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  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
  • We are the changing the game in First Class travel. Inspired by @MercedesBenz, our new fully enclosed @Boeing 777 First Class Private Suites have floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, and combine smart technology and intelligent design to deliver function, luxury and comfort.
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  • Kittycorn Sparkle!
    Kittycorn Sparkle! 13 hours ago

    Anyone who can afford this, can afford the whole freaking plane

  • Pegasoos
    Pegasoos 21 hour ago +1

    It’s the KOKONUT

  • aliea mahmood
    aliea mahmood Day ago

    At 1:04 it was so nice and cool

  • Sakina Amrin
    Sakina Amrin Day ago

    Why there is on tv and vidio game


    The should offer sexual Services on demand!!

  • Money Kicks 1M
    Money Kicks 1M 2 days ago

    The best

  • Master Aie ,
    Master Aie , 2 days ago

    Waiting for casey neistat to review this

  • BelligerentTruth
    BelligerentTruth 2 days ago

    Clearly they prefer white people as guests. I know I do.

    MUSTAFAJAFFERY 2 days ago

    All this for very short period you can't buy luxury when you are 6 feet under.

  • Sa-ZAD Prasla
    Sa-ZAD Prasla 2 days ago

    inspired by Mercedes and costs as much as Mercedes too

  • Guzel Ganieva
    Guzel Ganieva 2 days ago

    О, такая роскошь бывает?

  • prabhu bhuvana
    prabhu bhuvana 2 days ago

    This new flights not for india right emirates

  • Male Sensitivity
    Male Sensitivity 3 days ago

    This pisses me the fuck off. I can't even afford a goddamn first class ticket on Delta let alone this white ass corporate bullshit. Fuck everyone in this commercial. i hope they all burn in hell and get AIDS.

  • Angi3 Msp letz go
    Angi3 Msp letz go 3 days ago


  • Mr G
    Mr G 3 days ago

    This song always make remind me about Dubai.

  • batt3ryac1d
    batt3ryac1d 3 days ago

    $30,000 jack off suite

  • Steve SKP
    Steve SKP 3 days ago

    Looks more like an Isolation Chamber than a 1st class suite, imagine 2 x 8-hour flights from Manchester to Manila couped up like that, no thanks.

  • yusuf ahmed
    yusuf ahmed 3 days ago

    Please give me a free ride on the first class Emirates it would be a dream come true

  • Humeid Al-Habsi
    Humeid Al-Habsi 3 days ago

    why so LONLY,,,, i want to travle with my wife in First Class

  • Tasty Foods
    Tasty Foods 3 days ago

    economy class in every airline is just like local trains ..

  • Tasty Foods
    Tasty Foods 3 days ago

    this is really awesome but will be too expensive .

  • I made My life
    I made My life 3 days ago

    I would be happy if they provide an in cabin -mid air -hole to have fun with 🤩😜

  • Christopher M
    Christopher M 3 days ago

    False advertising. It took nearly 9.2 seconds for my Margaux Chateau Bordeaux blend to arrive when I telepathically ordered it. This kind of service is simply unacceptable.

  • Adidas Originals
    Adidas Originals 3 days ago

    Ahhhhhh. One day... One day

  • Виталий Belyi

    Elite ritual service

    FIRST SEX 4 days ago first video

  • Harry Baals
    Harry Baals 4 days ago

    Can I bring 2 luggages of maverick merch and hang them in the bathroom?

  • Funniez Summer
    Funniez Summer 4 days ago


  • Murtaz K
    Murtaz K 4 days ago

    Only indian tycoons can afford this sevices

  • Raymond John
    Raymond John 4 days ago

    Just a show off to loot people's money..

  • Митя Никонов

    Мажоры жируют...

  • Yohanes Kurniawan
    Yohanes Kurniawan 4 days ago

    What i hate about the first class is the fake windows

  • cocojumbo
    cocojumbo 4 days ago

    or you can fly economy and save the money for hookers

  • Renovator
    Renovator 4 days ago +1

    People are gonna hot box the hell out of those small ass suites with farts. Everyone gets hella gassy on flights cuz of the air pressure change.

  • александр фокс

    срочно такие на линию москва хабаровск

  • Swel
    Swel 4 days ago

    У Эмирэйтс наверное лучшее предложение в первом классе.

  • احمد السناني2

    ياخي خلاص الامارات صارت رهيييبة لدرجة اني بديت اكرهها احس اني كلب وهم الاذكياء

  • Miguel Alegre
    Miguel Alegre 4 days ago


  • David Furlan
    David Furlan 4 days ago

    It looks splendid, astonishing, and unfortunately to me, unaffordable.

  • Ahmed Uzair
    Ahmed Uzair 4 days ago

    Emirates wanna sponser me?????

  • Ahmed Uzair
    Ahmed Uzair 4 days ago

    Emirates wanna sponser me?????

  • Andrew Rothman
    Andrew Rothman 4 days ago

    Anyone who can afford this isn’t watching ads on YouTube.

  • CuriousGoods
    CuriousGoods 4 days ago

    I thought the Actress Jennifer Aniston was still promoting this Airline as she did for the Boeing A380 Ad...

  • Ethan Barrs
    Ethan Barrs 5 days ago

    they could have at least spelled "COLOR" right

  • TheOneAndOnlyBattleCatter 9028

    shouldn't first class have like, a ejector seat and like, a parachute if anything goes wrong, i mean it shouldn't be like, "oh, my dad died on first class, he spent $3,000,000 dollars and he died so um...", now that would be bad

  • Daniel Edwards
    Daniel Edwards 5 days ago

    mile high club!!!!

  • The Bisaya Connection


  • Dirty Plumbus
    Dirty Plumbus 5 days ago

    How much fucking money do you have to wasted on this shit like if this is $20,000 that flight better be 12 hours long minimum and that still won't be worth the money I would need around the clock ball sack adjustment to make sure my nuts are the perfect adequate temperature at all times and there is no stress on the veins to improve Maxim circulation and that's just the start of my requirements for that cost!!! I am out raged

  • Ahmed Raza
    Ahmed Raza 5 days ago

    If you had an option to go in either etihad residence or emirates new first class, which will you choose
    I would go for emirates personally

  • Shadow Law Leader
    Shadow Law Leader 5 days ago +1

    Everything except for a private bathroom?

  • Ben Larsen
    Ben Larsen 5 days ago

    My living room is nicer.

  • immaculateAMG
    immaculateAMG 5 days ago

    Fuck all these Crackers may death come 2 you all

  • Charles Darwin
    Charles Darwin 5 days ago +1

    I'm surprised to see a Muslim Airlines have women in the commercial.

  • tmetm13
    tmetm13 5 days ago

    so u basically can have sex on a plane now and get away with it

  • Vimal Studios
    Vimal Studios 5 days ago

    Why can they increase the economy configuration from 3-4-3 to 2-3-2?
    After all their major profit comes from First & Business class and economy class is just paying the gasoline bills..!

  • trophix
    trophix 5 days ago +1

    No thanks, I'll pay for First-Class when you guys start having parachutes under the seats.

  • Royce Muzic
    Royce Muzic 5 days ago

    Oh look something else I can't afford! Thanks!

  • kiwiterran1
    kiwiterran1 5 days ago

    wireless remote control dang ! i only got an wired remote control =(

  • Adnan Amin
    Adnan Amin 5 days ago

    The real question is, how come theyre all white people in this?

  • FunAsEva
    FunAsEva 5 days ago

    Very soon i will be again!

  • Gianni Giumpup
    Gianni Giumpup 5 days ago

    Always so cozy and comfortable-looking.... What a bunch of slo-mo crap. The plane is constantly jiggling and wiggling.... Picture yourself resting luxuriously in a bed during the inevitable turbulence. Then the barking: "Raise your seats! Seatbelts, everybody! "
    Baloney advertising.

  • Yehya Aljerjawi
    Yehya Aljerjawi 5 days ago

    How many body parts do I have to sell

  • insane reply
    insane reply 5 days ago

    nice 🙂

  • Azio Prism
    Azio Prism 5 days ago +1

    *Previous Emirates first class suite obviously wasn't good enough anymore.*

  • Cryogenic
    Cryogenic 5 days ago +1

    777 - 111 = 666 this is the devils plane.

  • tragoedia veritas
    tragoedia veritas 5 days ago +25

    I don’t know what’s the point of this ad. If you’re rich enough to afford this chances are you already knew about this before the general public. Must be a way to taunt the upper middle class and below

  • bittersweet
    bittersweet 5 days ago

    Maybe, when I win the lotto then I could afford to travel like this.

  • Obey Amma
    Obey Amma 5 days ago

    Must be nice

    AAFANTASTIC 5 days ago

    Casey Neista's name written all over it.

  • jasonjinx
    jasonjinx 5 days ago

    do some ludes and get on board

  • Rikardo Ruszo
    Rikardo Ruszo 5 days ago


  • Trevor J
    Trevor J 5 days ago

    I’ll walk

  • Carson Lujan
    Carson Lujan 5 days ago

    Plane would be good if they weren’t Muslims

  • Mritsonlyaname
    Mritsonlyaname 5 days ago


  • HEJ _
    HEJ _ 5 days ago

    يا سلام لو قدرنا نروح دبي في الدرجة الاولى D: يلا ان شاء الله الخطوط السعودية تواكبكم وتصير فخمة مثل الاماراتية :)

  • Peter Ash
    Peter Ash 5 days ago +4

    The ticket probably costs enough to buy your own damn jet

  • Battle of the rocks
    Battle of the rocks 5 days ago +2

    Wireless remote? that's been around since the 80s you Idiot

  • Arabian horses
    Arabian horses 5 days ago

    To expansive

  • LickAStix
    LickAStix 5 days ago +1

    And I'm over here sitting in a seat that seems to be for a toddler back the economy section

  • Alf Pa
    Alf Pa 5 days ago +3


  • Juneid Mosaheb
    Juneid Mosaheb 5 days ago +1

    Getting in the Mile High Club has never been easier! Book your tickets now!

  • Troll Gangs
    Troll Gangs 5 days ago


  • mæstro mÜgre
    mæstro mÜgre 5 days ago +2

    I will file this under 'things i will never experience'

  • Jasdeep Bindra
    Jasdeep Bindra 5 days ago

    what a lonely way to travel

  • diptrollmatic relations

    Wireless remote!?! What a time to be alive

  • Hood Rat
    Hood Rat 5 days ago +1

    I can only dream

  • Claudia Claudia
    Claudia Claudia 5 days ago

    How much?

  • I Shrestha
    I Shrestha 5 days ago

    Everyone is interested in this stupid shit cause of Casey hahaha

  • Anna Fresa
    Anna Fresa 5 days ago

    Meanwhile economy class passengers struggle with uncomfortable seats and small leg room :D :D

  • Evan Halnon
    Evan Halnon 5 days ago

    How much did Emirates pay to be on trending?

  • TayborTalk Gaming
    TayborTalk Gaming 5 days ago

    Who could afford this

  • x2ceyez
    x2ceyez 5 days ago

    Meanwhile im stuck between 2 overweight passengers in coach with no on flight entertainment and a crying baby

  • Zippymax1
    Zippymax1 5 days ago +2

    I wonder how much it would cost me to move in and live permanently in one--i.e. have one suite set aside for me so I can stay on board for every flight, or lock up my suite and leave the flight whenever I like and meet the plane later and still have the suite waiting for me--for as long as the plane remains in service. This would obviously include all the food, drink, and services.
    I'm guessing $20M or so to buy one like a condo. The plane could probably hold 50 or so suites...that's a billion for the airline. A 777 costs about $320 million. That leaves $680 billion for Emirates to fuel, staff, and repair the plane for 20 or 30 years.

  • Exquisite FuckBoy
    Exquisite FuckBoy 5 days ago +3

    How about giving a damn about the economy class cabin?

    • Nuke Warz
      Nuke Warz 5 days ago

      Exquisite FuckBoy Economy is useless to airlines. Literally all of their money comes from firsts and business class.

  • ComradeGaming
    ComradeGaming 5 days ago


  • LunarX
    LunarX 5 days ago


  • skte2die
    skte2die 5 days ago +1

    I’m pretty sure 98% of the people who clicked on this, will never be able to afford it. Even if they worked for 2 lifetimes straight! 🙁

  • StarKiller
    StarKiller 5 days ago

    I'd pay an extra 30 dollars for that.

  • Lily Jones
    Lily Jones 5 days ago

    Best way to die.

  • Matthew Vincent
    Matthew Vincent 5 days ago


    pssst: have you heard of Casey Neistat?