Proof The Power of Orgone Orgonite energy must see!

  • Published on Jan 24, 2017
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Comments • 102

  • Nature's Magic & Healing

    So you make this to break up the clouds, but you do realize that rain is needed to survive right? There's badly drought effected areas all over the world and the idea is to bust up clouds? Kind of ironic don't you think?

  • Aris Rosario
    Aris Rosario Month ago

    Hi, I am glad you are OK God Bless😘Great work

  • Terence Tang
    Terence Tang Month ago

    Totally true.. I had similar experience as u...

  • keiichi 112
    keiichi 112 2 months ago

    wtf who is getting killed?

  • Amber D.
    Amber D. 2 months ago

    Come back to us!

  • Ankhommon Supreme
    Ankhommon Supreme 3 months ago

    Stay safe.

  • Sanna Mati
    Sanna Mati 3 months ago he tripping or high?

    • FallenAngel 333
      FallenAngel 333 2 months ago

      ur dumb... just cause u dont understand it u think hes high. clown

  • Light'sWitch Haven333
    Light'sWitch Haven333 3 months ago +2

    Amen! I sure will do the same thing! This world is full of beings that are self-centered and has humanities' destruction for agenda.
    We all need to say our silent prayers for the benefit of others to combat this silent 😶 spiritual war.

    • Tony stryder
      Tony stryder 12 days ago

      There truly is a spiritual war happening on this planet be safe

    • David Sepesky
      David Sepesky 24 days ago

      Hey Haven what's up cutie 😘
      Just curious, R U aware of who/what Ur praising when U say Amen? I only ask cuz I myself only became aware of it not too long ago.. Hit me back sometime if Ud like 2 speak on it... Or just check it out yourself....

  • grasshopper
    grasshopper 4 months ago


  • dinja
    dinja 4 months ago

    Do it again then

  • mike F
    mike F 4 months ago

    Do you have a website for purchaseing?

  • cplcabs
    cplcabs 4 months ago

    What is this lunatic on about?

    • cplcabs
      cplcabs 4 months ago

      L C why shouldn't I be? Are you telling me I have no right to watch his videos?

    • L C
      L C 4 months ago

      Why are you on his feed ???

  • TheEnd IsNigh
    TheEnd IsNigh 4 months ago

    Gifted? Explain that

  • Cierra Taree
    Cierra Taree 5 months ago +3

    Stay woke! 😳😷

  • Richard Wagner
    Richard Wagner 5 months ago +1

    What do you mean by gifting the orgonite

    • End Times
      End Times 5 months ago +3

      burying them by cell phone towers or you can bury them in your yard.

  • James Scoggins
    James Scoggins 5 months ago

    If his orgonite is that powerful, powerful enough to change the weather, why is he still alive? And why do people use the word GIFTED?!?! Its give, gave, given...not gift, gifted, gifteven.

  • kepzi
    kepzi 5 months ago +1

    Im praying for u my brother! Wish u best of luck and Love!!

  • Marcia D
    Marcia D 5 months ago +1

    I have numerous videos of the same phenomenon above my house! Totally chemtrailed except for a blue sky hole over my house! (My property perimeter has pucks ever 4', and a big 6' Don Croft Chembuster)

    • End Times
      End Times 5 months ago +1

      Good job man keep making and pumping it out there. The more you have the bigger the blue patch will be.

  • Protective Measures
    Protective Measures 5 months ago +7

    hope this dude is okay. hadn't made any vids in a year. let us know ur okay. shalom.

    • FallenAngel 333
      FallenAngel 333 2 months ago

      how is making orgonite terrorism? if thats really what he got arrested for then that just shows they are scared of him waking people up!!!!!

    • Ma Moana
      Ma Moana 3 months ago

      He was arrested by the government who are charging him for terrorism for making orgonite

    • Titus TeVe
      Titus TeVe 3 months ago

      +भारतवासी I heard. On BS charges again. Prayers!

    • Titus TeVe
      Titus TeVe 3 months ago

      +End Times What happened to him?

    • L C
      L C 4 months ago

      +End Times , getting out ?

  • Artiom Zed
    Artiom Zed 5 months ago

    so where is your orgonite?...

    • End Times
      End Times 5 months ago

      He bury it in the ground.

  • Marcos Cardozo
    Marcos Cardozo 5 months ago

    Da fck......

  • Yaro Aram
    Yaro Aram 5 months ago

    whats so bad about snow and rain?

    • Dog
      Dog 5 months ago +2

      Yaro Aram nothing wrong about natural rain and snow, the problem is when it’s man made.

  • Jean-Louis Blackburn
    Jean-Louis Blackburn 5 months ago +1

    Clean the lens! Argh!

    • L C
      L C 4 months ago

      Really ?

  • lilfatbackwoods
    lilfatbackwoods 6 months ago

    Love you too

  • MrWuChung
    MrWuChung 6 months ago

    Isnt rain good for the planet?

  • FinallyAteTeen
    FinallyAteTeen 7 months ago

    I’m dead lmao

  • Melanie Clarke
    Melanie Clarke 7 months ago

    Love this, I’m making an Orgone grid and will gift around my area too 🙌🏻

  • joe
    joe 9 months ago

    Them damned archons

  • Hans Ignals
    Hans Ignals 9 months ago +2

    If you believe the fake documentary purporting to show Wilhelm Reich putting up his ‘orgone generator’ to produce clouds over a farm in need of a bit of rain, why are people making ‘generators’ out of copper tubes in buckets full of resin, quartz and pot scourers, to ‘bust’ clouds? How does the same thing make clouds appear and disappear?
    Sometimes I can produce blue holes in the clouds just by looking at them. I call it ‘weather’.
    Has anyone found Reich’s papers on orgone energy that were supposed to have put away and not to be opened until 2007, eleven years ago?

    • KGBz
      KGBz Month ago

      How do you explain his Wikipedia page full of sexual spin making him look like a Perv? As if sex is horrible😝

  • X6 X
    X6 X 10 months ago +9

    You're just in the fortnite circle

  • Sharon Hartman
    Sharon Hartman 10 months ago

    Doesn't it always snow and or rain in January here in north america?!

    • Raul Quiroz
      Raul Quiroz 8 months ago +1

      Depends where you're at, but yeah generally it does, especially in the northern part of the country. This moron just doesn't understand seasons apparently.

  • Gabriele Ruth
    Gabriele Ruth 10 months ago

    thank you

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Year ago

    This is your last video where are you man. Hope they didnt kill you.

  • Matrix Buster
    Matrix Buster Year ago +15

    Reptilians can't handle the sun real good that's why their trying to cover it with clouds. Because they are creatures of the dark and need high humidity to survive. We handle both and love the sun, so we all got to have a power house cloud! We gotta start killing all these reptiles.

    • Trisha Palmieri
      Trisha Palmieri 6 days ago

      Matrix Buster wat are you talking about

    • AbrasAttic
      AbrasAttic 5 months ago +4

      Reptilians can't handle the sun?...

  • ConcatenateAgonWorld

    What's orgone mean?

    • David Sepesky
      David Sepesky 24 days ago

      What do those words in Ur name (B4 World) mean

  • icarusfilms
    icarusfilms Year ago +4

    From what I understand orgonite just creates a scalar pulsating field which can vibrate all space and the what we call matter to extremely high frequencies. Which can clear out any junk energy or dead stagnant electrostatic charges which the atmosphere holds. Even high levels of intent and charging your body can do it. It what we call a high vibrating tunneling sensation like when you get goosebumps and you hair stands up. Or even a one cell which I found works great. Water can hold static charge much better than man made plastic. Its the hydrogen without electron were high vibration energy can be stored and transpired using a tube or metal with no magnetic properties such as stainless steel or titanium and can a crystal structure such can transmit resonance( when you hit a metal tube and it vibrates for a long time without any added energy) which is also the secrets to overunity

    • James Scoggins
      James Scoggins 5 months ago

      Nope, you're wrong on all of that

    • Gerardo V
      Gerardo V 5 months ago

      I hope you know you just said all of that good energy is stored in a solution of pure acid. (H+)

    • icarusfilms
      icarusfilms Year ago

      I ment a Joe cell cell

  • XAly Peerce
    XAly Peerce Year ago +6

    how can u tell if a human is cloned or reptile...carry organite n tell em its a sweet n watch them morph.haha

    • questions exe
      questions exe Year ago

      Bwahahahahahahaaaaa Niiiccccccccccceeee
      Or feed them ORMUS!

  • Forensic Hypnotist
    Forensic Hypnotist Year ago +1
    Does not go anywhere.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Year ago

      txhypnotist He is in jail. That's why you can't connect.

  • Setnakhte Amun Re
    Setnakhte Amun Re Year ago +12

    Where are the trolls now? Lol they never be on videos that shows proof.

  • Theresa K17
    Theresa K17 Year ago

    Thanks--appreciate the video and your helping with prayers and energy!!!! Gives a great boost to energy upon ole Mother Earth!!! Nice to know other are helping out!!

  • mmakshak
    mmakshak Year ago +10

    This is one example of why I suggest people do their own science. Do you think a phenomenon like this will ever be part of mainstream science? You can investigate this scientifically, but no one will. What else is out there that mainstream science won't tell us about, because they haven't figured out how to make money from it, or can use it to control people?

  • md faisal
    md faisal Year ago

    is it TB,HHG, or CB?

  • بلاحدود بلاحدود

    What format is used here?! thank you

  • Setnakhte Amun Re

    i can't connected to your site its says something about domains is not connected.

    • Chris McCaffrey
      Chris McCaffrey Year ago

      Well apparently he has been inactive for a fair while now, and no domain or website etc might mean they got him. He is a Powerful Man, and they are scared shitless of him. Maybe he's in hiding lol. keep shining that light brother.

  • Setnakhte Amun Re

    How much are you selling them for? I would buy a couple.

  • human 777
    human 777 Year ago +4

    Hey all,
    I sell black iron oxide orgonite in the UK, and since ConstitutionLost hasn't been active for a few months now, I feel as though a source of orgonite for those whom don't want to make it but try it is necessary. Costs £14.51 with postage through eBay, check out the link! P.s I am doing this for the benefit of all, and unfortunately in the current society we live in, I can't just send out orgonite for free.

  • Everyday Evangelist
    Everyday Evangelist Year ago +11

    Dude Ur Awesome! The Black Orgone is Super Strong! I made my 1st batch 2day, put it out & Boom! I Luv BlueSky! It showed U way quicker & way wide than the ones i made with pot scrubbers & 1crystal! Amazing God Bless U!

    • Marlita Williams
      Marlita Williams 5 months ago +1

      Hey @Everyday Evangelist. Do you know which episode you watched to learn how to make the black orgone?

  • king sovarin freedom

    they do work.i made me a staff. The problem is if you do this prepare to battle evil spirits and beings. the chem the he'll out of over my home. so I had to boost the power. The kept coming. so I boost the power again.

    • Setnakhte Amun Re
      Setnakhte Amun Re Year ago +2

      I know right they went out of they way to spay my pyramids to stop the energy. The chemtrails was hard to clean off even when I run water over it after it dry it still showed chemtrail.The only fix for it to put it in a bucket and let it sit, and clean it every morning. The stuff they do tho to stop this energy. but all because of them I see the power of orgone water.

  • Semi Country Living

    What do you mean gift orgone? How can we protect ourselves around our homes when they spray?

  • Dahmmanda Truth
    Dahmmanda Truth Year ago

    disruption of the sine waves. :) I hope that one day I can be so definitively sure of what I'm experiencing, that I can be so open. thanks man

  • Dahmmanda Truth
    Dahmmanda Truth Year ago

    doode that happens to me all day..

  • Balazs Pk
    Balazs Pk Year ago

    whats up bro? I hope youre not locked up again. blessings

  • Brampton Targeted Individual

    Hey brother we are trying to get a strong targeted individual presence in one place so our voice will be heard please make an account on the parascope app and help spread awareness and connect. They started DEWing me harder than ever when I started organizing this so you know they love the idea. Trust me this has to be on parascope orgone energy is a great mystery we need you knowledge on this spread far and wide.

  • Jeannette Johnson
    Jeannette Johnson 2 years ago

    I just was at your site a couple days ago I want to order somethings but today it took me to Amazon and said it was for sale the business wouldn't show me any of the items.

  • Zedruis
    Zedruis 2 years ago +3

    Can you make a video of a dark area then gift it, and film it in real time that happening so we can see, not that I don't believe just to see. Thanks buddy

  • Marilyn Hill
    Marilyn Hill 2 years ago

    meant "matter"

  • Marilyn Hill
    Marilyn Hill 2 years ago

    does size of organite mayter?

  • Luis Patino
    Luis Patino 2 years ago +8

    make a very very very powerful orgon I want to see if u go full power make it really big and powerfulest all or nothing hit them were it hurts lol

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Year ago +1

      Luis Patino I will be the one who try that thanks for the info

  • Angelecia Benton
    Angelecia Benton 2 years ago +4

    Awesome. I want to learn to make these and gift them

    • EnliveningJustice
      EnliveningJustice Year ago +2

      Angelecia Benton Please do! There's tutorials on TVclip and others places that'll show you how! It's super easy:) go to machine shops, they'll give you their metal shavings. You can buy quartz crystals at any gem shop cheap, it's the resin that's pricey. To make one muffin pans worth of orgonite it'll cost about $20 for the resin and catalyst to harden it. You might find a resin kit on amazon for a little cheaper. Have fun!
      I just made 24 of them today :)

  • Brand Ivan
    Brand Ivan 2 years ago +45

    Hey, I dont know if you will read this but I just want to say that I love your work.
    Besides, you have actually helped me make orgonite and shown me how to apply it. One of my potential life goals will be to grid the whole of the Netherlands. I have already gridded part of my town. When I get a better paying job I will gather the resources and people around me to make sure this will happen.
    Through spiritual accession I am already waking up my friends, colleagues and people who live in the same building (10 floors). The awakening is going very very rapid now (january 2017). The Light is winning back territory, it is unstoppabale I know that for sure. The power hierachy will change and those with the biggest hearts slow but surely get acknowledged unconsiously even by those who are still far away from God.
    Keep up the good work, and I am looking forward to see your vids.
    Cheers, from The Netherlands

    • Diane  CAMPBELL
      Diane CAMPBELL 3 months ago

      God Bless you..Much Love from San Diego, California

    • Salim Asaad
      Salim Asaad 4 months ago

      There will be no prevailing awakening. Prophesy must be fulfilled. There will be no, "awakening' among the people that will stop what is to come.

    • Briana Navarro
      Briana Navarro Year ago

      Brand Ivan cheers to you fellow lightworker!!

    • Suzanne S.
      Suzanne S. Year ago

      Brand Ivan Have you succeeded? 😊

  • mmakshak
    mmakshak 2 years ago +9

    I think this is the demonstration of what I've seen also. I view it as kind of a response that lets you know what you are doing is correct.

  • Lance Grace
    Lance Grace 2 years ago +2

    nice vid my man glad to see peace love an light brother from aus