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US Navy fighter jet shoots down Syrian warplane

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  • time for crusades
    time for crusades 6 months ago


  • ZZ
    ZZ 6 months ago

    US-ISIS Airforce in on a poor Syrian jet who is working hard to defend their country against vicious terrorist....Why US never takes on Russian F35's flying by Russian crew?

  • timothy ka kue
    timothy ka kue 7 months ago

    amerass claiming self defense, u r not only in their backyard but u r in their country illegally, amerisis is global terrorist

  • Jason 9970
    Jason 9970 7 months ago

    Russian jets are next to be shot down

  • Jinseual
    Jinseual 7 months ago

    It's funny that people here are talking about "what about Syria's sovereignty" when Syria had violated all of it's neighbors sovereignty for decades.

  • ballinvillon
    ballinvillon 7 months ago

    All america's foreign policy is an act of aggression.That's all they know.
    I don't understand why people are still suprised by america's actions.
    They won't be happy until they've created another Libya.

    KATAERO1 7 months ago

    Fortunately, that doomed Su-22 belongs to the Syrian Air Force. If it were that of Russian Air Force, the US could lose a carrier where the F-18E was launched from! I believe it is time for the US to withdraw from Syria and let Russia finish off ISIS once and for all.

  • Geoffrey Reeks
    Geoffrey Reeks 7 months ago

    It seems to me that Syria has the right to bomb any non government combatant in Syria. By what right did the USA shoot down a Syrian fighter in Syrian air space. Is the USA (and by extension Australia) at war with Syria? The USA claim of "collective defense"is a self-evident fraud. It seems to me that the USA is supporting the enemies of the USA. The USA backed fighters in Syria are Islamist and so are (by definition) at war with Christians.
    Regards, Geoff. Reeks

  • Julio Sebastian
    Julio Sebastian 7 months ago

    Wow how many countrys are you invaded?? Uk must be worried ( your uncle teaches well ;))

  • ReadyOrNot
    ReadyOrNot 7 months ago +1

    *Lots of Russian, Iranian, and Syrian propaganda trolls camping Fox News* Only proves we're doing the right thing!!!

  • jim lee
    jim lee 7 months ago

    Syrian loyalist forced US backed Fighters. As Syrian Democratic(US allies, Arab and Kurdish) forced in the village of Ja. Din Southwest of Raqqa This was the first time a US jet has had to shot down a hostile Air Attack in a decade.
    So before you NUTS START screaming all Syrian Muslims are terrorists the United States is working with the Syrian Democratic forces that are working with the US to fight ISIS. Syrian military, RUSSIA ARE ALLIES AND THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE UNITED STATES.
    Now that brings us to TRUMP? ????

  • Don Smajlovic
    Don Smajlovic 7 months ago

    A drone fired on US backed forces ? Syria doesnt posses armed drones and Russia doesnt also unless they have a secret attack drone project , im more inclined to the notion that Israel trued to bomb and accuse Syrian army but it was caught and shot down

  • Frank .Wang
    Frank .Wang 7 months ago

    The purpose of industry-military complex is to keep middle east in chaos so they can keep profiting from it. Therefore, when the situation in Syria is turning calm, US needs another incident to heat it up~~~~

    INCOG NITO 7 months ago

    "FREEDOM FIGHTERS"? REALLY? Even as Europe is being overrun by refugees we continue a policy of INSTABILITY. Isn't this exactly what caused the crisis to begin with? Does the U.S. military and it's cast of terrorist have Assad's permission to be in that country or are they all ILLEGALS!
    MR. President, More than 240 people have been shot so far this month. And more than 1,600 have been shot this year, according to Chicago Sun-Times data. Of those victims, 279 have died. Last year, more than 700 people were shot to death in the city. Were ANY of the shooters ILLEGALS????????????????????????????????????? NOT the problem! I THOUGHT you SAID you were going to do SOMETHING. Building a freak'n wall on the southern border will NOT stop the violence in Chicago.

  • Jack Specht
    Jack Specht 7 months ago

    Every American invader that dies or is maimed in Syria get what they deserve . The time has almost arrived when they will be sent back home in body bags and wheelchairs .

    MAHA MAHATAIR 7 months ago

    mcCain love al Baghdad
    mcCain to sodom baghdad
    isis carred by mcCain
    american is isis

  • caller347
    caller347 7 months ago +1

    So much for nonintervention huh Trump?
    Trump is officially a whore to the military industrial complex.
    He bombs a secular government that is fighting Isis. While also funding Saudi Arabia with money and weapons.
    What a joke.

  • Xadiel Ruiz
    Xadiel Ruiz 7 months ago +1

    very good.

    • ReadyOrNot
      ReadyOrNot 7 months ago +2

      Xadiel Ruiz
      Hussain is a propaganda troll.. Fox News is swimming with them for whatever reason. Looks like a coordinated info attack from Iran, Syria, and Russia. They need to start banning IPs from there.

    • Xadiel Ruiz
      Xadiel Ruiz 7 months ago +1

      hussain nabha ISIS? 😂😂😂 SDF are not ISIS they are fighting ISIS.Syrian Government make a Cease Fire in Raqqa city because all of the refuges over there in there are the red cross and Doctors without Frotiers so why the government od Syria was going to bomb? well i'm glad the US drop it down imagine the casualties.

    • hussain nabha
      hussain nabha 7 months ago +1

      Ya United states of Israel is supporting Isis again. Very good right.

  • OIdiesCentral
    OIdiesCentral 7 months ago +1

    How can it be self defence when nobody has ever invited them into Syria on the 1st place and operating there illegaly breaking every international law?

  • 665Kattt
    665Kattt 7 months ago +2

    It's clear from some of these comments that a lot of people don't really understand what's happening in Syria or they would not be leaving comments that Trump is helping ISIS. Trump is NOT helping ISIS. Do your research.

    • ReadyOrNot
      ReadyOrNot 7 months ago +1

      Hussain is a propaganda troll.. Fox News is swimming with them for whatever reason. Looks like a coordinated info attack from Iran, Syria, and Russia. They need to start banning IPs from there.

    • hussain nabha
      hussain nabha 7 months ago

      I know enough about Syria to know that those (u.s backed forces) are just puppets for the United States of Israel in Syria. The only true army fighting Isis in Syria is the Syrian army which having their fighter jet bombed is really not helping.

  • OUdaveguy
    OUdaveguy 7 months ago +1

    But I thought Russia controlled the United States now? Did Russia's new North Amerikan Kolony get permission to do this? -end sarc

  • F-117 Sorry We didnt know it was INVISIBLE

    American Terrorists just don,t know when its inuf filthy vile savages and scumbags.

  • Lendzemo Joachimkimeng
    Lendzemo Joachimkimeng 7 months ago

    the us is the nain sponsor if terrorism

  • TheSommersonnenwende
    TheSommersonnenwende 7 months ago

    Dear God, when will you make The United War and Terror States of America pay for all their war crimes around this world`When, dear god, when......

  • Chiyu warrior hmoob king Yangtze nine clan

    we need our gas cheap thank you America. Fight for freedom
    Russian never be trusting

  • Wayne McGillis
    Wayne McGillis 7 months ago

    Yeah Trump is full of SHIT

  • kasra20giv1
    kasra20giv1 7 months ago

    hahahahh after us downed the syrian jet fighter surely those issis rats shoutted Allah o akbar god bless brother trump our allied

  • kuntul burung
    kuntul burung 7 months ago +1

    what he meant by "US backed fighters"... are ISIS

    • kuntul burung
      kuntul burung 7 months ago +1

      Assad helping ISIS...??

      Let us assume and say that you are right...
      Legally speaking... The US should not come to Syria in the first place..
      Let Assad deal with his own problem (rebels)
      Assad have legally invited Russia and Iran to help Syria...
      end of story

    • kuntul burung
      kuntul burung 7 months ago

      The opposite... Su-22 was attacking ISIS which later on found out that particular ISIS base got 3 American Special forces dead
      Oouch... that doesn't look good isn't it...???
      So they retaliate and took down the Su-22 (or maybe it was too late to save the 3 US special forces)
      Then the US came up an Idea for the news in for American viewers....
      "US shot down Syrian jet plane to PROTECT coalition forces"

      That's my friend... how the American save her face
      Coalition..??? like Saudi's.. Qatar.. Israel.. ??
      Who gave the US permission to enter Syria in a first place..??
      Illegal states enter Syrian soil... just like ISIS

    • kuntul burung
      kuntul burung 7 months ago

      My research told me this:
      US lost 3 members of her special forces when the Syrian Army Air force attacked ISIS base near Raqqa.
      That's why the US F-18 jets scrambled to take down Syria's Su-22.
      Other statements calling that the US was acting in self defense are illogical, unlawful and lies.

      Here is why....
      The US are helping ISIS on the ground...!! ON THE GROUND...!!!
      Meaning.... The US have DONE.. ACT OF AGGRESSION. Why...??
      Because Assad is still a LEGITIMATE power in Syria and did not give any permission to any country to help/enter Syria except Russia-Iran. All other country besides Russia-Iran are considered ILLEGAL.
      So.. again.. The US is a BARBARIC STATE who do not belong in this modern civilization. No law can stop the US... meaning.... She can, will, would do anything while disregarding and disrespecting all laws.
      "Other statements calling that the US was acting in self defense are illogical, unlawful and lies."

  • Leonardo di C3PO
    Leonardo di C3PO 7 months ago

    Thanks for the report, but how about a little journalism? Was this simply a case of "friendly fire" due to poor communication, or something else?

  • mashiyyat4justice
    mashiyyat4justice 7 months ago

    I can't believe this. What in the world is the US doing in SYRIA ? Backing rebels, that's like financing terrorism in another country. As these rebels are against the Syrian government. Why this is so shocking is that the Syrian government not only is not at war with the US but they have no beef to grind with the US. In fact both are for a free and stable Syria free of Islamist and terrorist control. So the US is shooting planes of a SECULAR country that is the only one who is 100% committed to fighting ISIS. Let's look: Turkey, NATO partner, has long supported ISIS (letting 100% of terrorist through its territory to go fight in Syria and Iraq, buying Oil and artifacts, and supplying food stuff to the ISIS Califate, Iraq is swamped by ISIS, Jordan is trying it's best but a significant part of its population actually supports ISIS and thousands of Jordanians are fighting in Syria, Saudi Arabia has sent thousands of jihadis to fight with ISIS and some its religious organisation finance ISIS, idem with Kuwait and Yemen. And yes IRAN the other country that is 100% against ISIS is deemed a terrorist state!!! SO THE ONLY 2 COUNTRIES THAT ARE 100% CLEARLY AGAINST ISIS ARE THE TWO COUNTRIES THAT THE US WANTS TO DESTROY!!!!! Lord help us all !!! Honestly if there is a God the US is really going to suffer a HUGE blowback.

  • Jacob Sigler
    Jacob Sigler 7 months ago

    Shame on the U.S. for enabling ISIS. We have no business siding with one muslim group over another. Let the sunnis and shites kill each other.

  • NaderR
    NaderR 7 months ago

    US wants to exclusively take over Raqqa, for its symbolic meaning and towards imposing the SDF as a legit force in front of Bashar's regular army. Many similar attacks were launched against the SAA and labelled as "by mistake", retaliation could be devastating for the SDF ground forces and US air forces.

  • Jh Jh
    Jh Jh 7 months ago +1

    US is still bitter over Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi loss. Our thoughts are with u.

    GIHAN 7 months ago

    STOP INTERFERING IN THEIR SHITS...once US and its nato allies stop bombing those countries, i think every fucking terrorist attacks will stop

  • Lukas McCain
    Lukas McCain 7 months ago +2

    Why are we supporting ISIS??? Hey Israel watcha doin???

  • Νοsawa.
    Νοsawa. 7 months ago +1

    #MAGA my hairy balls,Donald Trump is acting like Obama already

  • The Shadow Man
    The Shadow Man 7 months ago

    Disgusting Washington scum is illegally in Syria to begin with.

    MAHA MAHATAIR 7 months ago

    strategies american want stop syria catch isis oli terminal raqqa,
    kurds slow&fail attack in raqqa, trump is fail capture oli terminal, trump try to slow saa syria to attack isis,
    strategies trump is fail now is back up kurds fail, masonic 33 want buil isreal no 2 in syria fail

  • DoubleTap
    DoubleTap 7 months ago

    trump and putin are friends.. NOTHING is going to escalte. trump will order another strike around the outside of an airbase making sure they kill the weeds.. lol.. he is making this country look like a joke. make america great by getting idiot trump out of office and put a smarter idoit in there.. lol.. how did that clown get in office. so many americans are easily brain washed.. poor stupid people. Trump says "Fake news" and now they all repeat it like a trained parrot. so gullible. he should tell his followers to find Waldo , im sure they would go looking for him.. bring on the hate comments. lmao

    COLIN FARRELL 7 months ago +2

    America should be brought up on war crimes

  • Mists & Shadows
    Mists & Shadows 7 months ago

    Madinat Ath Thawrah aka Al Tabqah is a minor highway town made important because it sits at the dam of Lake Assad which compounds the several tributaries of the Euphrates into one huge waterway that supplies a good deal of Syria's agricultural water.
    The highway leads northwest, towards Aleppo and another secondary road, about 20 mile to the south, passes through Irbit Isriyah on it's way to Homs and Tartus as well as Damascus, to the Southwest. These highways are sat upon by alternating Rebel/Government 'checkpoints' like feudal lords sitting atop rivers as toll booths in Europe and thus fragmenting trade to the point of strangulation. So it is that whomsoever controls Tabqah has control over the approaches to the Eastern Front from Latakia and Tartus as the primary Russian SPOD/APOD logistics hubs.
    Closing off Tabqah thus gives you control over the water and over the glory of the final defeat of ISIS at Ar Raqqa.
    The latter, as a political coup, is not to be underestimated in the eyes of the Syrian population as a victory for U.S. backed mercenary forces basically means United States will hold sway over the majority of the Center-East of the country.
    A subsequent second effort to fragment Syria behinds some kind of 'peaceful transitions to democracy by pertition', to support Israeli aims in reducing Arab nationalism, is thus a real possibility. Remember, the Kurds aren't going anywhere. Provided they are backed and coddled by their snake eater friends, they will fight forever on the vague understanding of an independent Kurdish Protectorate.
    WIth the IDFAF bombing the crap out of the Iranian merc force known as Hezbollah, the endgame for Assad is to be picked to death as all 'anti ISIS' force elements are removed from the battlefield, until only he and his nationalist family cadre` are left. At which point, a 'new revolution' will be declared and it will be open season on the regime as the SAA fades and Assad is likely assassinated to remove the 'at the legal request of the sovereign government' condition by which the Russian's have a reason to be there.
    They will then be squeezed really hard as encouragement to leave the theater (much like the U.S. had no choice but to leave Lebanon when the political centrism around democracy collapsed with the assassination of Gemayel).
    Syria cannot afford to antagonize U.S. forces directly but obviously doesn't want to stand by while the juggernaut that ends their sovereignty builds up steam and so expended one of the SAAF's last remaining strike fighters to smash the Kurdish force elements which are likely 'in the lead' with JSOC elements acting as TACPs, right behind. So that their own forces could move up and claim the prize of Tabqah.
    They overplayed their hand, overstayed their 1PHA BOTOT and so got smacked down, hard.

  • Chris Cross
    Chris Cross 7 months ago +2

    America is ISIS

  • General Lee
    General Lee 7 months ago +1

    Disgusting fuck I'm ashamed

  • mad dog
    mad dog 7 months ago

    USA-ISIS shot down Syrian jet fighter,can't wait to see same ISIS they created bite their own ass.

  • David Morris
    David Morris 7 months ago

    (((donald trump)))

  • The Centrist
    The Centrist 7 months ago

    What a mess. Should never have been there in the first place.

  • freedomfyter
    freedomfyter 7 months ago +1

    US fighter shoots down mig commie junk again and again and again. It's like a broken record lol..

  • BigSmartArmed
    BigSmartArmed 7 months ago +2

    I voted Trump, I do not support this, this is NOT Law and Order, this is CRIMINAL and ILLEGAL on every level. It's literally a war crime, and it's on Trumps watch, he is responsible for these illegal actions.

  • BigSmartArmed
    BigSmartArmed 7 months ago

    By "US backed forces" he means ISIS. Yeah, we know.
    Next in news, Russian Air Force jet shoots down a US Navy F/A-18 that was providing air cover for ISIS forces that are attacking government forces. Simultaneously on US MSM - Kardashian got a new plastic surgery augmentation, her ass is even bigger! Tune in now and disregard all those mushroom clouds rising on the horizon.

  • Rinnegan Itachi
    Rinnegan Itachi 7 months ago

    yes as expected US air force is protecting its ground troops (ISIS).....
    Trump is a scum or an idiot who dosent know whats going on in Syria...
    Maybe he should go listen to one of his own speeches during the election
    and also he said Qatar was the "bigest terrorist suporter" and in the next few days he sells them 36 f 15 for a 10+ bilion dolars soo its ok if you found and equip terrorists who chop off heads of kids as long as you buy good old american jet fighters ?

  • Dean Rockwell
    Dean Rockwell 7 months ago +1

    (((US-led coalition)))

  • ALCALTEL KillerCal
    ALCALTEL KillerCal 7 months ago

    If there is a Very Real Action Needed in Current Of Drops Of 7ZZIN Road Jezza Take Me To Prince Spoken Of BX The Demon Find The Glyph Of Toronto is Life I Can Prepare Special Mex, by The Born 63and be Be HEBREWING

  • abdul abdo
    abdul abdo 7 months ago

    for what purpose USA navy hits the Syrian fighter jets Why??????

  • Kek McKekerson
    Kek McKekerson 7 months ago

    mess with a bull, be ready to catch the horns.

  • Christopher Knox
    Christopher Knox 7 months ago

    What would happen if Iran, China or Russia shoot down a United States fighter for bombing Syrian National Army fighting off a Civil War of an outside Army made up of ISIS. None the less shooting one of their planes down. Why are we supporting no so moderate Muslims again yet leave the Kurds in the wind while Turkey attacks them?

  • joe latteri
    joe latteri 7 months ago

    glad to see we're getting some kills, surely we're not fighting for oil.

  • andar komeng
    andar komeng 7 months ago

    us fighter join with isis info....

  • Jaem Maddog
    Jaem Maddog 7 months ago

    us should just get out of there before the next thing you shoot down is a russian jet, then you'll be fucked by putins nuclear dick head.

  • rob wells
    rob wells 7 months ago +1

    go America!

  • Keith
    Keith 7 months ago

    Good, lets go to War with Syria Now, Kick some MOOSlime Ass!!!

  • Boeingemployee1989
    Boeingemployee1989 7 months ago

    Dude we should just stay out of the Middle East maybe that place is not worth changing and saving because of more than unlimited numbers of terrorist soldiers there which outnumbers even America's entire military might

  • Ken King
    Ken King 7 months ago +1

    It's not okay for us to attack Syrian aircraft lawfully fighting against hostile forces within Syria. We crossed a line on this. Those fighters we support, we shouldn't be supporting. They are evil, radicals that will continue to invade Syria tearing it apart. Attacking a Syrian aircraft that is attacking them is an act of war. Let's not pretend we wouldn't say this if the shoe was on the other foot. Those fighters we are supporting are Not good guys.

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 7 months ago

    a 23 second report on Fox news. Have to go to overseas news, including Russia Today , to find out what is really going on. the USA are the terrorists now. and the MSM is it's lapdog censoring what we hear. I never thought I would see the day that I would feel this way. BRING OUR TROOPS HOME AND FIX OUR DAMN PROBLEMS​ HERE!!!!!!!!

  • macker33
    macker33 7 months ago

    US backed forces? like the white helmets?

  • Aspera
    Aspera 7 months ago


  • B Smith.
    B Smith. 7 months ago

    We aren't supposed to be in there, remember? Fucking mollifying when ones own government is the enemy.

  • Jorge abuauad
    Jorge abuauad 7 months ago

    new info the plane was atacking isis convoy that usa let escape

  • Mr. Tactical
    Mr. Tactical 7 months ago

    for all the idiots who dont know Kurds and iraqi forces a currently fighting ISIS forces in Raqqa, its not the first time Syrian forces have attacked the kurds in the region. No they are not supporting ISIS

  • Liu Frank
    Liu Frank 7 months ago

    plz send your government to military court

  • Wk Schwenke
    Wk Schwenke 7 months ago

    US backed forces = ISIS

  • Daniel Gyllenbreider
    Daniel Gyllenbreider 7 months ago

    USA and ISIS are allies. This is just another blatant example of something we have known for years. And its a difficult task to fight terrorism when the terrorists are so openly backed up by the strongest military power in the world.

    AL BUNDY POLK HIGH 7 months ago

    Isis gets F-18's

  • Michael Moss
    Michael Moss 7 months ago

    So the U.S backed forces are isis terrorists?
    These americans are soo brain washed

  • MadWillyLove
    MadWillyLove 7 months ago

    that's ....1

  • Poisonedblade
    Poisonedblade 7 months ago +3

    Who are these US BACKED FORCES?
    Could they be... umm... I dunno... ISIS?!

  • sh a
    sh a 7 months ago

    For that one jet, at least 10 Americans will be buried in ditches where donkeys and cows leave their manure. American soldiers make excellent compost after they beg and cry for their mothers. lol

  • doo daa
    doo daa 7 months ago

    where your trillions in deficit went. armament for the enemy. thanks barry soteoro obama.

  • ReadyOrNot
    ReadyOrNot 7 months ago +2

    The American fighter shot down a Syrian jet attacking rebels who are fighting ISIS. Why is Assad backing ISIS now? Hmm

    • ReadyOrNot
      ReadyOrNot 7 months ago +1

      hussain nabha
      That's clearly anti-American propaganda you're posting. The Su-22 got shot down after attacking forces that are fighting ISIS so why is Assad and cronies helping ISIS? 🤔

    • hussain nabha
      hussain nabha 7 months ago

      The Syrian fighter jet was fighting isis not the us backed forces. Isis Air Force ( USA ) is trying to make an excuse for their attack against the true force (Syrian Arab army ) from liberating Syria from those terrorists

  • Paulj tee
    Paulj tee 7 months ago +2

    GO NAVY!!

  • Hybrid InfoDesk
    Hybrid InfoDesk 7 months ago +1

    Weak white boys in America sitting back posting while letting Synagogue of Satan Jews and Israel do this stupid shit using their name while writing blank checks to pay for it. Meanwhile, as 100 years a slave, Synagogue of Satan Jews took America from them without a gun. They will go dutifully to their slavery task everyday. It's the same routine every country, every bombing.

    PATRIC MINDERHOUT 7 months ago

    Greater Isreal project

  • cloudboy51
    cloudboy51 7 months ago +1

    We should not be in Syria fighting another proxy war for the jew. If the occupation doesn't like Syria, let the jew fight them themselves.

  • Chris Edward
    Chris Edward 7 months ago

    Just declare war and get over with. The Democrats under Obama destroyed most of the middle east. Might as well finish off the last few countries.

  • Flag Bearer
    Flag Bearer 7 months ago

    Not Cool Drone yes what is the GOAL?

  • Alucard Hellsing
    Alucard Hellsing 7 months ago

    Here comes WW3.

  • Nelson King
    Nelson King 7 months ago +1

    So USA shot down a Syrian airplane over Syrian sovereign airspace?How is that legal?

  • Phil
    Phil 7 months ago +1

    Is the US over there just trolling the Syrian and Russian army at this point? What are they over there trying to accomplish? What is going on over there, seriously?

  • Lorch Service
    Lorch Service 7 months ago

    Is s300 and s400 in syria a hoax? Just push the button and USraeli terrorists will do that no more.

  • indatrop santacruz
    indatrop santacruz 7 months ago


  • Frank Rose
    Frank Rose 7 months ago

    Wtf is goin on in that country

  • sh a
    sh a 7 months ago +1

    EVERY member of congress MUST sign a pledge of loyalty to Israel and Zionism otherwise their funding gets cut off. America is owned by a small group of elite Zionist banksters.

  • Ё 2
    Ё 2 7 months ago

    ISIS air forces shutdown Syrian aircraft

  • Case D
    Case D 7 months ago

    Congrats on being ISIS' airforce wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steven
    Steven 7 months ago

    Syria was more than likely bombing the Kurdish forces. Which if you been paying attention was the only force fighting ISIS and winning battles back when Obama was saying ISIS is the JV team. So Kurds are a worthy group to aid since they have proven them selfs.

  • Janie Jurkiewicz
    Janie Jurkiewicz 7 months ago +1

    Let me get this right. We are backing people in another country at is attacking that country (syria) so Syria in defense fights back and we shoot down there plane. Then, IRAn sends over a missle to those bases....I just want to be sure that I got that straight....and if situations were we feel...moreover, we are shooting down war planes and other countries are getting involved...again, anyone think this ...oh I don't know ...BAD

  • The Dog
    The Dog 7 months ago +1

    What a suprise, a white british man runs over a bunch of muslims leaving a mosque and Fox News is a chirping cricket.

  • Andrew Tataj
    Andrew Tataj 7 months ago +6

    ok, how can the government justify shooting down a warplane of a sovereign nation, a warplane flying within it's OWN borders, and not be an act of war?

    • Alucard Hellsing
      Alucard Hellsing 7 months ago +1

      It is an act of war, but Syria doesn't want to declare it.

  • Dominique Roy
    Dominique Roy 7 months ago

    Syria wanted to pick a fight? lmao. Karma

  • Red Gamer
    Red Gamer 7 months ago +3

    amricans are so upset that russia and syria are destroying their proxys ( isis and other groups ) sorry zionist new word order keep crying . syria will not be iraq and lybie thanks putin .

  • Robert Harry
    Robert Harry 7 months ago +1

    oh what Woodrow Wilson, FOR and most Presidents since have wrought. We keeping killing people and just maybe their family and friends will seek revenge. Beware of Foreign Entanglements is still wise advice.