I Let My Best Friend Pick My Boyfriend | Bestie Picks Bae

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • Have you ever wished your best friend could find you a boyfriend? Same, tbh. We turned that wish into a reality and set this teen up on a blind date with 9 eligible bachelors. The catch? Her bestie interviewed them during a speed date to pick the best match. Will she choose the right guy for her bff, or will this date be a total flop? Watch and see.
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Comments • 20 388

  • Seventeen
    Seventeen  4 months ago +15752

    Would you ever let your bestie pick out who you date??

  • Taylor Francis
    Taylor Francis 34 minutes ago

    Y'all need more girls like her on this show cause her energy was great!

  • Sami Linton
    Sami Linton Hour ago

    ashley and her “bae” really be on something at the end 💀💀

  • Fgvi
    Fgvi 4 hours ago

    Isnt this illegal they mostly over 18

  • Daph Chan
    Daph Chan 5 hours ago

    Theyre so young wtf

  • Sarah Rambhatla
    Sarah Rambhatla 6 hours ago +1

    I think that they would be better friends than bfs

  • وادي الذئاب
    وادي الذئاب 11 hours ago

    Guy with clothing line seemed really mature and would’ve been my best bet if i were in her shoes.

  • maya khadka
    maya khadka 11 hours ago

    johnathon mhmhmh

  • Lacey Shay
    Lacey Shay 12 hours ago

    They did Jonaton dirty! How dare you do that to that angel?!

  • Maxìmo Davis
    Maxìmo Davis 15 hours ago

    Shes so pretty tho

  • Francesca Dalla Pietà
    Francesca Dalla Pietà 20 hours ago

    Tf i’m in love with alex

  • Thanos
    Thanos 23 hours ago

    To all the guys out here: *Reality Is Often Disappointing.*

  • Itssstaekimhyung

    OMGGGG a brazilian guy❤️🇧🇷

  • Harleigh Hyden
    Harleigh Hyden Day ago

    "Emma, you could call me"

  • isaa
    isaa Day ago

    WHY ARE THEY 18+ GUYS THERE?!?! SHES A CHILD OMGGG!!! so gross and wrong on so many levels

    • Taylor Francis
      Taylor Francis 25 minutes ago

      17 is definitely not a child, that's why its the age of consent in many places



  • Sam Guems
    Sam Guems Day ago

    “I met Kim Kardashian” 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • austin hall
    austin hall Day ago

    I would so let my best friends pick someone for me I have a hard time enough finding someone anyway 😂

  • cackle- lyn
    cackle- lyn Day ago

    How much do you love Jonn?
    -a ton

    Bahahaha if ykyk

  • Fernanda Urbizagastegui

    i said Disneyland i thought the same thing

  • Priyanka Ghosh
    Priyanka Ghosh 2 days ago

    The check lists keep on decreasing exponentially as age increases linearly.

  • El Amiri
    El Amiri 2 days ago

    Jordan is cute damn

  • Alan Cantu
    Alan Cantu 2 days ago +1

    Was it just me or did that Jordan kid just seem a bit odd

  • I’m God
    I’m God 2 days ago


  • Most Of Miree
    Most Of Miree 2 days ago

    Jonnaton 😭😭😭😭 NOOOOOOOO

  • Serenity SUBLIMINALS
    Serenity SUBLIMINALS 2 days ago +2

    tbh omar immediately caught my eye

    • Taylor Francis
      Taylor Francis 27 minutes ago

      Serenity SUBLIMINALS well he was a model for a reason

  • 윤 기 Wife민
    윤 기 Wife민 2 days ago

    The sister: first date
    Black guy: I wanna get to know you better so dinner and......MOVIE.
    ( sorry dude people aren’t supposed to be talking in a movie theater)
    Also black guy: I don’t like crowded places so a play.
    Both are crowded places. One more crowded then the other.

  • OwenE
    OwenE 2 days ago

    Wait does she really think hes cute orr

  • Isiss
    Isiss 2 days ago

    Butttt Chris who likes jazz though 👀 what’s his IG frfr

  • Pricilla Tamang
    Pricilla Tamang 2 days ago

    No offense but Alex kinda looks like chills (go subscribe)

  • Sabrina Cipkar
    Sabrina Cipkar 2 days ago

    Someone please tell me if this series is ironic or not 🤭

  • LuKk
    LuKk 2 days ago +1

    Awwwwwwww they're cute

  • Danielle McDonald
    Danielle McDonald 2 days ago

    Literally Jonaton is perfect

  • CDI YT
    CDI YT 2 days ago

    I love Jonnaton

  • milenia vanegas
    milenia vanegas 3 days ago

    Omg they both haveTikTok

  • Karinne Pfeffer
    Karinne Pfeffer 3 days ago

    all of them except like 3 are over 18...catch a case???

  • sara ANK
    sara ANK 3 days ago

    I don’t know why but I really liked Ashley she’s so cute

  • Thiago T.
    Thiago T. 3 days ago

    Esse brasileiro aí... se forçar mais caga kkkkk

  • Imogen Burton
    Imogen Burton 3 days ago


  • R.c
    R.c 3 days ago

    Ashley kinda looks like Pewdiepie's fiance Marcia

  • Jodiexchan
    Jodiexchan 3 days ago

    Why they Trynna set up 17yr olds with 20yr olds ??

  • Al Izzy
    Al Izzy 3 days ago +1

    This doesnt really makes sense to me. why would you eliminate a boy cause he has a different music taste?? I dont want my boyfriend to be the same Person as me. I mean it's perfectly fine if my partner likes horror movies and I'm not, for example. If i should find a new man for my best friend i would definitely look out for the guy with the best/matching vibes and not the One who is most similar to her.

  • Tuva Moen
    Tuva Moen 3 days ago

    these girls were so cute

  • Freya and Keira
    Freya and Keira 3 days ago

    do they even go on dates? 🤣

  • Andrew Kolotyliuk
    Andrew Kolotyliuk 4 days ago

    she gon be hella disappointed when he comes out of the closet.

  • Janell P
    Janell P 4 days ago

    Does anyone know Alex’s @??? Asking for a friend

  • Olayemi Fadahunsi
    Olayemi Fadahunsi 4 days ago

    I am here to be your somebody!!!

  • ellie m
    ellie m 4 days ago


  • doom bolte
    doom bolte 4 days ago

    😭why I am single

  • Adriel P.
    Adriel P. 4 days ago

    Everyone freaking out over the age differences.. yall do realize the age of consent in New York, where this is filmed, is 17? Meaning, it’s not illegal to be with a 19/20 year old?
    Cool, glad we got that settled.

  • Cameryn MacDonald
    Cameryn MacDonald 5 days ago

    Comment is loading █████████████]99.9%

  • beeschorger
    beeschorger 5 days ago +3

    wow... i don't think i've ever met anyone in my whole life who *actually* likes the chainsmokers that's....

  • XOX Olivia
    XOX Olivia 5 days ago

    You should do my ex- best friend picks my bae

  • Vlad To the Bone
    Vlad To the Bone 5 days ago

    That guy jordan is creepy and looks kinda crazy

  • Ruby aagat and pari
    Ruby aagat and pari 5 days ago

    I love your DIY

  • Ruby aagat and pari
    Ruby aagat and pari 5 days ago

    I follow you in likeapp

  • Gabriele Natasha
    Gabriele Natasha 5 days ago

    Also, What's Ari's video that has Omar featured in?

  • Gabriele Natasha
    Gabriele Natasha 5 days ago


  • ZaNya Hudak
    ZaNya Hudak 5 days ago

    Aren't they on Tiktok?!

  • WarWolf Gaming
    WarWolf Gaming 6 days ago

    bruh im 16 and im 6'1 they short as hell

  • Angie Sugoi
    Angie Sugoi 6 days ago

    Brazilian dude is GORGEOUS

  • imma chicken nugget
    imma chicken nugget 6 days ago

    This sister is trying to get a mans

  • AsianNoscopes
    AsianNoscopes 6 days ago

    wtf they keep saying um um ummmmm uhhuhmmmm

  • DonSenpaii
    DonSenpaii 6 days ago +1

    Is no one gonna say anything about him going for a handshake

  • Victoria Nunez
    Victoria Nunez 6 days ago

    This was the absolute worst one

  • Lee Molloy
    Lee Molloy 6 days ago +3

    Who here came after watching kurtis’ video? Lmaoo

  • Trinity Delima
    Trinity Delima 6 days ago

    I’m an American Brazilian and the Brazilian was super cute- idk why but I loved home cuz he was just sweet and chill

  • Sofía Olivera
    Sofía Olivera 6 days ago

    I didn't know we latinos sound sexy speaking in English. I'll stop correcting my accent

  • emmabrOwn
    emmabrOwn 6 days ago

    why do they sound so pathetic at the intro

  • Jade P
    Jade P 6 days ago

    Her: Goes in for a hug
    Him: Goes in for a handshake

  • Dana Nicole
    Dana Nicole 6 days ago

    I don’t get how they can legally have minors on this...

  • Ceedbird
    Ceedbird 6 days ago

    She’s 15???

  • Jovani Ferreira
    Jovani Ferreira 6 days ago

    The winner look like E.T

  • Nat Cat
    Nat Cat 6 days ago

    No offence to Jordan but his eyebrows hurt me physically because they looked really ummm...... i n t e r e s t i n g.... ya

  • arixpinkie on ig
    arixpinkie on ig 6 days ago

    7:21 OK I LOVE HIM

  • It’s me YEA
    It’s me YEA 7 days ago

    This girl from tik tok

  • iiBroken Proxy
    iiBroken Proxy 7 days ago

    Rj not tryna date Ashley he say “oh Emma you can call me ” 😂

  • Victoria Unsworth
    Victoria Unsworth 7 days ago

    I'm petitioning for a lesbian one

  • Aubrey Pacewicz
    Aubrey Pacewicz 7 days ago

    Ummmmmm no one wants to date them after they see their TikToks

  • JiminJamz Chen95
    JiminJamz Chen95 7 days ago

    Ashley and Emma the most American names ever

  • Beanie boo Time
    Beanie boo Time 7 days ago

    Could I be on the show

  • Stitch Girl
    Stitch Girl 7 days ago

    That’s not fair bc your only supposed to choose one person to eliminate each round

  • Cassie Lewis
    Cassie Lewis 7 days ago

    Does no one care that one of them is 20 and she’s 17

  • TrIcK_ScOpE
    TrIcK_ScOpE 7 days ago

    The brazilian guy is just clingy.He almost always agrees with her.Is everyone blind?

  • Geynsy Ortiz
    Geynsy Ortiz 7 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣 The sister did her so wrong haha. she wanted the Latino Brazil guy to her self 😭 she was like ummmm ima get me a bea too

  • Someone 00
    Someone 00 8 days ago +4

    Omar looks like Aladdin and jonnaton looks like tarzan

  • Ariel Walker
    Ariel Walker 8 days ago

    Biggest waste of time

  • Dooly
    Dooly 8 days ago

    I can take her from him no CAP

  • taetenism
    taetenism 8 days ago

    emma's nails are wack

  • Nesa Monaè
    Nesa Monaè 8 days ago +1

    I need the Brazilian guy information please and thank you

  • JardynForte Playz
    JardynForte Playz 8 days ago

    It’s we wear cute from tik tok

  • Terri Medlin
    Terri Medlin 8 days ago

    Nnooo jonatton was soo cute

  • Jilaryy Vann
    Jilaryy Vann 8 days ago

    sister was definitely overreacting about how “cute” the guys were.

  • Iuyvhulioio Nkbjun
    Iuyvhulioio Nkbjun 8 days ago

    Worst sister ever 😂🤣😂

  • Sharon Bhandari
    Sharon Bhandari 8 days ago

    Does anyone knows jonatons or Omar’s ig?

  • Sandhya Tomy
    Sandhya Tomy 9 days ago +1

    Emma is cute

  • Soggy Waffle
    Soggy Waffle 9 days ago

    She kinda looks like Marzia

  • Krisztina Juhász
    Krisztina Juhász 9 days ago

    I would apply for a show like this go there and sabotage the whole thing as much as I can and tell the guys when I hear fake lyings and than wait for the final participant and tell him that I am so sorry that your standars are so low that you are trying to get to know your partner here or maybe you just want to become famous like this... But they would not broadcast that on their channel anyways...

  • Victoria Thomas
    Victoria Thomas 10 days ago

    y'all i feel dumb now this video was wack

  • theyylovedeasia :D
    theyylovedeasia :D 10 days ago

    Her sister chose the ugliest guy ever and lost The best one 😬✌🏾