Will It Run? Four Wheeler picked from the trash.

  • Published on Nov 24, 2019
  • I went picking during the annual fall cleanup trash day. one of the things I found was this ratty mid 80s suzuki 230 atv. lets put it up on the bench and see if it can be brought back to run.
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  • celow banks
    celow banks 3 days ago

    If u loading them that late u stole them

  • Geoffrey Anthony
    Geoffrey Anthony 3 days ago

    Smells like Victory? One of Mustie's best videos. Much appreciated.

  • moore fab
    moore fab 4 days ago

    I used to have 3 of these mid 80s Suzuki LT230s every one of them broke that side cover at some point when the chain would come off. There was supposed to be another bold in that cover where you were digging but it gets ripped off by the chain. I ended up buying new covers and making guards out of 1/8x1 flat bar. Solved that problem. The decompression was operated by a hand lever that was on the left hand bar and pointed up above the clutch lever. It was like a bicycle hand brake lever. I never used it but all of mine had it. Those are awesome quads. They go forever and got a ton of power. Great find and good job getting it back to life.

    • Matt
      Matt 3 days ago

      Same experience here - my dad took the engine to his shop and had the bolt hole welded up, cover repaired, and retapped. My decompression lever never worked properly, spent a lot of time pulling it up hills to push start it. Ended up selling it after a top-end rebuild didn't fix other problems it had.

  • Redneck Farmer
    Redneck Farmer 5 days ago

    Small ones a Suzuki lt80 others a Suzuki quad sport 230

  • Billy Jackson
    Billy Jackson 5 days ago

    Rusty area on the cylinder wall that is all oil it good and run

  • Billy Jackson
    Billy Jackson 5 days ago

    Just put it in gear and use the back tire and rear end to work the engine lose

  • Billy Jackson
    Billy Jackson 5 days ago

    If it is seized just remove the spark plug put it in 2nd gear and use some oil in the cylinders and put in gear use rear tire gently back and forth until engine frees up. very easy.

  • Graden Karl
    Graden Karl 7 days ago

    Lt80 and lt230 is what they are

  • Ron porter
    Ron porter 7 days ago

    Love the Dog

  • captain crow
    captain crow 7 days ago

    You just took 4 inches off of the ozone layer with that smoke maker😁

  • doodydunn
    doodydunn 8 days ago

    the lt80 is worth a lot

  • Tony Emory
    Tony Emory 8 days ago

    I enjoy the hell out of making things work again, Love it when i get what most would consider junk and throw away and turn into working devices again, Many of the machines and even tools i have were thrown away by others, Perfect example is a miller welder i picked up at our local dump, The guy was throwing it and the bottle away because it didnt work anymore and he had purchased a new one, ( I thought to myself it must be nice to be fucking rich) I took it home replaced a 79 cent fuse and fixed, Free 800 dollar wire welder YAY for me. I use it all the time it works great way better than the cheapo welder i had.

  • Arariel3
    Arariel3 9 days ago

    Just amazing! Great determination!

  • sons of anarchy pa
    sons of anarchy pa 9 days ago

    That engines probably thinking yea choke me daddy

  • sons of anarchy pa
    sons of anarchy pa 9 days ago

    Imagine riding past the who trough it out manz be like that quads dead wtf

  • 01hondascott
    01hondascott 9 days ago

    here's a story about a bike at spring clean up, when i was a kid ( i'm 35 now) i had a honda 200m 3 wheeler and my cousin drove it into the lake at our camp and it never worked again, my dad rebuilt the whole thing, put tons of new parts on it, new spark plugs everything you do when you drown one of these things, and nothing would work, it sat in our barn for a few years then one day at my dad got sick of it taking up room in the garage and put it out at the curb during spring clean up, the guy across the street that already had a fleet of 3 wheeler's and a 4 wheeler comes over and pushes it up the drive way, 20 minutes later he comes riding back down on it, turns out the brand new spark plug was faulty when we got it, he asked if we wanted to buy it back for 600 bucks.

  • Matthew Mazzella
    Matthew Mazzella 10 days ago +1

    Seriously who throws that kind of stuff away?

  • mark p
    mark p 11 days ago

    If they 2 stroke carb they are a pain to keep running

  • stephen trujillo
    stephen trujillo 11 days ago

    Are you going to do a follow up video on it? Would like to see it driving bruh.

  • Kaleb Kerstetter
    Kaleb Kerstetter 11 days ago

    Do the yellow one that you got with the red one

  • Caleb m
    Caleb m 13 days ago

    Did he not get the other smaller quad from the beginning of the video?

  • Houston Bigfooter
    Houston Bigfooter 13 days ago +1

    230 quad runner.i had one back in the day.

  • Custom wheel horse tractor Eric83

    Amazing video

  • Blake Hutch
    Blake Hutch 14 days ago

    That red one is a Suzuki quadrunner

  • Mark Paez Jr
    Mark Paez Jr 14 days ago

    Fuel filter or lines

  • ted roccie
    ted roccie 15 days ago

    I guess hes never heard of starting fluid!.............

  • Shane Barnett
    Shane Barnett 16 days ago

    Smokes like a banshee 😂

  • Scott C
    Scott C 16 days ago

    That 4 wheeler runs pretty good. Would like to see you riding it in your yard. Maybe a follow up video?

  • Smooth Move
    Smooth Move 16 days ago

    never mind after seeing the top of the carb smashed I made my decision.

    • Mustie1
      Mustie1  16 days ago +1

      yeah like you dident watch the end,

  • 2035jim
    2035jim 16 days ago

    Do a first ride video please.

  • Zadok Wright
    Zadok Wright 17 days ago

    A couple years ago I came across this same qaud and I got it for free but it was in much better condition (still didn't run) and I got it for free but at the time I was only 9 and didn't realize how much I could have gotten for it so I listed it for 100 and got 150 for it but I could have gotten at least 700 on it

  • The G
    The G 18 days ago

    well it was thrown out to trash for a reason cos its junk

  • Bignate_47yy Huh
    Bignate_47yy Huh 18 days ago

    Glad it runs:)

  • Hc 437
    Hc 437 19 days ago

    It’s in gear lol

  • ALIEN 4X4
    ALIEN 4X4 19 days ago

    this guy. . always entertaining. Happy New Year!!

  • Corey Hojewski
    Corey Hojewski 19 days ago

    230 quad sport good find

  • Trebor Nray
    Trebor Nray 20 days ago

    I rebuilt a whole engine start to finish from crankshaft to cylinder head on 5 hits of acid.

  • doug smith
    doug smith 21 day ago +1

    Not sure but wasn't there a decompression valve on the Suzuki 230 with the side kick ?

  • Rus Healy
    Rus Healy 21 day ago

    Lily is so sweet!

  • CatchMyThrowingKnife

    mustie when you took it out of gear you should have just lowered it back down might have made starting it easier on your spine.

  • Rus Healy
    Rus Healy 21 day ago

    "The Laugh": 47:40

  • Al Blaze
    Al Blaze 22 days ago

    You are so lucky I want a 4 wheeler

  • Jordan
    Jordan 23 days ago

    It's just like a Polaris, you have to have the intake on to create that drag.

  • bruh
    bruh 23 days ago

    Me when my crush touches my lap 30:17

  • Darrin Rentruc
    Darrin Rentruc 24 days ago

    I am really starting to believe that most of mustie's trash finds are staged,fake,not real. His repairs are awesome but his finds are becoming more and more unbelievable.

    • Darrin Rentruc
      Darrin Rentruc 21 day ago

      @Mustie1 As a guy who is about the same age as you that enjoys and has worked on many old motorcycles,cars,equipment I can and have said that your trouble shooting repair videos are some of the most realistic that you can find on you tube, When I see you trying to kick start or pull start a problematic engine to get it to fire up I feel the frustration. I understand that to keep the videos coming you need projects and as guy that has spent time dumpster diving I know that good finds are far a few these days with craigslist and many other avenues to sell old dirt bikes,snowblowers,and other non running things. I will take your word for it that these are not staged garbage finds. Thanks for the videos.

    • Mustie1
      Mustie1  24 days ago

      none of what l find is fake

  • MrWaffles
    MrWaffles 24 days ago


  • John Doe
    John Doe 26 days ago

    if it run on water gas and oil this man will make it run mustie ty sir

  • jefffowlerr
    jefffowlerr 27 days ago

    Bad lower rod bearings it allows to the Piston to go to low and it seized up but when you turn the crank backwards it frees it up I've seen this a lot you might get some rides out of this but most likely it needs rebuilt

  • crazybeardave
    crazybeardave 28 days ago +1

    Yay, Lily! I love it when she visits. If there is a Lily Fan Club, then I want to join!!

  • Jo Mama
    Jo Mama 28 days ago

    You need more balls to turn on that atv

    XPFTP 28 days ago

    blow the pipe out if u havent already .. look like more out the front then the back hahhah

  • jerry roberts
    jerry roberts 28 days ago

    awesome video man...you def got me as a sub..

  • James Armstrong
    James Armstrong 28 days ago

    44:15 that 70's show😂😂😂

  • Gee Smith
    Gee Smith 29 days ago

    How he got them on his truck I don't no. No wonder he didn't video that part lol

  • Yok Long
    Yok Long 29 days ago

    I watch it from beginning to ending

  • Wazp H
    Wazp H 29 days ago

    I had one of these as a kid and it was fun as hell

  • jason crigger
    jason crigger Month ago

    46:15 there's a joke there somewhere. Lol

  • Darren Lee
    Darren Lee Month ago

    That's an 1986 Suzuki quadsport 230. It has a decompression lever on the left handle bar above the clutch. It's a 5 speed manual transmission with reverse. It's the quadracers little brother.

  • Robert Donkers
    Robert Donkers Month ago

    Great work man. So jealous you found that.