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  • Shana-Lee Walker
    Shana-Lee Walker Hour ago +1

    You actually looked pretty

  • Maggie Santiago
    Maggie Santiago 3 hours ago

    Anyone else shooketh about the eyeliner

  • kawaii unicorn
    kawaii unicorn 6 hours ago +1

    this is legit sofie dossi’s morning routine in one video 😂

  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon 8 hours ago

    It's kinda good

  • Melissa Nevnor
    Melissa Nevnor 23 hours ago

    She said beauty is pain, well what beauty

    Sorry just wanted to roast someone, no hard feelings?

  • Kirsten Raalte
    Kirsten Raalte 2 days ago

    She looks soooooo different😱

  • joshua lepretre
    joshua lepretre 3 days ago

    i wonder if when she got done and put the tools up and when someone else opened them was like what the hell why is all this makeup on these tools then seen this video afterwards and was like oh that's,why all that makeup was all over the tools

  • blank black
    blank black 4 days ago

    U look different now

  • Maddie Fisher
    Maddie Fisher 5 days ago

    Her makeup looks like the first time I tried makeup

  • Rowyns vlogs
    Rowyns vlogs 5 days ago

    When she said that was her alarm for 4:20 it turned 4:20 where I live lol

  • JB Matteucci
    JB Matteucci 6 days ago

    Watch the skaterboy song

  • Jewels Awesome World

    James Charles and Jefree Star could never

  • Yaretzi Vences
    Yaretzi Vences 8 days ago

    I love watching this video
    My favorite part is at 2:09 and at 2:30

  • Puppy lover Girl
    Puppy lover Girl 9 days ago +1

    I was laughing at you but the makeup was okay better than what a six year old can do

  • ILuBeaRs BTS
    ILuBeaRs BTS 9 days ago

    You can never understand her humor without the sounds

  • Jojo Kahler
    Jojo Kahler 9 days ago

    I watch so much Liza that all videos underneath this one
    Are Liza!

  • BTS fan Kookie is my bais

    You say that every week stop saying that

  • Ganesh S
    Ganesh S 10 days ago

    '' kim's contour kit " i died

    SAVANNAH SCHUROSKY 11 days ago

    does anybody else think that her foundation is to dark?

  • Delilah Boutilier
    Delilah Boutilier 12 days ago

    dont worry liza i have no eyebrows too

  • Dionne Duignan
    Dionne Duignan 12 days ago

    That is way way better than me with my hand

  • Payton Marie Deering
    Payton Marie Deering 13 days ago +1

    I didn't do it at home or at school, I did it at my grandma's house

  • Nikol Aguilar donis
    Nikol Aguilar donis 13 days ago

    Yes I do watch hantai

  • Nikol Aguilar donis
    Nikol Aguilar donis 13 days ago +1

    Liza: Aaanndd we r dinomitized

    Me: OMG i need to watch hantai

  • Hayden Clark
    Hayden Clark 14 days ago

    She is gonna rekt herself😁

  • Hanah Jane
    Hanah Jane 15 days ago


  • Sunthia Narine
    Sunthia Narine 15 days ago

    thats my song back in the day liza knows whats up

  • Aaliyah Garcia
    Aaliyah Garcia 15 days ago

    I'm watching this video at 4:20.

  • Breadbin Urine
    Breadbin Urine 16 days ago

    I like how this took her two hours 😂

  • Kaitlyn J.
    Kaitlyn J. 16 days ago

    Still better than my attempts to do makeup 😂😅
    Love ya Liza

  • Kim Hala
    Kim Hala 16 days ago

    Liza: mic drop who?
    Me: did you see my bag😂😂🌚

  • Alandra Zimmerman
    Alandra Zimmerman 17 days ago

    She started at 4:20 PM and ended at 6:47 PM into a under 5 minutes video, what a queen

  • Irish puppeteer
    Irish puppeteer 17 days ago +1

    I was trying to were foundation and it looked like I was peanut butter baby too! 🤣🤣🤣

  • ASMR queen
    ASMR queen 17 days ago

    Thank you so much for making videos because I’m sick right now and you’re making me feel happy and make me feel a lot better

  • Naina N
    Naina N 17 days ago +1

    you make it work gurl!

  • briget snow
    briget snow 17 days ago +1

    i i just didn’t have lipgloss

  • Emma Calderon
    Emma Calderon 17 days ago

    Donate to Liza for when she pokes her eye out

  • Whippy Daisy
    Whippy Daisy 18 days ago +1

    Stop using him as a tool!

    Hahah! Wait, that didn't even make you laugh? Every time, it's either cringe or humor that made you laugh face it.

  • India Cade
    India Cade 18 days ago

    Omg you did a great job but you are so brave for doing that and funny and creative

  • Toxic Angel
    Toxic Angel 18 days ago +1

    How to go to the E.R 101

  • sandy Cortez
    sandy Cortez 19 days ago

    Hey Liza I love you I really want to meet you but now I can't because the doctor said that I have cancer your probably not going to see this bye little Latina girl out bye

  • Blue Monday
    Blue Monday 21 day ago

    Umm.. why is this my everyday look. Do I need help. Probably. I’m lonely. Soooo umm can we go get del taco..

  • Bambii
    Bambii 22 days ago +1

    2019 anybody? 2083 Anybody?

  • Guadalupe Perez
    Guadalupe Perez 22 days ago

    Person: You look amazing what pallet are you using?
    Liza: toolbox by morphe
    Lol idk😂😂😂

  • Jasmination Animation
    Jasmination Animation 23 days ago

    The reason its called hardware is because its hard-to-wear xd

  • Bailey Craig
    Bailey Craig 23 days ago

    I have watched this like a million times

  • Diamond Dean
    Diamond Dean 24 days ago

    A drill bit I'm gonna nail this

  • Kristina Maciel
    Kristina Maciel 26 days ago

    She's talking about but she's beautiful like if you agree before you say something no I'm not asking for like I'm just asking for agreement

  • Finnmaterrach Ingram
    Finnmaterrach Ingram 26 days ago +1

    13k comments 😮wow

  • Imogen LC
    Imogen LC 26 days ago

    Watch the clock

  • Miruna
    Miruna 27 days ago

    People always look *SO* different with fake eyelashes ;-;

  • aspen the puppy
    aspen the puppy 27 days ago

    She still looks better than when I do my makeup normally

  • Jullyane Almeida
    Jullyane Almeida 29 days ago

    Liza took 2 hours to film this

  • Amanda Broomell
    Amanda Broomell 29 days ago

    I will do it at school

  • CCGamerGirl
    CCGamerGirl Month ago

    you threw an AVRIL LAVIGNE meme in there?

  • Daneeka Zlatovich
    Daneeka Zlatovich Month ago +1

    *Eyebrows still look good while using hardware tools 🛠*

  • Larray Fan
    Larray Fan Month ago

    thats what she said...

  • my amazing cat Tarzan

    roses are red violets are blue, I love liza Koshy and liza Koshy two

  • pippa johnson
    pippa johnson Month ago

    1:30 relatable...

  • lola life Addo
    lola life Addo Month ago

    Go and look at mine Liza

  • Gabriela Perez
    Gabriela Perez Month ago

    She is the pun queen

  • The one that got away
    The one that got away Month ago +1

    What's with the 4 :20

  • Mia Cantu
    Mia Cantu Month ago

    DO MORE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angle Girl
    Angle Girl Month ago +3

    It did look pretty good

  • Molly & Lucy
    Molly & Lucy Month ago +1

    Beauty gurus are quaking 😝😝😝😋😋😋

  • ColtonfromPA216 up
    ColtonfromPA216 up Month ago +1

    2:47 did she say Hillary mustache

  • It’s just Sophie
    It’s just Sophie Month ago +1

    All the punsssss

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon Month ago +1

    Tiny baby hitler mustaches

  • Ria Singhal
    Ria Singhal Month ago

    i dont put makeup because i am in 3 grade

  • manomia mailo
    manomia mailo Month ago


  • Sandy Juarez
    Sandy Juarez Month ago

    Lmao I have that eyeshadow I got it at Walmart lmaooooo🤣🤣🤣

  • anniesmiles
    anniesmiles Month ago +1

    all the makeup she used was e.l.f. cosmetics *cool*

  • Concepción María CAZES

    James Charles should watch this!

  • ollie
    ollie Month ago

    It's just very rough around the edges

  • Yasmitha groodoyal
    Yasmitha groodoyal Month ago +1

    you look beautiful without make up.💖💟👏😍😘👄💋👏👏😎

  • Blessinn lyon
    Blessinn lyon Month ago

    I have the same eye shadow

  • Gacha -Nita
    Gacha -Nita Month ago

    How the HECK did you come up with this?

  • Becky Shaw-Williams

    Can I do this at a friend's house

  • jadalynnscr8
    jadalynnscr8 Month ago

    James Charles who?! (Jk I love James Charles and Liza so no hate )

  • Rebecca Baez
    Rebecca Baez Month ago


  • Sarah Holo E. Visalga


  • Clara Moreno
    Clara Moreno Month ago

    It took her 2hours to make1 video 😮

  • Wolfie _heart
    Wolfie _heart Month ago

    Who else says yeah when she does

  • Jamilton & Lams For Da Win

    *she said he's a skater boi she said see ya later boi*

  • Payton Hutchinson
    Payton Hutchinson Month ago

    When I clicked on this video it was 4:20 it was no planned I love you liza

  • David Fubuster
    David Fubuster Month ago

    Wtf is she doing? Lol. Still one beautiful lady.

  • Maria Adon
    Maria Adon Month ago

    When I was little I thought it looked good but now I see it and uh girl

  • Sydney Freedom
    Sydney Freedom Month ago

    SO MANY PUNS 😂😂😂

  • Karina Acosta
    Karina Acosta Month ago

    Liza is cuter than Joey

  • WellHelloThere
    WellHelloThere Month ago


  • Kristen Thiart
    Kristen Thiart Month ago

    The results was good

  • UnicornLover 22
    UnicornLover 22 Month ago

    3:23 XD

  • Queen Antonia
    Queen Antonia Month ago

    OMG THAT LOOKS EAY BETTER THEN I EXPECTED!! You look amazing!!!!!There were some bumps but that’s still better then I could do!!!😂😂😍😍😍😍

  • Vanity V Paraharm
    Vanity V Paraharm Month ago

    Your the beautiful one.

  • Mia Shoard
    Mia Shoard Month ago

    you don't look like a scatter boy

  • peopleandanimalslovm

    "Mic drop who?"

  • Together Forever
    Together Forever Month ago

    That looks good so good

  • AthenaJoy
    AthenaJoy Month ago

    the sad thing is it looks better than when i do my make up

  • AthenaJoy
    AthenaJoy Month ago

    "That's why they call it hardware"

  • AthenaJoy
    AthenaJoy Month ago

    I should do this everymorning before school