1993 Porsche Schuppan 962CR - Jay Leno's Garage


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  • Derek Hansen
    Derek Hansen 10 hours ago

    Cool car with neat history, kinda looks like Ultima gtr

  • Michael James
    Michael James 17 hours ago

    Porsche's take on the Ferrari F-50......

  • evergreenrider
    evergreenrider 18 hours ago

    This guy has really weird eye brows

  • Mariano Tancredi

    the car burns oil

  • Patrick Simmons
    Patrick Simmons Day ago

    This car is as ugly as the Ferrari F-50...

  • bob miller
    bob miller Day ago

    geezus this dude mustache hair is sticking 2" straight out. Hairiest man on earth.

  • bob miller
    bob miller Day ago

    Ive got one of those...I use it for my beer run car.

  • truealchemy
    truealchemy 2 days ago

    can't believe they actually drove it!

  • Calum Evans
    Calum Evans 3 days ago +1

    You wouldn’t drive a one off car like that haha you’d have to re mortgage your house to replace the wing mirror

  • Ed Aker
    Ed Aker 3 days ago +1

    Austin Powers called, he wants his chest hair back. 😁

  • O G Moustache Male facial companion

    So many things to comment on:
    The facial hair
    The chest hair
    The jacket
    The jeans
    The seems
    The shirt collar

  • arifiestas
    arifiestas 4 days ago

    subtitles please!!

  • Chris Davies
    Chris Davies 5 days ago

    I like the old 911 lights at the back.

  • dcobbism
    dcobbism 5 days ago

    I love the show, but couldn't watch more than a couple minutes. Such an ugly car

  • Literally Hitler
    Literally Hitler 5 days ago

    Its funny seeing those 2 crammed in there with no AC and the audio being 90% engine noise. Either way, a really nice looking car. Much nicer than the matchbox looking hyper cars of today.

  • thunderchiefj Jay
    thunderchiefj Jay 6 days ago


  • misterjimmy
    misterjimmy 7 days ago

    Why was there no cold start on this thing!? I'm flattered he let Jay put miles on it but come on I want to hear that thing fire up g'damn it!

  • tomster70
    tomster70 7 days ago

    How about an update on that crazy smoke coming from the right side exhaust at the very end of the clip?!

  • Renny Robertson
    Renny Robertson 8 days ago

    Ugly but impressive.

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones 8 days ago +1

    reminds me of an F40.

  • Leniza castello branco

    that man has some serious chest hair to go with the car

  • 007 T-5
    007 T-5 8 days ago


  • noche te ipsum
    noche te ipsum 8 days ago

    Sheesh, I scrolled down...I couldn't tell you if the owner had a sweater on.....OR a jacket. What's the matter with you people. No problem telling who the REAL car guys are.

  • noche te ipsum
    noche te ipsum 8 days ago

    That might be the most beautiful car I've ever seen.....until the next one.

  • noche te ipsum
    noche te ipsum 8 days ago

    No words.

  • zapfanzapfan
    zapfanzapfan 9 days ago +1

    Good date car, very intimate seating :-)

  • Dirt Track Dave
    Dirt Track Dave 9 days ago

    Ok I busted out laughing when I seen those two tightly shoulder to shoulder to funny.

  • Malcolm Cullen
    Malcolm Cullen 9 days ago

    Love that from Jay, "These were built in Australia?!? Oh, right, the UK. OK, good".

  • doramason
    doramason 10 days ago +1

    looks like the batmobile

  • Mike G
    Mike G 10 days ago

    This is the inspiration behind the car on the cover of the SNES game "Top Gear".

  • random guy
    random guy 10 days ago

    I have not found much information about the schuppan 962 and iap am not sure if the schuppan was built from a old 962 leman race car or it was built as a brand new car from the ground up

  • random guy
    random guy 10 days ago

    The dauer 962 was a leman race car that got converted into a roadcar. Dauer would use old 962s that have seen race duty as donor cars and dauer would stripe the whole car apart and rebuld modify and restore the car to new condition and make the car compliment for road use and pass emissions and regulation and the car gets titled as a dauer

  • Matthew Higgins
    Matthew Higgins 11 days ago

    No ventilation, cramped as hell and sounds like a tank. What a colossal waste of money.

  • kheff46
    kheff46 11 days ago

    How to make millions in racing? Start with billions

    TPHVICTIMS 11 days ago

    The owners jacket came from the children’s section at Kmart.

    AMUN RA 12 days ago

    That mustache fits the jacket. Smh

  • Stephen McNiven
    Stephen McNiven 12 days ago

    Didn't floor it. What's the point? Wasted my time.

  • Just Listen
    Just Listen 12 days ago

    it is a master piece .no one can beat it .and hats of for the guy who has restored it .

  • L F
    L F 13 days ago

    Only thing about JL's garage is I wish they would show more interior shots.

  • Fleck Smugbrother
    Fleck Smugbrother 13 days ago

    Dude, lose the jacket. Cool car, though......

  • kalasend
    kalasend 16 days ago

    No ventilation....I can only imagine the smell in the cockpit with these two sardines stuffed in. Even then I'd be grossly under-appreciating the aroma.

  • spudnic88
    spudnic88 16 days ago

    Bravo for pronouncing Lemans correctly.

  • Jeremy Simpson
    Jeremy Simpson 17 days ago

    1:25 perfection

  • Hermann Munster
    Hermann Munster 17 days ago

    Did Daddy give junior the money to buy it?

  • White Devil
    White Devil 18 days ago

    Stretch. Her. Legs.

  • FidelKastrat
    FidelKastrat 19 days ago

    perfect for gay couples!

  • domantfly
    domantfly 19 days ago

    I want those molds they used

  • domantfly
    domantfly 19 days ago

    When I thought f40 was my dream...

  • Taweek Tommy Khan
    Taweek Tommy Khan 19 days ago

    14:04 "Honey it's street legal"

  • Bobster986
    Bobster986 20 days ago

    What you say?!

    PAPASTHEGREAT 20 days ago

    Amazing Designed

  • Dan Hard
    Dan Hard 21 day ago

    ya but does it do a burnout? haa haaa

  • Explodingtraps
    Explodingtraps 21 day ago

    This guy is all kinds of messed up

  • Polyfusia
    Polyfusia 21 day ago

    Did this guy glue hair to his chest? It's not even the same colour, and it looks like he just picked hair up off a barber shop floor and glued clumps of it to his chest. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

  • Polyfusia
    Polyfusia 21 day ago

    Hahahahaha at this guys tiny jacket. What a strange fellow. He looks like he dresses up in Confederate garb and reenacts the Civil War on weekends.

  • barking.dog.productions1776

    I kept waiting for a power run. I'm not that picky - anything over 50 MPH would have been great, but maybe - just maybe, run it up to 100 MPH just once since they were off the street and on a race track anyway. Awesome car, but a totally disappointing J.Leno drive segment... stop lugging the car around the track... you are killing it with carbon buildup.

  • dolphinhead2112
    dolphinhead2112 22 days ago

    High priced junk with gay provenance.Satanists love this kind of stuff,paint some cholo skulls on it,it's appropriate. 😄

  • Jimmy Estrella
    Jimmy Estrella 24 days ago

    Obviously this car puts hair on your chest

  • LugNut
    LugNut 25 days ago

    recap: a video of a guy that kinda knows something about cars, the other guy is Jay Leno

  • Bolum
    Bolum 25 days ago

    This is as close as a real life car can get to a Batmobile.


    no dash or cluster see

  • Lynn Poole
    Lynn Poole 26 days ago

    Love ya Jay but all car metal brake rotors are cast iron. Steel will warp at high temps.Lots of people make this mistake.

  • Jason Jackson
    Jason Jackson 26 days ago

    I find it somewhat disappointing. This car was designed for the track.

  • Martin Sonnleitner
    Martin Sonnleitner 26 days ago

    Am i the only one who thought: "Floor it!"?

  • Ryan Price
    Ryan Price 26 days ago

    What a cool guy.

  • Hunter Williams
    Hunter Williams 26 days ago

    Anybody else have a problem with the way this guy stands?

  • Apathetic Businesses
    Apathetic Businesses 26 days ago

    My god ☝️ mile, that is serious restraint.

  • DucFanDan
    DucFanDan 26 days ago

    Lol... poor car blowing smoke because it wasn’t meant to putter around in 1st for that long. Lotta folks don’t realize that “going easy” on a race car is actually harder on it, because that’s not the temps or pressures where it was designed to operate.
    Glad to see this thing get out into the light of day, regardless! Kudos to the owner for having it on Jay’s show so the public can see this incredible automobile.

  • Uncle J
    Uncle J 27 days ago

    11:59 mouth salivating moment

  • mitch king
    mitch king 27 days ago

    And now let's see how it does in a parking lot. And then we're going through the drive threw at McDonald's after that a nap.

  • waiting for doomsday now
    waiting for doomsday now 27 days ago +1

    The owner is super chill, nice

  • Micheal Salvatore
    Micheal Salvatore 27 days ago

    I would have liked to see this car driven on a track

  • Justin Nicholas
    Justin Nicholas 28 days ago

    Dude, the car was acting like a caged mammal. You told us it was all sickly and had been to expensive rehab. Repeating that scenario is childish and negative. Jay, have a word to him after you slip him a couple of your valiums.Distract him with a diversion and he wont know your gone. Do it for the car and the fans.

  • Justin Nicholas
    Justin Nicholas 28 days ago

    That car sounded like it is teaming with possessed spirits and other otherworldly forces. I could see them spewing from one of the exhaust banks

  • Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson 28 days ago

    F***ing ad killed my video!

  • Frejborg
    Frejborg 28 days ago

    I like it! Really dig the look.

  • MOPAR 401
    MOPAR 401 29 days ago

    Terrible exhaust sounds like a airplane dying

  • Overcast Friday
    Overcast Friday 29 days ago

    If u drove a saker with 962 badges, would anyone know?

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 29 days ago

    Love the cracks in the rear bumper... left side by the exhaust at 16:31.

  • Ca Bal
    Ca Bal 29 days ago

    Dragrace against the F1 now!

  • Kurtis
    Kurtis 29 days ago +1

    If it were ever possible....I wouldn't want one with less than 1k miles. Anything less I'd feel guilty driving it and cars are meant to be driven

  • Sam Walling
    Sam Walling 29 days ago

    What a beauty 😍

  • Nozyspy
    Nozyspy Month ago

    17:56 - Wow, that's an awkward looking shot...

    For a moment i thought he was going to say 'its getting hot in here..." xD

  • Mark Minikus
    Mark Minikus Month ago

    Small jacket, big mustache, but a fake porsche!!!

  • Steven Lindsey
    Steven Lindsey Month ago

    It looks like an Ultima Gtr

  • Steve 23464
    Steve 23464 Month ago

    Why is the owner speaking and agreeing with Jay in respect to how it drives? He's never driven it.

  • TechNick
    TechNick Month ago

    They shouldve just made it a single seater with it right in the center like the F1.

  • Steven Drieu
    Steven Drieu Month ago

    Nice Jay !!!!

  • Przemek Righult
    Przemek Righult Month ago

    You by this car Sir ?

  • moogus8000
    moogus8000 Month ago

    what a joke. no startup in the garage, never let you put yr foot down...i would be ashamed to own such a machine and not let it do what they built it for.

  • Faisal
    Faisal Month ago +3

    sound fishy 1 mile only and it smokes blue and white.lol i think he destroy the engine by lots of mileage and now he reset the mile to zero and want to be sold to some of the stupid rich ppl.

    • Jake Goldberg
      Jake Goldberg Month ago

      seals could be bad if he doesnt drive it

  • stefciu888
    stefciu888 Month ago

    Dauer 962LM>Koenig C62>DP 962>Schuppan 962CR.

  • Brandon Knight
    Brandon Knight Month ago

    Wing is too damn big, would look better without a wing

  • mary kelly
    mary kelly Month ago


  • Matthew Law
    Matthew Law Month ago

    For all comments regarding his jacket. Here in Britain, we sometimes have the cropped sports jacket look. Cropped at the hip and then the sleeves to show the shirt underneath.
    However I think he has genuinely bought a jacket that’s too small

  • HeavyMetalEvilien
    HeavyMetalEvilien Month ago

    I've been trying to button that last button for 23 minutes!

  • awannagannaful
    awannagannaful Month ago

    dude needs personal stylist... all the money and still no style

  • Eric Hansen
    Eric Hansen Month ago

    Great Car!
    I got to sit in a Bayside Disposal 962 out in Redmond Washington back in the mid 80's as a young teen, remember it like it was yesterday.
    today get a Ultima Kit Car with a turbo LS and drive it, get the feeling and more power without the cost.

  • Golden Eagle
    Golden Eagle Month ago

    light and beautiful car small jacket i loved it

  • Michael Cuff
    Michael Cuff Month ago

    I like this guy! He brought this smokin hot car out for every one to see! He could of just hidin it away for himself.