Adele Absolutely HATES Gordon’s Expensive Restaurant Makeover | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Jun 14, 2017
    She hates everything!
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  • Kitchen Nightmares
    Kitchen Nightmares  Year ago +2321

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    • Forbidden Rugs
      Forbidden Rugs 3 days ago

      Kitchen Nightmares hates blue as she is wearing blue

    • Joy Harbour
      Joy Harbour 5 months ago

      Please put the season and episode in the description of the video..

    • Aiya Kumo
      Aiya Kumo 7 months ago

      I like the place but the new name is stupid

    • rottingemptiness
      rottingemptiness 7 months ago

      I despise suckerberg's garbage

    • phillip lee
      phillip lee 8 months ago

      Kitchen Nightmares i dont like blue so much for the good times so much for the fun

  • BTS is not Behind The Scene Idiot

    adele: I hate bbq chicken wings they taste like bbq sauce

  • Ploppy Ploppy
    Ploppy Ploppy 6 hours ago

    Stupid old cunt .

  • Drkwatch
    Drkwatch 6 hours ago

    "I've saved your business!"
    "...I hate it..."
    "But...but I made it bett-"

  • Aiden Sedillo
    Aiden Sedillo 7 hours ago

    Well. Adele is a useless piece of shit. She’s a lonely asshole and needs to get a used to how she wants her customers like everything. Or her. What a selfish loset

  • Domino Classact
    Domino Classact 7 hours ago

    Adele baby girl, how you gonna hate your own eye color. Come on sugar we know you lyin

  • nword nword
    nword nword 7 hours ago

    1:53 is dat @angrygrandpa sister (r.i.p agp)

  • Stephan Svanz
    Stephan Svanz 9 hours ago

    Pity the children.

  • Alyssa Shildt
    Alyssa Shildt 11 hours ago

    Ok adele what color do you want?

  • Itsyaboi Soup
    Itsyaboi Soup 12 hours ago

    Guys, don’t hate her for something she hates lol. Imagine someone changing something you love

  • Moo
    Moo 13 hours ago

    Jordan should be an interior designer lol ( he probably didn’t do it himself but idk) Mr Kate is *quaking* ,not as hard as Adele tho

  • Angel Llanas
    Angel Llanas 16 hours ago

    If she don’t like color blue then why she wearing a blue shirt in 4:26

  • Cosmic Lyrics
    Cosmic Lyrics 17 hours ago

    The colour blue isn't are the one who's ugly old lady. The old version looked like a primitive place...

    MR. POPPER 20 hours ago

    I hate big menus

  • Jertery
    Jertery 22 hours ago

    she is actually so disrespectful...

  • Aero james Orongan
    Aero james Orongan 22 hours ago

    Im going to wait for her to pass, and tell her how does it taste now.

  • Jason Wohl
    Jason Wohl 23 hours ago

    “I hate the color blue”
    4:24 *Weirs the color blue*

  • spengi the strange engie

    Adele mispronounced regret and said regrate

  • WigglyDiggly Who

    She’s going to cry because Adele hates the color blue

  • Undead Helly
    Undead Helly Day ago

    Omg 4:25 in dying XD "I hate salmon it tastes like fish"

  • D T
    D T Day ago

    I think it's just cuz she's too proud to admit Gordon did good. I can understand not liking some things, but here she hated EVERYTHING.

  • Abby Ardiente
    Abby Ardiente Day ago

    1:27 that girl sounded like pearl from spongebob

  • Ellirocks12345 ROBLOX

    aww i feel bad for gordon. he worked hard and she's like; "I HATE IT" Shes so rude

  • Shubhs
    Shubhs Day ago

    Adele hates the color blue...

    Her eyes are blue. Time to cry about that. Time to poke them out.....

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Day ago

    How rude and ungrateful. He pulled all that money to save your ass and you can’t even be grateful and say “thank you”.

  • Calum Stanley
    Calum Stanley Day ago

    It’s ugly? Bitch look at u

  • boop beep bop
    boop beep bop Day ago +3

    she's probably dead by now so that doesn't matter

  • Lenon Lim
    Lenon Lim Day ago

    It's okay, her opinion doesn't matter, she will die in a few years anyway LOLLLL.

  • Sophie
    Sophie 2 days ago +1

    I’m not gonna lie I liked the dining room before.

  • Andretti
    Andretti 2 days ago +1

    adele u r so STUPID

  • Blackish Rosez
    Blackish Rosez 2 days ago +5

    Adele is like an old brat though... The makeover is for the business not for her self. She's acting like everything tastes bad to put Ramsay down and what salmon would not taste like fish I mean wth? and she said she hates blue but why would you damn wear a blue outfit in last part
    if you hate the color blue

  • MaryArts
    MaryArts 2 days ago

    Who decided on the tables and chairs though next to this dark wall...

  • Freedom Through Knowledge

    She's not a bad person. Change can be traumatic and some people are very sensitive to it. To get through to her, we need to understand why she's so attached to the old, unsuccessful restaurant.

    • Mark
      Mark Day ago

      I agree, people are being really hard on her, but she was clearly attached to something there. It can also be tough with it all being so out of your control. I really wouldn’t like the idea of e.g. someone coming and renovating my whole house without me having any say in it, even if it was done really nicely. We all have our tastes and preferences as well as desire to have a say in things. I feel like they sort of get handed something completely different that would be hard to feel like you had ownership over, it would feel like running someone else’s restaurant.

  • Daydreemur
    Daydreemur 2 days ago +1

    I get personal opinion but when someone spends thousands of dollars on you with no consequences you at least have to fake being happy

  • Megan Dulaney
    Megan Dulaney 2 days ago +2

    Let Gordon come and renovate my house

  • Celtic Blues
    Celtic Blues 2 days ago

    adele is a moron. It's ok she'll be dead soon hopefully. Typical whinging old bitch

  • Saif Almasri
    Saif Almasri 2 days ago +1

    She's so rude

  • Ohnoes I lost my hat
    Ohnoes I lost my hat 2 days ago +6

    Adele: I hate ice cubes. They taste like water. Bleh.

  • aliyah yurchak
    aliyah yurchak 2 days ago

    1:47 😂

  • Alpaca_Gachalife
    Alpaca_Gachalife 2 days ago +1

    “I HaTe SaMoN iT, It TaSteS LiKe FiSh” really? Oh man I thought it would taste like chicken nuggets hmmm. 🤭
    This girl needs to retire..

  • Nancy Girl
    Nancy Girl 3 days ago +2

    People are not gonna go in with Adele’s

    *B I G F A T A T T I T U D E*

  • Miguel Vincent
    Miguel Vincent 3 days ago

    If u don't like blue why are u wearing blue

  • Luka
    Luka 3 days ago +1

    "I hate the salmon.....tastes like a fish."
    What the fuck, Adele? What. The. Fuck?

  • Redgle
    Redgle 3 days ago +1

    Leave it to the old hag to not like change

  • Xeno
    Xeno 3 days ago +1

    U can tell she’s an old grump

  • Noshy 2
    Noshy 2 3 days ago

    God I hate in denial people.

  • Sbe-jb !
    Sbe-jb ! 3 days ago +1

    Stupid old bitch. It looks so nice

  • Kernel McFernal
    Kernel McFernal 4 days ago +1

    Adele - “I hate the color blue”

    *then proceeds to wear a blue shirt*

  • candy-kat! kitty-lichious!

    adele seems to be the oldest one there and it shows. not because of wrinkles or white hair but her hate of change. how petty and grumpy she is about absolutely everything because it changed, regardless of if it's actually good or not.
    the "I hate salmon" part is just icing on the cake too.

    • Maddie whatever
      Maddie whatever 6 hours ago

      I wouldn't say it's because she's old, but it's a big part of it. Instead of embracing that it's time to change she's holding onto the past. Like when she was younger and traveling to the breach. The people who accept change are the happiest, the people who fight it are the ones who grow bitter

  • Jonathan Franck
    Jonathan Franck 4 days ago

    I don’t know, those new chairs are pretty crazy. Maybe I also don’t like the colour blue.

  • cow bear show!
    cow bear show! 4 days ago +1

    What did blue do to her?

  • Samueljacob GuerrereroR

    I know that we must respect elders but this lady makes me want to shout at her all the inssaults I know in English and Spanish.

  • savage diamonds
    savage diamonds 4 days ago

    Gordon should go to the heart attack grill

  • Wendy’s
    Wendy’s 4 days ago +1

    1:48 this lady looks like she’s about to cry because a person doesn’t like the colour blue

  • Sanny D.
    Sanny D. 4 days ago

    Adele: “Salmon... tastes like a fish.”

    Excuuuuuuse me, m’am. Salmon should taste like fish because salmon IS A FISH

  • Cat Fowler
    Cat Fowler 4 days ago +1

    Why was that lady crying about someone not liking the colour blue?

  • Calum Sharratt
    Calum Sharratt 4 days ago

    Her eyes are blue 🤣

  • YJ Choi
    YJ Choi 5 days ago

    small menu? what??

  • Epic_ 28
    Epic_ 28 5 days ago +2

    Lol 3:38 the train sound effect.

  • Johnathan Zobel
    Johnathan Zobel 5 days ago

    If I was in a room with Adele, Hitler, and Bin Laden and had 2 bullets in a fun, I would shoot Adele twice.

  • Alexdaboss18 8
    Alexdaboss18 8 5 days ago

    I hate pork it tastes like meat

  • katie gill
    katie gill 5 days ago

    Honestly it does look bad like it looks like a shitty diner now...

  • I dont have a name
    I dont have a name 5 days ago

    Her tastes are old..

  • bād bøy
    bād bøy 5 days ago

    Adele : I hate my son he doesn't even have a pussy

  • Charlie Talks
    Charlie Talks 6 days ago

    "OH MY GOOOODDD" stfu

  • MontagZoso
    MontagZoso 6 days ago

    Gratitude. Learn the concept, Adele.

  • Clennardo Pratt
    Clennardo Pratt 6 days ago

    you hate blue look in the mirror at your eyes what color do you see

  • July Baby
    July Baby 6 days ago

    "I hate blue"

  • CallumDoesStuff
    CallumDoesStuff 6 days ago

    Do you reckon she hates blue shirt kid?

  • Shalini Garje
    Shalini Garje 6 days ago +4

    wow she say that she hates colour blue but did anybody noticed that her coat is in blue color . is she color blind

  • Esteban Aguilar
    Esteban Aguilar 6 days ago

    I hate ketchup, taste like tomatoes

  • Kotaku
    Kotaku 6 days ago

    She looks like a hoarder. Ew, open space.

  • Rafe A roman
    Rafe A roman 6 days ago +4

    "I hate blue" been wearing blue the entire show

  • karthik r
    karthik r 7 days ago +3

    I hate blue salmon because I hate blue fish

  • karthik r
    karthik r 7 days ago +1

    Adele: I hate that the water is wet

  • Darkness Cosmics
    Darkness Cosmics 7 days ago +1

    Wait a minute... She says she hates the color blue, is wearing blue anyways... Hmmm

  • Grdnz
    Grdnz 7 days ago

    Hates blue, wtf is that ya hypocrite 4:33

  • Luna Ranger
    Luna Ranger 7 days ago

    Conjunction, junction.
    What’s this bitches function??

  • Celldweller Fangirl
    Celldweller Fangirl 7 days ago

    Yeah sooner people like Adele die the better. Stupid old fucking hag.

  • Ben likes geography
    Ben likes geography 7 days ago

    4:14 thought she hated blue

  • Stephen Wilson
    Stephen Wilson 8 days ago

    4:38 but she's wearing blue!?

  • Jacun Ordep
    Jacun Ordep 8 days ago

    Now I need to watch the full episode...

  • Silverlin
    Silverlin 8 days ago

    "...which is what this community is going to do on a daily basis...they're going to _cum_ together, at The Junction." -- So like, a non-virtual, physical place for the community to go circle jerk, where you can also grab a bite to eat? This question was why I was edited out of the show.

  • Laura Koppens
    Laura Koppens 8 days ago

    what a bitch ill punch her the face i wanted ramsay to go ham on her lol

  • TheDestroyerRTR 3691

    She called a salmon fishy it is a fish 🤨🧐🤔

  • Spongebob Squarepants

    Adele wears a pair of shoes: I hate them! They don’t even look like pears!

  • stewrmo
    stewrmo 8 days ago

    Stupid old cow.

  • Steph's Vids
    Steph's Vids 8 days ago +5

    2:18 - 2:31 this reminds me of something
    (Watches Laura Lees apology video)
    Ahh yes! Of course! 😂😂😂😂

  • Zak
    Zak 8 days ago

    we all hate it when salmon tastes like fish, but tuna taste more like fish

  • Sal Inappropriate
    Sal Inappropriate 8 days ago

    I fucking hate that old bitch lol 😂

  • theincredibletwinkie

    This lady man....
    she needs to retire and embrace change. Man, wish I can find her and SHAKE hee

  • Pasha NASIR
    Pasha NASIR 9 days ago

    Old people can’t accept change . It scares them

  • MochaTea
    MochaTea 9 days ago

    I hate salt, it taste salty.

  • battle cats EXPERT
    battle cats EXPERT 9 days ago

    Adele is a big bass bitch

  • Sam Lutfi
    Sam Lutfi 9 days ago

    I like her music but boy father time has not been kind to her face

  • Thomas Campbell
    Thomas Campbell 9 days ago

    Adele needs her skin patch peeled and picked

  • young prodigy
    young prodigy 10 days ago

    Just get her specifically and exclude her from the restaurant. That would give it a better makeover

  • Jxckzy
    Jxckzy 10 days ago

    Wait wait she hates the colour blue but fucking wears a blue shirt

  • Dylan Hamilton
    Dylan Hamilton 10 days ago

    Did anyone else laugh when she started to cry

  • John Rife
    John Rife 10 days ago

    The kinda lady that eats ketchup on her well done steak.