15 Worst McDonald's Products Ever

  • Published on May 30, 2017
  • McDonald’s has led the fast food industry for decades, but even they have had their fair share of bad ideas. What meatless burger was a failed solution for Catholics during Lent? What experiment added seaweed extract to the beef patty? These are McDonalds’ greatest menu flops of all time
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Comments • 2 893

  • jamesbulldogmiller
    jamesbulldogmiller 3 days ago

    ha! The preview advertisement shown to me was for Krystal !!

  • TNT Gaming
    TNT Gaming 4 days ago

    You can't make McDonald's classy. You can try, but it won't work out.

  • king agony
    king agony 5 days ago +1

    So the McDonald's near where i live had a sign advertising that they had sea food but instead of saying "sea food" it sed "we have ocean meat" WTF

  • Lafe Denton
    Lafe Denton 6 days ago

    Aren't battered and fried onions called onion rings

  • Alicia Mae Villamor
    Alicia Mae Villamor 8 days ago +1

    *Filipino Style McSpaghetti?*

  • Q: Are we not men? A: We are DEVO!

    i miss the mighty wings they were so good

  • The Dope Show
    The Dope Show 11 days ago

    this is the creepiest mcdonalds vid

  • R. Grace
    R. Grace 12 days ago

    Fun fact: they still sell the Angus up here in Canada. True. I got one the other day.

  • jack mayhoffer
    jack mayhoffer 22 days ago

    The BBQ Mcshit burger was ok.

  • nunya biz
    nunya biz 24 days ago

    Do some more research please the Mighty Wings were expensive at a dollar a piece it's much more economical to get a couple of cheeseburgers compared to getting five Mighty Wings for five bucks

    SAVAGE ARMY 26 days ago

    *A N G U S*

  • william ryder
    william ryder 26 days ago

    in Minnesota they have a whooper clone called a McFeast

  • Stani 1010
    Stani 1010 27 days ago

    I think McCurry Wurst (was available in Germany) because I don't no anywone ever tryed it

  • carolryann
    carolryann 28 days ago

    Worst McDonalds product? The food.

  • Rex Torres
    Rex Torres 28 days ago

    I never heard of McSpaghetti in the Philippines. Maybe you're confusing it with the Spaghetti from Jollibee.

  • Jeffrey Santner
    Jeffrey Santner 29 days ago

    The double Big Mac. 4 all over dead cows, special sperm count, chemicals lettuce, steroid enhanced cheese, dead cucumber on bun things with dead seeds.

  • Jim Cyr
    Jim Cyr 29 days ago

    The beefsteak was actually great but the price of making it was too high. Nobody wanted to pay it on a regular basis. .i loved the mc dlt . Damn enviorment !

  • TheMole2005
    TheMole2005 Month ago

    For some reason the son of a mac hit the scene here in Austria recently

  • thisisobdurate
    thisisobdurate Month ago

    *i was gonna say that the mcspaghetti is popular on the Philippines BUUUUUUUUT Pringle already said that darn......*

  • ღAliceღ
    ღAliceღ Month ago

    From an Ohioan who has tried McPizza:
    I was coming home from vacation and decided to try it because my brother was gonna try it. We both hated it. It was gross. Fuck McPizza

  • TheSpritz0
    TheSpritz0 Month ago

    I actually LIKED the Arch Deluxe!!!

  • Carlo Lim
    Carlo Lim Month ago +1

    There is spaghetti at mcdonalds in our country...

  • Bennet Graf
    Bennet Graf Month ago

    river infrastructure decline liberal different manage twice pillow prison ahead

  • Beau Walker
    Beau Walker Month ago

    To be honest, the onion things don't sound too bad, considering onion rings are popular (and yummy) at other restaurants. Also, having seaweed in a burger isn't really a bad thing, as seaweed I hear can actually be healthy, and it's in Japanese food, and such, and nobody minds.

  • DaringDramis
    DaringDramis Month ago

    McRib is disgusting.

  • DenshoGiallo
    DenshoGiallo Month ago

    Painful narrator.

  • Nuklear reaktionz
    Nuklear reaktionz Month ago

    The worst menu item is the secret McGangbang. I actually tried it, and threw up just from the name, let alone the taste.

  • JoshTheGamer07
    JoshTheGamer07 Month ago

    Angus still in australia tho

  • Anime is TRASH
    Anime is TRASH Month ago

    Was the Mcsoup around in 2006-7ish?

  • Susan Soo
    Susan Soo Month ago

    What's up with the bgm???

  • Mr. Charmander
    Mr. Charmander Month ago

    Ray Croc didn't found McDonald's he just thinks he did

  • cosmoSpacely
    cosmoSpacely Month ago

    I dont understand whats so gross about the onion nuggets. Its not really that different than a blooming onion.

  • SuperSpaceGirlHDTV
    SuperSpaceGirlHDTV Month ago

    Apple Slices, LOL

  • Dom the Bomb
    Dom the Bomb Month ago

    I want a mconion

  • Roberto Ramirez
    Roberto Ramirez Month ago

    Son of Mac came back lately for a bit, but we called it “Mac junior”

  • David W.
    David W. Month ago

    The McLobster is delicious!!!! You guys are crazy

  • Joe Dyson
    Joe Dyson Month ago

    i love the swiss and shroom burger i miss it

  • sniperlif3
    sniperlif3 Month ago

    The wings are still sold in many places in Europe. Along with the Hot Dog and a Pita type breakfast option.
    Onion nuggets are basically onion rings done wrong.
    I kinda wish mcdonalds did the big mac without the center bun as a standard. The bun is just too much.
    Angus was a Carl's Jr thing. They couldn't compete with a test.

  • Aaron Rosato
    Aaron Rosato Month ago

    Mchlosper 💩💩💩

  • Mikamikiramtxk
    Mikamikiramtxk Month ago

    The Angus burgers are still a thing in Australia

  • TheWhiteProtector
    TheWhiteProtector Month ago

    Did everyone forgot Pizza McPuff?

  • Lawson Beaupre
    Lawson Beaupre Month ago

    Everything McDonald’s makes is FK**g bad I mean Jesus screw micdanlds

  • Ethan Goudy
    Ethan Goudy Month ago

    At least they never invented a McBar.

  • Luis Alvarez
    Luis Alvarez Month ago


  • michael white
    michael white 2 months ago

    DON'T YA WANT IT?? 🤡

  • susan price
    susan price 2 months ago

    The chopped beef steak sandwich should be renamed the Mc Kangaroo sandwich..

  • susan price
    susan price 2 months ago

    Ronald McDonald is Satan..

  • 2214diva
    2214diva 2 months ago

    I stopped eating at McDonald's a long time ago due to them shrinking the size of their food and raising their prices.

  • Nmacz m
    Nmacz m 2 months ago

    Hey wth I loved the arch deluxe!!!! I was and still am angry that they discontinue d this! Bring it back!

  • Vintage CrowSpirit
    Vintage CrowSpirit 2 months ago

    The Angus burgers were pretty good, though they weren't successful. I wanna try the McPizza, but I don't think they were ever available in Australia

  • Matthew Porrini
    Matthew Porrini 2 months ago

    #5 it then came back in 2017 as the Mac Jr.

  • supersonicjc
    supersonicjc 2 months ago

    up here in Wisconsin we technically have the son of mac back its part of the grande mac special going on dubbed the mac jr, also we had last year the Mc Cheese Curds, they were ok only costed a big $1 but they made them to order for obvoious reason and they flopped, also I remember a sandwich called the touchdown burger which I haven't seen since the early 2000's right about the time they got rid of the arch deluxe and changed there chicken sandwich fillet yet again and once again so who knows what is in that chicken fillet now, plus I remember a spicy McChicken which came out around the time the McChicken started out on the menu

  • Leath3r
    Leath3r 2 months ago +9

    Theres a place in orlando that has the mcpizza

    • Ches Ches
      Ches Ches Month ago

      Leath3r .
      Yes I know the place

  • LordClydeofOMAR
    LordClydeofOMAR 2 months ago +1

    How is this place so successful? Even their successful menu items taste terrible!

  • Mike M
    Mike M 2 months ago

    Onion nuggets soind good. Sounds like a bloomin onion

  • Patricia Black
    Patricia Black 2 months ago

    This vid makes me glad I'm a vegetarian!

  • Oliver wells
    Oliver wells 2 months ago

    Would you please f*ck off with the clowns, I have a phobia of clowns. I watched this video for the top 15 not to shit my pants every 15 seconds.. And besides McDonald's is disgusting anyway

  • Kurafuto Mine
    Kurafuto Mine 2 months ago

    In Indonesia we have spicy wings they cost about a dollar and a half for four pieces

  • Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    Seaweed is very umami. I add it to beef all the time for a flavor boost.

  • Iamfree Areyou
    Iamfree Areyou 2 months ago

    I'll tell you what I think the worst McDonalds product was/is, McDonalds itself.

  • Iamfree Areyou
    Iamfree Areyou 2 months ago

    The McHotdog was against the founders vision? I doubt it. Plus, Ray crock was not the founder at all. He literally stole the company out from under the feet of the founders. Ray crocks one and only vision for McDonalds was making money off of franchising. The founders were Richard and Maurice McDonald. That's as bad as A&W making up that story about Allen and Wright when the original A&W restaurant was called Albert and Walter.

  • Halohunter553
    Halohunter553 2 months ago

    The son of Mac did make a comeback a couple years ago in Australia for Ronald McDonald Day and it’s actually to me not a bad idea for younger mouths wanting to try it

  • chris jasso
    chris jasso 2 months ago

    Number 15 was sold the year I was born!

  • Jay Mat
    Jay Mat 3 months ago

    Burger king foot lettuce

  • Grubbin Pokegamer
    Grubbin Pokegamer 3 months ago

    the onion nuggets sound good tho

  • Koyote Starkk
    Koyote Starkk 3 months ago

    As a McDonald's employee I find this hilarious.

  • Chris Lemaster
    Chris Lemaster 3 months ago

    There is two places you don't buy Lobster is McDonald's and Dollar Tree Lobster in a can.

  • David Kitzmiller
    David Kitzmiller 3 months ago

    Am I stupid to want to eat all them

  • Niam Kathrotia
    Niam Kathrotia 3 months ago

    They now have the BigMac Jr

  • jaden and somthin
    jaden and somthin 3 months ago

    piclells in a chicken nugget box

  • Ali Air
    Ali Air 3 months ago

    they still have that son of a mac here in North Canton

  • KyteenWolf
    KyteenWolf 3 months ago +1

    You know what McDonalds should do just my idea but popcorn chicken with corn and mash potatoes w/ gravy. Might work might not!

  • Ayame Farron
    Ayame Farron 3 months ago

    1 I'm from UK and there the 3rd most popular fast food burger King is at top KFC is second 2 pineapple is amazing on anything edible like yesterday I had a spam fritter pineapple bacon and burger sauce and Mcdonalds let's u add stuff sooo 3 omg onion nuggets sound amazing with a sweet chilli dip

  • Jason Pollywog
    Jason Pollywog 3 months ago +3

    Nothing weird about eating sea weed. You’re probably brushing your teeth with seaweed ingredients twice a day without realizing it.

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor 4 months ago

    it looks like unclehooston came to mcdonalds and gave them his spaghetti

  • Mintyotter
    Mintyotter 4 months ago

    anybody remember when McDonald's had those tilapia popcorn chicken type things? Yeah those were utterly horrid

  • Brandon Laymon
    Brandon Laymon 4 months ago

    BS On the son of Mac they have the Mac JR. same thing as some of Mac

  • Adam Bernal
    Adam Bernal 4 months ago

    1# There entire company in general

  • SebTsch
    SebTsch 4 months ago

    Still better than F O O T F U N G H U S.

  • A in a Dupuis
    A in a Dupuis 4 months ago

    The narrator kinda sounds like Ice-T

  • A in a Dupuis
    A in a Dupuis 4 months ago

    The Mclobster looks like throw up

  • darin antone
    darin antone 4 months ago

    it is true pringle

  • Wolverina92
    Wolverina92 4 months ago

    I actually used to eat the McLobster when I was up in Massachusetts. Personally, I loved it because it was so much cheaper than ordering a $25 lobster roll from a street vender.

  • koolnkalm85
    koolnkalm85 4 months ago

    I always liked their pizza

  • enclave officer
    enclave officer 4 months ago

    at least the mchotdog wasn't named the "mcwiener" because try ordering one with a super sized option with a straight face, trust me i don't think even a gay man could do it

  • eyeball flip
    eyeball flip 4 months ago

    I went to the largest McDonalds in the world and got a McPizza

  • GamingMint Gam
    GamingMint Gam 4 months ago

    The McAfrica was good it was just the controversy and the Pizza is good and the beefsteak sandwich IS GOOD

  • Doug A
    Doug A 4 months ago

    How does Pringle's delivery of the script manage to be so unnaturally terrible?

  • Doom Sword
    Doom Sword 4 months ago


  • Henrik Ruzicka
    Henrik Ruzicka 4 months ago

    I would actually eat the Onion Nuggets

  • Clam Scram
    Clam Scram 4 months ago

    the worst idea of mcdonalds was when they decided to use "fresh never frozen beef"

  • Dr.Shacklez
    Dr.Shacklez 4 months ago

    All Angus burgers are still available pretty much in ever McDonald’s around Scotland

  • Operative Ben
    Operative Ben 4 months ago

    except for the fucking amazing CHICKEN BIG MAC!

  • kratekat
    kratekat 4 months ago

    they have onion nuggets at white castle

  • Burning Elmo
    Burning Elmo 4 months ago

    I guess you could these foods

  • -TheCokeAddict-
    -TheCokeAddict- 4 months ago

    Great narration and great content loved this video, the "Ghost Story" track made me like this immediately.

  • Holly-elizabeth
    Holly-elizabeth 4 months ago

    The Angus burger was actually okay... I preferred them to the regular burgers

  • Fat Pug
    Fat Pug 4 months ago

    Why are they playing creepy music

  • Toast
    Toast 4 months ago

    I remember back in 2014 I decided to try a McLobster, it really didn't taste much like lobster.

  • 1UpProduct
    1UpProduct 4 months ago

    I really want that Arch Deluxe.