15 Worst McDonald's Products Ever

  • Published on May 30, 2017
  • McDonald’s has led the fast food industry for decades, but even they have had their fair share of bad ideas. What meatless burger was a failed solution for Catholics during Lent? What experiment added seaweed extract to the beef patty? These are McDonalds’ greatest menu flops of all time
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Comments • 2 830

  • Jay Mat
    Jay Mat Day ago

    Burger king foot lettuce

  • Grubbin Pokegamer
    Grubbin Pokegamer 2 days ago

    the onion nuggets sound good tho

  • Koyote Starkk
    Koyote Starkk 7 days ago

    As a McDonald's employee I find this hilarious.

  • Chris Lemaster
    Chris Lemaster 7 days ago

    There is two places you don't buy Lobster is McDonald's and Dollar Tree Lobster in a can.

  • David Kitzmiller
    David Kitzmiller 9 days ago

    Am I stupid to want to eat all them

  • Niam Kathrotia
    Niam Kathrotia 11 days ago

    They now have the BigMac Jr

  • jaden and somthin
    jaden and somthin 13 days ago

    piclells in a chicken nugget box

  • Ali Air
    Ali Air 18 days ago

    they still have that son of a mac here in North Canton

  • KyteenWolf
    KyteenWolf 18 days ago +1

    You know what McDonalds should do just my idea but popcorn chicken with corn and mash potatoes w/ gravy. Might work might not!

  • Ayame Farron
    Ayame Farron 24 days ago

    1 I'm from UK and there the 3rd most popular fast food burger King is at top KFC is second 2 pineapple is amazing on anything edible like yesterday I had a spam fritter pineapple bacon and burger sauce and Mcdonalds let's u add stuff sooo 3 omg onion nuggets sound amazing with a sweet chilli dip

  • Jason Pollywog
    Jason Pollywog 26 days ago +1

    Nothing weird about eating sea weed. You’re probably brushing your teeth with seaweed ingredients twice a day without realizing it.

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor Month ago

    it looks like unclehooston came to mcdonalds and gave them his spaghetti

  • Valentine doggo
    Valentine doggo Month ago

    anybody remember when McDonald's had those tilapia popcorn chicken type things? Yeah those were utterly horrid

  • Brandon Laymon
    Brandon Laymon Month ago

    BS On the son of Mac they have the Mac JR. same thing as some of Mac

  • Adam Bernal
    Adam Bernal Month ago

    1# There entire company in general

  • SebTsch
    SebTsch Month ago

    Still better than F O O T F U N G H U S.

  • A in a Dupuis
    A in a Dupuis Month ago

    The narrator kinda sounds like Ice-T

  • A in a Dupuis
    A in a Dupuis Month ago

    The Mclobster looks like throw up

  • darin antone
    darin antone Month ago

    it is true pringle

  • Wolverina92
    Wolverina92 Month ago

    I actually used to eat the McLobster when I was up in Massachusetts. Personally, I loved it because it was so much cheaper than ordering a $25 lobster roll from a street vender.

  • koolnkalm85
    koolnkalm85 Month ago

    I always liked their pizza

  • enclave officer
    enclave officer Month ago

    at least the mchotdog wasn't named the "mcwiener" because try ordering one with a super sized option with a straight face, trust me i don't think even a gay man could do it

  • eyeball flip
    eyeball flip Month ago

    I went to the largest McDonalds in the world and got a McPizza

  • GamingMint Gam
    GamingMint Gam Month ago

    The McAfrica was good it was just the controversy and the Pizza is good and the beefsteak sandwich IS GOOD

  • Doug A
    Doug A Month ago

    How does Pringle's delivery of the script manage to be so unnaturally terrible?

  • Doom Sword
    Doom Sword Month ago


  • Henrik Ruzicka
    Henrik Ruzicka Month ago

    I would actually eat the Onion Nuggets

  • Clam Scram
    Clam Scram Month ago

    the worst idea of mcdonalds was when they decided to use "fresh never frozen beef"

  • Dr.Shacklez
    Dr.Shacklez Month ago

    All Angus burgers are still available pretty much in ever McDonald’s around Scotland

  • Operative Ben
    Operative Ben Month ago

    except for the fucking amazing CHICKEN BIG MAC!

  • kratekat
    kratekat Month ago

    they have onion nuggets at white castle

  • Burning Elmo
    Burning Elmo Month ago

    I guess you could these foods

  • -TheCokeAddict-
    -TheCokeAddict- Month ago

    Great narration and great content loved this video, the "Ghost Story" track made me like this immediately.

  • Holly-elizabeth
    Holly-elizabeth Month ago

    The Angus burger was actually okay... I preferred them to the regular burgers

  • Weird doggo
    Weird doggo Month ago

    Why are they playing creepy music

  • Toast
    Toast Month ago

    I remember back in 2014 I decided to try a McLobster, it really didn't taste much like lobster.

  • 1UpProduct
    1UpProduct Month ago

    I really want that Arch Deluxe.

  • Allie Niner
    Allie Niner Month ago

    The McAngus seems to do fantastically in Australia

  • Alex Luddy
    Alex Luddy Month ago

    Number 15: Burger King Foot Lettuce

  • Adumaxster
    Adumaxster Month ago

    Here in argentina the angus burgers were the best thinga about mcdonalds, and now that they are gone, there is no point in going to mcdonalds for a midget burger

  • Pail Horse Gaming
    Pail Horse Gaming Month ago

    I kinda want to try the onion nuggets...

  • Anime Contortionist

    2:20 everyone else rejoice...

  • Lazarus
    Lazarus Month ago

    Ive had a Mcpizza it wasnt very good

  • Kyro Klan
    Kyro Klan Month ago +1

    I’ve had the McWings

  • cheatchick555
    cheatchick555 Month ago

    The Lobster roll/lobster salad was actually pretty good. It was just chuncks of lobster and mayo, like a lobster roll you could get anywhere else in maine in the summer

  • Pumpkin lou
    Pumpkin lou 2 months ago

    well then. guess il go see my next McDonalds when i go see family xD

  • Jason Moonsmith
    Jason Moonsmith 2 months ago

    All of them. Every product they make is terrible an nasty.

  • marianne wysong
    marianne wysong 2 months ago


  • SilverAshes109
    SilverAshes109 2 months ago

    "Son of Mac"? Why not just call it the "Mac Jr."?

  • StarleePie47
    StarleePie47 2 months ago

    "Son of a Mac" sounds like a censored version of "Son of a Bitch."

  • Brian p
    Brian p 2 months ago

    Yo that IT clip of “don’t you want it” was hilarious

  • wifeyboo79
    wifeyboo79 2 months ago

    The whole menu!!!😂😂😂😂

  • rockergod789
    rockergod789 2 months ago

    anyone else miss mcd's angus burgers? i actually thought they were an improvement...

  • Curtis Dodge
    Curtis Dodge 2 months ago

    The only one of those products I tried was the Lobster Roll. I lived in New Hampshire for five years. It only tastes good if you’re hungry, because it’s somewhat low quality as far as New England lobster goes.

  • дерьмовые мемы

    i just called whataburger and asked for a happy meal!!!

  • Carmen's coolness
    Carmen's coolness 2 months ago

    I thought it was the mclobster because if it doesn't taste like a lobster it's not Lobster either if it's the sauce and still possibly not Lobster

  • GoodFebruarian
    GoodFebruarian 2 months ago


  • Ashley Pugh
    Ashley Pugh 2 months ago

    Just subscribed to you

  • Roscoe Patterson
    Roscoe Patterson 2 months ago

    Who the he'll puts scallions in lobster salad?

  • RiriDee Madness
    RiriDee Madness 2 months ago

    There's vomit on his sweater already,
    Macspaghetti he's nervous

  • Mildred Joseph
    Mildred Joseph 2 months ago

    Your face

  • ChuckAudio
    ChuckAudio 2 months ago

    The mc dlt was the best mcdonalds burger ever. ever.

  • Kimberly Sharpe
    Kimberly Sharpe 2 months ago

    McHula was to attract Roman Catholics on Fridays in Lent? I thought that Filet-O-Fish was designed for that purpose.

  • Handsome Squidward
    Handsome Squidward 2 months ago

    What the fuck is this background music???

  • ahtike aung
    ahtike aung 2 months ago

    I like mighty wings

  • Matthew Rainey
    Matthew Rainey 2 months ago

    You forgot the "Salad Shakes". Don't ask.

  • Hannah Scott
    Hannah Scott 2 months ago

    At McDonalds in New Zealand, we have gourmet burgers, they're a bit pricey (as far as Maccas goes anyway), but they're waaay better than the normal burgers. :)

  • Adam Horsburgh
    Adam Horsburgh 2 months ago


  • projectOMA
    projectOMA 2 months ago

    the lobster roll was available up here. oddly enough, even with the high price people bought many of them and actually enjoyed them (ugh! it was nasty!)
    and yet right down the street from the mc Donalds here is a better mom and pop place that has fresher seafood (killer clam strip roll) and they have a much better and cheaper lobster roll. needless to say, once people realised this (and had their taste buds wake up) people stopped eating that garbage.

  • deaditequeen
    deaditequeen 2 months ago

    Fyi McLobster is fucking good. A few in CT still serve it

  • Gecko o
    Gecko o 2 months ago

    Worst product?, what about the burgers. or the fries, I mean the only not so bad product is the soda and even this is watered a lot.

  • insanityisawesome97
    insanityisawesome97 2 months ago

    Im a former McDonalds employee in Australia and the angus burgers are still sold here and are actually very popular

  • Antonio Taylor
    Antonio Taylor 2 months ago +1

    The mchula burger was a contest with the first fish fillet to see which one could sell more to Christian's going onto the new year. The fish fillet did way better though and led to it's creation.

  • Start Everywhere
    Start Everywhere 2 months ago

    Szehuan Sauce was trash fuck mulan

  • Joshua Morris
    Joshua Morris 2 months ago

    I is the arch Deluxe.😥

  • Vincent D'Agostino
    Vincent D'Agostino 3 months ago

    Hong Kong still has McPizza

  • RυвyDonυт
    RυвyDonυт 3 months ago

    some of these discontinued menu items I actually miss

  • Ravenrayne
    Ravenrayne 3 months ago

    The thumbnail had a picture of a sandwhich that said McLobster and I instantly cringed nad gagged a bit. Just the thought of it is just so gross.

  • Þór Trausti Ingvason
    Þór Trausti Ingvason 3 months ago

    bring back the mchotdog

  • joshua whitaker
    joshua whitaker 3 months ago

    The worst is the lobster roll bc they can't afford to buy all the world's lobster to feed us Americans real lobster lol so wtf is it?

  • joshua whitaker
    joshua whitaker 3 months ago +1

    I'm in richmond va. And our mighty wings were really good. I wored at McDonald's and got them free every night and I'm actually not some fatty. I can run a 5 minute mile. It's the grease condition that made them bad bc other stores weren't caring..

  • Death King Tyrone
    Death King Tyrone 3 months ago


  • Chocolate Sauce
    Chocolate Sauce 3 months ago

    I'd eat all of those but the Mc hotdog because I hate hotdogs but yeah they all sound pretty good and this is coming from the most picky person you will ever see a comment from

  • Winry Rockbell
    Winry Rockbell 3 months ago

    Take this off Dolan's playlist!! I have this on shuffle falling asleep for a reason! Nothing against Pringle, I like to listen to him in energetic situations. Dolan is for sleepy time

  • LPS Ginger Patch
    LPS Ginger Patch 3 months ago

    My least fave or the worst one was well........... all of them tbh i mean in i think 2011 i heard there statement on the radio claiming they would stop using horse meat in 2017 like wow defend urself alittle more there wont yeah now its 2018 WHEN WILL IT END!!?!!

  • Rusty pickup man
    Rusty pickup man 3 months ago


  • Denis S
    Denis S 3 months ago

    Last franchise that served McPizza recently dropped it from the menu. RIP McPizza.

  • Channel Squad
    Channel Squad 3 months ago

    Another flop was the cheese sticks because no worker knew how long to deep fry it so they barely had any cheese

    MATTHEW ZECHIEL 3 months ago

    Why did they put music that would fit a Creepypasta in a video about failed McDonald's products? That's like if you put happy, fun music over the first 5 minites of Finding Nemo; it doesn't fit in any way, shape or form.

  • Gaming4days
    Gaming4days 3 months ago


  • I-love-my-cat-Milo9
    I-love-my-cat-Milo9 3 months ago

    There's not one thing that was bad, it's all bad

  • punkin kitty 231
    punkin kitty 231 3 months ago

    where i live they still make Angus burgers

  • mike west
    mike west 3 months ago

    The mcdonalds cheesesteak sub with shrimp tasted horrible back in the early 2000

  • iso
    iso 3 months ago

    I want a mcafrica

  • Jaceblue04
    Jaceblue04 3 months ago

    His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
    There's vomit on his sweater already, Mcspaghetti

  • Giordan Diodato
    Giordan Diodato 3 months ago

    Honestly, the Hula Burger seems kinda pointless since they have the Filet O'Fish.
    The Onion Nuggets doesn't sound like a bad idea. They were just marketed badly.

  • ma kra
    ma kra 3 months ago

    4:00 BurgerKing in Germany now sells grilled Hotdogs, they're actually pretty good.

  • CrazyMCPlayer _
    CrazyMCPlayer _ 3 months ago

    Wait are you going to tell me there are no McSpagetti in other countries I live in the Philippines and I can say you are not missing out

  • War Kitty
    War Kitty 3 months ago

    I dont like mc Donalds but just stick to fucking burgers you even fucked up with soup and healthy burgers.

  • Nicole Marnach
    Nicole Marnach 3 months ago

    Angus burger did not taste diffrent then a regular burger. and it was a flop in my oppinion.