Showing My Desk to Adam Savage

  • Published on Feb 4, 2017
    Stirling engine from the wonderful
    Hanayama puzzles:
    Ballerby & Co. Globes
    endangered elements:
    reddit thread on blinking:
    Music by
    FEATURING the eye of Eric Langlay
    Eric Langlay also created this video’s kinetic air molecule animations
    Thanks also to Jake Roper for not being a quitter &
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    KUNAIUCHICHA 16 hours ago

    Big money

  • Willimations / VideoGames

    What's that big skull shaped thing in the middle of the desk. I feel like it was a real skull and Adam just didnt wanna bring it up or *there would be two skulls*

  • Bart B
    Bart B 2 days ago


  • David Ross
    David Ross 2 days ago

    Anybody notice that when he misspelled saliva it said salvia?😂

  • Kazuhiko Edge-Salois

    Been wondering. I've heard the theory of the big crunch. If it is indeed true, then the universe would probably collapse back into its original form before the big bang. Then likely expand again in a second big bang, "recreating" the universe. So could we be in like, the 1000th universe, created by the 1000th big bang?

  • de7io
    de7io 4 days ago

    7:36 soo, do you give a blowjob or does the dick blow you?

  • Night Hunter
    Night Hunter 4 days ago

    Rip mifmudter

  • Justin The Kid
    Justin The Kid 6 days ago

    "scientifically nothing sucks"
    -Michael Stevens 2017

    THEE HIPPY 6 days ago

    So is that engine considered perpetual motion?

  • Sherrif
    Sherrif 7 days ago

    Adam Savage is a treasure

  • Speed 3D Prints
    Speed 3D Prints 9 days ago

    Beginning of video: Let's play tag. (Slaps RFID tag onto camera lens) RFID tags are special tags that let you scan where they are. (10 minutes of science) And as always, thanks for watching.

  • Speed 3D Prints
    Speed 3D Prints 9 days ago

    Are those Pilot Frixion pens?

  • EpicMarioFan101
    EpicMarioFan101 10 days ago


  • mare g
    mare g 11 days ago

    HEHE - Salvia... sorry, but that's funny. :D

  • Captain Fancypants
    Captain Fancypants 12 days ago

    11.16: A tungsten cube.
    Adam: WOW!
    *puts down ball with extreme speed
    Ball: 😥

  • eray Smallehals
    eray Smallehals 12 days ago

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  • Ethan Bartiromo
    Ethan Bartiromo 13 days ago

    Damn Michael is married!!!

  • HAWfilms
    HAWfilms 13 days ago

    0:00 - 0:07 it’s like I watched a meme

  • therealdragonboy2923 tube

    Vsause micle here. Danses

  • Shawn T-roll
    Shawn T-roll 14 days ago

    My inner nerd takes pride in watching this.

  • dragade101
    dragade101 15 days ago

    wormholes suck

  • cicalinarrot
    cicalinarrot 16 days ago +1

    My mouse pointer covereed "es" in the title but the thumbnail still made perfectly sense.

  • Barry Macokiner
    Barry Macokiner 16 days ago

    2:07 If you don’t follow me how mike follows Adam, you’re not for me....

  • Aaron
    Aaron 17 days ago +2

    when your editor doesn’t follow your instagram

  • sebastian grut
    sebastian grut 18 days ago

    18:14 absolute fucking legend

  • Bill Barth
    Bill Barth 19 days ago

    Which Stirling engine is that? Can you link to a place to buy it?

  • Justin C
    Justin C 19 days ago +1

    14:30 The density rod holder looks like it is made of oak. Red oak has an acid that accelerates oxidation. When stacking boards, if a millwright were to stack one oak board across a layer of maple, the maple would get a dark stain from the oak oxidising the wood. In the wood industry, this is known as sticker shadow.

  • billyunn
    billyunn 19 days ago

    You went too far in the end!

  • Ronald Jackson
    Ronald Jackson 22 days ago

    >show Adam the indium and sterling engine
    >explaining boring shit
    >see Adam staring at the stuff on my desk
    > don't think much of it since it's what I was showing
    >Adam senpai reaches out for something on my desk
    >He begins to rapidly take everything from my desk
    >some shit drops on the floor
    >"what the fuck are you doing Adam?!?!???!!!!"
    >Adam runs to the exit and escapes
    > mfw he just cleaned my desk

  • Janeill Smit
    Janeill Smit 23 days ago

    I am literally looking for a guy named spit down in the comment section...

  • Space Monkey
    Space Monkey 24 days ago

    What a couple of adorable nerds 😄
    also lolol salvia is completely different than saliva.

  • Lieven Petersen
    Lieven Petersen 25 days ago

    So does the probability increase when Asia/Africa are sleeping?

  • HesH Gaming
    HesH Gaming 26 days ago

    Hey vsauce Michael here 🤣 aka idubbz dad

  • Roma Channel
    Roma Channel 26 days ago

    Fact busters

  • gen_snow
    gen_snow 27 days ago

    20:14 scp 173 shows up

  • Michael A.K.A ya boi
    Michael A.K.A ya boi 27 days ago

    *H E Y V S A U S E M I C H A E L H E R E*

  • Bönzeaux Bleügreen
    Bönzeaux Bleügreen 28 days ago

    13:00 “If I didn’t get it right on camera, I’d look like a fool.” Don’t worry Michael, that’s not what makes you look like a fool.

  • Hippo Pilot
    Hippo Pilot 29 days ago

    I think Michael was inside the eye

  • Best of Najim
    Best of Najim 29 days ago

  • savangiinduuri
    savangiinduuri Month ago

    Adam is turned on, look at his nipples xD

  • Colin Marsolek
    Colin Marsolek Month ago

    What’s up with the weird Adkins starting at 2:07

  • Lunar Boy
    Lunar Boy Month ago

    1:15 SIKE!

  • Haxwell Eddison
    Haxwell Eddison Month ago

    That's a lotta fuckin salvia dude lol

  • Mr Ewen
    Mr Ewen Month ago


  • Hot and Spicy
    Hot and Spicy Month ago

    6:15 “ *POOP* “

  • Yoo Hooo
    Yoo Hooo Month ago

    What's the deal with the black clothing and these awful beards?

  • NYXia
    NYXia Month ago

    Ohhh I love watching Adam nerd out

  • moses604
    moses604 Month ago

    The oil from your hands are what protects the metals from building a patina. The part in the wood has most likely been handled by human hands the least and therefore builds more of a patina.

  • the proud penguin
    the proud penguin Month ago

    The whole conversation summed up: mmmhhh i see you are an intellectual as well.

  • SoirEkim
    SoirEkim Month ago

    Awesome! I have the second puzzle. I solved it with one hand. Maybe I'll post a video showing the solution... 😊 comment if you want to see this...

  • ThunderQuack
    ThunderQuack Month ago

    The human pupil expands up to 75% when looking at something you love
    Watches the intro

  • Half Man Half Cat
    Half Man Half Cat Month ago

    literally stopped the video every minute to go check out all the toys myself, should be sleeping, thanks

  • Joseph Divar
    Joseph Divar Month ago

    Bellerby.... thanks for that now, like I need another expensive grail item! LOL

  • littlesnowflakepunk
    littlesnowflakepunk Month ago +4

    Man, I wish I could produce 170ml of Salvia in three hours

  • Kilian Stallinger
    Kilian Stallinger Month ago

    Wow, that globe is like 6000 Pounds D:

  • Lily Brine
    Lily Brine Month ago

    Oh I hate the intro

  • Ramzy rmznyvz
    Ramzy rmznyvz Month ago

    You should make it possible to buy the curiosity box on a one-time basis.
    For example:
    I'm not going to sign a contract to pay 70$ on a quarterly basis if i don't know if the content is satisfactory at all.
    If i could buy a single box as a trial for a reasonable price and like the content, i might take the annual plan.
    A tungsten cube of 3.8cm size is about 400€... I want your job.

  • Carlos Santos Roque

    I've learned so much in this video...

  • Naytron 9000
    Naytron 9000 Month ago

    1:09 *thanks for telling me it was blurry. i thought i needed glasses too* 😂😂😂

  • anarchy deluxe
    anarchy deluxe Month ago

    Boy am I glad that the human body doesn't make that much salvia every day

  • Din Arifi
    Din Arifi Month ago


  • DrewAJV
    DrewAJV Month ago +1

    Damn I wish I could produce salvia every 3 hours 😂

  • OneBlood's Videoları

    Who is hungry 8:24

  • hannah
    hannah Month ago


  • Marcel HairyBall
    Marcel HairyBall Month ago


  • Tonsil Stones
    Tonsil Stones Month ago +1

    World would be very interesting if we were all producing salvia at that rate.

  • ResidentEvil302cuba rican215

    Organizely disorganized

  • Sharkfinsoup
    Sharkfinsoup Month ago

    Why get hella turnt when you can get hella learnt

  • Instxnce
    Instxnce Month ago

    i better not have that much salvia in my body, i'd rather die

  • Code Orange Films
    Code Orange Films Month ago +1

    The blinking thing might have happened in the past though because at one point there were very few humans alive.

  • TheXGuy
    TheXGuy Month ago

    Use the hand motion heat thing to cool a computer and when it over heats it turns on and cools it back down. :O I'm a genius, I know. xD

  • vrm
    vrm Month ago

    And they thought infinity war was the most ambitious crossover ever...

  • Edward Chan
    Edward Chan Month ago

    This Video (reduce-air-pressure-inside-your-mouth)!!!

    Just kidding, Adam and Vsauce are cool as ever. Also, about the blinking problem: just blink one eye at once!

  • Jacob Leslie
    Jacob Leslie Month ago

    You cold Adam?

  • lola turtle
    lola turtle Month ago

    Nerds aharhar

  • Bukk A
    Bukk A Month ago

    Who and how the hell kept their eye open for that entire intro

  • Dylan Deleon
    Dylan Deleon 2 months ago

    Those pens are pretty normal in my country there called friction pens

  • Greta finz
    Greta finz 2 months ago

    Best wedding gift ever!
    - MapGirlGreta

  • Life Theorist
    Life Theorist 2 months ago

    Micheal, I'm literally just like you. EVERYTHING is too cool to throw out but looks so messy. Even though I get my work done and and can find everything.

  • StefanFl
    StefanFl 2 months ago

    i wanna hug a globe too

  • aria t
    aria t 2 months ago

    Thinks his desk is messy. What a noob

  • David Brovall
    David Brovall 2 months ago

    fun fact: tungsten directly translates to heavy stone in swedish

  • v0d3r
    v0d3r 2 months ago

    16:56 175 ml of liquid salvia?! intense.

  • Bradley8936
    Bradley8936 2 months ago

    13:25 oh that’s how they do that art stuff with the lighter on instagram

  • Tenar Flynn
    Tenar Flynn 2 months ago

    What an intimate intro.

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap 2 months ago

    I'd love to have that much salvia on a daily basis.

  • MRCRACKER cracker
    MRCRACKER cracker 2 months ago

    I wish the6 brought back Myth busters but there is not something they haven't done well except for fireing at anuke with a 50 cal bullet at the violociti of a jet airplane

  • Cheese Cake
    Cheese Cake 2 months ago +3

    Showing my D.O.N.G to Adam Savage.

  • Esteban Bolduc
    Esteban Bolduc 2 months ago

    Scientifically , NOTHING SUCKS

  • Matthebonn vonbon
    Matthebonn vonbon 2 months ago

    (poop) heat( )

  • MTgamer
    MTgamer 2 months ago

    I don’t think it will be possible for everyone to blink at the same time because there would be people sleeping somewhere in the world

  • Hermes
    Hermes 2 months ago +1

    This is like a kid showing another kid his room, “hey look at my charmander” “sick bro”

  • Dare Run
    Dare Run 2 months ago +1

    Man, Adam's nipples...

  • LILProductions
    LILProductions 2 months ago

    ᵐᵃʸᵇᵉ ᵍᶦᵛᵉ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵒⁿᵉ ᵃʷᵃʸ?...
    S I K E

  • Addicted 2This
    Addicted 2This 2 months ago

    If everyone in the world blinked for a second would the universe not exist because there is nothing there to witness it

  • Extra crispy Colonel
    Extra crispy Colonel 2 months ago

    Scooby got waves

  • Brendan Juchnik
    Brendan Juchnik 2 months ago


  • εαglε
    εαglε 2 months ago

    This is beyond science

  • Ian Lundquist
    Ian Lundquist 2 months ago

    Love me some Hanayama.

  • Evo Life Sword
    Evo Life Sword 2 months ago

    Is it just me, or is the desk full of notes getting progressively more blurry?