The FASTEST Grand Mac Meal Ever Eaten (under 1 Minute!!)

  • Published on Mar 10, 2018
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    Following the footsteps of the challenge I did years back, I've grown up and graduated from a Happy Meal to a Grand Big Mac Meal!!!
    Just seemed like a fun idea, and I've seen a decent amount of requests to do Grand Big Macs!!
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Comments • 45 940

  • niko katsafaros
    niko katsafaros 7 minutes ago

    Boy how you not having cramps after eating that

  • hanihooper
    hanihooper 23 minutes ago

    This is so primal

  • pakyukazylinekabayo Vlog
    pakyukazylinekabayo Vlog 33 minutes ago

    Dugyot!! Hindi ka ba pinapakain jan sainyo? Timawa amp

  • emilysucks
    emilysucks 36 minutes ago +1

    I want his ability to all this food and not gain a single pound

  • Xnonymous 98
    Xnonymous 98 53 minutes ago

    Watch this vid at x2 speed Matt will turn into a monster

  • OhTapper
    OhTapper 58 minutes ago +1

    Why did I watch this.

  • medelina adelina
    medelina adelina Hour ago


  • Ardo Artz
    Ardo Artz Hour ago +1

    you 1.00 im 7.00 :v

  • Bob Gaming
    Bob Gaming 2 hours ago

    Why he not do 1 hour eating 😂

  • Diane Smith
    Diane Smith 2 hours ago

    Can you imagine eating dinner at this guy’s house? 😳

  • Haziq Is'ad
    Haziq Is'ad 2 hours ago

    Your belly is round

  • Fr4nc15 76
    Fr4nc15 76 3 hours ago

    Damn I’m so fricking hungry

  • QYT_ Moizey-the noob
    QYT_ Moizey-the noob 3 hours ago

    Isnt it dagerus

  • FunLegendGaming
    FunLegendGaming 4 hours ago

    Who else is wondering if he has ever chocked. 👋

  • Nice Guy
    Nice Guy 5 hours ago

    idk how you’re still that skinny

  • UWU T0XIC Gaming
    UWU T0XIC Gaming 5 hours ago

    I’m Australia and we don’t have this here and my question is why do have this

  • mehar jahan
    mehar jahan 5 hours ago

    6:29 we didn't enjoy you had enjoyed

  • Mila wumaer
    Mila wumaer 6 hours ago

    I did this I ate it so fast⛴🎆

  • Eyypie E
    Eyypie E 6 hours ago +1

    Just eat food fast. Make a video. Post on TVclip that video and earn money 💰.....

  • Charlie
    Charlie 6 hours ago


  • Charlie
    Charlie 6 hours ago

    You fat pig

  • Man Abg Long Kawasan Man Abg Long Kawasan

    Wtf insane ....😱

  • Subscribe to PewDiePie

    Holy shit

  • Austinh Mercer
    Austinh Mercer 7 hours ago

    I’m starving.

  • sandeep thorat
    sandeep thorat 8 hours ago

    Imagine him eating a pussy like this

  • Something SPICY
    Something SPICY 8 hours ago

    When you ask your friend for a bite : me

  • Jody Boo
    Jody Boo 8 hours ago


  • Tanvir Shahriar
    Tanvir Shahriar 9 hours ago


  • DarkEnd
    DarkEnd 9 hours ago +1

    When ever you go to Africa just to flex...

  • Krispy Clips
    Krispy Clips 9 hours ago +1

    Can You Eat P*ssy Like That?

    PEYTON PICKEL 9 hours ago

    I wonder if his shits are the size of a sledge hammer head

  • Luna Wolf Playz
    Luna Wolf Playz 10 hours ago

    *this is the technique to eat your food before your hungry friend arrive* •-•

  • Manny Camoos
    Manny Camoos 10 hours ago

    Have you ever choked

  • Panda Playz 129
    Panda Playz 129 10 hours ago

    I wonder how Matt actually eats

  • La Luna
    La Luna 11 hours ago

    Him:*about to get diabetes*
    Him: it's fine I got diet coke

  • Yuliana Neyra
    Yuliana Neyra 11 hours ago

    His mouth is like a vacuume

  • Kanji Brutal
    Kanji Brutal 11 hours ago

    the way he eats the food makes me feel like im gonna bite my tongue

  • Kenneth Torre Trinidad
    Kenneth Torre Trinidad 11 hours ago

    When youre late for school

  • Shane Donis
    Shane Donis 11 hours ago

    We can do better than 2 min 20 seconds as his time is 1 min 10 seconds

  • Matthew Penaranda
    Matthew Penaranda 12 hours ago +1

    When there is only one minute of lunch left

  • theogfortniteegggod01
    theogfortniteegggod01 12 hours ago

    Does your esophagus not hurt when you HUCK FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH!!

  • ItzNoah
    ItzNoah 12 hours ago

    Eats Big Mac as fast as possible...

    Stomach:Am I a joke to you

  • Mo Omer
    Mo Omer 12 hours ago

    Made me hungry.

  • Edu Gonzalez
    Edu Gonzalez 12 hours ago

    Deit soda throw you off it as more feezz

  • Andre Kemboi
    Andre Kemboi 12 hours ago

    Imagine drinking Diet Coke... couldn’t be me

  • Numbboy0 6
    Numbboy0 6 12 hours ago

    Does anyone notice that he time lasped it but kept the time going at the same speed??

  • Taylor Blue
    Taylor Blue 13 hours ago

    Me when I’m on a diet and can only have a couple cheat days lmao💀💀😂😂

  • Maximus Meridius
    Maximus Meridius 13 hours ago

    So fooooooking nasty

  • Inferno Gaming
    Inferno Gaming 13 hours ago

    Teacher:who ever is done eating first gets a prize

  • joshua Hang
    joshua Hang 13 hours ago

    the noise when he eats is satisfying

  • Jeon jKookie
    Jeon jKookie 13 hours ago

    Alta hambre me dió

  • AnimeWatcher427
    AnimeWatcher427 13 hours ago

    I literally skipped ten seconds and he already half way done with the burger

  • comfy thunder
    comfy thunder 13 hours ago

    Shoving food in ur mouth I could do that

  • XxPedrOxX
    XxPedrOxX 13 hours ago

    He eats a meal in under a minute,
    I take one bite and I’m already full

  • Damnjacksonpaul !
    Damnjacksonpaul ! 14 hours ago

    Have you ever heard of a monster Mac

  • Blue Gorilla 100
    Blue Gorilla 100 14 hours ago

    Jesus saves

  • Captain PeeWee
    Captain PeeWee 14 hours ago

    when your about to be late for school but you starving

  • TIoLeb
    TIoLeb 15 hours ago

    Alguem br?

  • marsh mallow
    marsh mallow 15 hours ago

    No offense to the big guys but he looked a guy who just found out the first and second meal are free

  • Nabilhakim 090403
    Nabilhakim 090403 15 hours ago

    Take 1: Ohh he failed!
    Take 2: Heyy he did it!
    "Take out the meal for take 3": Gosh hell no!!!!!

  • juju the goat
    juju the goat 15 hours ago +1

    I know he be taking a while in the bathroom 😂

  • James FTW
    James FTW 15 hours ago

    me in front of five starving african children begging for food

  • Natalie Madsen
    Natalie Madsen 15 hours ago

    I have never been so hungry in my life

  • sub to maximilian
    sub to maximilian 15 hours ago +1

    He forgot the fries at the bottom of the bag

  • Armaan Gill
    Armaan Gill 16 hours ago

    Holy your a messy eater

  • Gavin Keys
    Gavin Keys 16 hours ago

    Imagine the day he finds hair in his food

  • lucky light
    lucky light 16 hours ago

    This dude must be hungry 😂

  • Addison Rolf
    Addison Rolf 16 hours ago

    That's so cool 😎

  • Wavez
    Wavez 16 hours ago

    *and i thought i was cool with drinking a bottle of water in 4 seconds..*

  • That One Random Account

    I got diet coke
    He's already healthier than me god dang it

  • str8upcarnge2u
    str8upcarnge2u 16 hours ago +2

    When you get your frist big mac

  • DaWarrior
    DaWarrior 17 hours ago

    When your mom says you can’t eat in the car and you’re walking out of McDonald’s

  • Ellie Isobel xx
    Ellie Isobel xx 17 hours ago +1

    When u see that kid that always tried to take some of ur food at lunch heading ur way

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat 17 hours ago

    I wonder how many times hes accidentally bitten his finger/hand shoving the fries in like that

  • El Salvage
    El Salvage 17 hours ago

    This guy must get so fried before these videos no way niggas Eatin all dis this fast, SOBER MY ASS

  • Bashar Ahmad
    Bashar Ahmad 17 hours ago +1

    He look like a snapping turtle ever time he bite his burger 1:39

  • Groovee TrapGod
    Groovee TrapGod 18 hours ago

    Any watching 2019 and at 7.5 mill

  • Allahnahhughes Hughes
    Allahnahhughes Hughes 18 hours ago

    I could go for some from McDonald’s fries

  • #caffeine #caffeine
    #caffeine #caffeine 18 hours ago

  • Siyon Salian
    Siyon Salian 18 hours ago +1

    When you see food for the first time

  • xd W07FYx
    xd W07FYx 19 hours ago

    Yeah, healthy diet.

  • SuperSmashycat Gaming
    SuperSmashycat Gaming 19 hours ago

    Do you eat pussy like that?

  • Blade PG3D
    Blade PG3D 19 hours ago

    Mom : Matt , you have 5 minutes to eat your super delicious sandwiches and then you have to throw it away.
    Matt :

  • Gtasks
    Gtasks 19 hours ago

    if u eat u will get fat
    Matt:k *Eats 10000 calories and no belly growth*
    God :Am i a joke to u

  • Paco Rosa
    Paco Rosa 19 hours ago

    U are lucky you can eat anything when ever u want

  • RekillzZ
    RekillzZ 19 hours ago

    this is fast food XD

  • Noah Zerihun
    Noah Zerihun 19 hours ago

    Can u eat pussy like that

  • ToManyGamesToPlay GamesPlayAllDay

    mcdonald is fake

  • Glenn Montgomery
    Glenn Montgomery 20 hours ago

    fat shite lmaoo

  • Mert Yetim
    Mert Yetim 20 hours ago

    midesi oç

  • ismail akkaya
    ismail akkaya 20 hours ago

    At miydesi var bunda

  • ismail akkaya
    ismail akkaya 20 hours ago

    Hayvan bu aq

  • ismail akkaya
    ismail akkaya 20 hours ago

    Cok aciktim

  • TuffFuego _
    TuffFuego _ 20 hours ago

    They got rid of super sized because there was a movie called super size me were a guy ate McDonald’s for 30 days strait only eating the size supersize

  • littleTuru xx
    littleTuru xx 21 hour ago

    I'm so hungry

  • YsW Sweaty
    YsW Sweaty 21 hour ago

    I challenge this challenge I'm going to do if I can find a McD's that's sells them still

  • alfmeisters studios
    alfmeisters studios 21 hour ago

    ur first date be like...

  • suraya akther
    suraya akther 21 hour ago

    Guys listen I’ve literally been watching for 1min and I am starting to get hungry 😋

  • Ronneah Lee
    Ronneah Lee 21 hour ago

    How do you eat like that and still so skinny

  • Pastel•coffee
    Pastel•coffee 21 hour ago

    Me when I didn't eat for a minute;