New Emirates First Class Suite | Boeing 777 | Emirates

  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
  • We are the changing the game in First Class travel. Inspired by @MercedesBenz, our new fully enclosed @Boeing 777 First Class Private Suites have floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, and combine smart technology and intelligent design to deliver function, luxury and comfort.
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  • Mariumshorkar Mariumshorkar

    I love you Emirates

  • Zoozy G
    Zoozy G 3 days ago

    Yes yess The Boojie ones have All that Shit while back in economic You cant even Breath

  • My Vlogs
    My Vlogs 3 days ago

    I'm going first class to Dubai in three years time

  • adelathepic 04
    adelathepic 04 4 days ago

    only if i could afford this

  • 柯提米
    柯提米 4 days ago


  • Padumuttaro Sattasaro

    hai emitates beli pesawat baro dong

  • Nazeer Jalbani
    Nazeer Jalbani 7 days ago


  • leogameritalia
    leogameritalia 7 days ago

    I love emirates i Fly Like 125 time

  • Светлана Иванова

    Классно , вот бы полетать также

  • Naser Hamad
    Naser Hamad 8 days ago

    The dream

  • hendi cos
    hendi cos 10 days ago

    until daed i'll never fill it ...

  • GotProRobloxianPilot shwanTATA

    This is a first class rom!

  • Maxwell Montgomery
    Maxwell Montgomery 13 days ago

    HAH you spent 10,000 to get from once place to another :) gud job m8

  • mitch blum
    mitch blum 15 days ago

    But what happens if you just go right to bed in the fart sack?

  • Mohamed Tarek
    Mohamed Tarek 15 days ago

    ما شاء الله جميل بالتوفيق لاخواننا في الامارات

  • Deadpool the one
    Deadpool the one 18 days ago

    This is really cool but wen im big i think ill sleep there and just 7 days im 10 befure im 9 and dan boom im 10 X3 and Dont forged im a girl :3

  • Oickled Pnion
    Oickled Pnion 18 days ago

    Will the A380 seats be changed soon as well?

  • 10K Subs Without Any Videos

    when a planseat is better than a real room...

  • Bloxpug
    Bloxpug 20 days ago

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy why is it soo expensive.

  • Emerates Airlines
    Emerates Airlines 22 days ago


  • Hakk n' Bass
    Hakk n' Bass 22 days ago


  • John C. Hastie
    John C. Hastie 25 days ago

    From. Where to where

  • Zeid 3rd
    Zeid 3rd 26 days ago

    Logan and me are everything is just what we

  • ClubClass
    ClubClass 26 days ago

    I wish my bedroom at home was as nice!

  • sameera Talat
    sameera Talat 28 days ago

    Wow that's so awesome!

  • Mr Finnish
    Mr Finnish 28 days ago

    We need moneeeey... -Emirates

  • sajid yadgiri
    sajid yadgiri Month ago

    Very best service of Emirates airlines in the world thank you very much Dubai princes

  • Explosive Rift
    Explosive Rift Month ago

    PLAY OF THE GAME:Emirates

  • magic_ fox
    magic_ fox Month ago

    i see first time first suite in my life

  • Luke Dawson
    Luke Dawson Month ago

    Holy shit

  • naufal junior
    naufal junior Month ago

    anyone came after watching casey's vlog?

  • Urwa Mawra
    Urwa Mawra Month ago +1

    It's affordable for a millionaire or someone just 10% low to it

  • shahzad siddiq
    shahzad siddiq Month ago

    What about sweet room ?

    TMVIDEO EU Month ago

    The new business class in Emirates - OMG !! No direct isle for each seat ? Moreover 2-3-2 seat configuration ? Big step back to 20th century, dear management ! I think, it is a shame for 4* airline as Emirates which would like to be 5*... They bet on rebuilding the first class cabin and try to make promotions as big step for comfort. They forget for other classes, especially a lucrative segment of business class. For me - a big regret !

  • fluffyfour
    fluffyfour Month ago

    That's lovely, but what happens if people want to travel together and talk to each other? There doesn't even seem to be a way they can eat together in the cabin?

  • JunkysS
    JunkysS Month ago

    better then 380

  • Sweet99flavors Lovers GodlyAizl321

    Is There A Restroom In The Suite Cause Some Of Us Needed To Pee

  • Pams
    Pams Month ago

    Eddie Q. You and your mother are missing the point. .Do you really think that people travel 1st class are daft enough to think it's safer? Of course not.Obviously it's for the comfort and services that it provides. If the plane goes down I'm pretty sure that they're not thinking , as the plane plummets, ' oh hell but I'll be fine I'm in first class !'

  • Parsya Petrana krkrkr

    I dosen't want to sleep in that kind of luxury i mean cool suite

  • al Khwarismi
    al Khwarismi Month ago

    And yet it is far from perfect since the beautiful people will still have to breathe the air blown through the unwashed sector. Oh the horror, the stench...

  • al Khwarismi
    al Khwarismi Month ago

    Funny how the models move slowly, sloooowly. Is that how the filthy rich move around?

  • Kevin L
    Kevin L Month ago +1

    As an American it sucks that all the best airlines are in the Mid East. American airlines just suck.

  • Nishant Modak
    Nishant Modak Month ago

    They copied Singapore airlines

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith Month ago

    Starting from $21,000...

  • CoconutGames
    CoconutGames Month ago

    I’m not paying $2000 more

  • Umberto Fournier
    Umberto Fournier Month ago

    yea but how much is it

  • Kaidenater 52
    Kaidenater 52 Month ago

    Emirates is my favourite airline

  • Yellow Bandit
    Yellow Bandit Month ago

    I want to repeat again, WOW, beautiful video!

  • Aymane Khalil
    Aymane Khalil Month ago

    Guys I swear I just got free.$ from this amazing website: (just go to)=>

  • Laugh and play
    Laugh and play Month ago

    💝💝 Emirates

  • Akinsola Salami
    Akinsola Salami Month ago

    no black people #problematic

  • Cycling Cycles
    Cycling Cycles Month ago

    "Wireless remote control"
    The million dollar invention right there!
    I'm guessing they also serve boneless pizza.

  • l Dynamite
    l Dynamite Month ago

    Tomorrow i am going to Ireland by emirates can't wait

  • drbloxmaster666 roblox

    Hi I am lolololol punk one and city train and plane andv

  • drbloxmaster666 roblox


  • Extreme_Gamer24 Mr. Anderson

    One word: Beautiful. Clear winner against united, delta, and American.

  • D Me
    D Me Month ago

    You still can't open the window & do the arm-flying thingy, so....fuck it.

  • Laugh and play
    Laugh and play Month ago

    Love Emirates

  • FuriousGem1 Ayan
    FuriousGem1 Ayan Month ago

    Emirates, I love your design including Mercedes Benz. Good Job

  • Maddie 1901
    Maddie 1901 Month ago

    ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Giri Indriyawan
    Giri Indriyawan Month ago

    Nice air laner emirates

  • É a tropa
    É a tropa Month ago

    I would say that this renovation of the Emirates is excellent! There's more space! Loved the first class renovation for 2018!

  • Flying Club
    Flying Club Month ago

    #LoveEmirates !!!❤️✈️

  • Harikrishnan Raja
    Harikrishnan Raja Month ago

    if they want to do an outer view of their plane then they use P3D or FSX

  • ƬψƬ Λє
    ƬψƬ Λє Month ago

    I wish I had more money...

  • Vanessa B
    Vanessa B Month ago

    Great suite to jack off in.

  • Thicha Jamjaeng
    Thicha Jamjaeng Month ago

    I love it.

  • ariyagksk Tk
    ariyagksk Tk Month ago +1

    Made by a School Kid 11 Uniqueness of UAE

  • Tanmay Srivastava
    Tanmay Srivastava Month ago

    I have a bigger tv , a bigger room and also a wireless remote in my home. Why the hell should I spend somuch on this.

  • Nika Papac
    Nika Papac Month ago

    I am fly with these airplane

  • salini suresh
    salini suresh Month ago

    Cant wait to travel next year👅

  • Siennatgirl
    Siennatgirl Month ago

    Meanwhile economy passengers crammed in back get to pay for this ! U need to stop ✋🏻

  • Mahantha Udayar Hanumanthaiyah

    Whatever.... when disaster Takes place it doesn't distinguish and recognize between the first class and economy.

  • Nassori Sea
    Nassori Sea Month ago

    F*ck this shit I'm out

  • Typical Kelvin
    Typical Kelvin Month ago

    *****************************unlimited stars love it Emirates keep it up!

  • praveen sharma
    praveen sharma Month ago


  • Golden Boy
    Golden Boy Month ago

    First Class = Rich people

  • Sophie Leishman-Stewart

    I'm flying first class in January

  • Senor eggnogs
    Senor eggnogs 2 months ago

    why would we pay $30,000 for this when we can hire a private jet for 50 -60k ??

  • Kittycorn Sparkle!
    Kittycorn Sparkle! 2 months ago

    Anyone who can afford this, can afford the whole freaking plane

  • Pegasoos
    Pegasoos 2 months ago +1

    It’s the KOKONUT

  • aliea mahmood
    aliea mahmood 2 months ago

    At 1:04 it was so nice and cool

  • Sakina Amrin
    Sakina Amrin 2 months ago

    Why there is on tv and vidio game

    ARMOR PIERCER 2 months ago

    The should offer sexual Services on demand!!

  • Master Aie ,
    Master Aie , 2 months ago

    Waiting for casey neistat to review this

  • BelligerentTruth
    BelligerentTruth 2 months ago

    Clearly they prefer white people as guests. I know I do.

    MUSTAFAJAFFERY 2 months ago

    All this for very short period you can't buy luxury when you are 6 feet under.

  • Sa-ZAD Prasla
    Sa-ZAD Prasla 2 months ago

    inspired by Mercedes and costs as much as Mercedes too

  • Znak G
    Znak G 2 months ago

    О, такая роскошь бывает?

  • prabhu bhuvana
    prabhu bhuvana 2 months ago

    This new flights not for india right emirates

  • Male Sensitivity
    Male Sensitivity 2 months ago

    This pisses me the fuck off. I can't even afford a goddamn first class ticket on Delta let alone this white ass corporate bullshit. Fuck everyone in this commercial. i hope they all burn in hell and get AIDS.

  • Angi3 Msp letz go
    Angi3 Msp letz go 2 months ago


  • Mr G
    Mr G 2 months ago

    This song always make remind me about Dubai.

  • batt3ryac1d
    batt3ryac1d 2 months ago

    $30,000 jack off suite

  • Steve Procter
    Steve Procter 2 months ago +1

    Looks more like an Isolation Chamber than a 1st class suite, imagine 2 x 8-hour flights from Manchester to Manila couped up like that, no thanks.

  • yusuf ahmed
    yusuf ahmed 2 months ago

    Please give me a free ride on the first class Emirates it would be a dream come true

  • Humeid Al-Habsi
    Humeid Al-Habsi 2 months ago

    why so LONLY,,,, i want to travle with my wife in First Class

  • Tasty Foods
    Tasty Foods 2 months ago

    economy class in every airline is just like local trains ..

  • Tasty Foods
    Tasty Foods 2 months ago

    this is really awesome but will be too expensive .

  • I made My life
    I made My life 2 months ago

    I would be happy if they provide an in cabin -mid air -hole to have fun with 🤩😜