Showing My Desk to Adam Savage

  • Published on Feb 4, 2017
    Stirling engine from the wonderful
    Hanayama puzzles:
    Ballerby & Co. Globes
    endangered elements:
    reddit thread on blinking:
    Music by
    FEATURING the eye of Eric Langlay
    Eric Langlay also created this video’s kinetic air molecule animations
    Thanks also to Jake Roper for not being a quitter &
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  • Todd Bloomer
    Todd Bloomer 5 hours ago

    "Scientifically, nothing sucks." ~Michael
    This had me dying laughing lol 😂😂😂

  • Noah Isn't Cool
    Noah Isn't Cool 12 hours ago

    i came to the show and it was just amazing to be in a room with two absolute geniuses and my idols....yet the entire time micheal just wanted to suck all the air out of the room

  • aaron versionwo
    aaron versionwo Day ago

    Hearing Adam squee over a cube of Tungsten was adorable.

  • Nathan W gamertag
    Nathan W gamertag 2 days ago

    theoretically can this be used as a Perpetual motion marchine? 5:47

  • Jordan Lahy
    Jordan Lahy 2 days ago

    Finger tone > bicep tone

    RAINBOWS and FRICKS 2 days ago


  • NightCrusher76
    NightCrusher76 3 days ago


  • Acilues Mapper
    Acilues Mapper 3 days ago

    kingdom of salvia

    wtf is wrong with me?

  • girlovesyoutube
    girlovesyoutube 3 days ago

    I’ve been wondering how you find all these cool science stuff

  • Nico
    Nico 4 days ago

    Omgg that intro i love it XDD

  • Len Kagamine
    Len Kagamine 5 days ago

    Is Adam a little cold

  • Justin Drentlaw
    Justin Drentlaw 6 days ago

    0:59 dildos. it's all dildos.
    on a more serious note, of course i'm joking around. i would have loved to see brain candy live. maybe one day... keep it up michael and adam.

  • William Martínez
    William Martínez 7 days ago

    Holy shit there's two of them

  • Preslava Vassileva
    Preslava Vassileva 7 days ago

    "make sure the haters know, scientifically, nothing sucks"

    FUZZZBUZZZ GMD 7 days ago

    That egg trick is pretty cool.
    But what *are* eggs?
    **weird music plays**

  • A K
    A K 8 days ago

    Wtf the first part scared me and it was simultaneously hilarious

  • A Mendoza
    A Mendoza 9 days ago

    I've never seen two grown men so excited about random objects of science.

  • Siyi Zhou
    Siyi Zhou 9 days ago

    I want to buy the desk

  • Zeo1229
    Zeo1229 9 days ago

    6:15 💩

  • Guillaume Comeau
    Guillaume Comeau 10 days ago

    wait is that one of the people from myth busters

  • CrashJay
    CrashJay 11 days ago

    0:06 Killer Queen is already in your eye! Bites The Dust!

  • Prince Nephron
    Prince Nephron 11 days ago

    Not gonna lie: From the thumbnail for this video, I read the title as "Showing My DICK to Adam Savage"

    SAPIEN 卐卐 FAGGOT 12 days ago

    I'm just distracted by his hard nipples.

  • MIKO
    MIKO 13 days ago

    so cool

  • Misericordia
    Misericordia 13 days ago

    When nerd meets another nerd, the conversation just flow effortlessly.

  • IrRegular
    IrRegular 14 days ago

    Man about to fucking cry over a glorified beach ball~

    Me? No I’m just.... *sniff* ..... chopping onions

  • Philip Jonas
    Philip Jonas 15 days ago

    michal seems like a nice person

  • Amber O'Neil
    Amber O'Neil 15 days ago

    hey Adam is from the show Mythbusters

  • Zazy_Bin
    Zazy_Bin 15 days ago


  • KrisRaps
    KrisRaps 15 days ago

    Michael is si selled out that we, from other country's cant watch him anymore just by default. sad, i liked his video sa lot.

  • Zipei Zheng
    Zipei Zheng 15 days ago

    “When we finished Mythbusters......”
    I wanna cry

  • Zipei Zheng
    Zipei Zheng 15 days ago

    I never realized how tall Adam is

  • Pyro27
    Pyro27 15 days ago

    nice eye bro.

  • Frank Zaffuto
    Frank Zaffuto 16 days ago

    "scientifically, nothing sucks" yeah, and there's no such thing as "cold"

  • Ronan Lucchesi
    Ronan Lucchesi 16 days ago +2

    I'm assuming it was your wife that was looking into the camera at the beginning and end, but whoever it was they have cool colored eyes

  • AnteConfig
    AnteConfig 17 days ago

    We are always watching!

  • Sigma Reaver
    Sigma Reaver 17 days ago

    Ugh. I read this title as something else entirely for a second.

  • viichooXD YT
    viichooXD YT 18 days ago

    how to basic?????

  • Stan .Rarick
    Stan .Rarick 18 days ago

    Not blurred, pixelated. I thought that you guys were the technical gurus.......

  • Ack
    Ack 18 days ago

    I like em flat, I like em room temperature

    DMSSS 18 days ago

    What's that puzzle thing on 10:05 ?

  • Joakim Lundberg
    Joakim Lundberg 18 days ago

    i tried erasing the text from the paper with a lighter too, but it caught on fire and i got kicked from school, lost my home and i will never get a job :(

  • the kahjiit boy
    the kahjiit boy 19 days ago

    use the wheel to make a car powered by the heat of my ass

  • noise vector :: dj tremor :: dusp2k

    7:20 It's the same as people saying cold is coming in when a door is open. It actually is warmth escaping.

  • Video joker Emmie
    Video joker Emmie 20 days ago

    I love Adam on tv but he’s a full libtard on Twitter I can barely stand it sometimes

  • Andrew Ivey
    Andrew Ivey 21 day ago

    That is the COOLEST DESK EVER!
    It's like some diabolical trap for people who like fiddling with stuff.

  • beardymonger
    beardymonger 21 day ago

    Apoiler alert needed for the puzzle solved around @10:28, please!

  • Jayme Dumouchel
    Jayme Dumouchel 21 day ago


  • DJ Mitchell Muller VEVO

    Hi Vsauce . i have a question Do you weight less on a airplane than on the ground

  • Jezec Robertson
    Jezec Robertson 22 days ago

    8:34 NUT

  • Sek RF
    Sek RF 22 days ago

    14:54 CALCITE?

  • Memosh
    Memosh 22 days ago

    pew-pilla XD

  • John Gornall
    John Gornall 22 days ago

    I’m a little late to the party but is nobody going to comment on HOW LONG THE PERSON IN THE INTRO KEPT THEIR EYES OPEN! I tried to keep up but it made me cry :(

  • Destrudo Alexandros
    Destrudo Alexandros 23 days ago

    U are cold

  • Wolf Tree
    Wolf Tree 23 days ago

    When are you guys going to come to australia?

  • TheTrueMonado
    TheTrueMonado 23 days ago


    no offence new guys, but adam, jamie, karie, grant and buster the human one are just better imo

  • Yoann Even
    Yoann Even 24 days ago

    The pens shown around 13:00 are quite common in my country and I have a fun story related to them: I'm a chemistry student and one time, while in the lab we had to do some experiment and write a whole 4 pages or so long report about it during the experiment, a friend of mine, who only uses this kind of pen, wrote his report and then put it right next to the heater before leaving class (the professor the proceeds to pick them up later on) but because of the heat the whole report actually erased itself and nobody was graded this day because my friend couldn't be graded (his tandem, another friend of mine, almost attempted murder on him because of this).

  • Magalí I. B.
    Magalí I. B. 24 days ago

    16:42 that's adorable

  • Pejman
    Pejman 24 days ago

    I wish I could imagine objects in my head. there is a book called "Einstein factor" that has a method for practicing it, Micheal . try it

  • One Clip
    One Clip 24 days ago

    Big Money Salvia coffee mug merch

  • NoGufff
    NoGufff 24 days ago

    Imagine if everyone's blinking was audible ...

  • Shrigga _
    Shrigga _ 25 days ago

    Adam Savage is the irl blacksmith from every post apocalyptic video game lol

  • Omar Padron
    Omar Padron 27 days ago

    We can all tell Michael doesn't like to share

  • Żołądlikowe Felicybracje

    adam savage is a phaggot

  • Kevin L
    Kevin L 27 days ago

    Hey vsause Michael here

  • Andrea
    Andrea 28 days ago

    oh my gosh this video is so wholesome

  • Sondre Mikkelsen
    Sondre Mikkelsen 28 days ago

    these two people meeting up made me happy

  • Reivaxtomb Smash
    Reivaxtomb Smash 28 days ago

    10:40 Bro I had those in elementary school except they were cubes rather than spheres

  • prazol schleiden
    prazol schleiden 28 days ago

    He be trippin on salvia divinorum

  • Kronophonix
    Kronophonix 28 days ago

    12:59 You don't want to incorrectly identify copper and look like a fool, but hey kids lets use a flame to erase the ink on this paper.

  • Joshua Baker
    Joshua Baker 28 days ago

    Why can't I get any uncensored hentai!? :(

  • TopHat Turtle
    TopHat Turtle 29 days ago

    now I'm always going to be paranoid that everyone blinked at the same time and be asking people like a weirdo. thanks, Michael.

  • えるさElsanne
    えるさElsanne 29 days ago +2

    6:31 Wait... It's not because of the fire using up the oxygen?
    My life is a lie!!!!! D:

  • Jcknight7996
    Jcknight7996 29 days ago

    I love watching this its like kids at a candy store.

  • CoolCoat
    CoolCoat 29 days ago

    Misread the title as showing my dick to Adam savage. Disappointed, 2/10

  • Legendary Sock
    Legendary Sock Month ago

    6:15 poop

  • Orkaherra
    Orkaherra Month ago

    Keep it big money

  • Sophiya
    Sophiya Month ago

    Hey when will brain candy will be out there in INDIA....

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts Month ago

    That's the dream

  • Esme Osgood
    Esme Osgood Month ago

    At 9:25 Adam became an honorary Aussie! Yeah, no!

  • Yvng CheeseSteak
    Yvng CheeseSteak Month ago


  • Creative Rocket Studios

    *Top Ten Crossovers In The Anime*

  • Scar Face
    Scar Face Month ago

    I am italian I would love to see this show :(

  • Larry Rudedude
    Larry Rudedude Month ago

    Mythbusters was a great show.

  • Devin Stoffers
    Devin Stoffers Month ago

    Salvia lol

  • Fons the Magnificient

    It's like watching two real life Dr. Sheldon Coopers excite each other!
    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  • Jonathan Shi
    Jonathan Shi Month ago

    OH HOLY F-

  • Ciul -Chan
    Ciul -Chan Month ago

    16:45 nope, u just tought about Big Money Salvia

  • psysonichedgehog
    psysonichedgehog Month ago

    Its a very sneaky move by the plant itself to subvert and alter your spelling, so as it make itself known. Salvia works in strange ways indeed.

  • Mahelania RektBB
    Mahelania RektBB Month ago

    I have that Hanayama puzzle

  • Bruiserdemon
    Bruiserdemon Month ago


  • Nacho Pals
    Nacho Pals Month ago +10

    8:52 all I can concentrate is Adam's erect nipples... He must be excited?

  • Brady The Gamer
    Brady The Gamer Month ago

    Oh I um... yeah you can go get it

  • TheMoblieGamer
    TheMoblieGamer Month ago

    I want to buy those little 'toys'

  • Pete Brown
    Pete Brown Month ago

    Those huge metal cubes (Tungsten, etc.) are super expensive, like $400.

  • Shadow Lord
    Shadow Lord Month ago

    He's the guy from ummmmmm that show that my school shows
    Edit: Myth Busters uwu

  • RookyTV
    RookyTV Month ago

    how strong can this engine be?

  • Noble Carpenter
    Noble Carpenter Month ago

    Yeah so basically this is my desk, hey wouldn't it be cool if everyone on the earth blinked at the same time.
    I swear this is why I love vsause

  • Mark Seveland
    Mark Seveland Month ago

    Loved the video, thanks for sharing. $2,000 globe? I suspect inflation isn't what they say it is.

  • Derek Smith
    Derek Smith Month ago

    Adam Savage sed something about how he sea it in his head before he builds it and till he can see it he cant build it adn it get better with practice but id lick to ask him is it hard fro him to describe how to build it or what he trying to build to someone else does he have to draw it out fro them to beter help describe it as well only ask cus i can see how i what make something in my head but i struggle trying to tell other how and what I'm trying to build ?