Kylo Ren vs Darth Vader - FORCE OF DARKNESS (A Star Wars Fan-Film)

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
    Force of Darkness is a non-profit unofficial fan-film that is not intended for commercial use.
    Star wars is owned by Lucasfilm/Disney and this fan-film is not connected in any way to said companies.
    Alexander Cimini:
    Mikeal Israelsson:
    Mattias Lindqvist:
    Darth Vader: Anthony Sevins blissted78
    Kylo Ren: Matthew Brando
    First order Officer: Tom Schalk
    Kylo Ren fabric provided by:
    Write in the comments what you want us to do next.
    Simon Tingell - Aditional VFX
    Kylo Ren - Rikard Larsson (Not Rickard)
    Thanks to Mathias Fjellström (Not Fjällström)
    PS: Not true 4k, just uploaded that way for best compression.
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  • SeizeThe Frame
    SeizeThe Frame  Month ago +458

    Hey, for anybody who is interested here is a small VFX Side by side video. More behind the scenes stuff coming.

    • Resist Reality
      Resist Reality Day ago

      Was gonna the say the quality was good but then you had that disney tool kill the legend? wtf r u on disney's pocket
      thumbs down

    • Wyatt Terry
      Wyatt Terry 12 days ago

      Vader would destroy him lol

    • M R. T H R A S H E R
      M R. T H R A S H E R 23 days ago

      This is very dope and unique . If only the movies had u on the production team 👏👏👏its very foreshadowing

    • newswars-dotcom
      newswars-dotcom 24 days ago

      I like it when Kylo Ren did Undercover Boss. Classic.

    • Samuel Warshaw
      Samuel Warshaw 25 days ago

      You should do a Anakin Skywalker stopping Kylo Ren

  • uum6
    uum6 Hour ago

    Excellent production. Costumes, effects, choreography, and sound are all on point! You've created a duel we've all secretly wanted to see, done it splendidly and within a short story which actually makes sense.

  • Andriy Piazza
    Andriy Piazza Hour ago

    I LOVE THIS♥️ but why would kylo ever hurt Vader,he loves him, idolises him and even worships him,so I dont understand why he would ever attack him🤷

  • Martin Taylor
    Martin Taylor 2 hours ago

    Kinda gives me a bit of hope for the future of movies,this is excellent.

  • Noah Iz Not
    Noah Iz Not 2 hours ago

    This is cool but wouldn't Vader tell Kyro not to go down the path of the darkness

  • Alex Azizov
    Alex Azizov 2 hours ago


  • Felipe Moura
    Felipe Moura 4 hours ago

    This is ridiculous,why the hell Kylo Ren kills Vader? Vader is so much stronger for Kylo

  • Triangle
    Triangle 4 hours ago

    George Lucas Vader not as stupid as this,he would won dummy disney Kylo in a second...

  • Afiq Asman
    Afiq Asman 5 hours ago

    I legit think it was the real vader...until he was stab...then i was like "ah sht here we go again" it must be an illusion. Ren got trolled again by an unknown force

  • Jamie Fischer
    Jamie Fischer 11 hours ago +1

    Nicest Video i ever see

  • robert johnson
    robert johnson 14 hours ago

    lmao some emo defeating vader?

  • Snowy B
    Snowy B 17 hours ago

    seriously vader could defeat kylo easily have you even seen vaders true power

  • Randomnizer gamer
    Randomnizer gamer 17 hours ago

    Kylo was never meant to be a sith, but he’s also not weak. He has a strong connection with the force but since he feels lost between the light and dark side his powers aren’t at full. The novels explains it better

  • Nunya Bitness
    Nunya Bitness 18 hours ago

    How the hell is this fan made? Who has this sorta tech outside a studio? I would pay ten times to watch a full version of this as to spending a dime on the crap Disney puts out.
    A fan made star wars movie, coming soon to a theater near you. Now THAT would be a blockbuster.

  • octavius g
    octavius g 18 hours ago

    Exactly no way

  • Will Bailey
    Will Bailey 20 hours ago

    why the fuck did kylo ren win against the greatest villain of all time ? this video is shit

  • Tanaka
    Tanaka Day ago

    don't you think you made the breathing sound too loud?

  • Tanaka
    Tanaka Day ago

    kylo ren doesn't have any shit against vader tho

  • Aedan Cousland
    Aedan Cousland Day ago +1

    Very impressive , call Disney and join them... seriousely.. you have a very big talent. I hope you know that. This video it's absolutly perfect.

  • Rodolfo Sánchez

    Kylo had the hight ground

  • Victor Manuel
    Victor Manuel Day ago

    Hey, man, you did a masterpiece!

  • Joshua Wilm
    Joshua Wilm Day ago

    Vader would have totally destroyed Kylo

  • Josep Lopez Devesa

    Esta brutal

  • SkullCrusherBlood
    SkullCrusherBlood Day ago +2

    Nah Vader would just torture kylo by taking his legs and arm off just like what happened to Vader on Mustafar.

  • L LL
    L LL Day ago


  • eingram43
    eingram43 Day ago

    Overall good,but I am a big fan of darth Vader and I think Kylo rēn is pretty dumb and kylo would easily loose,darth Vader is so much more powerful

  • Azriel Aidid
    Azriel Aidid Day ago

    RIP Anakin

  • -Lord Dark-
    -Lord Dark- Day ago

    Good work!

  • I am no one neither R you


  • Seddybear 25
    Seddybear 25 Day ago

    Vader would’ve easily crushed kylo ren aka Ben solo

  • Star Wars Front
    Star Wars Front Day ago

    Amazing 😍 and Kylo Ren with this lightsaber is so cool

  • Andrew Lim
    Andrew Lim Day ago

    Kylo Ren struggling with his inner fears and doubts manifesting in a Force apparition of Darth Vader.

  • brotherhood of steel paladin

    who would win
    a former Jedi that has killed mase window, and countless Jedi
    or a guy that lost a fight to a girl that hadn't even held a lightsaber

  • MerlinDoDo
    MerlinDoDo Day ago

    Do something with palpatine

  • Тихомир Бикузин

    Kylo Ren killed Darth Vader??? It is impossible

    • Rodolfo Sánchez
      Rodolfo Sánchez Day ago

      Тихомир Бикузин Its only a shadow of the mind of kylo is not the real darth vader

  • racenow bg gaming

    Fuck you

  • luke laws
    luke laws Day ago

    Alright this was pretty good my dude 👏🏾

  • アズールリキ

    What an offense

  • Sylveuzs
    Sylveuzs Day ago

    This dude would be better at making a star wars movie than disney. Just saying.

  • Julian Bonis
    Julian Bonis Day ago

    If only this was part of the sega...

  • Destroyer01JB 5995
    Destroyer01JB 5995 Day ago +1

    If Darth Vader fought Kylo Ren Vader would be victorious h has more skill his stronger and his not weak minded


    Perfect effects, lighting and cinematography. The only thing that exposes it as a fan film is the slow choreography. But great job overall guys!

  • j krook
    j krook Day ago

    i recommend watching the fight at playback speed 1.25x ....way better

  • E.S The Gamer
    E.S The Gamer Day ago

    This look’s real

  • Thunderbutt 123
    Thunderbutt 123 Day ago

    This is bull shit dark vader whould won

  • ISteal Content
    ISteal Content Day ago +1

    1:57 where Kylo shat his pants

  • Zach Zachary
    Zach Zachary Day ago +1

    That is such a bad fight/video, cause you don’t probably know how to fight like Kylo or Vader. So this makes the video so much worst. 😂

  • RylenTube Channel
    RylenTube Channel 2 days ago

    Still good animation

  • RylenTube Channel
    RylenTube Channel 2 days ago +1

    Ya right Vader is way stronger than ben

  • Boris brizuela
    Boris brizuela 2 days ago +3

    The only thing killed there was my time and that trooper... RIP TROOPER...

  • Κωνσταντίνος Μουστάκας

    Still better than the last jedi

  • Світозар Зореграй

    Фанаты снимают лучше и интереснее чем говноДисней.

  • Leetus Lewis
    Leetus Lewis 2 days ago +1

    Ben would win a fight, but anakin is definitely better, the suit is the reason.

  • Rohan Ufuk
    Rohan Ufuk 2 days ago

    Better than the latest star wars series

  • Mark Lindsey
    Mark Lindsey 2 days ago +3

    Totally Lame. I almost fell asleep watching it. How did anybody find this entertaining.... now the new re-imagined fight of Vaiden vs. Obiwan... THAT is a masterpiece, not this piece of crap.

    • Mark Lindsey
      Mark Lindsey Day ago


    • アズールリキ
      アズールリキ Day ago

      This felt more of an offense towards what it should have been and making Vader lose in such stupid way was really dissapointing.
      4/10 for the good Effects

    EVRON GAMER 2 days ago

    Is that 3d or real?

  • Miguel Gargallo
    Miguel Gargallo 2 days ago +1

    Darth Vader lo tenía ganado, es mucho más fuerte que Kylo Ren, sin duda, el truco de la espada no me sirve lo siento

    • アズールリキ
      アズールリキ Day ago

      Esto es solo una ofensa. La coreografía y el papel fue aburrido y el final de la pelea muy estúpido.
      Lo lindo aquí fueron los truquitos de efecto.
      Edit: Los personajes fueron mal re imaginados. Un Vader totalmente piadoso y un kylo ren más fuerte. Totalmente mongolico.

  • Sfaticato
    Sfaticato 2 days ago +3

    If Darth Vader is really there Ben wouldn’t have a chance to even turn on his light saber

    • Sfaticato
      Sfaticato 15 hours ago

      @brotherhood of steel paladinokay and thanks, you too

    • brotherhood of steel paladin
      brotherhood of steel paladin 16 hours ago

      @Sfaticato yeah how about we just jeave it on that. Good day sir

    • Sfaticato
      Sfaticato 16 hours ago

      @brotherhood of steel paladin it's still depends a person skills

    • brotherhood of steel paladin
      brotherhood of steel paladin 16 hours ago

      @Sfaticato true... but the high ground is still the way to go

    • Sfaticato
      Sfaticato 17 hours ago

      @brotherhood of steel paladin Anikan have good skills it just not good enough compare to Obi-wan

  • The Owl Crew55509
    The Owl Crew55509 2 days ago +3

    Like other people say it was a ghost cause if it wasnt kylo would have lost end of conversation

  • 2k Bunni
    2k Bunni 2 days ago

    this is really well made