1993 Porsche Schuppan 962CR - Jay Leno's Garage

  • Published on Aug 20, 2018
  • This legendary car only had one mile on it until Matthew Ivanhoe brought it Jay's garage, where they added a few more!
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    1993 Porsche Schuppan 962CR - Jay Leno's Garage
    Jay Leno's Garage
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Comments • 2 790

  • firebir11
    firebir11 2 days ago

    Calculated effort to increase the value of his investment” Driven by J.Leno”.

  • ounumpty1
    ounumpty1 2 days ago

    I had a porsche book when I was a kid and when I saw this in it I was awestruck. This has to be one of the most beautiful cars in the world

  • Troll With A Purpose

    Running it like that isn't good for the break in

  • D Allen
    D Allen 7 days ago

    Dude's showing off his hamburger meat. Need to trim that.

  • jason kent
    jason kent 8 days ago

    It might just be me but I really do not like the one off rear spoiler and rear facia of this car. I actually prefer the tale of the other five that were made

  • MilesBellas
    MilesBellas 9 days ago

    loud, uncomfortable hot dangerous impractical

    • Siddiq Ahmad
      Siddiq Ahmad 7 days ago

      "Street car" in name only; it's a race car that runs on racing fuel.

  • Binarykode
    Binarykode 11 days ago

    If he wasn't wearing the extra sweater it would probably be a little cooler in the car.

  • colin munro
    colin munro 13 days ago

    Nice alcon logo on the calipers.

  • Mgrzx3
    Mgrzx3 15 days ago

    I love the 962. I remember the years when Nissan dominated. Al Holbert's 962 dogged Geof Brabham (sic?) around Mid Ohio until the Nissan broke. But then Al Holberts' car broke later. Who won, of course Bobby Rahal in the Coke Cola liveried 962. What a lovely day!!

  • Steve R
    Steve R 16 days ago +1

    Man I really like Leno's car videos. He always gets in to certain details and information, including the history of the car, that I want to hear about, plus he's just a solid presenter all-around. Leno's videos are kinda like that guy Doug DeMuro's videos, only if Doug was older, and not so annoying, corny, presumptuous, unprofessional, and had something interesting, relevant and/or poignant to say in regards to the car's individual character and quirks, had any exceptional knowledge or insight about cars in general, and included footage other than that of his own face when he test drives the car. Yeah, just like that.

  • Robert Rishel
    Robert Rishel 17 days ago

    Very cool that they drove it at least... I’d put as many miles on it as I could before I died of old age. It would become my primary life-goal.

  • Bob Dillahunty
    Bob Dillahunty 18 days ago

    Seriously? Driving a Le Mans derived supercar like a grandmother?

  • Elhadji Amadou Johnson

    This Porsche looks like a road mega yacht.

  • Robert Sacamano
    Robert Sacamano 18 days ago

    Looks like a Porsche version of an F50. So, not anywhere near as nice.

  • M Lee
    M Lee 18 days ago

    Jay Leno and Andy Milanakis kinda looks alike. How weird

  • ronald4life1
    ronald4life1 18 days ago

    omg it looks exactly like an Ultima GTR

  • Ganiscol
    Ganiscol 19 days ago

    Beautiful car with a unique history!
    It does sound a bit odd in this clip and the smoke coming out at the rear is troubling. 😉

  • king0cans
    king0cans 21 day ago

    C16 fuel? I'm sure it doesn't need c16.

  • James Valentine
    James Valentine 21 day ago

    I worked over the road from Vern Schuppan's workshop the early 90's and remember him taking this thing down the pub for lunch. The whole building used to shake when they were warming the engines for the race cars. Epic job.

  • starrdogchamp1
    starrdogchamp1 24 days ago

    Another geek

  • ElValvinosky
    ElValvinosky 24 days ago

    I would had enjoyed to see the interior of the car or just the steering wheel

  • The Unknown Photographer
    The Unknown Photographer 25 days ago +2

    That car is lower than my self esteem

  • chrismas
    chrismas 27 days ago

    “Ahhhh, I’ll buy it!” - Jay Leno 2018.

  • Bob Spence
    Bob Spence 28 days ago

    its a little bit curvier than the dauer version of the 962 but .. its a 962 with a body kit. sorry.

  • xFukOuttaHerexx
    xFukOuttaHerexx 29 days ago

    Sexy car!

  • killerbs420
    killerbs420 Month ago

    He should have let Jay drive. It just looked way too tame and you know Jay wanted to drive it. I’m pretty disappointed with the “test drive” of this vehicle.

    • killerbs420
      killerbs420 26 days ago +1

      NPC #79993557 I agree completely. If I had the money and had the cars I would drive the hell out of all of them!

    • NPC #79993557
      NPC #79993557 Month ago

      To hell with treating cars like stock/museum pieces. I know it's his money, his car blah blah blah but nobody buys a racehorse to keep in the paddock. Not stretching its legs defies the purpose of owning it.

    • killerbs420
      killerbs420 Month ago

      NPC #79993557 indeed. I wouldn't be able to baby and preserve cars like that. I shouldn't have nice things lol.

    • NPC #79993557
      NPC #79993557 Month ago

      It's a garage queen owned by a cynical investor. Giving it WOT through the gears might cause wear and depreciation and repair costs. And that's bad if you look at cars financially. Which people like the owner do. Shame tbh, would have loved to hear this at full throttle

  • Reg M
    Reg M Month ago

    My favorite was to spend Sunday afternoons. Binge watching Jay Leno’s garage via TVclip app on my 60 inch LED TV.

  • FlankerVT
    FlankerVT Month ago

    This should be used as the next batmobile.

  • Gas Racing
    Gas Racing Month ago

    That motor didn't even break in and they just dyno it?
    That shows with white exhaust,quite a lot of smoke coming from right side at the end!

  • John Carter
    John Carter Month ago

    Dam,his sports coat is way to small

  • krzysiekv12
    krzysiekv12 Month ago

    What happened to eyebrows

  • sean peterson
    sean peterson Month ago

    I can’t believe he took you out to put miles on that beauty. Such a cool thing to do

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams Month ago

    The guy who buys this car will be living in it after one year

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams Month ago

    Sweet car gross chest hair. I was holding the clippers the whole video

  • Joe Ryan
    Joe Ryan Month ago

    Somehow the chest hair is the most impressive thing in this video.

  • lefroy1
    lefroy1 Month ago

    Stunning car. However one would think it's owner could afford a better tailor.

  • nubSawace
    nubSawace Month ago +11

    Jay: 2 million
    Guy: I'm sorry, I couldn't possibly...
    Jay: 2.5 million
    Guy: sir, this car is priceless
    Jay: 3 million
    Guy: SIR, this car is a piece of history,
    I'm offended
    Jay: 3.5 and you can drive the EcoJet
    Guy: ... I'm leaving
    Jay: 13 children's souls in a jar
    Guy: by God, sir, I left the illuminati
    years ago
    Jay: 4 million
    Guy: where do I sign

    • Daniel Hunter
      Daniel Hunter Day ago

      Erik Truchinskas haha you actually made me laugh

    • Erik Truchinskas
      Erik Truchinskas 5 days ago +3

      I'm sure Jay has ark of the covenant somewhere in the warehouse ready to trade for a car like this

  • mntnrder
    mntnrder Month ago

    It was smoking:( honestly would be a more sound machine had it been through atleast the lemans trials and pre race.
    It needs to be literally “broken in”

  • Aziz Hanedan
    Aziz Hanedan Month ago +1

    I have seen very few cars to date which looks like this good in black... Awesome!

  • Kendrick Carroll
    Kendrick Carroll Month ago

    All the money to buy that car and dude can’t even buy a jacket that fits.

  • The Professional
    The Professional Month ago

    A true piece of history. The Prototype car that started it all

  • Azims Lives
    Azims Lives Month ago

    This video deserves more views

  • Andres Borges
    Andres Borges Month ago

    I want it

  • bobcharlotte
    bobcharlotte Month ago +5

    Never knew this existed... Great, great episode.

  • Conscious Robot
    Conscious Robot Month ago

    I'm surprised Jay isn't an owner of one of the 6 cars


    Best ‘content’ yet! What a fantastic car and discussions. Great video! Love you and your garage Jay! Really nice work.. my internet friend.

  • David Guerra
    David Guerra Month ago +1

    If the car ain't getting pounded it's worthless, it's a piece of garbage that I would destroy with an excavator to save up space in the world. And what they did here can't really be called driving. It was all for nothing.

  • Samuel Cohn
    Samuel Cohn Month ago

    Stunning vehicle

  • ULTRA SaVaGe
    ULTRA SaVaGe Month ago +1


  • Bobby Chudoba
    Bobby Chudoba Month ago +1

    That car was meant to be driven, not stuck with 1 mile on it. It looked like it blew a seal at the end when it was smoking out of the exhaust. If your so nervous to put miles on it then keep it in a museum, don't drive it.

  • Ray Greenwood
    Ray Greenwood Month ago

    i woulda been happier to hear it roar a bit but ty for showing me the car of my childhood dreams

  • Jerry Buda
    Jerry Buda Month ago

    Makes me sad I’m homeless am can’t pay my phone bill in 2 weeks an there’s people driving cars like that domt get high drink just payed off with the trades all the time an now I’m in a bad spot life blows

  • AndyW
    AndyW Month ago

    What a thing of beauty. Not sure why the owner had to go out as well and cramp the car out? Pointless road test. The owner is too soft to drive like it was designed to be driven.

  • Joe Aldeguer
    Joe Aldeguer Month ago +1

    Why buy a car if you won't even drive it, all about the money hey

  • Alex D
    Alex D Month ago

    Give me a Chiron x 4

  • drunkduck
    drunkduck Month ago +3

    Drive the bloody thing, fuel won't be about forever

  • Tamil Turbo
    Tamil Turbo Month ago +1

    Looks like something from early NFS games.

  • Hali Lintar
    Hali Lintar Month ago

    The rest in the hand of Sultan of Brunei.

  • PplsChampion
    PplsChampion Month ago

    spaceship on wheels

  • Machine Gun Mike
    Machine Gun Mike Month ago

    Wow! Very impressive!

  • Jake Selkirk
    Jake Selkirk Month ago

    Sounds like a semi.

  • Randy Porter
    Randy Porter Month ago +24

    I fail to understand some of the critical comments. This man found and obviously loves this car. He was gracious enough to allow it to go out on the road with Jay, for the purpose of out interest. For that, I say thank you ! Beautiful work of art. 🇺🇸

  • Sean Gelarden
    Sean Gelarden Month ago +3

    It looks like he's had that jacket since grade school

  • David Corey
    David Corey Month ago


  • Ari Mouratides
    Ari Mouratides Month ago

    It's no Dauer, but still absolutely stunning...

  • anybodyelseNOW
    anybodyelseNOW Month ago

    what a beautiful car

  • HeyNowLookHere
    HeyNowLookHere Month ago

    To me it looks like old Mazda prototype and Porsche 959 had one hell of a night, and this love child happened

  • clint tha great
    clint tha great Month ago

    Reminds me of the black car on ridge racer for PlayStation

  • Zachary Thomas
    Zachary Thomas Month ago +2

    I dare say this looks better than the CGT

  • Dee Gee
    Dee Gee Month ago +1

    This guys such a tool that he makes jay Leno look cool. He had that coat fitted to his little sister too I think.

  • J V
    J V Month ago

    never buy a car from a guy who can't stand on two feet

  • Busʜɪ MCR
    Busʜɪ MCR Month ago +4

    In burnout paradise it's called the Montgomery GT2400

  • Patrick V
    Patrick V Month ago

    top 10 best looking car ever!

  • Adam Hicks
    Adam Hicks Month ago

    Incredible car. Also, how stoned is Jay?

  • Paddy Mcdoogle
    Paddy Mcdoogle Month ago

    Why is this old fart driving cars that a 30-50 year old man would drive?

  • paul kieffer
    paul kieffer Month ago

    smart advertising.. he’s promoting before the sale. that’s going to bring dollars!

  • Bill Hilderbrand
    Bill Hilderbrand Month ago

    For jay Leno who wouldn't give it a little spin.
    What a beautiful car in every way so well crafted .

  • Alek Nedelchev
    Alek Nedelchev Month ago +10

    Brembo builds the calipers but they say Alcon?

  • 6 of 10
    6 of 10 Month ago

    i want a 962cr

  • Beat Fed
    Beat Fed Month ago +7

    designed by an Australian, built in UK, so is it actually a Porsche?

    • Rainer Großmann
      Rainer Großmann Month ago +1

      It‘s not a Porsche, it‘s just based on a Porsche and supported by Porsche (c.f. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schuppan_962CR).

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James Month ago

    my fiesta is about 2300lbs

  • Kentucky Blugrass
    Kentucky Blugrass Month ago

    Well that was very anticlimactic. 😕

    DAN TOMAS Month ago

    Cool Show

  • Greiguci Wootchie
    Greiguci Wootchie Month ago +1

    Why has he brought his pet rat with him? It stays still against his chest throught. Well trained.

  • Greiguci Wootchie
    Greiguci Wootchie Month ago +5

    Only 6? unreal. Imagine the cost of this today? My favourite Porsche road car.

  • shenique medina
    shenique medina Month ago

    Mean paint job..wet wet

  • Ben O.
    Ben O. Month ago +4

    All jean outfit is hardd

  • Hector
    Hector Month ago +1

    Beautiful car, respect to the owner for taking it out on the track.. I was worried we wouldnt see any drive footage when he said 1 mile on the odometer

  • NM
    NM Month ago

    Sounds like hell

  • Steele and Kiersten Hogg

    Let it loose.

  • Inna7e
    Inna7e Month ago

    2 guys 1 Porsche

  • Devon Aragon
    Devon Aragon Month ago

    Those wheels damn

  • DreamWorkDrive
    DreamWorkDrive Month ago

    Impressive, there was a similar one for sale on Pistonheads recently. What a car!

  • Ivan Malahoff
    Ivan Malahoff Month ago

    This looks like the bat mobile when you see the thnumbnail

  • Crossfire Detroit
    Crossfire Detroit Month ago +1

    Take a shot every time jay mentions his F1

  • SS
    SS Month ago +10

    I grew my chest hairs to watch this episode. Longer sleeves as well.

  • Mike White
    Mike White Month ago

    dude is freaking out lol! then Jay takes his hands off the wheel 😂

  • joe coquerre
    joe coquerre Month ago


    • Roger Smith
      Roger Smith Month ago

      How hot can it be? They didn't get over 40 miles an hour.. I bet it would break down within 100 miles.. Nothing I would want to own..

  • Jo Gr
    Jo Gr Month ago

    just realized, it had 1 mile on it, so the guy NEVER drove it himself ?? wow... if I could afford a car like this, I'd rent a track and have fun...

  • Jo Gr
    Jo Gr Month ago

    the guy needs less tight jacket.. or maybe this is his "tight car jacket" :-)