having a non-white name

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
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Comments • 8 723

  • Tadao SMB
    Tadao SMB 18 hours ago

    I always just let people mispronounce my name without correcting them...

  • Taparia Engu
    Taparia Engu Day ago

    This is how i feel.

  • XxZxX Y
    XxZxX Y Day ago


  • Pea Dough
    Pea Dough 2 days ago


  • Rasmus Lundqvist
    Rasmus Lundqvist 2 days ago

    All fun and laughs, but i bet half of you guys can pronounce "Rasmus" correctly.

  • Tamara Star
    Tamara Star 2 days ago +2

    I love the way he says "BITCH! Ok..." at 00:17 xD

  • AyyLMAO3
    AyyLMAO3 3 days ago


  • Seth Galthie
    Seth Galthie 4 days ago

    Suge win is my favorite

  • Rawsilver
    Rawsilver 4 days ago

    The best part is when people get offended by the fact you don't have an English name. That's always nice.

  • Alex S
    Alex S 4 days ago

    My russian last name in germany

  • Danyal Khan
    Danyal Khan 4 days ago

    well hello there *singing wank*

  • weegee hates the blind

    my name has multiple Ls and Rs so I've naturally has some fun moment's meeting people in japan

  • Hunter6213
    Hunter6213 7 days ago

    Like Jackie Chan & Owen Wilson's Shanghai Noon, Zhuang Rong (莊榮) became John Wayne.

  • Kevin Cho
    Kevin Cho 8 days ago


  • Jacob Lo
    Jacob Lo 8 days ago

    this is so true

  • RundownOyster
    RundownOyster 9 days ago

    "Combine them together" is redundant.

  • OctaDicy IDN
    OctaDicy IDN 9 days ago

    Can't stop watching this lol

  • chrismobiliophotography

    sounds like he is arguing with him self! love proZD.

  • Sonicdash 8
    Sonicdash 8 10 days ago

    I tried To win lottery but did not win wleo atleast. Sungwhoone.

  • Maskiller 29
    Maskiller 29 10 days ago

    “BITCH OK..” 😂😂😂

  • Ylva Johansson
    Ylva Johansson 10 days ago

    This video made me subscribe

  • 이중희
    이중희 10 days ago +1


  • Captain Windshire
    Captain Windshire 10 days ago

    Wow! Great video, ..... sing woong

  • Alisha Nasier
    Alisha Nasier 10 days ago

    While I was in Russia, my colleagues were expecting a meeting with a man named Yuri, and in my mind I thought he would be this tall Russian guy like these 2 other Yuri I know.
    When we finally met, Yuri was in fact a a very petite Japanese lady X,D

  • Scully Park
    Scully Park 11 days ago

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 넘 웃겨서 세번 연달아 봄

  • Crusader_Boi
    Crusader_Boi 11 days ago

    *Squints Eyes* I no speak ching chong

  • Rachel Renn
    Rachel Renn 11 days ago

    love my favourite youtuber soonj win

  • Shrek Wazowski
    Shrek Wazowski 11 days ago +1

    My name is Andraž. My surname is Holešek. Try to pronouce that

    • morgana
      morgana 6 days ago +1

      Ok, let me try it. Mmmh... Com Rade

  • schalomforever
    schalomforever 12 days ago


  • Herman Cillo
    Herman Cillo 12 days ago

    My last name.

  • Keith Moussa
    Keith Moussa 12 days ago

    Keith is an okay name until I realize I live in Québec and everyone seems to want to pronounce it as “Kate” in French, otherwise they call me “Keet”... Still not as bad as having a non-North American name in North America though

  • welegi but he's on phone

    hello someone

  • N. M.
    N. M. 12 days ago


  • Danica Jekic
    Danica Jekic 12 days ago

    As a Serbian person, I feel this in my soul

  • death rider
    death rider 12 days ago

    Sewage wind???

  • 400hoursonlegostarwars

    I thought this was a shadbase discord reference

  • A Crippled Nerd
    A Crippled Nerd 12 days ago

    sung won

  • 201 BK
    201 BK 12 days ago

    even though my name is totally japanese but i've never experienced those kinds of things
    i know it is just because my name is really easy to pronounce to anyone

  • lucaz TheForest
    lucaz TheForest 12 days ago

    Sung won just told me the world is gonna roll me

  • Monster Master
    Monster Master 12 days ago

    "BITCH o Ka Y"

  • 14dj
    14dj 13 days ago

    "what is wrong with you?!"
    gotta be his mustache

  • FrostDX
    FrostDX 13 days ago

    Son Juan?

  • L
    L 13 days ago

    i fucking hate you

  • No Fixed Abode
    No Fixed Abode 13 days ago

    This applies to English sounding names too, even if your name is super common. I've had the following conversation multiple times. "Hi, I'm Matt" "Max?" "Matt." "Max?" "MATT" "Mack?" XD

  • Sauce M’geeser
    Sauce M’geeser 13 days ago

    0:10 sounds like vietnamese

  • The Turn Based Gamer
    The Turn Based Gamer 13 days ago

    General Tso?

  • The Turn Based Gamer
    The Turn Based Gamer 13 days ago

    So....Sing Two?

  • the Starmaster
    the Starmaster 13 days ago

    There's Sum Ting Wong here.

  • Holo
    Holo 13 days ago +3


    Or someone

  • Darth Caasi
    Darth Caasi 13 days ago

    sung won?
    some won?
    sam guan?
    SAN JUAN?!

  • TRS YT
    TRS YT 13 days ago

    *SUM WONG*

  • Max Fuller
    Max Fuller 14 days ago

    Some one there?

  • Kami Sama
    Kami Sama 14 days ago

    Ah yeah, hello there my friend, uhmmm 'looks at smudged writing in hand' Samyang...

  • Jeremy Nolen
    Jeremy Nolen 14 days ago

    Ima just call you Jim

    BTS MY IDOL 14 days ago

    Somehow white people find saying songwon is harder than schwarzenegger?

  • 6ix 9ine
    6ix 9ine 14 days ago

    fun fact about myself: my name is johan, but since everynody and myself watch db-dbs, i get called gohan, really amazing feeling

  • A box of water
    A box of water 14 days ago

    English is a horrible language.

  • The Admiral
    The Admiral 14 days ago

    Ok, Mr. Song One.

  • Anonamouse Mousemus
    Anonamouse Mousemus 14 days ago

    So true

  • flame 3127
    flame 3127 14 days ago

    Is that your real name

  • The Raptor's Claw
    The Raptor's Claw 14 days ago

    Honestly 100% accurate

  • Maximum Force
    Maximum Force 14 days ago

    That moment when the Asian kids get upset over the english teachers mispronunceing their names even tho its from another country and they have over 100 kids names to memorize.

  • Just Ryn
    Just Ryn 15 days ago

    Tiiu Läänemagi. Yep.

  • Zeke Spears
    Zeke Spears 15 days ago

    *SOOJ WIN?*

  • Mr_Artic
    Mr_Artic 15 days ago

    someone ?

  • Yuri Ridley
    Yuri Ridley 15 days ago

    Sun Wukong, huh?

  • Connor W.
    Connor W. 16 days ago

    I can sort of identify. I was 'Collin' for a whole quarter in college. Connor gets misspelled with an 'e' a lot as well.

  • Darlaimerner
    Darlaimerner 16 days ago

    People mispronounce my name all the time. I go to an English school. I have an English name.
    My name is Nicholas.
    My name is mispronounced every single day.

  • Simple Mannequin
    Simple Mannequin 16 days ago

    What is wrong with them
    I’ve never understood this
    Unless it’s written down you shouldn’t have that hard of a time pronouncing it like just imitate what they just said it’s not like they said it 6 different ways based on where the name originated

  • shiba
    shiba 16 days ago


  • shiba
    shiba 16 days ago

    do you have an english name??
    *_"B I T C H"_*

  • Hitoshi-Kun
    Hitoshi-Kun 16 days ago

    having Nyguen as your last name is usually fine until someone actually doesn’t know how to pronounce it
    example: How was your day Mr. “Ni-gu-in”

  • get me to 1,000 subscribers with 2 videos

    if anyone is dumb like me, it's actually spelled *sOONGEWIN* , not Sungwon shit

    MASTER YI 16 days ago

    Hi someone

  • That Guy
    That Guy 16 days ago

    My name is Caoimhghín lol. Currently living in America, I've never met anyone who can pronounce it right after half a dozen attempts...

  • Rodolfo Martin
    Rodolfo Martin 16 days ago

    So true XD

  • Kultrick The Kulprit
    Kultrick The Kulprit 16 days ago

    Sanguine, my brother.

  • Luminious Templar
    Luminious Templar 16 days ago

    Sun Tzu

  • That One Gamer
    That One Gamer 17 days ago


  • Celeste Tyler
    Celeste Tyler 17 days ago


  • Kota The Sexy Chicken
    Kota The Sexy Chicken 17 days ago


  • Deannix-N5
    Deannix-N5 17 days ago

    San Juan????

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 17 days ago

    But it's not like being non white makes you any better. My south Asian heritage doesn't make me any better at East Asian names

  • phsyco29
    phsyco29 17 days ago

    Well, imagine being a commentator at a world cup game of Poland Vs Greece

  • chris smith
    chris smith 17 days ago

    Lol for some god awful reason some people think i spell my last name differently ive had people ask me how i spell "smith" wtf
    Also dang people and their weird ways to spell chris.

  • Suen Zhong
    Suen Zhong 18 days ago

    I do have an English name but people still mispronounce it just as much as my Chinese one....

  • PA AG
    PA AG 18 days ago

    IKR I have a Indian name and my teachers Nader get it right

    LUCKYBLEEPERS 18 days ago

    Sung Won once told me the world was gonna roll me... I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed......……

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 18 days ago


    body once told me the world is gonna roll me

  • That Tricky Trickster
    That Tricky Trickster 18 days ago

    Having a non- white name in American security check at airport...

  • Veronica Cervantes
    Veronica Cervantes 18 days ago

    My brother's name is Juan. No one in our town has ever been able to pronounce it right. It's always "Won." I mean how hard is it to add an "h" at the beginning!? 😂 I don't understand.

    • Veronica Cervantes
      Veronica Cervantes 17 days ago

      +Steve Smith It is weird. We're like the only Mexicans in this small town in the middle of nowhere. Idk why the people here have trouble with his name, but they do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Steve Smith
      Steve Smith 17 days ago

      That's weird, ive never seen any English speakers have a hard time with Juan, white or otherwise

  • TazKidNoah
    TazKidNoah 18 days ago

    I actually can relate with this😹

  • Mina Beng
    Mina Beng 19 days ago


  • Alexia Styixe
    Alexia Styixe 19 days ago

    People can't even get my name right ...

  • TheTechCguy
    TheTechCguy 20 days ago

    My last name is latin but I am still Filipino. I get this a lot too, SungWon.

  • tyler buschbacher
    tyler buschbacher 20 days ago

    Try having a German last name....I swear people mispronounce it in ways that are so embarrassing and/or annoying that it makes me flip out like Edward when he gets called short XD....Me:"IT'S BUSCHBACHER NOT BUSH WACKER YOU DOLT!!!"

  • Kayla Lem
    Kayla Lem 20 days ago

    my name is fucking "Kayla" and they sTILL CALL ME "KYLA" H OW DO YOU like i'd understand if i went by my chinese name but Kayla is a pretty standard name how do you possibly mess that up its five damn letters

  • Bag_art
    Bag_art 20 days ago

    When everyone calls your last name A TYPE OF FOOD my name last name is schones people call me scones though the C IS SILENT

  • Andre Zou
    Andre Zou 21 day ago


  • Nick B
    Nick B 21 day ago

    ching pong wing wong . harro! you like fried rice? me love you long time.