago

    The bathroom note does not identify a bully other than rapist. Does that mean the school is defending all rapists?

  • Nancie Nordwick
    Nancie Nordwick Month ago

    Sounds to me like the Kurds were not as helpful against ISIS as they had claimed if this leader was actually still there and alive.

  • CaraRowen
    CaraRowen Month ago

    Phil said it the funds were at five million but they're at under 3 mil for me.

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker Month ago

    "___ and _____ go together like white people and gender reveal parties" should be a saying

  • whitemanwii
    whitemanwii Month ago

    yeah but how many people are actually going to stick through with their challenge? not to be that guy... but i'm gonna say in a month, we completely forget this challenge was ever done and no one really did anything.

  • charlespk2008
    charlespk2008 Month ago

    lets face it, Trump takes, invents and redefines *literally* anything to either prop himself up or trash others.
    the tree story is such pure goodness, it is like the polar opposite of the war bull we are getting.....maybe that is why Trump doesn't want to acknowledge it?

  • charlespk2008
    charlespk2008 Month ago

    technically, it is totally illegal to take a picture in a public bathroom.
    also this does seem like pure terror to cry "rapist" but not legally accused some one.
    the only "we all know it" should be when they are found guilty.

  • Ee Vee
    Ee Vee Month ago

    Why the heck would you feel targeted by an extremely vague statement about a rapist being on campus if you were innocent?
    If they were named, sure, but they weren't so that comes across and very suspicious and a bit concerning.

  • Razorlust
    Razorlust Month ago

    For the record, "the most ruthless and violent terrorist organization in the entire world" is NOT ISIL.
    It is the American government.
    It's killed more people, and toppled more democratically elected governments all around the world.....

  • F4c2a
    F4c2a Month ago

    Trump leaves Syria
    Trump goes back and kills ISIS leader

  • Bewe Issor
    Bewe Issor Month ago

    And today we hear about a new ISIS leader. It really doesn't make a difference. They're just going to be another head who's more bigoted than the last one.

  • roberto colon
    roberto colon Month ago

    Soooo.... what was the gender?

  • DriftKingNL
    DriftKingNL Month ago

    "And meanwhile you had other students walking out in protest" ... Yeah, protest, the word of the year in 2019. Any fucking excuse to NOT work or NOT attend school.

  • Sounds
    Sounds Month ago

    cis het people literally killing each other to impose what gender they want their babies to be

  • Ertugrûl Gazi
    Ertugrûl Gazi Month ago

    Jesus fucking Christ.
    I came back from JackDeFilms show and I bursted out laughin when he said “let’s just jump in to it”

  • ashante
    ashante Month ago

    The school was trash for suspending the girl who decided to warn her peers. It’s laughable that they put more energy into defending their decision instead of redirecting that energy to bring consequences to the rapist, who only came forward AFTER the note.

  • LaSaltyCanadian
    LaSaltyCanadian Month ago

    My gender reveal party will be when the child comes out of me screaming...

  • BruceDuits
    BruceDuits Month ago

    Actually, we already BEEN in a reforestation mode for YEARS. Mr. Beast is still increasing the amount by quite a bit though. LINK to the article #Defranco

  • Wind Lady
    Wind Lady Month ago

    Total defeat?

  • Wind Lady
    Wind Lady Month ago

    I want to apologize for the statement that I made earlier. I misread the note she wrote and I do understand her situation now. I do think this is something that needs to be brought to the attention of the police as well but it will not work unless the rest of the girls are willing to come forward.

  • MrPiquo
    MrPiquo Month ago

    In my subscription feed it underlined your video with "Fundraiser"
    Nice to see google trying finally.

    Two thumbs up!

  • Kestune
    Kestune Month ago

    The girl who was suspended shouldn't have been suspended... At the same time though, is there substantial evidence to indicate that the accused is indeed a rapist? As far as I've heard from you, there's no evidence to indicate whether or not her actions are warranted and that there is an investigation that is still ongoing.

  • u2zero2u
    u2zero2u Month ago

    So some people are actually saying that killing Baghdadi was a bad decision because it may embolden some extremists? Its amazing how far some in the media will go to oppose Trump and the decisions he makes. I am in no way a Trump supporter but its very obvious how bias the media is. Ask James Foley's family and Kayla Mueller's family how they feel about this.

  • Haydn Waterman
    Haydn Waterman Month ago +1

    "Sorry, you can't donate in this country or region yet." I wasn't aware Australia was a third world dictatorship.

  • bthepsychic
    bthepsychic Month ago

    I just don’t understand how anyone could complain about the tree planting campaign? What exactly are those people doing to help climate change besides complaining on the internet. At least Mr. Beast is actually out here making a difference and taking real action instead of doing nothing.

  • bloodydove5718
    bloodydove5718 Month ago

    On the school rapist/bully story... How can you justify calling that bullying when the note doesnt at all direct attention to anyone in particular? It would be a totally different story if the note straight up named someone, but it didnt and was so incredibly indirect and allusive. Thats like saying im targeting my boss when i say something like "We all know some horrible ass bosses.". If my boss gets upset, well a hit dog will holler

  • Toria D
    Toria D Month ago

    But was it a boy or a girl

  • † Masterhp †
    † Masterhp † Month ago

    Why didn't you mention that a news outlet called the terrorist "austere religious scholar" and changed it after ?

  • wnterbird
    wnterbird Month ago

    Gender reveal parties are weird. “Yay my baby will have a penis” “yay my baby will have a vagina”. Not to mention “gender reveal” is so wrong and should be sex reveal or something else. The celebration itself is kinda strange. And definitely no one should die for it.

  • Andrew Strauss
    Andrew Strauss Month ago

    Shame on you Phil for giving in to promoting crappy greedy mobile games. I get that you have to monetize, but before you were promoting actual video games. Not glorified slot machines.

  • The God Emperor
    The God Emperor Month ago

    20 million trees won't stop climate change nor will it help as big as people want. I still support it, it's great, but it won't be enough. So do this, but don't stop doing more. So I am glad Mr. Beast makes that clear :) good on him

  • Jackson Roles
    Jackson Roles Month ago


  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith Month ago

    The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is now.

  • El Jake
    El Jake Month ago

    We will NEVER end terrorism with bombs and bullets. The only way you end terrorism is the same way you end gangs, give these people stability and a LIFE that is worth living for!
    Without a vision of a peaceful future people will choose hate and violence. As long as we continue to kill thousands of innocent civilians, we only pour gasoline on the fire that is terrorism is the Middle East...

  • Gaming Dreamer
    Gaming Dreamer Month ago

    The only thing my country have like this is the Yononn, when the kid walk for the first time we take coines and candy and throw it on his/his head and the other kids take them.
    we also do it for kids first things like my neece just get a job but nothing fancy

  • Jolene Kellough
    Jolene Kellough Month ago +3

    Admitted he felt targeted.... well that probably means you assaulted someone...