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  • Adetunde Babs’s
    Adetunde Babs’s 27 days ago

    Jeannie always be stealing stuff😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Monika Gracia
    Monika Gracia 2 months ago

    I need need need all of these😍😩

  • krazikashh
    krazikashh 2 months ago

    Lool the way Jeannie yanks it out at the end

  • Amal Said
    Amal Said 2 months ago

    Adrienne using tamars phrase she ready at the start

  • Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson 2 months ago


  • Lola N
    Lola N 2 months ago

    Amanda Out Here Looking Like A Younger Vivica Fox. 💋

  • Jeremiah Walton
    Jeremiah Walton 2 months ago

    I can’t wait for them to do a corny skit with Amanda! Lol

  • ruangan fahmi
    ruangan fahmi 2 months ago

    amanda give me nicole scherzinger !! serving sis!!

  • Alexl White
    Alexl White 2 months ago

    Everyone’s look 😍😍😍😍😍

  • sophia j.a
    sophia j.a 2 months ago +1

    Munchkin is so tiny and this is coming from a tiny person hahaha

  • k khan
    k khan 2 months ago

    ok ya'll... I know the donna bella face lift seems appealing... but forreal.. $500 on discount for $49? Something must be wrong. I'd like to see someone from the real test it out for us. I almost bought it this morning, but stopped myself after looking up the company and some reviews of that product. PLEASE REAL FAM---TRY OUT SOME PRODUCTS BEFORE YOU PARTNER WITH THEM ON "STEALSONTHEREAL.COM" AKA MORNINGSAVE.COM

  • Flávia F
    Flávia F 2 months ago

    Go Emile...

  • Denise Wynn
    Denise Wynn 2 months ago +1

    Loni has gained weight. (WW)

    • Denise Wynn
      Denise Wynn 2 months ago

      @Tia Tia She is supposed to be representing Weight Watchers. She seems to gaining instead of losing weight. Keeping it REAL just like they keep it real. She needs to know that people are watching her to see if the program works.

    • Tia Tia
      Tia Tia 2 months ago +1

      Why comment this?

    • Chrysolite Stone
      Chrysolite Stone 2 months ago

      Denise Wynn Sometimes love will make you gain weight

  • Kesandra Williamson
    Kesandra Williamson 2 months ago +1

    The ladies look beautiful especially tamera and Adrienne. Donnavella 24 carete Caviar face lift. Lol loni keep it yes and jeannie shoes are fabulous. Lol jeannie walking across to the room

  • Ava
    Ava 2 months ago

    Emile!!!!! What you doing at the real ?

  • Allannah W
    Allannah W 2 months ago +5

    Why does he look like Arsenio Hall son???🤔

  • Annie Redcape
    Annie Redcape 2 months ago

    Adrienne the party doesn't stop?...... one can say.... The party's just begun😎


  • Annie Redcape
    Annie Redcape 2 months ago +5

    It was so nice seeing Jeannie and Tamera standing together, they looked so cute!

  • prgoddess princess
    prgoddess princess 2 months ago +8

    Yoooooooo Jeannie snatching that off the counter was epic. She was like give me that eye cream HahahahahAh. Love this crew

  • nati c
    nati c 2 months ago

    omg emile!!! 💖

  • Elly Anderson
    Elly Anderson 2 months ago

    i didn't realise there is five of them again

  • Elly Anderson
    Elly Anderson 2 months ago

    i know adrienne always says she 4,11 but i didn't realise how short she is even if heels. i mean it makes no difference

  • Derrick Thibault
    Derrick Thibault 2 months ago


  • KingV Pop
    KingV Pop 2 months ago +4

    The toothbrush thing is a scam it doesn’t get rid of all bacteria like a normal toothbrush look it up, a big scam 👎🏻

  • Jack Moor
    Jack Moor 2 months ago +10

    omg it’s Emile from clevver, wow we love how successful these presenters are

  • mzdeedeeiam
    mzdeedeeiam 2 months ago

    Everybody's comment about the thumbnail here's the link to H.R.


  • L G
    L G 2 months ago +2

    Y'all did him so wrong 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • A Williams
    A Williams 2 months ago

    Why am I picking up The Mask vibes 🤣😆😂from the thumbnail lol

  • Amy Zorah
    Amy Zorah 2 months ago

    Adrienne at 1:20 😬🤫

  • Luvli Darky
    Luvli Darky 2 months ago +1

    I can get all this stuff on Amazon......lol

  • Mariam A
    Mariam A 2 months ago +4

    Is it just me or is this show not as good as it used to be? It used to be fun and light-hearted, they had the perfect mix of people at the panel but now it's just.... meh

  • Atoz !
    Atoz ! 2 months ago +7

    Yall forgot about brushing your tongues smh

  • Juliann l
    Juliann l 2 months ago +10

    Hey Emile from clevver👋🏽👋🏽

  • Francisco Aguilera
    Francisco Aguilera 2 months ago

    Does anyone know if the ProNoir tooth brush LED light work properly??

  • Olive
    Olive 2 months ago

    Do those teeth whitening things work?

    • anastasia brown
      anastasia brown 2 months ago

      Don’t buy those Instagram ones but just don’t do it if you have sensitive teeth the whitening ingredients are aggressive this one in particular doesn’t require whitening gel so it may be a bit better

    • Jennifer Dugas
      Jennifer Dugas 2 months ago

      I'm curious too!

  • Erika Long
    Erika Long 2 months ago +6

    I clicked because of the real, but I clicked fast because of Emile. This acting was cringey at times lol but I love you all.

  • johanna medrano
    johanna medrano 2 months ago +39

    If only the girl chats were this long 🙄

    • The Alchemist
      The Alchemist 2 months ago

      It's all about the sales...nothing is authentic anymore.

    • Shyree Drew
      Shyree Drew 2 months ago

      Aurore Bourbon i know thats why i put😬

    • Aurore Bourbon
      Aurore Bourbon 2 months ago +6

      @Shyree Drew But there's viewers outside of USA...

    • Shyree Drew
      Shyree Drew 2 months ago

      johanna medrano the girl chat is way longer you just gotta watch it on actual tv 😬

  • Mera Mera
    Mera Mera 2 months ago

    I only clicked on this clip b/c of the crazy ass thumb nail. 😂 😂

  • shashayaway bailey
    shashayaway bailey 2 months ago +1

    Loni look and dress HUNNI!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Aletheia Backs
    Aletheia Backs 2 months ago +40

    That thumbnail did him dirty.

  • stevie bana
    stevie bana 2 months ago +20

    Has anyone actually bought anything from morningsave I wanna know if they're trustworthy

  • Ge E
    Ge E 2 months ago

    The set of brushes is so cheap😍😍

  • Dalia Mendoza
    Dalia Mendoza 2 months ago +3


    REDVELVET Joy 2 months ago +7

    he needs to be a co host

  • Eliana Gonzalez
    Eliana Gonzalez 2 months ago +43

    😂😂 Jeannie taking the product like shoot I’m taking this home

    • Purity Chalice
      Purity Chalice 2 months ago +1

      She was not playing. I love her!

    • Katia Andrade
      Katia Andrade 2 months ago +4

      She did what we all wanted to do

    • Abe Fa
      Abe Fa 2 months ago +3

      Eliana Gonzalez ikr

  • H.I.M
    H.I.M 2 months ago +12

    That thumbnail SCARY

  • Jaye Kisses
    Jaye Kisses 2 months ago +51

    He needs to co host omg he would be AMAZING

    • Tia Tia
      Tia Tia 2 months ago

      His energy is up

  • Mandy S
    Mandy S 2 months ago +65

    I see Emile, I click right away! I love him he matches the ladies energy on The Real. By the way the ladies are looking stunning! Loving the looks, their stylists came to slay today with their entire look.

  • Peter Kellaghan
    Peter Kellaghan 2 months ago +2


  • Whit K
    Whit K 2 months ago


  • O-Kay
    O-Kay 2 months ago +12

    Why Adrienne scream like that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 1:47

  • Roxanne Duponte
    Roxanne Duponte 2 months ago +15

    Adrienne’s outfit is bomb!!!!

  • Pedro
    Pedro 2 months ago


  • B Sherlock
    B Sherlock 2 months ago +2

    Yay Emile!!

  • Miss Binch
    Miss Binch 2 months ago +18


  • Deuce Jim
    Deuce Jim 2 months ago +13

    jeanie so extra and annoying, not genuine at all

  • ewwughckk
    ewwughckk 2 months ago +150

    That’s a terrible thumbnail photo, got him looking crazy smh

    • Aquarius-woman
      Aquarius-woman 2 months ago

      I actually avoided watching the clip many times because of the thumbnail. I accidentally clicked on it and realized that it wasn't as bad as it looked 😅
      It was pleasure watching this young man.

    • DIY Yolande
      DIY Yolande 2 months ago +1


    • lime light
      lime light 2 months ago +2

      he looked like a young blk fire marshall bill lol #jimcarey #inlivingcolor

    • ewwughckk
      ewwughckk 2 months ago +8

      O-Kay He look like he just got bit and he’s in the middle of a zombie transformation

    • O-Kay
      O-Kay 2 months ago +7

      ewwughckk IM DEAD 😂😂😂😂😂 he look scary

    STAN NATURE 2 months ago +3

    they are stunning omg...

  • Kenny Ray
    Kenny Ray 2 months ago +2

    Brother I dig that jacket! Where can I get one like it

  • Imagine TV with Renee'
    Imagine TV with Renee' 2 months ago +2

    Fire Loni!

  • Nicole Bubble
    Nicole Bubble 2 months ago +12

    Nice to see him here i chick so fast

  • Tana Gwatidzo
    Tana Gwatidzo 2 months ago +14

    The ladies are looking BOMB in their gorgeous outfits😍

  • Uryah Mccants
    Uryah Mccants 2 months ago +1


  • Amberlyn
    Amberlyn 2 months ago

    YAASSSS 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    KEISHA ELLY 2 months ago +2