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  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
  • Traffik Trailer #1 (2018): Check out the new Traffik trailer starring Paula Patton, William Fichtner, and Missi Pyle! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping @MovieclipsTrailers.
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    Investigative journalist Brea Stephens goes on what is supposed to be a romantic getaway to a cabin in the woods with her boyfriend, John Wilson, but after a chance encounter with a suspicious gang at a secluded truck stop, they find themselves unknowingly in possession of a phone containing proof of the gang's sex trafficking exploits. Caught in the crosshairs of the relentless crew, Brea and John are left with one mission: survival.
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Comments • 2 192

  • Poonam smart kitchen

    Nice 👌

  • Golden Heart
    Golden Heart 10 days ago

    This what happen when you don't mind ya business. Should've just sat there & drunk ya wine

  • Str8As
    Str8As 13 days ago

    Didn't we just see the entire movie? You can most likely guess the ending.

  • Kea Michelle
    Kea Michelle 19 days ago

    Nine out of ten for this awesome movie. I just wish it wasn't based on real life.

  • SAZ
    SAZ 22 days ago

    was about to watch it but the comments filled with what I was thinking the whole time "give the phone back" and it pretty much showed the whole film in the trailer

  • Adrienne Harrison
    Adrienne Harrison 29 days ago +1

    I loved this film!!!

  • Carmen Rivera
    Carmen Rivera Month ago

    my memories

  • Adia
    Adia Month ago +1

    just give the phone back! you don't even need it wth?

  • thaistomp
    thaistomp Month ago

    Damn they wondered into Sons of Anarchy's territory.

  • A_World _Full_Of_ Lies

    This movie was so horrible, I had to turn it off.

  • Goldy Loxs
    Goldy Loxs Month ago

    Puahaha wow OKAY this would really happen LOL

  • adiaz2469
    adiaz2469 Month ago

    This movie blows

  • nikole ob
    nikole ob Month ago

    Don’t waste your time this movie was trash!

  • Bobby
    Bobby Month ago +1

    Omar Epps used to make good movies. I don't know what happened to this dude.

  • Bella Franco
    Bella Franco Month ago

    Damn all this over a PHONE??!!!😂😂😂😂 I gotta watch this

  • Chloe Art
    Chloe Art Month ago

    looks sooo scary!!

  • Titos SS
    Titos SS Month ago

    See Paula saw an opportunity for a good story...gets everyone killed smh I hated her greedy self entitled character

  • Luke Jack
    Luke Jack Month ago

    I don't know why I always find Paul Patton's characters dumb.

  • Willow Branch Crafting

    "where did you learn to build it in a prison shop class?" two seconds later... "im trying to have a polite conversation here."

  • Gorgeous Rey
    Gorgeous Rey Month ago

    Whew chile the drama I’m ready 😂😂😂

  • Sacha Ullymce
    Sacha Ullymce Month ago

    never leave your bag unattended...and always secured..especially in a public a lot if things...

  • AsphaltKing
    AsphaltKing Month ago

    Foreman finally escaped depression....oh wait nevermind

  • Jaime
    Jaime Month ago +1

    Wilson should've called House. Problem solved...

  • excellent memories
    excellent memories Month ago

    By showing these kind of movies cresting more maniac bad people getting cruelist ideas

  • mark jeffers
    mark jeffers Month ago

    Saw it decent movie and paula patton is a complete babe that Robin thicke guy needs his head checked up

  • J K.
    J K. Month ago

    OMG Just give him the damn phone

  • Russell Ny
    Russell Ny Month ago

    All for a story what a dummy 😂

  • Max Maseko
    Max Maseko Month ago

    This movie is wack and Paula cant act to save her life...but best believe if she's acting I'm watching!

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith Month ago

    It's the serious version of wild hogs

  • andrew carson
    andrew carson Month ago


  • Carol Letting
    Carol Letting 2 months ago

    Black people ruuuun, real quick

  • Sam S
    Sam S 2 months ago


    CHRISSY HOVE 2 months ago

    Not hating or anything but Paula is rather masculine.. jawline, shoulders.
    Just saying, just an observation

  • Tamz_ Superman
    Tamz_ Superman 2 months ago

    Oh my gosh.. over a phone ... this is ridiculous 😂 just give it and live yur lives

  • Mable Whatley
    Mable Whatley 2 months ago

    She was a horrible actor in this movie they could have picked somebody else

  • ICE Kemp
    ICE Kemp 2 months ago

    Soundtrack was amazing. ✌️

  • 90nadz
    90nadz 2 months ago

    Still got half a bag of popcorn left, good 2 min! Lol

  • Imi nice
    Imi nice 2 months ago

    Thumbnail picture looking like a female marc dacascos

  • Jawaria saleem
    Jawaria saleem 2 months ago

    Movie good,but bad show whole plot in trailer🙄

  • ثریا gan
    ثریا gan 2 months ago

    کاملشو از کجا بگیرم،،میشه راهنمایی کنید،💖💖

  • Kay Hovahston
    Kay Hovahston 2 months ago

    Bad movie, it started out like a love story then ends like a spy thriller. 🚮

  • big sexy
    big sexy 2 months ago

    Is this even good?

    • toomtoom61
      toomtoom61 2 months ago

      No it's not, it's bloody awful

  • Robert Mcleod
    Robert Mcleod 2 months ago

    The ending of this movie very weak

    • toomtoom61
      toomtoom61 2 months ago +2

      So is the start, and the middle

  • True 2 Skills
    True 2 Skills 2 months ago

    If you could sit through this whole movie there has to be something wrong with your mind. Whoever directed and produced this movie should never do it again. Complete flop. Omar Epps you are so much better than this. Lead actress who shall be remain nameless. Get a acting coach and go back to the drawing board.

  • sex machine
    sex machine 2 months ago +1

    Good movie however I felt bad for Omar Epps wish he made it threw. If his girl gave back the phone they all would've been alive.

  • Ariixelle
    Ariixelle 2 months ago


  • Ilona Blumm
    Ilona Blumm 2 months ago

    Im sick of this type of cliche movies... Only makes me feel uncomfortable

  • Rossygrossy
    Rossygrossy 2 months ago

    How did I not know about this movie sooner?

    • toomtoom61
      toomtoom61 2 months ago

      I don't know, it's one of lifes mysterys, if you ever find out will you please share it with the world

  • The Green Circle
    The Green Circle 2 months ago

    When did John Wall start acting?

    AILIN OFFICIAL 2 months ago

    i will find you and .....destroy you hahaha waiting

  • San Mane
    San Mane 2 months ago

    If it were me they wouldve tracked that phone to a pawn shop...

  • George Ybarra
    George Ybarra 2 months ago

    This looks cool not the same ol remakes now adays

    VASSH 2 months ago

    Trash movie.

    VASSH 2 months ago

    All I can say this dumbass woman and her horrible acting got everyone killed. Black people when you get into situations like this remove yourself please.

  • 78213oswaldo
    78213oswaldo 3 months ago

    he still got the juice?

  • SF Nadim
    SF Nadim 3 months ago

    Thanks for showing me the entire movie

    TDM HOOLY 3 months ago

    Hulu brought me here

  • Gay videos2
    Gay videos2 3 months ago

    dont waste your time its a shitty movie... waste of money

  • Boss Man
    Boss Man 3 months ago +1

    this movie was to good

  • Akshay Dapke
    Akshay Dapke 3 months ago +1


  • Simone Duarte
    Simone Duarte 3 months ago

    Filme lindo e maravilhoso alguém brasileiro da um link aiii

  • Abdul Hanan
    Abdul Hanan 3 months ago


  • Karl-Martin
    Karl-Martin 3 months ago

    I just searched "1" in google and came here. Thought you should know... for some reason. I'm gonna go now

  • Dave Booshty
    Dave Booshty 3 months ago

    A Slight Straw Dogs meets The Strangers? Complete with a creepy girl knocking on your door asking for something too?

  • partha sarthi
    partha sarthi 3 months ago

    Music in starting 30 secs was just beautifull .

  • trutj22
    trutj22 4 months ago +6

    that movie was terrible

  • MagixxDOPE
    MagixxDOPE 4 months ago

    just watched the movie ... can't expect much tbh, generic movie with great actors altho :<
    the really "intense" sh!t happens about 20mins before the movie ends ...
    everything before that is just .... well .... wasted time? =/ weak story with an OK ending

  • Cee Gabe
    Cee Gabe 4 months ago

    Had potential. Could have been much better. Imho

  • Jide Otunba
    Jide Otunba 4 months ago

    whats the point of a trailer when you nothing to suspense.

  • Ibet Pali
    Ibet Pali 4 months ago

    I like

  • Ferrux Memmedov
    Ferrux Memmedov 4 months ago

    Purge 1 semi rip off

  • Renee Scott
    Renee Scott 4 months ago

    Paula of only you had just listen!

  • Champgne Papi
    Champgne Papi 5 months ago

    This is false advertisement asff , this movie sucked

  • Tatjana Strunkevica
    Tatjana Strunkevica 5 months ago

    What's that music at the beginning of the trailer??

  • F dL
    F dL 5 months ago

    The house is dope.

  • SeeBoom Beatz Official
    SeeBoom Beatz Official 5 months ago

    MA NI::A

  • capie44
    capie44 5 months ago

    The producers couldn't find an actress that wasn't afraid to be topless in a pool scene -- in California???
    The producers don't mind supporting child abuse -- even sexual -- by having cocaine in this movie, but some T & A is taboo.
    Drug dealers are more prolific than pedophiles... and they, like their druggies, do not care they are selling to parents.
    Drug abuse is child abuse. Drug users are child abusers.


    creo que con el trailer ya senti que vi toda la pelicula seguro termina en que se salvan

  • Lasszo RKO
    Lasszo RKO 5 months ago

    Trailer song name please

  • StevÈ OhhYA!
    StevÈ OhhYA! 5 months ago

    4:55 done watching it

  • StevÈ OhhYA!
    StevÈ OhhYA! 5 months ago


  • ثریا gan
    ثریا gan 5 months ago

    فیلم کاملشو از کجا بگیریم 😍😍😍

  • Gantulga Akilla
    Gantulga Akilla 6 months ago +1

    She put her and her husband's (future) life in serious danger for unknown, not reliable some pictures of girls she doesn't even know?? And he end up dead... You think that's clever, you think that's right decision to make?

  • Meltron Wishes
    Meltron Wishes 6 months ago

    I like this video!

  • Mahamed Demaham
    Mahamed Demaham 6 months ago

    This Movie Was very good I watched it

  • Sumit Raut
    Sumit Raut 6 months ago

    All these days...Where's Foreman?

  • Stroller Boy
    Stroller Boy 6 months ago

    Good movie. So much hate below.

  • D Clue96
    D Clue96 6 months ago

    My goodness, this looks appalling

  • Kevin Mendoza
    Kevin Mendoza 6 months ago

    0:22 jeje xd
    1:25 wtf xd

  • Virgo Qween
    Virgo Qween 6 months ago

    I honestly find this movie pathetic...

  • Frank Franco
    Frank Franco 6 months ago


  • Mary Terry
    Mary Terry 6 months ago

    I stopped the movie right in his tracks when I heard the cop say a black male and a black female, now ain't that a b****!, even in the movies they are blaming the black man.

  • Fabiana ferreira de mendonça souza

    Louca pra assistir

  • zaghi alberto
    zaghi alberto 6 months ago

    Just watched it, the actress is not serious, not very good at acting....besides no one would put lives of many people in danger as she did. Give the damn phone and then call police next time

  • Jordan
    Jordan 6 months ago

    Is this the new iPhone advert?

  • Sindiso Ncube
    Sindiso Ncube 6 months ago

    house spinoff sequel

  • Sheri
    Sheri 6 months ago +3

    Nothing in this movie seems believable.

  • ABG
    ABG 6 months ago