Reacting to the FUNNIEST Animations !

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
  • Reacting to the FUNNIEST Animations !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are Reacting to the FUNNIEST Animations !
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  • Emily Crowder
    Emily Crowder Hour ago

    They were earmuffs 🤣

  • smoll bean 101
    smoll bean 101 Hour ago

    Why would the shark *want* to eat the fisherman? Sharks only attack people by accident. That's why they only take a bite. Because they realize the person isnt actually food.

  • Lina Marcela Gil Herrera

    I Love you azzy

  • Ashley Meckling
    Ashley Meckling 2 days ago +1

    Like The video if you like Azzyland

  • Ashley Meckling
    Ashley Meckling 2 days ago +1

    Assy love you and your videos I dare you to subscribe and like Tianas Channel

  • Julie Atkins
    Julie Atkins 2 days ago


  • hATe
    hATe 2 days ago

    Wat happened to your hair?! What is that?

  • ig HAYDEN
    ig HAYDEN 3 days ago

    You are soo beautiful today. LIKE THIS COMMENT TO TAKE IT TO HER

  • Sukhi Gains
    Sukhi Gains 4 days ago


  • Bun Bun Junior
    Bun Bun Junior 4 days ago +1

    Actually there is going to be a new Titanic maybe in,2020,says it in the Newspaper

  • Nutcracker News
    Nutcracker News 4 days ago

    Azzy your hat is so cool!!

  • Lynette
    Lynette 4 days ago

    Lol the birds

  • Lynette
    Lynette 4 days ago

    That was so cute

  • Stephanie Mercado
    Stephanie Mercado 5 days ago

    You are so lucky and azzy you're so beautiful and you have a good taste of your styl🐼🐧🐕🐖

  • Isaiah Spivey
    Isaiah Spivey 5 days ago

    A-Z when octopuses their arms are they can still move without without arms

  • H. Davis Redd
    H. Davis Redd 5 days ago

    overwatch map

  • simran good
    simran good 5 days ago

    Azzy looks herendous

  • rjdavirus
    rjdavirus 5 days ago

    Like the way you can see the picture

  • victoria aruna
    victoria aruna 6 days ago +1

    It is so amazing

  • Dylan Roblox
    Dylan Roblox 6 days ago

    Thumbnail is uhh..

  • Natalie Elaine
    Natalie Elaine 6 days ago

    Azzy subscribe to me my channel is Natalie Elaine

  • Lainey Krob
    Lainey Krob 6 days ago +1

    Who is better ?
    Azzy like
    Gloom subscribe
    Kubz scout comint

  • Erin Owens
    Erin Owens 6 days ago

    pleas dont say guchie

  • Air Animations
    Air Animations 6 days ago

    Azzy I was watching this video with my beats (by Dre) headphones found the last part funny and ironic

  • Little Lloyd
    Little Lloyd 7 days ago

    Those are earmuffs like yes you knew that

  • Mackenzie Beach
    Mackenzie Beach 7 days ago

    I'm watching this on Thanksgiving

  • Angela Barratt
    Angela Barratt 7 days ago

    Hi Azzy can I call you Azzy😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍

  • Joshua Hunt
    Joshua Hunt 7 days ago

    Who's better like azzy comment Megan plays

  • The BFFS
    The BFFS 7 days ago

    I love titanic

  • Independent Family
    Independent Family 8 days ago

    I want some beats

  • Phyllis Hernandez
    Phyllis Hernandez 8 days ago +1

    When Azzy loves the love

  • Olivia Peele
    Olivia Peele 8 days ago

    We watched the first one at school for a main idea and three parts that support 😂

  • zoro otsutski
    zoro otsutski 8 days ago


  • Annemike Ferreira
    Annemike Ferreira 8 days ago

    Azzy can we be friends I love you so much you are the best ❤️❤️and i like your outfit ❤️❤️Annemike

  • Annemike Ferreira
    Annemike Ferreira 8 days ago

    Love you 😍❤️❤️💌

  • Annemike Ferreira
    Annemike Ferreira 8 days ago

    Azzy I’ve never seen you were a hedband ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Olib Guzmano
    Olib Guzmano 8 days ago


  • Danny
    Danny 9 days ago

    WALL-E is a really BAZAAR but good movie 🎥

  • Danny
    Danny 9 days ago

    No offense but I ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ calamari!

  • Sumiko Wright
    Sumiko Wright 9 days ago

    lol this is me when i wake up


  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson 9 days ago

    I mean hat

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson 9 days ago

    I don’t like your har

  • Søup
    Søup 9 days ago

    Oop- da aliens dead

  • Belle Soleil
    Belle Soleil 9 days ago

    Omg azzy I love you ❤️

  • Trout HoneyBee
    Trout HoneyBee 9 days ago

    This content is so bad, all your videos are the same. Exaggerated reactions to boring and clickbait videos. Your cleavage is the only reason people watch your videos. Maybe make some content that isn’t pretentious?

  • Melissa Deckert
    Melissa Deckert 10 days ago

    The octopus is so cute

  • William Ferguson
    William Ferguson 10 days ago

    First one is like 🐙🐙 🙇‍♂️ 🐙. 🐙

  • Trinity LaRonde
    Trinity LaRonde 10 days ago

    Those weren't beats by drey those were ear muffs

  • Tashad
    Tashad 10 days ago

    Azzy you are so nise and so funy to!

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny 10 days ago

    Today was a Good Day.

  • Mrsnazzygamer
    Mrsnazzygamer 10 days ago +2

    Who is gonna tell her that there aren’t any tigers in Africa xD

  • Sakura Editz
    Sakura Editz 10 days ago

    Roses Are Red
    Violets Are Blue
    Azzy is beautiful
    And so are you!

  • Ada Toms
    Ada Toms 10 days ago


  • Christian Gallagher
    Christian Gallagher 11 days ago +3

    Those were earmuphs not headphones, why would there be headphones in Antarctica

  • Yola Williams
    Yola Williams 11 days ago +1

    She’s like THAT MY MAN

  • ChaRlye Nothing
    ChaRlye Nothing 11 days ago

    I actually am a black belt in karate

  • emilie l
    emilie l 11 days ago

    it looks like its island is santorini greece

  • Lidia Geleia
    Lidia Geleia 11 days ago


  • Panda Lover Sadie0413
    Panda Lover Sadie0413 11 days ago

    I love your videos azzy

  • Molly Woodward
    Molly Woodward 11 days ago

    Watch ghost boy next