1993 Porsche Schuppan 962CR - Jay Leno's Garage

  • Published on Aug 20, 2018
  • This legendary car only had one mile on it until Matthew Ivanhoe brought it Jay's garage, where they added a few more!
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    1993 Porsche Schuppan 962CR - Jay Leno's Garage
    Jay Leno's Garage
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Comments • 2 630

  • VinnyL187
    VinnyL187 17 hours ago

    Is it me or did the car get smaller and smaller as the video went on

  • Dumbasslive
    Dumbasslive 2 days ago

    Hahaha this guy looks like Ryan Reynold's chubby older brother..

  • K31TH3R
    K31TH3R 4 days ago

    For the people commenting about the low speeds, I'm not sure you realize what happens when a 2,300lb 90's era car with 550bhp comes up on boost on street tires. With that long gearing, probably 85-90mph in 1st gear, when those turbo's spool you're going from MAYBE 90 ft-lb of torque to 500+ ft-lb nearly instantaneously. It's like an on/off switch for power. You put your foot down in this car, you need to know what you're doing, or you're going to quickly learn a lesson that costs you millions and destroys an iconic piece of car history.

  • Callum Maystone
    Callum Maystone 5 days ago

    “Yeh these are special Brembo’s and it has custom writing on them”, meanwhile, zooms I’m on ALCON

  • Matheau650
    Matheau650 7 days ago

    I always love Leno's Canadian tuxedos

  • acoe Corey R
    acoe Corey R 7 days ago

    I can't believe there are only six and I own one

  • ṖauḶee ḂlueṢtreet

    Absolutely beautiful race car....but, but, but what's with the glue-on chest hairs?

  • Andrew Walker
    Andrew Walker 11 days ago +1

    Lol did they ever top 45mph!!!???

  • Caspar Goodrich
    Caspar Goodrich 11 days ago

    whip it into the infield and put some wear and tear on it lol

  • Yannek Gallaun
    Yannek Gallaun 11 days ago

    This car need to bee aded in forza horizon 4

  • Matt Carafa
    Matt Carafa 12 days ago

    Jay doing short hand millionaire math in his head

  • Matt Carafa
    Matt Carafa 12 days ago

    Nice car that is never driven is a total waste, didn't wait to see them actually drive it

  • Christopher Minor
    Christopher Minor 13 days ago

    She is pretty! No room in that thing though like at all

  • Kopronko
    Kopronko 13 days ago


  • Kopronko
    Kopronko 13 days ago


  • ToddtheExploder
    ToddtheExploder 13 days ago

    Why is this guy’s sport coat so tiny?

  • Frank Newling
    Frank Newling 14 days ago +5

    I'll never see a can of sardines without thinking about you guys in that car❗

  • Sam Scrapla
    Sam Scrapla 15 days ago

    The way Jay always pronounces Le Mans

  • William R
    William R 15 days ago

    Matthew Ivanhoe.

  • Live Wire
    Live Wire 15 days ago

    Driving that to the Salvation Army clothing store to buy an outfit must make the homeless very jealous.

  • mshine67
    mshine67 15 days ago

    Why even bother with the drive? It was like watching water boil. What good is a super car, if you're not going to drive it over 30mph.. the thing sounds like my vacuum cleaner.. yawn

  • Daily Driver SoCal
    Daily Driver SoCal 15 days ago

    The ultimate dream car!!

  • charliepapa
    charliepapa 16 days ago

    Y dint anyone notice the white smoke from a busted turbo?

  • Tim
    Tim 16 days ago

    such a beautiful car, amazing.

  • kamikazikaizer
    kamikazikaizer 17 days ago

    Stingy white boy didn't want to floor it.

  • dirk bowman
    dirk bowman 17 days ago +1

    Juat saw the owner in Saint Denis RDR2

  • Dr Avalanche
    Dr Avalanche 17 days ago

    Doesn't even have mud flaps!?

  • the brain
    the brain 17 days ago

    I'd drive that car,Jay takes each one of his vehicles for a ride once in awhile. It's sad to see vehicles treated as museum pieces, it's a car, drive it.

  • Hater Bart
    Hater Bart 18 days ago

    Yes, I'd like to purchase a blazer. I'm a size 32. Do you have anything in size 20?

  • Peppermint
    Peppermint 19 days ago

    17:00 notice how the transmission/engine are part of the chassis with the suspension attached to them

  • Mr. GTO
    Mr. GTO 19 days ago

    Matthew really needs to put a few hundred miles on this car. Jay would be happy to do some hot laps at Willow Springs or Fontana. It has been a trailer queen/ garage trophy way to long it is still smoking out of the exhaust......the rings have not fully seated.??

  • graylobo133
    graylobo133 19 days ago

    Why he keeps saying thank you? WTF!

  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster 20 days ago

    Perfect for first dates ...

  • mark harris
    mark harris 20 days ago

    Is Jay ever allowed to drive by himself? That looked like two over done sausages stuffed in the cockpit. Reminds me of test driving a new car...the slime salesman always wants to crawl in. OK with me, I grind them the same. I've watched a few get white around their eyes.....hehe, always makes me chuckle.

  • Carmen S
    Carmen S 20 days ago

    Wowww.....Jay got to actually DRIVE that thing. "Is this for sale?" Talk about "original and unrestored"...that would HAVE to go right to the top of that category in his collection.

  • feedyourspeakers
    feedyourspeakers 21 day ago

    Wow game over, shut down Jay Leno's Garage because I don't think anything can top this one

  • fhpr68
    fhpr68 21 day ago

    Good thing they both weren't wearing short sleeve shirts... eeewwwwww

  • The Great Mechanized Ape

    this is a sad story actually:(

  • Anderson smith
    Anderson smith 22 days ago

    Who is Ivanhoe's tailor? Can Ivanhoe comment on this, or is there a lawsuit that prevents him from answering at this time?

  • Dan Raitani
    Dan Raitani 22 days ago

    His body parts are bulging out every where, not just the under sized jacket, looks like his last car wash came with an xl butt implant as well.

  • Farina Marcina
    Farina Marcina 22 days ago +1

    Beautiful machine

  • Farina Marcina
    Farina Marcina 22 days ago

    Most F1 and Gt cars are built in Britian.
    British engineering rivals Germany maybe even surpasses them in specialized builds.

  • Marv Watkins
    Marv Watkins 22 days ago

    Envious of the chest hair alone!

  • Marv Watkins
    Marv Watkins 22 days ago

    Thanks for showing off your chest hair to the audience, rich boy! I'm sure ALMOST all the audience enjoyed it. And many women are jealous!

  • Dougie C
    Dougie C 22 days ago

    Insane car

  • Dougie C
    Dougie C 22 days ago

    Burbank airport House of Color in the reddish build in the backdrop closer to San Fernando Road

  • Steven Lindsey
    Steven Lindsey 23 days ago

    I think the Ultima GTR is modeled after this car.

  • Jeffrey Vanco
    Jeffrey Vanco 23 days ago


  • FrankValchiria
    FrankValchiria 24 days ago

    please someone bring a vector w8 to Jay

  • George Gherasim
    George Gherasim 24 days ago

    So cool man

  • G FitzGerald
    G FitzGerald 25 days ago

    Kinda looks like a batmobile........

  • Palidicio Vermingagurainia

    Sometimes l think Jay has said “F1 Maclaren”
    more than any human ever

  • muzictherpy
    muzictherpy 26 days ago

    ow this is a really something special of a car..

  • Alexander T
    Alexander T 26 days ago

    Mathew has a rain forest down that shirt.

    • Alexander T
      Alexander T 26 days ago

      20:51 _screeches in tree hugger_

  • John Roddy
    John Roddy 26 days ago

    Delighted for you Jay to have the privilage to put a few miles up on it,not many can say that.

  • Stephen Rrency
    Stephen Rrency 28 days ago

    Vern Schuppan 'IS' NOT 'WAS'. Lately piloting his '49 Lago Talbot grand prix car around the place. Good bloke. Le Mans winner.

  • Allen
    Allen 28 days ago

    I thought the F50 was the most beautiful car in the world, this is Gorgeous!!!!

  • masskilla469
    masskilla469 28 days ago

    Jay wants to buy this car you can see it in his eyes!!

  • masskilla469
    masskilla469 28 days ago +1

    This car from being from the early 90's looks so modern like it just came out! Love this body style but in my opinion should of been a center seat car like the Mclaren F1 and only for one person.

  • surplusdata
    surplusdata 28 days ago

    May the fury get all good cars.

  • manofweed1
    manofweed1 29 days ago

    My uncle had one of these. He P/ex it for an immaculate E30.

  • Ned Snarky
    Ned Snarky 29 days ago

    That car is sexy af

  • fitter70
    fitter70 29 days ago +2

    Looks like they're flying coach.

  • Jeremy Summers
    Jeremy Summers Month ago +2

    It looks like a vacuum 😂

  • Gordybhoy
    Gordybhoy Month ago

    Superb! I think I would have floored it, even if wasn't allowed to!!
    The rear end bodywork was very reminiscent of a 959.

  • Samuel Plaunty
    Samuel Plaunty Month ago +1

    why was it smoking out the left bank

  • Jorge Picabea
    Jorge Picabea Month ago +3

    Jay won't buy it if it does not have an ac... :-)

    • Local Yokel
      Local Yokel 27 days ago

      Jorge Picabea Jay has the crew to add air and make it look factory.

  • Meredith
    Meredith Month ago

    I've seen a lot of these videos, and I've NEVER seen him stay in his own lane while driving. 😂

  • paulusandronicus
    paulusandronicus Month ago

    Says the brake calipers are Brembo but clearly you can see the Alcon logo there

  • John Mac
    John Mac Month ago

    Thanks for sharing. What an amazing car that I didn't even know existed!

  • John Mac
    John Mac Month ago

    Wow! He must be Bruce Wayne!

  • Domnick Fuentes
    Domnick Fuentes Month ago

    This guy is the king of chest hair

  • VectorControl001
    VectorControl001 Month ago

    Just a short correction, calipers were manufactured by Alcon, not Brembo.

  • hheythered
    hheythered Month ago

    it looks like he shaved most of his mustache except for under his nose. Please fix that

  • Luke IamYourFather
    Luke IamYourFather Month ago

    THIS is the car I would choose over any other.

  • BillyN31
    BillyN31 Month ago

    In the cab...it’s nut to butt.

  • brandon D
    brandon D Month ago

    That car was built to go fast and wants to go fast yet they drove it around at 25 mph!

  • Lou D
    Lou D Month ago

    So.why is the car owner wearing his nephews sport coat?

  • BG Hoody
    BG Hoody Month ago

    I have to admit I really do not like the sound of that car. I realize it's really made for the track, but even with the dual mufflers on it, it still sounded like you were inside a machine shop.

  • Bruce Lamberton
    Bruce Lamberton Month ago

    Waste of a car - it should be driven properly

  • Dave Davis
    Dave Davis Month ago

    I see Jay used the Fast and Furious runway.

  • Misan tropo
    Misan tropo Month ago

    looks like a mercedes

  • Worldwide Wyatt
    Worldwide Wyatt Month ago

    The Enzo borrowed some of these design cues.

  • Erkkiehuuhaa
    Erkkiehuuhaa Month ago

    His jacket aside, but why is car making so much smoke on right side?

  • TommyKiryu 777
    TommyKiryu 777 Month ago

    That is the SEXIEST car ever built.

  • Strada Studio
    Strada Studio Month ago

    Do any of these dead beats that put derogatory comments about the owners of these cars realize they are not only insulting them directly , But also giving poor Jay Leno one big disrespect. He puts a lot of effort into these video's. Be gratefully you've had the chance to see something you probably never get to see otherwise. Hats off to you Jay and the custodians of these great cars.

  • James Urling
    James Urling Month ago

    Acura NSX much?

  • James Urling
    James Urling Month ago +1

    HO-LY disturbing chest hair!

  • James Urling
    James Urling Month ago

    Takes time to put pocket square in sport coat three sizes too small 1:01

  • ehsan khan
    ehsan khan Month ago

    Did anyone notice how they never showedthe interior... especially the dash and steering... missed out on showing 50% of the car.

  • ClayZ
    ClayZ Month ago

    You really need a shiny black suit to go with this car.

  • freezerburnonmymeat

    this guy is probably shitting his guts dropped the price tag a couple million just putting 2 miles on it and not even hard miles either.

  • david mcintire
    david mcintire Month ago

    Kinda 💩 video why not start it and all wanted to hear it start and then go from a stand still not already moving smh.

  • adam nelson
    adam nelson Month ago


  • I am never was & never will be

    Almost hit 30 mph on the drive 😱damn that's fast

  • Kevin Oconnell
    Kevin Oconnell Month ago

    Jay,drive the 962 to Walmart and get him a big boy coat.

  • Ali Khadour
    Ali Khadour Month ago

    This guy sounds like a salesman more than a car enthusiast

  • shoominati23
    shoominati23 Month ago

    God it was abundantly clear that that guy had just schemed to pick up that car and flip it for profit.. "I think .. it's that yeah" I like it when people have passion for cars, and it was clear in this clip that he had none - aty least do us car guys all a favour in future and do a little research

  • Mike Montgomery
    Mike Montgomery Month ago

    Familiarize the process cuz jay's prob gunna buy this bad boy. Lol

  • MrGameFreak
    MrGameFreak Month ago

    I want to see the Toyota GT One.