• Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • FULL COVERAGE CONCEALER AT THE DRUGSTORE? For the longest time, it was something we could only dream of, but Loreal has come out with a brand-new full coverage, long wear concealer that is here to change our lives! Or will it? Today I’m testing it out and also giving away something super special from the Chanel store!!!
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  • NikkieTutorials
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    • Holly Elizabeth Taylor
      Holly Elizabeth Taylor 14 hours ago

      NikkieTutorials amazing!! 😍 drogisterij @holtaylorx ❤️

    • Bruna Ehl
      Bruna Ehl 15 hours ago

      NikkieTutorials yesssss

    • xSolarisx
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    • Asmarah Yusaf
      Asmarah Yusaf Day ago

      Please try mahlys beauty concealers its a Pakistani local brand but it has just wow pigmentation

  • Megan Foster
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  • Stine Mari Erlandsen Ness

    I love drogisterij makeup💄💋 IG: stineness00

  • SerenityJC
    SerenityJC 2 hours ago

    I will definitely be buying that drogisterij concealer. I love the way it last all day and how it’s full coverage. Thank you Nikki for sharing. You’re makeup looks Beautiful as always 💓
    IG: darrennjennifer

  • Blessings 2You
    Blessings 2You 2 hours ago

    My drogistorij L'Oreal concealor has magically morphed my mug into a majestic portrait of pretty perfection!
    Thank you, NIKKIE, for providing me with such an affordable cosmetic product suggestion that WORKS!!!
    IG: Blessings_2You

  • Kelly Ferreira
    Kelly Ferreira 2 hours ago

    My favorite drogisterij Concealer is the Catrice Camouflage Concealer ❤️ love you Nikkie 😘 my IG is @unicorn.moonchild

  • Janet van Milligen
    Janet van Milligen 3 hours ago +1

    Omg I never would have thought any drogisterij concealer could get such a high ranking from the queen. Gonna order it right now! Thank you!!!

  • Leah Kernachan
    Leah Kernachan 3 hours ago

    Can't beat some good drogisterij make up 💄
    IG: Leahhh68

  • Vhien Dominique
    Vhien Dominique 4 hours ago

    I love drogisterij makeup because it isnt much of a problem when i break it lose it.
    ig: vhiendominique

  • urooj fatima
    urooj fatima 4 hours ago

    Omggg! Your eye make up is stunninggggg!!! Please do a tutorial on it!! 😍🤩

  • MakeMeUpGorgeous 19
    MakeMeUpGorgeous 19 4 hours ago

    Omg I love it !!!! Hey baby let’s go to the drogisterij I want some drogisterij products

  • MakeMeUpGorgeous 19
    MakeMeUpGorgeous 19 4 hours ago

    Omg so buying that concealer 😍😍loves the video per usual !!! Can you do a full drugstore video trying all new drugstore products

  • Nina x
    Nina x 4 hours ago

    Drogisterij makeup is the best, cause it’s very inexpensive
    IG: @ninafurman

  • princess peach
    princess peach 5 hours ago

    On my way to the nearest Drogisterij to get this concealer, I’ve never worn any before but I think I’m READY. Love you Nikkie!
    insta: brittneyhicho ♥️

  • Feasting In Valhalla
    Feasting In Valhalla 7 hours ago

    I visited Amsterdam in May and I went to a different kind of drogisterij where they sold coffee. XD

    IG: LucyMollyMary

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  • colton opalisky
    colton opalisky 8 hours ago

    wanna try this now!
    instagram: @coltondoeshair

  • ellarusso123
    ellarusso123 8 hours ago

    I go to the drogisterij at 3am because that’s when they put out the new sales on makeup, and I snatch up everything!!!! I love makeup and you actually got me into color! Love you nikkie!
    IG: elizabeth__aka_liz

  • Angel-Lynne Pascua-Saur

    This giveaway is sick girl! Let me grab some meds from the drogisterij and calm me up. Love your videos and thank you for this generous giveaway! ❤❤❤
    IG: angelpsaur

  • ItZ DJ
    ItZ DJ 8 hours ago

    “Have you seen nikkietuturials new video where she tested a drogisterij concealer”

  • Angelica Romero
    Angelica Romero 9 hours ago

    Drogisterij? Sorry I don’t speak broke.

  • Misty Butterfly
    Misty Butterfly 9 hours ago

    Drogisterij makeup is the best
    Instagram shylahkyer

  • Kristy
    Kristy 10 hours ago

    Trying to save that $$$ with all them drogisterij makeup
    IG: @yinskristy

  • JezzaBear
    JezzaBear 10 hours ago

    *starts screaming drogisterij to everyone*
    Ig: xxjezzabearxx

  • Lovely Blue
    Lovely Blue 10 hours ago

    Can someone point me to a drogisterij version of chanel? Love that concealer!! @sharinthegreat insta handle

  • Mimi Ella
    Mimi Ella 10 hours ago

    Hi Nikki. Can I please get details on your eyelashes?

  • Verdaly Stafford
    Verdaly Stafford 11 hours ago

    Your nails 😍😍

  • Casey Duke
    Casey Duke 11 hours ago

    Drogisterij makeup for the win!! 🏁

  • Natali Maguellal
    Natali Maguellal 11 hours ago

    These Drogisterij are really stepping up their game! Drogisterij for the win! 🥳
    Twitter: @natali maguellal

  • Sarah Fitch
    Sarah Fitch 11 hours ago

    me @ mall employee: where’s the nearest drogisterij?
    employee: 😶
    ig = @sa.rag

  • melissa pustay
    melissa pustay 12 hours ago

    So i asked my dad to take me to the Drugisterij and he looked at me and said "Gott schüte dich. Which means God Bless You in German! 😂😂😂😂 I laughed so hard!!!! I love this word!

  • Jenny Bart
    Jenny Bart 13 hours ago

    En nu hetzelfde op een 60 jarige huid....................

  • BeautyLover8403
    BeautyLover8403 13 hours ago

    You’re out here making drogisterij look luxeartikel
    My IG is Beautylover8403

  • Mariam
    Mariam 13 hours ago

    I don’t know what eles to write about drogisterjis I think I’m out of ideas but yeah...🤷🏻‍♀️
    ig & twitter: @mamousawi

  • Jewelie
    Jewelie 14 hours ago

    l'oreal telescopic lashes is the only drogisterij mascara i'll buy ! l'oreal is coming thru lately ♥ IG: julesmorden

  • Giuseppina Laura
    Giuseppina Laura 14 hours ago

    What eye makeup are your wearing?!?! It’s beautiful

  • Bruna Ehl
    Bruna Ehl 15 hours ago

    Omggg I loved this video and certainly I will buy this concealer ❤️❤️ Brazil loves u! And I hope I have lucky in the giveaway

  • Danicia Colin
    Danicia Colin 15 hours ago

    Ik hou van drogisterij make up 😍

  • Lex Luthor
    Lex Luthor 15 hours ago

    No drogisterij makeup is light enough for me, lol. Not even the lightest concealer Nikkie put on. But you slayed this makeup look, maybe I'll try it, if I'm not lazy, lol. But can anyone else relate of not being able to find good matches for makeup (foundation, concealer, etc.)? I'm like a ghost, so 😹

  • Amanda Bermejo
    Amanda Bermejo 15 hours ago

    Nikkie, I love when you review drogisterij products!
    Ig: amabel2012

  • Cassandra Daniel
    Cassandra Daniel 15 hours ago

    I love Drogistherji makeup!!!

  • Kayla Hodgson
    Kayla Hodgson 15 hours ago

    Picked up this concealer after your video and I love it!

  • Zandy Saedl v
    Zandy Saedl v 15 hours ago

    You will also love the drogistrijj infallible 24 hr foundation super good Maryam maquillage recommended it

  • Salim El chappo
    Salim El chappo 15 hours ago

    Die concealer van de drugstore was echt geweldig. Bedankt voor de review!😉

  • Patricia Reber
    Patricia Reber 15 hours ago

    thanks nikkie for testing this drogisterij concealer for us. u are that bishhhh. hou van je. @patriciasorayaa on the gram

  • Brittany Merriman
    Brittany Merriman 16 hours ago

    I need to go to the dropisterij and get this concealer ASAP!!! Ig Handel brittanyrenamerriman😍😍 love u nikki

  • ari nat
    ari nat 16 hours ago

    defo wish we had ULTA drogisterij in UK

    Instagram: @anatsagd
    Twitter: @anatsagd

  • Eri Kardel
    Eri Kardel 16 hours ago

    I really need this drogisterij concealer.
    Tw: erikardel

  • Cynthia Gunnison
    Cynthia Gunnison 16 hours ago

    Dropping my shape tape and running to the Drogisterij to get my new infallible! Can’t wait to compare the two! Thanks Nikki! Raising my hand at @cynums in Instagram for the beautiful gold bling bliiing!!

  • Carla Hernandez
    Carla Hernandez 16 hours ago

    When a $12 concealer is still not within your budget

  • Cloë Mühlheim
    Cloë Mühlheim 16 hours ago

    Me: “Hey its me, Nikki”
    Even though my name is Cloe 🤣

  • Sofia L
    Sofia L 16 hours ago

    Excited to try that drogisterij concealer cause i can actually afford it lol
    Ig: sofialopez9

  • Evelīna Kasjaņenko
    Evelīna Kasjaņenko 17 hours ago

    When someone says drogisterij, I'm always there!
    ig: @eveliinaa_k

  • Lauren Eloise Robertson

    When you try to distract yourself with your make up budget as a student by calling it Drogisterij in order to give it a bougie feel! 😂😂😂

  • Martina Magnusson
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  • Amy Waterfield
    Amy Waterfield 17 hours ago

    I literally spend all my money in the drogisterij on makeup 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • HopeGetty
    HopeGetty 17 hours ago

    The drogisterij has amazing makeup finds. IG @poetpomi

  • Alissa Green
    Alissa Green 17 hours ago

    At the drogisterij, the pharmacist gave out the wrong prescription... which was a hard pill to swallow. @alissa.greenn

  • Joana Reyes
    Joana Reyes 17 hours ago

    Can anyone Please tell me where is the nearest Drogisterij i need to buy Loreal Inflatable concealer! 😊
    ig joa_na 🙏🤞

  • Senna Tholen
    Senna Tholen 17 hours ago

    Hahha ik ben zelf Nederland dus de dutch word is “drogisterij”. ik ga zeker de concealer kopen!!!
    IG: x.sennna

  • Becky Wright
    Becky Wright 17 hours ago

    Wow! Dam those nails

  • Deni Thompson
    Deni Thompson 17 hours ago

    I think it would be cool to see more of your fav combos

  • Megan Unger
    Megan Unger 18 hours ago

    Sephora who? Drogisterii makeup is where it's at! IG: meganunger17

  • Tami Ailster
    Tami Ailster 18 hours ago

    Love your drogisterij videos. Twitter: Tgoody17 IG: jughead08

  • Cheyy Leighh
    Cheyy Leighh 18 hours ago

    My favorite drogisterij is literally so much cause that’s what I can afford. But I like the elf primers and the L’Oréal voluminous lash paradise!! 💕💕💕 ig-cheyyleighh and Twitter is dnth8masturb8

  • Meli Álvarez
    Meli Álvarez 18 hours ago

    When also the drogisterij makeup is expensive to you, you know that you are puertorrican.
    IG: alvarez.meli_

  • Elyzu
    Elyzu 18 hours ago

    Tnx for another product i should buy😂
    Instagram elygelly

  • Carmen R
    Carmen R 18 hours ago +1

    When you’re too broke for high end brands so you have to watch videos on TVclip to see what drogisterij makeups are the best
    Insta- Carmen_r.38

  • Cesily Souza
    Cesily Souza 18 hours ago

    I need to run to the drogisterij right away and try that concealer!
    ig: Cesssy5

  • Jessica
    Jessica 18 hours ago

    Are you using high end makeup ?
    Nah just Drogisterij makeup 😜


    I love you Nikkieeeeeeee you are such an inspiration!!!!!! Thank you for also teaching us a little dutch !❤️

    CANDY-ICE 19 hours ago

    Drogisterij makeup is bringing the heat this summer! 🌞🌡🔥
    IG: candyiceee03

  • Akvilė Brazytė
    Akvilė Brazytė 19 hours ago

    imagine going to the drogisterij and pulling out a chanel wallet :D
    ig: vifaix

  • Cuadz Fam
    Cuadz Fam 19 hours ago

    I love drogisterij make up, it fits my budget 😁
    Love your vids 🤩😍

  • Alexandra Olds
    Alexandra Olds 19 hours ago

    This seema like a really great drogisterij concealer!! Ig: go.ask.alxx

  • Anastasia Wall
    Anastasia Wall 19 hours ago

    even with breakouts her skin still looks so smooth

  • Smadi Pinktart
    Smadi Pinktart 19 hours ago

    drogisterijIG: @pinktartpop

  • Avi Rae
    Avi Rae 20 hours ago

    Who else went straight to the drogisterij after watching this video my insta did @AviRae

  • Amber Bradley
    Amber Bradley 20 hours ago

    I spend hours at the drogisterij looking at makeup! Ig- Amber_Desstinni

  • J Lybaert
    J Lybaert 20 hours ago

    Brb, quickly running to the nearest drogisterij to buy this beautiful concealer!
    Twitter: brokenthievies

  • Janet Gron
    Janet Gron 20 hours ago

    super kind

  • Jenaldine Jurado
    Jenaldine Jurado 20 hours ago

    Can't wait to try this concealer! Adding this to my drogisterij makeup favorites!
    IG: jenjusap

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    I love this drogisterij concealer 😱😍

  • Molly Ganster
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    Even drogisterij makeup can slay the game! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 love your channel so much! ☺️❤️
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  • Kristene Bateman
    Kristene Bateman 21 hour ago

    I need to go to the "Drogisterij" soI can purchase L'oreal better than concealer 24 hour concealer. Ich Liebe Dich Nikki

  • boy grl
    boy grl 21 hour ago

    I always buy makeup at Drogisterij and to say it never disapoints

  • oOEmptyMirrorOo
    oOEmptyMirrorOo 21 hour ago

    run to the Drugstore...tried, loved 😂👌🏻

  • Julia van der Linden
    Julia van der Linden 22 hours ago

    going to holland soon so getta get my ass to the drogisterij and get that concealer wOw (@ilyjulz instagram)

  • Kiara Natal
    Kiara Natal 22 hours ago

    I am hoping that drogisterij concealer can cover up my sins from the night before 😆
    IG- @theperfectyoumakeup_
    Twitter - @theperfectyouMU

  • Rafia Tarar
    Rafia Tarar 23 hours ago +2

    I love drogisterij makeup because I can afford it.

    ELLAMAE BARCOMA 23 hours ago

    This drogisterij concealer is really worth it and worth the hype in the Philippines. 🇵🇭💕
    Ig: ellamaebarcoma

  • Mimi Ella
    Mimi Ella 23 hours ago

    Please recreate this make up look =)

  • xDirectionerx1D
    xDirectionerx1D 23 hours ago

    Can you test the Longwear Ultimate Matte’-foundation from Primark. They say it is a dupe from the Double wear foundation 😊

  • Kadi
    Kadi Day ago

    I want to put my drogisterij makeup in that Chanel bag

  • AmyAmos Playz
    AmyAmos Playz Day ago

    the Chanel bag is fugly but the makeup, as always, is beautiful.

  • Lily Rebel
    Lily Rebel Day ago

    I asked my boyfriend if we could go to the drogisterij, and apparently we can’t afford to go to Russia.... 😂
    @lilyrebel_ on Instagram

  • Chayma Tmimi
    Chayma Tmimi Day ago

    I only buy drogisterij thats the only makeup i can afford

  • Sanam Kaur
    Sanam Kaur Day ago

    Hallo Nikkie am from India your videos are so beautiful I am your Big fan

  • Sofia Elosua
    Sofia Elosua Day ago

    drogisterij!!! insta: sofielosua
    love your videos :)

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    I love you so much you are my inspiration ❤❤❤
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    4 fun Day ago

    I love how you say drogisterij.
    Can you please show us what product to use for oily skin what to and not to do ❤
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