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  • Published on Jul 18, 2018
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    From director Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire and starring Joe Cole, Vithaya Pansringarm, and Panya Yimmumphai. A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN - Now available for rent or purchase (links below).
    RELEASE DATE: August 10, 2018
    DIRECTOR: Jean-Stephane Sauvaire
    CAST: Joe Cole, Vithaya Pansringarm, and Panya Yimmumphai
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Comments • 56

  • SxElias
    SxElias Year ago

    johnny boy

  • Keep It in the Streets

    Can't wait to see this! Anyone interested in independent films check out our trailer and channel!

  • The Joker
    The Joker Year ago

    Despite the gay scene it's a really good movie

  • ThielsArtwork
    ThielsArtwork Year ago

    This movie sucks. I turned it off during the 20 minute prison gangbang rape scene. Depressing.

  • Victor Espinoza
    Victor Espinoza Year ago +11

    It's a foookin Shelby.

  • Raiyan Hossain
    Raiyan Hossain Year ago

    this movie was fuckin intense

  • Brian Mariano
    Brian Mariano Year ago

    Peaky Blinders.

  • Quinn Fluet
    Quinn Fluet Year ago +1

    Why'd the aspect ratio change?

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton Year ago +1

    Looks phenomenal

  • Setting Mind
    Setting Mind Year ago +1

    A24 with another masterpeice

  • Atreus
    Atreus Year ago +2

    Song name?

  • verison9.5
    verison9.5 Year ago

    I love Muay Thai movies

  • verison9.5
    verison9.5 Year ago

    Finally a movie about this topic

  • Tamara Ortiz
    Tamara Ortiz Year ago

    I love joe Cole! Everyone watch our for the the Cole brothers!

  • Alan Ramseur
    Alan Ramseur Year ago

    I saw this movie last night and after it finished I had an overwhelming feeling I had just seen the best film I've seen this year. Amazing acting by Joe Cole. Absolutely animalistic and riveting performance.

  • Eskoe1
    Eskoe1 Year ago

    Rape scene like 15min in lol

  • Julie Armenta
    Julie Armenta Year ago

    I think nick Jonas would have been perfect for the role

  • christopherxiong
    christopherxiong Year ago

    The last muay THIA fighter.

  • Felipe Quintana
    Felipe Quintana Year ago

    They back at it again

  • eduardo torres
    eduardo torres Year ago +2

    Megalo Box but in prison 😮

  • Farhan Zaidi
    Farhan Zaidi Year ago +3

    About fucking time. I’ve been seeing trailers for this movie since last year .

  • Joey Beats
    Joey Beats Year ago

    An aussie in Thailand eh???? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ™

    Philip DeFranco sent me here.

  • CommentCop Badge#666

    So is the, _AHEM_ "true story" about the main character or that the prison has an official muay thai program?

  • VisionFilms100
    VisionFilms100 Year ago

    Isn’t this trailer 3? I can’t wait for this!

  • Cameron Blackwell

    I watched a trailer for this 2 years ago, this film is so fuckin old and it’s STILL not out in U.S. .... OYYISHHH

  • Will C
    Will C Year ago +21

    This STILL hasn't been released?! I remember seeing trailers for this with "The Disaster Artist" last Oscar season.

    • Terence Matsune
      Terence Matsune Year ago

      U can watch it online

    • Tamara Ortiz
      Tamara Ortiz Year ago

      Will C they just released it in the UK. Should be in the US in the 2 weeks.

  • Le Grand Fromage
    Le Grand Fromage Year ago

    The new ong bak looks poppin

  • gooby
    gooby Year ago +16

    had the privilege to see this at sxsw as a midnighter absolutely phenomenal

  • Nathan Hale
    Nathan Hale Year ago +26

    Heeeey the guy from Kill the DJ

    • ghetto uptown
      ghetto uptown Year ago +1

      Nannerale TV And...PEAKY FUCKIN BLINDERS

  • The Fidget Spinner Movie

    I am a masterpiece of spinema!

  • Dr. Manhattan
    Dr. Manhattan Year ago +20

    Totally forgot about this film, what took it so long?

    • gooby
      gooby Year ago +4

      Dr. Manhattan most likely distribution rights

  • Gunnah
    Gunnah Year ago +2

    Bruh. When is it going to drop?

  • MKSongbird
    MKSongbird Year ago +84

    i feel like i saw the first trailer for this film over a year ago.

    • Jack Burton
      Jack Burton Year ago +1

      I've noticed that happens a lot with independent movies. I would venture to guess a big part of that is them waiting in hopes of getting a sweet distribution deal with a studio.

    • Joel Beimers
      Joel Beimers Year ago +7

      October of last year is when the first one dropped. I've been eagerly awaiting more news ever since.

  • John Dunzelman
    John Dunzelman Year ago +10

    I don’t even like wrestling movies but this looks amazing since a recently watched a documentary about this prison

    • CommentCop Badge#666
      CommentCop Badge#666 Year ago +4

      John Dunzelman
      Ach! No need for an apology, boss. I just found that funny when I read it so I had to tease you a bit...... Okay more than a bit. lol. Cheers!

    • John Dunzelman
      John Dunzelman Year ago +1

      CommentCop Badge#666 sorry I know the difference I just don’t pay attention to either one, actual mistake

    • CommentCop Badge#666
      CommentCop Badge#666 Year ago +4

      Yeah. The true story of WWE in Thailand's prison. LMFAO!! "wrestling"? Really? I mean, it's not like the guy kept saying "boxing" boxing" "boxing" a hundred times in this trailer. LOL!!! Fuckin' wrestling.

    • Le Grand Fromage
      Le Grand Fromage Year ago +2

      John Dunzelman this is Muay Thai my dude

  • UnbelievabIeMontages

    think you forgot the letterbox a24. last trailer had a letterbox.

    xMACHOxMANx Year ago +6

    Looks like a true horror film. Even though it’s not intended to be. I’ll def see it.

  • Lady's Handbag or PURSE

    Hmmmmm. Looks like a tweener.