Padma Lakshmi Gracefully Destroys Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jan 19, 2017
  • The wait is over, Hot Ones fans! Sean Evans and the wings of death are back in action for another season, and we're kicking things off with an extra-special guest who is practically synonymous with spice: the one, the only Padma Lakshmi. The Top Chef host, model, and author of The Encyclopedia of Spices and Herbs goes wing-for-wing and dab-for-dab with Sean while discussing everything from her friendship with Shaq, to the most appetizing animal testicles in the game.
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Comments • 5 119

  • Johan J
    Johan J 6 hours ago

    7:22 Sean has pineapple in his ;)

  • Johan J
    Johan J 6 hours ago

    "Can I taste it?
    "Can I jus- stick my finger in it?"
    Her phrasing lol so forward (and sensual), love it

  • Fusion Player
    Fusion Player 8 hours ago

    She just drank the fucking sauce 😂😂

  • Reginald Barclay
    Reginald Barclay 8 hours ago

    All these creepy ass comments only talking about her looks. smh. She is way more than a pretty face, guys.

  • stan giles
    stan giles 16 hours ago

    can I stick my finger in it ? sure , then she chugs from bottle,
    I need to go to hospital

  • Rowdy1
    Rowdy1 Day ago

    She’s a 5 at best

  • Kane Williams
    Kane Williams Day ago

    Potty mouth..

  • Kane Williams
    Kane Williams Day ago

    Shaq perving.

  • mattybeatzkidd
    mattybeatzkidd Day ago

    I never realized how beautiful she is.

  • B V-Freites
    B V-Freites Day ago

    Isn’t she Indian or Pakistani? For them that’s a regular meal. I mean the spiciness.

  • Dee Cohen
    Dee Cohen 2 days ago

    YYAAAASSS U DIDNT BLEEP THE EXPLETIVES! Go Padma! Luv thhis show already n Ive onely seen 1&1/2!🍗🔥

  • Dee Cohen
    Dee Cohen 2 days ago

    PADMAAAA!!!! Luv that lady! Saw her once in NYc @ 50'th & Bway when I worked near there. I didnt approach (respect)- but she seems SO COOL! GET IT PADMA!!! 🍗🔥

  • Matthew Snook
    Matthew Snook 2 days ago

    Love her! How classy and kind.

  • Astrid Dececco
    Astrid Dececco 2 days ago

    Like a boss.

  • •Jo•
    •Jo• 2 days ago

    “I ate 2 Carolina peppers, 2 times!” = Hey look how big my balls are!!!!!

  • Kasper Stenbom
    Kasper Stenbom 2 days ago

    Never seen anything with her before. But she seems like such a lovely woman!

  • Pratap Mishra
    Pratap Mishra 2 days ago

    There's no point of having any guest from Indian subcontinent hereditary to face this challenge.

  • Lena Bayside
    Lena Bayside 2 days ago


  • Lena Bayside
    Lena Bayside 2 days ago


  • Renee Stewart
    Renee Stewart 3 days ago

    I fucking love her so much!!

  • der Karpfenprinz
    der Karpfenprinz 3 days ago


  • der Karpfenprinz
    der Karpfenprinz 3 days ago +1

    4:47, poser whore, tries anything to get her 5 minutes of fame

  • Floyd Maxwell
    Floyd Maxwell 6 days ago

    A lot of guys had a cigarette after this episode

  • Floyd Maxwell
    Floyd Maxwell 6 days ago

    #Suggestion - Do a meta episode where you show different celeb responses to the same level of heat -- Padma's reaction here to a 15,000 skovill is "This is child's play". I imagine others have had a quite different reaction, at this level or even much less.

  • ElGato7000
    ElGato7000 6 days ago

    Was she named after Vader's and Luke's mothers?
    .... I'll just leave, sorry

  • Dward Oval
    Dward Oval 6 days ago +1

    What other women have done this? Seems like its all guys doing the challenge.

  • murfy murf
    murfy murf 7 days ago

    Biggest badass ever

  • mugflub
    mugflub 8 days ago

    She’s fucking awesome and Sean is a perfect interviewer/host. Love this show.

  • Morgan H
    Morgan H 9 days ago

    Never heard of her but damn she's hardcore... which only makes her hotter 😂

  • Adam Birch
    Adam Birch 9 days ago

    That moment when she just takes a swig of the Hot Ones sauce.

  • zac oaker
    zac oaker 12 days ago

    Do joe rogan

  • Kelly Pagano
    Kelly Pagano 14 days ago

    What a champ. Good episode

  • TheRealYoshihito
    TheRealYoshihito 16 days ago

    She's had Bull penis. So Michael Jordan?

  • Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
    Daniel Nunya Bidnezz 16 days ago

    Jacksepticeye & Bill Nye.

  • TheSeveredTongues
    TheSeveredTongues 16 days ago

    As a fellow Indian I would love for her to taste my curry..

  • theponyisday
    theponyisday 17 days ago

    I think I just fell in love ......

  • Nix Caffery
    Nix Caffery 17 days ago

    Lingham sauce is from Malaysia and not Singapore

  • The Watermelon Factory
    The Watermelon Factory 18 days ago +1

    they should feature Gordon ramsey on this. he'll be critiquing the quality of the wings the whole time XD.

  • Chris kyriacou
    Chris kyriacou 19 days ago

    How's everybody love your show you're always in Brooklyn doing pizzerias how about you do a diner the Bridgeview Diner talk to Chris that's me I'm the general manager there and again a big fan I would love to have you over here doing a segment of a diner we've been here for 39 years and I think our menu is big enough to have a show about thank you very much

  • Dick Burns
    Dick Burns 21 day ago

    It’s a shame she wasn’t so nice on Good Mythical Morning.

  • Cy Cg
    Cy Cg 21 day ago

    Lingham's Chilli sauce is a 100% MALAYSIAN brand, not Singapore....😒😒😒

    CARTOONIVERSE1 21 day ago

    MMMMMMMM.......Padma. That IS some Hot Sauce!

  • DHFHades
    DHFHades 23 days ago

    pineapple is amazing with peppers. I make jerky with pineapple, teriyaki, and habenero...shit's GOOD

  • Ivy Maisonet
    Ivy Maisonet 24 days ago

    What a fuckin champ! I love her!!

  • TooBTABrandon
    TooBTABrandon 24 days ago

    RIP Q Worldstar Died 4 days after this vid was posted

  • Jeff Rhine
    Jeff Rhine 25 days ago

    Great show.

  • Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea

    I'm sorry, but is she fucking human?! She is a bloody goddess! 15:29 😎

  • D BST
    D BST 26 days ago

    She’s great, I did not know who she was. I would love to see her eating the hottest sauces you have now. BRING HER BACK. ^_^

  • Joshua Hymel
    Joshua Hymel 26 days ago

    You're a tour de force Padma, and your mouth is apparently bullet-proof. Appearing on X-Men soon?

  • Saushik Saha
    Saushik Saha 27 days ago +1

    dude.. people from Indian Subcontinent have hot foods for lunch :D

  • Hoganply
    Hoganply Month ago

    'Hot Ones' not just referring the sauces in _this_ episode. Amiright. ;)
    No, but in all seriousness, when I learned Padma was a model, I was like 'There's no greater mine-able resource in the universe'; her beauty, class, sensuality. You just want lose yourself in her prettiness.
    I'm rambling. Time to shut up. lol

  • Cinnamon
    Cinnamon Month ago +1

    HAHAHAHA 14:09 I laughed so hard when I clicks the men and writes down her recommendation, he's so serious!!

  • Kevin Matthews
    Kevin Matthews Month ago

    Classy, gorgeous, elegant, , wow. I have never heard of this woman, but I am impressed by her.

  • That Guy
    That Guy Month ago

    Did her cheekbones become more interesting as things went on. Now a hero. The host is ok. 😆

  • voidremoved
    voidremoved Month ago

    hey. I don't like this bitch. she fake af and creepy. also, she is unattractive in every way. probably her cooking is mediocre, too.

  • givemedepussie pliss

    How is she forty seven?!

  • Daniel F
    Daniel F Month ago

    It's a show with hot questions, and even hotter guests.

  • MrYogibtp
    MrYogibtp Month ago

    Such a sweetheart

  • Amelia Rullo
    Amelia Rullo Month ago

    She is perfect.

  • Glitch Xero
    Glitch Xero Month ago

    You'd think it was the people watching the videos who ate the wings with how thirsty these comments are. 😂😂

  • kristin martin
    kristin martin Month ago

    chill ass bitch. gotta love her

  • Waiting For A Century

    Never heard of this lady, but wow. She has it all.

  • lucysth
    lucysth Month ago

    That was badass, Padma!

  • Aidan Malagamba
    Aidan Malagamba Month ago

    damn this was published 4 days before Q worldstar died... rip

  • RD400D78
    RD400D78 Month ago

    I had the blueberry one. It wasnt hot at all.

  • Stephen Miller
    Stephen Miller Month ago

    why cant we get the recipe for cranberry draino? lol

  • Chris R
    Chris R Month ago

    Gotta love a denim outfit that's on point

  • shan kares
    shan kares Month ago

    Lingham’s is originally from Penang, Malaysia not Singapore

  • McBuffenFitness
    McBuffenFitness Month ago

    She's a beauty and a sophisticated one, rawr! =D

  • McKayla Dill
    McKayla Dill Month ago

    Here I am. Sitting in sweats, laptop open, eating in bed...

  • Neil Dees
    Neil Dees Month ago

    If only the news media were as thorough with their research as Sean is.

  • Romain Lahyani
    Romain Lahyani Month ago +1

    Love it when Padma says Fuck

  • Kenny Donnison
    Kenny Donnison Month ago

    Bloody hell this video could have been 5 minutes long .so much conversation and not enough eating of the spicy chicken .i was getting bored 4 minutes in

  • Michael Wiemers
    Michael Wiemers Month ago

    love Charleston, i go as much as possible, had my bachelor party there and i live 2 hrs from Atlanta haha

  • Edward. C .Munsk
    Edward. C .Munsk Month ago

    Her family is known on hundreds of worlds.

  • The Thundercool
    The Thundercool Month ago

    16:45 Wait a m... The audiobook is narrated by her?.
    And by the way 16:48 " can just have me in your ear when you're doing... your dishes or whatever"

  • ray wite
    ray wite Month ago

    My gosh she is hot!

  • Kat Howard
    Kat Howard Month ago

    3:02 "a restaurateur, and not an actual chef, in the nappa finale, had bad manners" For her to be saying that and be as rude as she actually is, especially on other people's shows- that man had to be quite rude.

  • Bus 62
    Bus 62 Month ago

    When she stares directly at the camera she looks like an Indian version of my mother. I think it's the eyes/eyebrows.

    SAUCE_DONKEY Month ago

    so late to the party but did anyone else notice who did Sound on this episode? Spraynard Kruger? TIM AND ERIC FUCKING REFERENCE WHY DONT I HAVE ANY FRIENDS

  • Andy Saenz
    Andy Saenz Month ago

    Damn, she handled this whole challenge better than most men I've seen on this show! I love her. 😍

  • Andy Saenz
    Andy Saenz Month ago

    WOW, I'm amazed that 2 linguists created a language just for her! Nobody else in the world speaks it!

  • Andy Saenz
    Andy Saenz Month ago

    8:27 HOT MAMA!! She's hotter than those wings! 😍😘

  • hala ilos
    hala ilos Month ago

    what an absolute boss

  • Theo nærland
    Theo nærland Month ago

    Please get Gordan Ramsey on here.

  • TheSillyPepper
    TheSillyPepper Month ago

    Its the dumbest thing you can do, eats 2... lol too badass.

  • Anadi Ji
    Anadi Ji Month ago


  • DesertScorpionKSA
    DesertScorpionKSA Month ago

    She's a pro.

  • v5red
    v5red Month ago

    Sean's comments about marketers pretending their sauces are much hotter than they really are is pretty funny considering he now claims Last Dab is over 2,000,000 SHU which is obviously not true.

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon1130 Month ago

    My God I'm in love😍😍

  • narphins
    narphins Month ago

    What a badass.

  • 11 ShyGuyAZ 11
    11 ShyGuyAZ 11 Month ago

    love her name, jai laxmi

  • tom dijksman
    tom dijksman Month ago

    peace be with you

    CARSON MELDRUM Month ago

    q died 5 days after the video was posted...damn

  • Aayush Sharma
    Aayush Sharma Month ago +1

    My favourite part...when she sipped the sauce from the bottle

  • santosh thapa
    santosh thapa Month ago

    dont try the indians and south east asians. she didnt even drop a shot LOL meanwhile all the other be crying like a lil school girl getting bullied.

  • Wade Powell
    Wade Powell Month ago

    Woah they talk about her friendship with Q from Worldstar. He died like less than a week after this video was posted.

  • NorCaLove1
    NorCaLove1 Month ago

    she is soooooooo fucking amazing inside and out.

  • Howzer The man
    Howzer The man Month ago

    Damn she’s stunning.