Avengers: Infinity War | Marvel Family Feud

  • Published on Apr 22, 2018

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  • trebomberz
    trebomberz 12 hours ago

    Thor got left hanging hard haha.

  • Kιαrα ΑΙΙαη

    Mark at 19:33 😣

  • meri
    meri 3 days ago

    We seriously don't deserve Anthony Mackie. He is too good for us. And the fact that both him and Sebastian got correct answers telling each other's characters made me so happy. Soulmates in both worlds. ❤️

  • Megs G
    Megs G 5 days ago

    Pom is one with the fandom

  • G&MM
    G&MM 6 days ago

    Geez, team blue lost badly. Stop trying to give them the win.

  • deathchilde
    deathchilde 7 days ago

    I was curious and thought.... So i did some digging to find all this 😆
    :: Red team ::
    Zoe - Gemini/June 19☑️
    Benedict - Cancer/July 19☑️
    Mark - Sagittarius/Nov 22❎
    Chris.H - Leo/Aug 11☑️
    Sebastian - Leo/Aug 13☑️
    Pom - Taurus/May 3☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️
    :: Blue team ::
    Chris.P - Gemini/June 21❎
    Letitia - Scorpio/Oct 31☑️
    Scarlett - Sagittarius/Nov 22❎
    Anthony - library/Sept 23❎
    Batista - Capricorn/Jan 18❎
    My intuitive/blind guesses sometimes LITERALLY creeps ppl out and have them avoid me but being a guy, maybe it's "stalky"😅. If it were a girl, like Pom, everyone would be curiously amused 😔
    :: Verdict ::
    Gemini's are smart guessers
    Leo's are intuitive guessers
    Taurus's are phenomenal. If there were a dozen enemies running towards the Guardians, poke her eyes and then hand her a gun...
    Ps. Other horoscopes, please don't be offended. This was only a rough reference for fun and also on a 'guessing' trait. All horoscopes have their own wonderful traits that are second to none which you all know you have 😉. I'm a ♌

  • Colleen McIndoe
    Colleen McIndoe 7 days ago +1

    For who would put on the best concert, Steve Rogers would obviously put on the best concert, he put on the USO shows!

  • JaxxStarr81
    JaxxStarr81 8 days ago

    How does nobody choose Steve Rogers/Captain America for a Prom Date? What on earth? Only ScarJo made sense.

  • Melanie Bafia
    Melanie Bafia 9 days ago

    14:18 fuck off chris hahahahah i love u tho

  • Loki Laufeyson
    Loki Laufeyson 11 days ago +1

    Jehdvdhejebrr they should’ve showed the rest of the answers like they do on family feud- uhg

  • Frederich h
    Frederich h 13 days ago

    Let’s be honest here Pom is the real MVP

  • Diana Marango
    Diana Marango 13 days ago

    Pom and Seb totally nailed this, they got every single one right!

  • Nayan B
    Nayan B 13 days ago

    Last question, where was "That's my secret captain, I'm always angry."?

  • musicalgal7
    musicalgal7 16 days ago

    i wanted to see sebs reaction to the prom question :P

  • Nelley Knight
    Nelley Knight 17 days ago

    They were to supposed to give Benedict a chance to answer to see if he could get a better answer. 😡

  • Nelley Knight
    Nelley Knight 17 days ago

    This is so disorganized 🙈

  • vɩcʈoɾ
    vɩcʈoɾ 17 days ago

    BRUH how is pom an actual legend

  • K V
    K V 18 days ago


  • sasha
    sasha 18 days ago

    when u can make the highest grossing movie of all time but can’t put up a hd youtube video

  • Brgy Kyut
    Brgy Kyut 18 days ago +1

    You cant look at your team! 😂😂😂

  • Dave Blue
    Dave Blue 18 days ago

    "You really wanted to be on that team."
    Zoe 😁

  • Dave Blue
    Dave Blue 18 days ago

    They always miss Chris Hemsworth high five.

  • SParkApCider
    SParkApCider 19 days ago

    Who declined the invite for feud? Second place in a two team race...

  • mark ruffalo lovebot
    mark ruffalo lovebot 19 days ago

    oh my god the quality is so bad

  • klouchy
    klouchy 21 day ago +1

    The russos:ask a question

  • Amelia D
    Amelia D 22 days ago

    Scarlett should say herself like come on

  • YJ
    YJ 22 days ago

    Why didn't anyone say black widow for prom date? 🤨

  • Phil Anderson
    Phil Anderson 23 days ago

    What were the unrevealed answers?

    BE HAPPY 24 days ago

    Why no one wants Cap to prom????!!!! And thanos takes too longest ready in the morning? Hahaha! Wow! Pom did really good!

  • With Love, CocoBean
    With Love, CocoBean 24 days ago


  • Lucy Newman
    Lucy Newman 28 days ago +2

    mackie looks so small next to hemsworth

  • Lucy Newman
    Lucy Newman 28 days ago +1

    sebastian looks so good 😍😍😍

  • Cole Katsuda
    Cole Katsuda 28 days ago

    Anyone hear moaning at 24:13

  • Singh Is Bling
    Singh Is Bling Month ago

    I thought fav line was avengers assemble

  • Jame T
    Jame T Month ago

    Scarlett Johansson and Pom Klementieff are bonerific.

  • Mnxe
    Mnxe Month ago +1

    First of all, the taking Bucky Barnes to prom one is entirely correct. Yes. I wish they showed Sebastian's reaction to that. 😂 Secondly, 19:01 is HILARIOUS. Mackie saying in the background to Sebastian "Don't screw it up, like you always do.", and Seb pauses for a moment, glaring at him and is like "WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME?!" 😂Then to top it all off he goes with Falcon as his answer and ends up winning and just like yells with victory. LOOOL. Love them two.

  • Clash Craft48
    Clash Craft48 Month ago +3

    Chris pratt: We don’t wanna win like that! Anthony mackie: YES WE DO!

  • Aey250
    Aey250 Month ago +2

    Facebookers said...

    *shut up*

  • Riya Avakin
    Riya Avakin Month ago

    dude literally said "ON YOUR LEFT" at 27:18....

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith Month ago +1

    they shouldve put Anthony and Seb against each other

  • hannah luis
    hannah luis Month ago


  • Dr. Ce-Ce
    Dr. Ce-Ce Month ago

    Soo unorganized the 2 guys had no idea what they were doing.

  • Adivaidu 151
    Adivaidu 151 Month ago

    7:38 its *GROOT!!*

  • Elliot Goldstein
    Elliot Goldstein Month ago +1

    18:21 Sebby and Pom in this video are too cute discussing with each other in the corner hahaha

  • MyNameIsEllie
    MyNameIsEllie Month ago

    Why would no one take steve Rogers to prom

  • S.A.S Gacha Magic
    S.A.S Gacha Magic Month ago +1

    "Language!" and "I'm with till the end of the line are my favs!"

  • YowItsAnne Laud
    YowItsAnne Laud Month ago

    Benedict: *rambling* IM ENGLISH!

  • Tonya Waters
    Tonya Waters Month ago +1

    Sebastian and Pom didn’t get any wrong

  • Dee Banks
    Dee Banks Month ago +1

    Facebookers must be really stupid bc thanos and loki arent avengers get your facts straight

  • Claudia Nyamda
    Claudia Nyamda Month ago

    Was I the only one thinking Nick Fury during the whole "staring contest" question. But then I remembered he was not in it. To bad, I love my dark humour eheh

  • Josh Richard
    Josh Richard Month ago +5

    "You think Steve Harvey would give clues?"
    "Steve Harvey isn't here."

  • Astried Yunita Hair

    Pom is Mantis literally. Even the Russos love her for her answers.

  • Ella Palumbo
    Ella Palumbo Month ago +1

    Why did it take them so long to say vision. It’s a freakin staring contest

  • New Talent for Urdu Medium

    It just makes my day... AMAZING!

  • Kazi golam Showkat
    Kazi golam Showkat Month ago

    That was a great cheating.😡😠

  • Punk 2.0
    Punk 2.0 Month ago

    I’m out I don’t understand this game !!!!

  • Aranu
    Aranu Month ago

    Number one now would be I love you 3000 after endgame

  • BTS Suganater
    BTS Suganater Month ago

    You think Steve Harvey wold give a hint

  • Fernando Garza
    Fernando Garza 2 months ago

    this video probably costed more than my own house

  • lxdemir
    lxdemir 2 months ago

    It really does such that Bradly isn't in any of these stuff