• Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • who will win? Brooke or a bunch of harmless chickens... 🐔

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  • lil_planex YT
    lil_planex YT 6 days ago +1

    if you're reading this you're very cute:) yea i dont know how but you're

  • lil_planex YT
    lil_planex YT 6 days ago +1

    Love you're editor

  • Harry Sime
    Harry Sime 14 days ago

    What happened to this realm? They never play on it anymore

  • Mike The mic
    Mike The mic 20 days ago

    7:07 bro I thought you were pregnant and I was like whaaaaa? And then I realized it was your leg when you moved it😂😂

  • Bottie
    Bottie 26 days ago

    U look like Cathryn Prescott

  • BRassassin 2 ツ
    BRassassin 2 ツ 27 days ago

    The last pic looked like a thumb to me

    TJ PRIVATE 2K19 27 days ago

    Your beautiful!! 😇😘

  • Elemental Fox gaming
    Elemental Fox gaming 28 days ago

    I wonder where the Chicks 🐣 would be

  • Ava Stark
    Ava Stark 28 days ago

    i’m the girl from omegle that though you were a guy 😂😂btw ur gorgeous

  • Matt Nirus
    Matt Nirus 29 days ago +1

    I haven't enjoyed a minecraft video in so long.... then i found this and felt better

  • Woomy
    Woomy Month ago

    brooke im so sad exile killed your baby :(

  • Dammend
    Dammend Month ago +1

    Did you guys breake up?😟😢

  • Trog basil
    Trog basil Month ago

    Gold digger

  • BOT -
    BOT - Month ago

    If you would go pro in fortnite you’d be the perfect girl

  • Ranger Boi
    Ranger Boi Month ago +4

    I like how every time she panics she immediately teleports to symfuhnny

  • Vortex1030
    Vortex1030 Month ago

    Ur so fucking loud damn

  • Zach Russell
    Zach Russell Month ago

    Edits are clean

  • Mason Magnanao
    Mason Magnanao Month ago

    Edits are cracked

  • Es3isme _
    Es3isme _ Month ago

    You’ll prolly won’t see this but you NEEDZ to download
    seus shaders it will blow your mind
    If you see this like to help Brooke see this or just spam my message

  • Doge
    Doge Month ago

    @everyone that said Brooke was gonna get clout and dip

  • Energy GAMES
    Energy GAMES Month ago +1

    Hey brooke I watch all your vids and am subbed to you on twitch and have watched your 24 hour stream all of it

  • Chloe
    Chloe Month ago

    Massoonn getting rippeedd

  • Jayden McNair
    Jayden McNair Month ago

    I gonna be an Og on your channel in your 74000 subscriber

  • Hash Slasher Slasher

    Why is there a edit or cut every 5 second.

  • Hydr0
    Hydr0 Month ago +5

    Brooke: *takes half a heart of damage*
    Also Brooke in chat: /tp symfuhny

  • Legendary Gamer_YT
    Legendary Gamer_YT Month ago

    Why wasn't brooke taking any damage from lava HACKS

  • Legendary Gamer_YT
    Legendary Gamer_YT Month ago

    Brooke if there was silverfish there was probably a end fortress there

  • Tucker Shippen
    Tucker Shippen Month ago

    7:51 diamonds right in front of her

    GAMER ELITE1234 Month ago


  • monica zamora
    monica zamora Month ago

    Brooke is wearing David Dobrik merch

  • Mobile Bot
    Mobile Bot Month ago +1

    5:04 its a SKELETON u have diamond armor and a sword y r u running?😑

      XxSUPREMExX_OG Month ago

      humberto basa VIETNAMIES memories I think nah imagine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • princess vege
    princess vege Month ago


  • its Graaze
    its Graaze Month ago

    I asked for that wall tho

  • realmadrid kings
    realmadrid kings Month ago

    Brook is amazing ☺️

  • ツNxke
    ツNxke Month ago

    Well your not christen

  • Jonah Martin
    Jonah Martin Month ago

    lowkey Brooke trash at minecraft and that’s hard to do if she wasn’t able to go let’s be honest she doodoo

  • John Dammer
    John Dammer Month ago

    Ur too pretty for Symfuhnny

  • dinolord jamie14
    dinolord jamie14 Month ago

    Your videos are actually insane and really entertaining

  • Pros Over Bros
    Pros Over Bros Month ago

    7:49 damn I never remembered saying that shit sym 🗿 (jk jk my names Sid too)

  • Joshua Magdas
    Joshua Magdas Month ago

    Mason's arms thicker than u lol

  • KingReyes
    KingReyes Month ago

    Nobody matches the duo of pat and Jen but good vid👍

  • jjay
    jjay Month ago

    You two are the cutest

  • Adam Rutter
    Adam Rutter Month ago

    Minecraft brah. Best game.

  • iiBluFlame
    iiBluFlame Month ago +2

    your editor makes these videos so FREAKING cute

  • Kai_L027
    Kai_L027 Month ago +2

    is it just me or when it said good morning in text did anyone else think of PewDiePie's minecraft intro?
    smash like if you're a gamer.

  • Just_Asba 1
    Just_Asba 1 Month ago

    Brook ur da best

    MATEO YT Month ago +1

    Evryone like this so brooke give me ip

  • Bob Bys
    Bob Bys Month ago

    Diamonds at 7.55

  • Zak
    Zak Month ago

    make more minecraft vids

  • Franko_25
    Franko_25 Month ago

    Did they built all of that? and got the diamonds and shit from survival?

  • posschy
    posschy Month ago

    Change ur intro

  • Itachi_uchiha 1009
    Itachi_uchiha 1009 Month ago


  • Richie Studer
    Richie Studer Month ago

    Can we get a creative in the chat then going back to survail

  • Turtle FN
    Turtle FN Month ago +4

    Editor: how much edits would you like
    Brooke: Yes

  • NeXxKILL
    NeXxKILL Month ago

    Me: watching a minecraft video

    Ad incoming: “ Fortnite season 10 is here.”

  • Johnny Wood
    Johnny Wood Month ago +1


  • Xavier Cook
    Xavier Cook Month ago +1

    No break up you’ll break my heart

  • Caleb Armstrong
    Caleb Armstrong Month ago

    Brookeab- your building a wall nobody asked for. Donald Trump-WRONG

  • Nur I
    Nur I Month ago

    how does this only have 20k views? this is youtube gold xD

  • Sqlty
    Sqlty Month ago +1

    Use a water bucket when u mine into lava