THE HOUSE OF TOMORROW Official Trailer (2018) Asa Butterfield, Nick Offerman Movie HD

  • Published on Mar 7, 2018
  • THE HOUSE OF TOMORROW Official Trailer (2018) Asa Butterfield, Nick Offerman Teen Movie HD
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Comments • 1 127

  • Catalina Ortiz Becerra
    Catalina Ortiz Becerra 14 hours ago

    Si se supone que es un trailer en español, por qué no está en español

  • Emmie Girl
    Emmie Girl 16 hours ago

    the book was awesome! I hope the movie will be just as good

  • Jovien Robinson
    Jovien Robinson 19 hours ago

    Wow, it's the beginnings of the Naked Brother's band

  • mahtab gamer
    mahtab gamer 3 days ago

    Is that the same actor from Enders game

  • Mikaela Rae
    Mikaela Rae 3 days ago

    Isnt that other guy from jumanji?

  • twinklgn
    twinklgn 3 days ago

    My Nintendo geek fanboy Asa

  • Kitten Tedy
    Kitten Tedy 3 days ago

    Sebastian is in Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children and he was called Jake

  • Keegan
    Keegan 4 days ago

    his EYES

  • Νίκος Μπαμπαλιάρης

    i'm gonna watch this shit!!!!!!!

  • Edward Burns
    Edward Burns 4 days ago

    noooo Asa's hairrrr

  • Animal finatic
    Animal finatic 4 days ago

    This actually seems like a nice movie!!

  • The Last Grey
    The Last Grey 5 days ago

    Is he the kid from Ender's game

  • s. Chanise
    s. Chanise 5 days ago

    Something about it kinda reminds me of lost, the serie

  • lily HIdalgo
    lily HIdalgo 5 days ago

    I Love Asa!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • Jessica Francis
    Jessica Francis 6 days ago

    Rapunzel with guitars?

  • thesunisup_
    thesunisup_ 6 days ago

    Is it weird that I am amused by Asa Butterfield despite of being straight?

  • lilacth
    lilacth 7 days ago

    this is one of those movies that would be so much better if it was gay

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 7 days ago

    we're playing a gag lol i couldn't stop laughing!!!

  • Josie Saunders
    Josie Saunders 7 days ago

    It's the guy from the boy in the striped pyjamas I think

  • anna ragni
    anna ragni 9 days ago

    Nat Wolff is the sexiest character in each movie.

  • VeNuS2910
    VeNuS2910 10 days ago

    and that's how they corrupt a perfectly good person.

  • Alexandra Volodina
    Alexandra Volodina 11 days ago

    Those eyes...Damn

  • Emilija Puzakinaitė
    Emilija Puzakinaitė 11 days ago

    Does anyone know any of the songs from this trailer?

  • D.A Silver
    D.A Silver 12 days ago

    so this is a gay film?

  • Chloe Young
    Chloe Young 13 days ago

    How Alex Turner came to be

  • Gasper Krajnc
    Gasper Krajnc 14 days ago

    What are the songs in the video? 😃

  • Canal de farticles
    Canal de farticles 14 days ago

    Rebellious Asa is still cute gahd he’s such a dream

  • nataly22
    nataly22 14 days ago

    se ve como algo que se ha visto miles de veces, ya no es suficiente?

    JAMES hERBERT 14 days ago

    Does anyone know the song name at 0:47?

  • monica iacovou
    monica iacovou 15 days ago

    asa butterfield? sure.

  • Saanvi Salkar
    Saanvi Salkar 15 days ago

    Why is this boi always locked up from the world

  • Emma Ashton
    Emma Ashton 15 days ago

    aww the way he smiles and says 'that's my nana' awwww lkhkhggkgkgkgkhkkh

  • Nikita Bashinsky
    Nikita Bashinsky 17 days ago


  • aybike
    aybike 17 days ago

    wow tyler and cyrus look great!

  • Royal Gamer
    Royal Gamer 18 days ago

    that guy is really good at acting autistic

  • Ruby Garrett
    Ruby Garrett 19 days ago

    1:42 I love Asa oml

  • Shanker Vinod
    Shanker Vinod 20 days ago

    Nat. Wolff.

  • Abigail Tamaray
    Abigail Tamaray 21 day ago

    What date will release this one huhu

  • Drew Koenig
    Drew Koenig 21 day ago

    you destroyed ron swanson

  • Mihai Rusu
    Mihai Rusu 21 day ago

    is this movie gonna be only in the usa

  • 汚いbritt
    汚いbritt 22 days ago

    just make it gay you cowards

  • Will Kardashian
    Will Kardashian 23 days ago


  • ʇɹɐǝɥ ɐɹʇɔǝןǝ

    Everyone's always like "why can't guy just be friends" and then y'all try to make everything gay, get over it, it's not gay

  • Blackpink in your Area


  • cant think of a name :/
    cant think of a name :/ 24 days ago +1

    light turner returns

  • _BobaFloss_
    _BobaFloss_ 24 days ago +1

    Remember when he was bruno

  • Grace Louisianna
    Grace Louisianna 25 days ago

    I think every movie of Asa is about Science

  • GodDesignNiesha
    GodDesignNiesha 25 days ago

    Does anyone remember the Naked Brother Band? Now he's in the Rash band lol

  • DumandsONE
    DumandsONE 25 days ago +1

    dang Alex looks so much like his brother now

  • Dan Rodriguez
    Dan Rodriguez 25 days ago

    Koo. This guy is a pretty good actor and person. He won't let ya down.

  • TheMegaBomb Bob
    TheMegaBomb Bob 26 days ago

    Tammy 1 visited ron for this role to work out

  • Emily Delaia
    Emily Delaia 26 days ago +1

    It's not a gay movie, so Sad...goodbye Hope 😢

  • Nishant Thakur
    Nishant Thakur 27 days ago

    2:25 I'm gonna change the world.

  • Tomm.Catt.99
    Tomm.Catt.99 28 days ago +1

    I have been waiting for this forever! I hope it's a good movie!

  • nc lp
    nc lp 29 days ago

    I love asa

  • booper dooper
    booper dooper Month ago

    Ummm but i like the nana

  • Dread Chaser
    Dread Chaser Month ago

    Finally, a good one.

  • fadil torres
    fadil torres Month ago

    baby driver?

  • Domenica Epinoza
    Domenica Epinoza Month ago

    Te amo Asa

  • Salomé TM
    Salomé TM Month ago

    Ich hoffe den wird es auch hier in deutsch geben

  • Slutivia O
    Slutivia O Month ago

    Ron Swanson looks weird with no mustache

  • Jess David
    Jess David Month ago +1

    Bruno ???
    SPENCER ?!

  • jermuel kim
    jermuel kim Month ago

    Asa Butterfield. Such a great actor. So handsome and all.

  • karthik kadadevarmath

    mark my words Asa will be next Daniel day Lewis

  • mari blandon
    mari blandon Month ago

    Who knows the song that he showed Sebastián atención the beginning?

    MAR ONMARS Month ago

    ...seriously more trash

  • Lil Taquito
    Lil Taquito Month ago

    Ron Swanson looks weird without a mustache.

  • KyleRenee McGlotten

    In the thumbnail he has such pretty eyes

  • BiBiBlckBrd
    BiBiBlckBrd Month ago

    Also a chill book

  • Xenon Gaming
    Xenon Gaming Month ago

    Ron without a moustache creeps me out

  • allison luna
    allison luna Month ago

    Anyone noticed Ron Swanson without his mustache,he suppose to be running head of the parks and recreation department

  • Renegade Six
    Renegade Six Month ago

    Yeeeesssss a film about punk rock

  • jack chan
    jack chan Month ago

    Another movie about being a teenager

  • Martin Morales
    Martin Morales Month ago

    Dios mio me muero por ver la película

  • Shakima Karima
    Shakima Karima Month ago


  • CallousRumble4
    CallousRumble4 Month ago

    Much more interesting tham dog days

  • jessie tamayo
    jessie tamayo Month ago

    What Song in 1:19 ??

  • Literally Felicity
    Literally Felicity Month ago

    2 of my favorite actors in the same movie, oh hell yeah I'm watching this.

  • Ilke Isikyol
    Ilke Isikyol Month ago

    It's like jumanji and the space betEen us

  • Eleven
    Eleven Month ago

    Asa ily💙

  • Trisha Cabresos
    Trisha Cabresos Month ago

    but I remember Asa on HUGO with chloe moretz 😂

  • Ellen Cheng
    Ellen Cheng Month ago

    this plot is literally all over the place oml

  • Alana Baker
    Alana Baker Month ago +1

    Asa Butterfield 😍😍❤️😍😍

  • Mariel Lloren
    Mariel Lloren Month ago

    ASA! my crush! love him since ENDER'S GAME. :)

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person Month ago

    Isn't that the boy from Jumanji?

  • me llamo mya
    me llamo mya Month ago

    Ten Thousand Saints: goes punk
    The House of Tomorrow: goes punk
    The Space Between Us: isolated, in space
    Ender’s Game: isolated, in space
    The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: isolated
    Ms. Peregrines: isolated
    Hmm idk what’s next for Asa 🧐

  • SunlightAngel87
    SunlightAngel87 Month ago

    This movie is a wannabe of Almost Famous and Fault in our Stars.

  • StevieWho
    StevieWho Month ago

    Well they missed a chance by not giving Asa Butterfield and Alex Wolff a gay romance in this movie even though the whole way this trailer is set up basically pitches it as one.

  • JoyIsAPotato
    JoyIsAPotato Month ago

    was that asa and maude kissing?!?!??!OHMYGAWWWWWWWWWWWWD

  • xelysianx_
    xelysianx_ Month ago


  • Josephine Cham
    Josephine Cham Month ago

    i seriously love Asa Butterfield

  • Nekena Heritiana
    Nekena Heritiana Month ago

    ok but Asa is always locked somwhere like why ? he was from the space and now he's somewhere in the forest poor guy lol

  • redrose353 G
    redrose353 G Month ago

    "We're playing a gag"

  • Mela Smith
    Mela Smith Month ago


  • Se Am
    Se Am Month ago

    Hey that’s my name

  • Nikita Bashinsky
    Nikita Bashinsky Month ago


    BTS CHOEGO Month ago

    i cant wait

  • Nor Alya Nor Azhar
    Nor Alya Nor Azhar Month ago

    When is it going to come out?

  • Othmane
    Othmane Month ago

    Whats the name of that song in the background i really like it thought

  • Caden
    Caden Month ago

    I just recognized a place in St. Paul MN