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  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • We asked 100 married men... The bad news. Your wife ran away. The worse news. She took your WHAT???
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  • AnotherSettlementNeedsOurHelp

    I'm surprised "kids" wasn't up there.

  • lizzy marlow
    lizzy marlow 14 days ago

    😏 no wonder those wives ran away, if he dun give a shit about the kids.

  • captainrobots
    captainrobots 15 days ago

    I was thinking your life

  • Habe Na Mba
    Habe Na Mba 16 days ago

    SHE TOOK MY KIDS!! Car? Dog?

  • jose rubalcaba
    jose rubalcaba 17 days ago

    Really dignity wtf

  • oldschooldiy
    oldschooldiy 18 days ago

    How the hell did she get the combination to the safe?

  • missrunbunnyrun
    missrunbunnyrun 19 days ago

    how is the dog up there but not the kids?

    • captainrobots
      captainrobots 15 days ago

      Well karen hates you so she took the dogs instead
      And you called them your children

  • In Your Nargaz Z
    In Your Nargaz Z 19 days ago

    Where do they have these surveys....... Texas and Alabama? Lol 😂

  • Andyelmasry
    Andyelmasry 20 days ago

    How are kids not up there xD
    What the heck kind of people do they survey???

  • Shaw Mou
    Shaw Mou 20 days ago

    Jesus! Man!

  • rmendoza1337
    rmendoza1337 20 days ago

    Oh shit.. I know them. Lol

  • Carolina Gaming Syndicate

    I thought of fishing rods and best friend for that last answer. One was CLOSE.

  • Michael Naisbitt
    Michael Naisbitt 20 days ago

    Was surprised that GUNS was not higher rated than fourth. Would have put it at two. It’s the American way

  • gr8t4me Inthislife*time

    #4? Guns?? Well I guess to keep him from shooting her ass , but I just knew it was gonna be ' kid's/ children?? go figure America!

  • Seann Thor
    Seann Thor 20 days ago

    My first answer was, she took her dildo with her.

  • Seann Thor
    Seann Thor 20 days ago

    How did these asian came up with Lewis for last name?

  • Nancy Howard
    Nancy Howard 20 days ago


  • Nancy Howard
    Nancy Howard 20 days ago

    Best friend or brother

  • James Smith
    James Smith 20 days ago

    Man U know the women voted those last two. "Dignity" that gone when U married the girl. "Heart" that either with her hot sister now or hot girlfriend. Stupid answers. The kids was good but yeah Americans love their guns. Loosely though that could be seen as their kids.

  • Hellstormangel
    Hellstormangel 20 days ago +1

    Guns??? Really America, this is what the rest of the world hates you.

  • soulfulfool
    soulfulfool 20 days ago

    your heart wtf??? haha dumb answer

  • malataur
    malataur 20 days ago

    I thought about guns, but figured no one would have said it. Lol that "kids" wasn't up there. Don't you dare take the dog, but the kids... meh.

  • Dragon Daniel Taylor
    Dragon Daniel Taylor 20 days ago


  • matakaputra
    matakaputra 20 days ago +31

    The fact that dog is in the list and not kids is highly disturbing

    • Marwan Monajjed
      Marwan Monajjed 17 days ago +2

      Let her take the kids and worry about them.
      I wouldn't let her touch my fur babies

  • Whity Weißmann
    Whity Weißmann 20 days ago

    Guns! Thats America!

  • sychowalker
    sychowalker 20 days ago +4

    Guns above kids....
    This is America.

  • George Arizaga
    George Arizaga 20 days ago

    Krillin: when my girlfriend broke up with me she took all my money. When your girlfriend broke up with you she took all HER money.

  • Saleh Aboutaama
    Saleh Aboutaama 20 days ago


  • Lexi Grimbrooke
    Lexi Grimbrooke 20 days ago

    I seriously thought #4 was going to be house.

    • LeChoke James NOT MY GOAT
      LeChoke James NOT MY GOAT 20 days ago

      Lmao clown. She gonna put the house on her back and run?

    • N S
      N S 20 days ago

      How is the wife gonna take a house on the run?

  • See Forwards
    See Forwards 21 day ago +2

    When did life turn to GTA

  • koko
    koko 21 day ago

    They go to the most hick ass/ratchet ass areas to take these polls ! What type of meth heads put guns before kids 😒

  • Ruthcarla Dore
    Ruthcarla Dore 21 day ago +3

    5 persons that said guns are prolly trump supporters 🙄

  • Meat Lady
    Meat Lady 21 day ago +1


  • Anthony Guarino
    Anthony Guarino 21 day ago


  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 21 day ago

    why would she take guns. if it was me i would take the kids.

  • God is Love
    God is Love 21 day ago

    I wouldn’t never guessed it was guns😝😜👀

  • Angel's Wings
    Angel's Wings 21 day ago +1

    Guns. Only in America......

  • frzferdinand72
    frzferdinand72 21 day ago +1

    Number 4 was the most American answer possible

  • Laura Allan
    Laura Allan 21 day ago +21

    When my dad left he didn’t take his wallet, pillow or medication. On the way out he decided to take the microwave 😂😭 I wish I was lying but I’m not this is a true story 😂😭

    • Ruthcarla Dore
      Ruthcarla Dore 21 day ago


    • specialty k
      specialty k 21 day ago +1

      He was thinking about his meals and how he was gonna eat every day🤣!

  • Gustavus Bonner
    Gustavus Bonner 21 day ago +2

    Racel is the sexiest woman on earth

  • Natalie Goodison
    Natalie Goodison 21 day ago

    Thats her kids.

  • KeezyWithABanger
    KeezyWithABanger 21 day ago

    She took your guns? Wtf

  • Mr Rime
    Mr Rime 21 day ago

    Was thinking girlfriend lool

  • 2005zhane
    2005zhane 21 day ago +4

    I seriously expected House or Kids to be up there.

  • True P
    True P 21 day ago +1

    Your heart🤔

  • Tree Dillinger
    Tree Dillinger 21 day ago +25

    Guns > Kids ...only in America 🇺🇸 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • BlueAversion
    BlueAversion 21 day ago +1

    Lol, only in America would Guns make the board and not Kids.

  • BlueAversion
    BlueAversion 21 day ago +80

    Must have asked 100 married men who either don't like or don't have any kids.

    • No Chill
      No Chill 16 days ago

      IKR! I was expecting it to come 3rd or something, pagans prefer material things, money, car, etc but dog and guns!? Come on USA?

  • Fjfifk Fifkfk
    Fjfifk Fifkfk 21 day ago

    Lmao tv????

  • Jj Er
    Jj Er 21 day ago

    I love family feud

  • earlibee
    earlibee 21 day ago

    wtf is wrong? the first thing I thought of is kids!

  • TheGreen Rose
    TheGreen Rose 21 day ago

    Sometimes I think Steve doesn't like Asian people...

    • NNN
      NNN 21 day ago +1

      I don't believe that to be true. Steve has been all over the world to many places, and has interacted with all types of people I think he's just worn out from doing this show for so long, remember, Steve is 64 years old, and not getting any younger, plus, he might have some home issues going on, you never know, everything is not always what it appears to be.

  • Chaos Is Coming
    Chaos Is Coming 21 day ago +3

    only in America lol

  • CJoseph Ferrerro
    CJoseph Ferrerro 21 day ago +4


  • xomer89x
    xomer89x 21 day ago +5

    Guns? They must have asked this question in Alabama.

  • francis saxor
    francis saxor 21 day ago

    Filipino wife/in laws ?

  • jerryboomerwang
    jerryboomerwang 21 day ago +38

    My first answer was "HOUSE!" And this is why I will never be a contestant on this show. 😂👍

    • No Chill
      No Chill 16 days ago

      I can't lie, I thought house, but then I heard him say run away, so unless you live in a cardboard box (which some people do) it's not going to happen.

    • Lexi McMullin
      Lexi McMullin 18 days ago +4

      No need to be a jerk Mark.

    • Mark Norville
      Mark Norville 18 days ago +2

      The question you DUMB IDIOT was your wife RAN AWAY, so how is she going to take the house, when she has RUN AWAY?

  • Richie F
    Richie F 21 day ago +30


    • James Smith
      James Smith 20 days ago

      That is so true. Everytime I hear my ex wife is coming to visit my Friday is now a Monday.

    • Richie F
      Richie F 20 days ago


    • Snsd ngg
      Snsd ngg 21 day ago

      Richie F if you can bear the good and the bad things in marriage then don't .marriage is about starting a family not in and out love that's dating .

    • Abbey G
      Abbey G 21 day ago


  • Darragh Farrell
    Darragh Farrell 21 day ago +1

    I would’ve said dignity!?!

  • tom ryan
    tom ryan 21 day ago +5

    Saw a sign in man's garage, 'My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend, And Boy I Sure Miss Him!"