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Avenues And Alleyways By Johnny Lee Miller.

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  • Sophia Denise
    Sophia Denise 10 days ago


  • Drew Hickford
    Drew Hickford 4 months ago

    He sings this better than Tony Christie, just watched love honour and obey superb movie

  • Circe1
    Circe1 8 months ago

    if you only knew

  • Susan Elias
    Susan Elias 10 months ago +2

    he may have dual citizenship but he will always be English

  • BigShaq Mr Asznee
    BigShaq Mr Asznee 10 months ago +1

    I watched love honor and obey and they sang this in the pub with the red in the background and he played well as john

  • tripos1
    tripos1 10 months ago

    Not a bad cover.

  • BabyFaceBren
    BabyFaceBren Year ago

    Get the "h" out of here!

  • Aisha Moohan
    Aisha Moohan Year ago +5

    I've just watched this film.. it was funny as f***, music was old but enjoyed it...

    • Daz Burnside
      Daz Burnside 5 months ago

      Aisha Moohanits a fantastic comedy gangster film

  • Arckitekt
    Arckitekt Year ago

    Sick Boy

  • Stanza Tseng
    Stanza Tseng 2 years ago +4

    i just watched this film!

  • MissJulie2009
    MissJulie2009 2 years ago +3

    Be sure to follow this amazing man (a new American now) each week on CBS as the one and only Sherlock Holmes in Elementary. Brilliant actor.

    • MissJulie2009
      MissJulie2009 2 years ago +4

      +Ross Gowland Nope, legalities aside, Jonny is 100 percent our own.

    • Ross Gowland
      Ross Gowland 2 years ago +1

      +MissJulie2009 Yes, he's fabulous in that. And he has dual citizenship, so we can share him.

  • Dave Stewart
    Dave Stewart 3 years ago +3

    Good version my friend

  • EthalaRide
    EthalaRide 3 years ago

    Gosh, he's such a treasure!

  • dorothy dinsdale
    dorothy dinsdale 3 years ago +3

    I don't think there is anything that Jonny can't do

  • MissJulie2009
    MissJulie2009 3 years ago +5

    This talented actor was certainly a beautiful young man. Today he is even more handsome as a mature and kind hearted man as well. Fans should support his efforts to raise funds to find a cure for Sanfillipo Syndrome.

  • Elliotkince
    Elliotkince 4 years ago

    That may be Tony Christie, the man who wrote and first sang the song.

  • Sophie Hornby
    Sophie Hornby 4 years ago

    btw there is no h in jonny

  • Sophie Hornby
    Sophie Hornby 4 years ago

    He is perfection.

    • BabyFaceBren
      BabyFaceBren 11 months ago

      Even though I say it myself, I thought my "get the h out of here!" was quite clever, but I don't think anyone got it. In any event, the "h" is still there. It would be easy to change too, just edit the title. It's no biggie, I don't know why I am even bothering, I'm just a pedant I guess, but seeing as his name isn't in the actual video, it seems it'd be an easy fix and there'd be no more evidence that that this fan of Jonny Lee doesn't know the correct spelling of his name. I gave it a like though. Nice images!

  • Wendy Roy
    Wendy Roy 4 years ago

    He is beautiful like my son John Bullivant but sadly no sound today...something wrong with my computer.xx

  • Wendy Roy
    Wendy Roy 4 years ago

    He reminds me of my lovely son, John. My son John was born a year before dear JLM and this song was in the charts by a different singer in those days.

  • Wendy Roy
    Wendy Roy 4 years ago

    Beautiful version of this song from the 70's. Dear JLM...bless his heart.

  • Wendy Roy
    Wendy Roy 5 years ago

    Oops... Craig Armstrong, not Armonstrong..silly typo I made and unable to Edit that comment.

  • Wendy Roy
    Wendy Roy 5 years ago

    Love this song sung by dear JLM. The first movie I saw him in was "Plunkett & Macleane". He was super!! And Craig Armonstrong's music to the movie is awesome.

  • emmabc994
    emmabc994 5 years ago

    JLM ♥

  • Frances Aiasecca
    Frances Aiasecca 5 years ago


  • wolfpack4lifex8
    wolfpack4lifex8 5 years ago


  • Gary Towning
    Gary Towning 5 years ago

    this movies kicks ass and the song crowns it

  • Wendy Roy
    Wendy Roy 5 years ago

    Love Jonny Lee Miller. He looks a lot like my son John. JLM is a great actor, and a great singer too! Such a comforting version of this song. This song was out when my son was a baby, and JLM was a baby in 1973 too!

  • flipyou4real
    flipyou4real 6 years ago

    @flipyou4real Soundtrack is here w w w . m e d i a f i r e . c o m / ? e v l m 1 r v v v m 6 m d q 9 remove all spaces :)

  • flipyou4real
    flipyou4real 6 years ago

    Soundtrack is here available on mediafire

  • Wendy Roy
    Wendy Roy 6 years ago


  • pubujams
    pubujams 6 years ago

    Scarlettblue thanks.